Thomas Benyon


Personal and Family Information

Thomas was born about 1571 in Shropshire, England, the son of George Benyon and Margaret Brabant.

His wife was Elizabeth, who he married in ABT 1589. The place has not been found. Their only known child was Eleanor (c1590-1615).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Thomas Benyon


George Benyon


Adam ap_Eignion


Richard ap_Eignion


Alice Syer


Alys Owen


Margaret Brabant



BirthABT 1571
Place: Shropshire, England
Burial23 JAN 1636
Place: Marbury, England


Note 1

!Notes: Mentioned in his Mother's Will as "my son Thomas Benyon." Described in his own Will as "Thomas Benion, of Marburie, in the county of Chester, gentleman."

!P: "Thomas Benyon, Gent." buried at Marbury, 23 January, 1636.

!P: His Will, dated 24th June, 1634, was proved at Chester in 1636. directs his Burial to be in the chancel of Marbury Church, near the place where my wife and daughter were buried." £10 to be paid for the poor of the lordship into the hands of George Edgley, of Marbury, George Bickeston, of Horsall, and Richard Bickerton, of Marbury. Bequeths Legacies to --

!P: "My neece Doritie Edgley"

!P: "Thomas Bickerton - my godchild in this towne."

!P: "My cozen Marie Bickerton of this towne."

!P: "Peter Williamson and An Williamson two children of my grandchild Ann Williamson."

!P: "Alice Watkiss my grandchild."

!P: "William Watkiss that marryed my grandchild Alice"

!P: "Mary Robinson my grandchild"

!P: "Thomas Robyns that marryed my grandchild Hasie."

!P: "Cozen Richard Whytall, of Whitchurch, Gent." And "son in law John Bookley, of Stanlow, co. Stafford, Gent."

!P: The two last named Legatees being appointed the Executors.

!P: The effects were appraised at £355.15s.11d -- "John Benyon, of Ashe, in the county of Salop, Gent. John Hodykys, of Whitchurch, in the county of Salop, Gent. George Edgley, of Harly, in the county of Chester, yeoman, and Richard Bukerton, of Harbury aforesaid, yeoman," the Appraisers.