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This site includes full information only for individuals with death records, and those born before 1914.
Living individuals have had all dates removed.


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Genealogy Names Index

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NameLife SpanBornDied
" "Tip"
A A. M.c1740-?
Aaron, Garman1851-1925Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Abbey, Elanor G.c1838-?
Abbott, Effie Dell1888-1928Gaylord, KansasFairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska
Abel, Catharinac1695-c1727ReichenbrunnSpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Abercrombie, Elizabeth Young
Abercrombie, James Jaap
Abercrombie, Margaret Montgomery
Abercrombie, Robertc1890-1929
Abercrombie, Robert
Ables, Henryc1843-?
Acfalle, Rose
Ackerman, Bill MichaelRichmond Heights, Missouri
Ackerman, Brian
Ackerman, Gary
Ackerman, Harry "Spunk"
Ackerman, Jason
Ackerman, Johannesc1697-?Waldbockelheim, Pfalz, Germany
Ackerman, Michelle "Micky"
Ackerman, Pat
Ackerman, Rick
Ackerman, Ron
Ackerman, Tom
Adair, Robert Fyffe1914-1981
Adam, Davidc1695-?
Adam, Elspethc1748-?
Adam, Hewc1697-?
Adam, Hewc1724-?
Adam, Jamesc1755-?
Adam, Janetc1732-?
Adam, Janetc1751-?
Adam, Jeanc1691-?
Adam, Joannetc1693-?
Adam, Johnc1663-?
Adam, Johnc1729-?
Adam, Mariec1690-?
Adam, Maryc1726-?
Adam, Nicolasc1688-?
Adam, Patrickc1689-?
Adams, A.c1904-?
Adams, Carrie G.c1842-?
Adams, Charles C.c1840-?
Adams, Charlottec1879-?
Adams, Duane C.1922-1999Gallatin, Daviess County, MissouriLee's Summit, Missouri
Adams, Eric
Adams, Estherc1686-?
Adams, George M.1840-?
Adams, Gordon
Adams, Jamesc1846-?
Adams, John Q.c1834-?
Adams, Laura L.c1819-1878
Adams, Maryc1789-?
Adams, Olive H.c1838-?
Adams, Rosa MarieKansas City, Missouri
Adams, Susan
Adams, Thomasc1877-?
Adamson, Andrew1790-?
Adamson, Johnc1763-?
Adamson, John1792-?
Adamson, Margaret1801-1871Barony, Lanark, Lanark, ScotlandCoatbridge, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Adamson, Thomas1788-?
Adamson, Walterc1907-?
Adkins, Lewis N.c1854-?
Adkinson, Rebecca1658-1710Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Adolphson, Anna N.c1889-?
Agnes1870-?Allegany Co., MD
Agnew, HenryCoatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Agnew, RoseCoatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Ai's DUK
Aiddie, Jane1799-?Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire. Scotland
Aiddie, William-?
Aiken, David1778-?
Aitken, Clementine1891-?Queensland, Australia
Aitken, Elizabethc1845-?
Aitken, Euphemiac1866-?
Aitken, Jamesc1795-?
Aitken, Janetc1820-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Aitken, Margaretc1818-?
Aitken, Maryc1810-?Ireland
Aitken, Thomasc1820-?
Akin, Carrie Ann
Akin, Clifford
Akin, Eugene Andrew
Albin, Emma E.1857-?
Albrecht, Nita LaVerne
Albright, Ann
Albright, Billie
Albright, Lillian Ardell
Alder, Brenda MargaretB.M.H Hannover, Germany
Alder, Miriam MichelleLondon, Middlesex, England
Alder, Rebecca MarianRinteln, Germany
Alder, Williamc1907-?
Alder, William MichaelLondon, Middlesex, England
Aldridge, Alice1873-1953
Alexa, C Jc1891-?
Alexander, Bellac1892-c1900Elk Garden, West Virginia
Alexander, Catherinec1820-?
Alexander, Elizabethc1880-?
Alexander, Hiram K.c1814-1896Brunswick, Maine
Alexander, Janetc1836-?Ireland
Alexander, Jessica
Alexander, John (Tom) Montgomery1895-1950Elk Garden, West VirginiaFrostburg, Maryland
Alexander, John Montgomeryc1854-1899IrelandElk Garden, West Virginia
Alexander, Lee
Alexander, Martha Lee
Alexander, Molly Jane
Alexander, Natalie
Alexander, Williamc1830-?
Alger, Harriet Philena1832-1915
Alicec1875-?Wolverhampton, Stafford, England
Alicec1910-?Derbyshire, England
Alice Connie
Alison, Elizabethc1900-?
