George Benyon


Personal and Family Information

George was born about 1550 in Shropshire, England, the son of Adam ap_Eignion and Alys Owen.

He died on 15 DEC 1610 in Shropshire, England.

His wife was Margaret Brabant, who he married in ABT 1570 in Shropshire, England. Their eight known children were Thomas (c1571-?), John (c1575-?), Dorothy (c1578-?), Elizabeth (c1580-?), John (c1583->1634), Judith (c1586-?), Jane (c1590-?) and Mary (c1592-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


George Benyon


Adam ap_Eignion


Richard ap_Eignion


Roger ap_Eignion


Alice Syer


John Syer


Alys Owen



BirthABT 1550
Place: Shropshire, England
Death15 DEC 1610
Place: Shropshire, England


Note 1

!Source: Morris, Joseph, "Benyon of Great Ash, &c." in "Geoneological Manuscripts connected with the County of Salop and Principality of Wales", Vol. 9, Page 4641, mss. no. 4085. LDS tape# 0504680. Most entries copied in their entirity.

!Notes: [Third son of Adam Benyon, of Crow Heole, and of Alice his wife] [This son is on the Subsidy Roll of the 13th September, 1598 as of Whitchurch].

!P: Salop. Hilary Term, 29th Elizabeth, 1587: -- George Benyon, Robert Phelyps, John Wyxted, and Richard Wyxted, plaintiffs, and William "Wollaston," gentleman, defendant, of 5 messuages, 2 cottages, 300 acres of land, 60 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood, and 40 acres of heath, in "Woolaston," hereton, Egeley, Ellyes Wood and Stoke. "£300."

!P: Hilary Term. 3rd James I. [1606]: -- Radulph Jackson and Thomas Mathewe, plaintiffs and George Benyen and Margaret his wife, defts of 1 messuage, 40 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture, in Willaston, in the county of Salop.

!P: Easter Term. 4th James I. [1606-7]:-- John Benyon, plaintiff and Sir George Kaynwaring, Knight, and Anne his wife, defendants, of one messuage, 30 acres of land, &c. in Steile, Wem, Whitchurch, and Prees.

!P: George Benyon, in Articles dated 4th February, 2nd James I [1605] being the Articles made prior to the Marriage of "John Benyon" his "sonne and heyre apparent," and in his Widow's Will, is described as "George Benyon, of Ashe, in the county of Salop, gentleman." In the said Articles of 2nd James I. which were made between the said George Benyon, of the one part, and John Howell, of Iscoyd, in the county of Flint[Wales], gentleman, and Jane Howell, daughter of the said John Howell, of the other part, the said George Benyon covenanted to bring into settlement on the marriage according to a "a payee of Indentures" "delivered to Thomas Brereton, esquir, to be by him safely kept until the p'fecting of the says assurance," messuages in the Manner of Whitchurch, messuages and lands in the Manner of "Preace" a messuage and lands in Harbury, freehold messuages in Willaston and copyhold messuages in Wixhall. "Allyn Hochkys of Cotton, in the said county of Salop, gentleman," was surety for the performance of the said George Benyon's covenants. Richard Brereton, Thomas Brereton, Thomas Matthews, and Robert "Bennion" were witnesses of the Articles.

!P: George Benyon above-named, "Dyed intestate the 15th day of December, 1610." Administration was granted at Lichfield to his widow Margaret "Benion." The post mortem Inventory of effects was taken 20th December, 1610, by John Friges, Allen Hochkis, Richard Lea, and Thomas Benyon, gentlemen. "One corsellet and pike" were appraised at 20 shillings. Commissioners, Mr Buckeley, cur: of Whitch: clerk, and John "Benion" of Ashe, in the county of Salop, gentleman.