Allan, Agnesc1695-?
Allan, Agnesc1825-?
Allan, Elizabethc1827-?
Allan, Helenc1822-1862Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Allan, Helenc1830-?
Allan, Isabellac1833-?
Allan, Jamesc1750-?
Allan, Jamesc1827-?
Allan, Jamesc1830-?
Allan, Janet1856-?Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Allan, Johnc1801-?
Allan, Maryc1716-?
Allan, Peterc1788-?
Allan, Peterc1802-?
Allardyce, Elizabethc1833-?Banff, Scotland
Allenc1850-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Allen, Anthony Shermanc1800-?
Allen, Azenath B.1858-?Sandwich, Massachusetts
Allen, Barbara Jean
Allen, Dale1916-1991
Allen, Dale1940-1940
Allen, Dena
Allen, Eric
Allen, James Hill1831-1900
Allen, Janec1805-?
Allen, Janec1811-?
Allen, Jean<1785-?
Allen, Laura1810-?New York or Connecticutprob. Valparaiso, Indiana
Allen, Lucretia Isham1846-?New London, Connecticut
Allen, William Dale
Allen, William Dale
Allis, Sarah Betseyc1873-?
Allison, Amandac1875-?
Allison, MarkNapa, Napa County, California
Allison, Mary ChristeneRiverside, Riverside County, California
Allison, V. M.
Allsopp, Darrell Roland1929-1929Renton, King County, WashingtonRenton, King County, Washington
Allsopp, Elsie Elois1912-?Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Allsopp, Henry Josiah1887-?Green Croft, Durham, England
Allsopp, James LeRoyNainaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Allsopp, Robert LorenBellingham, Whatcom County, Washington
Allsopp, Winona FrancisRenton, King County, Washington
Alonzo, Enrique
Alonzo, Lawana LynnKapiolani Hsptl, Hawaii
Alquist, Frank
Alsop, Michael
Altmeyer, Anna1830-1871Puttlingen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Altmeyer, Jacobc1805-?
Alvarez, Alfonzo Moreno
Alvarez, Cassandra A
Alvarez, Veronia E
Alvarez, Victor J
Alworth, Phoebec1810-?
Ambler, Theodociac1761-1813Brandon, Vermont
Ames, Charles Wc1872-?
Ames, Dale
Ames, Elizabethc1690-?
Ames, Ella Ec1863-?Ogle County, Illinois
Ames, John W1873-?
Ames, Mehitablec1797-?
Ames, Warren E1828-1905Grand Junction, Iowa
Ammann, Carl Robert
Ammann, Grant Max
Ammann, Renee Ernest
Amphlett, Ada Mayc1877-?Downton, Hereford, England
Amphlett, Annc1799-?
Amphlett, Annie1872-?Downton, Hereford, England
Amphlett, Benjaminc1786-?
Amphlett, Benjaminc1796-?
Amphlett, Edwardc1803-?
Amphlett, Eleanorc1757-?
Amphlett, Elizabethc1814-?
Amphlett, Elizabethc1834-?
Amphlett, George Hodgkissc1784-?
Amphlett, Harry Jamesc1875-?Downton, Hereford, England
Amphlett, Janec1776-?
Amphlett, Jane1810-?Saint Leonard, Broseley, Shropshire, England
Amphlett, Jeremiahc1772-?
Amphlett, Johnc1754-?
Amphlett, Johnc1758-?
Amphlett, Johnc1769-?
Amphlett, Johnc1782-?
Amphlett, Johnc1793-?
Amphlett, Johnc1837-?Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, England
Amphlett, John Rayc1879-c1940Downton, Hereford, EnglandLudlow, Shropshire, England
Amphlett, Jonahc1841-?
Amphlett, Joycec1775-?
Amphlett, Mariac1761-?
Amphlett, Maryc1756-?
Amphlett, Maryc1766-?
Amphlett, Mary Annc1809-?
Amphlett, Mary Annc1839-?
Amphlett, Nancyc1790-c1790
Amphlett, Nancyc1792-?
Amphlett, Nancyc1794-1796Saint Leonard, Broseley, Shropshire, England
Amphlett, Richardc1760-?
Amphlett, Rosannac1778-1779
Amphlett, Rosettac1838-c1838
Amphlett, Sarahc1779-?
Amphlett, Sarahc1807-?
Amphlett, Susannac1854-?
Amphlett, Telenachusc1789-?
Amphlett, Thomasc1775-?
Amphlett, Thomasc1797-?
Amphlett, Williamc1759-1763
Amphlett, Williamc1764-?
Amphlett, Williamc1806-?
Amphlett, Williamc1873-?Downton, Hereford, England
Amphlett, William-?
Amy Jo
Anaya, Adrianna
Anaya, Michael
Anaya, Zackary
Andersdotter, Annac1771-?Larv Parish, Sweden
Andersdotter, Bengta1826-?Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Andersdotter, Bollac1822-?Sweden
Andersdotter, Britta<1758-?Sweden
Andersdotter, Catherina1762-1825Sweden
Andersdotter, Ingrid1837-?Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Anderson, Agnesc1839-?
Anderson, Albert D.c1857-?
Anderson, Alisonc1886-?
Anderson, Annc1856-1907Kincardine, ScotlandTillcoultry, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Anderson, Ann L.1899-1987Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anderson, Anniec1852-1920ElginEdinburgh
Anderson, Annie
Anderson, Arthurc1907-?
Anderson, Arthur T.1912-1990
Anderson, Carlc1886-?
Anderson, Carrie1889-1969Newark, IllinoisRockford, Illinois
Anderson, CharlotteDenver, Denver County, Colorado
Anderson, Davidc1843-?
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Elizabethc1845-?
Anderson, Ellen Marie1882-1949Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anderson, Evanc1872-?
Anderson, GeorgeSlater, Missouri
Anderson, George A.c1885-1984Sweden
Anderson, Harold K.1897-1993Osage City, Osage County, KansasOlathe, Kansas
Anderson, Helen A.1905-1987Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anderson, Hermannc1857-?
Anderson, Irenec1913-?Slater, Missouri
Anderson, Jamesc1750-?
Anderson, Jamesc1814-?
Anderson, Jamesc1841-?
Anderson, James Willsc1883-?
Anderson, Janetc1807-?
Anderson, Janetc1818-?Campsie, Stirlingshire
Anderson, Jessie May
Anderson, Johnc1812-?
Anderson, Johnc1818-?
Anderson, John Dage1909-1975Skata Fors, Dasaland, SwedenChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Anderson, KathleenSlater, Missouri
Anderson, Katiec1847-?
Anderson, LeRoy E. (Andy)c1923-1993
Anderson, LeslieSlater, Missouri
Anderson, Lucillec1901-?
Anderson, Margaret1774-1860Gorbals, Glascow, ScotlandMerryston, Coatbridge, Scotland
Anderson, Margaretc1788-?
Anderson, Marie Cc1872-?
Anderson, Marsha
Anderson, Maryc1855-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Anderson, Oscarc1884-?
Anderson, Ralph
Anderson, Thomasc1865-?
Anderson, Verdell L1910-1988Plano, Kendall County, IllinoisYorkville, Kendall County, Illinois
Anderson, Williamc1839-?
Andersson1868-1868Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, SwedenStenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Andersson, Jacob1819-?Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Andersson, Jonas1788-?Tomterna, Fyrunga, Sweden
Andersson, Jonas1813-?Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Andersson, Lars1831-?Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Andreola, Annac1895-?
Andrew, Mc1904-1982
Andrew, Margaretc1850-?
Andrew, Robert
Andrews, Fideliac1825-?
Andrews, Lorrin Handel1837-?
Andrews, Lucy Tryphena1839-?Ohio
Andrews, Lydia Root1804-?
Andrews, Pameliac1789-?
Andrews, Zelma Louise
Angel, Janet1938-c1997Denver, ColoradoGrand Junction, Colorado
Angela MarieChillicothe, Ross County, Ohio
Angus, Neddie (Edward)c1896-?
Anissy, Ethan SaeedKansas City, Missouri
Anissy, Nasser
Anissy, Tonya TahminehWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Ankers, Lydia E1898-1975Stockton, Durham, EnglandEllesmere Port, Cheshire, England
Annc1700-?Isle of Man, EnglandAugusta County, Virginia
Annc1811-?Hyssington, Shropshire, England
Anna M.c1849-?
Anna Margarethac1670-1729Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Annabel, Samuel1818-1899So. Worthington, Massachusetts
AnneWest Midlands, England
Annie E.c1860-1917
Annie O.c1864-?
Anstaett, Angela MarieTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Anstaett, Benjamin DavidLawrenceMemHsptl, Lawrence, Kansas
Anstaett, Catherine RKansas
Anstaett, Charity1899-?Kansas
Anstaett, Clara D1897-?Kansas
Anstaett, Dale KeithOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Danny Earl
Anstaett, David EdwardKansas City, Missouri
Anstaett, Dorothy JOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Earl J1889-1984KansasKansas
Anstaett, Ethelc1908-?
Anstaett, FayeOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Frederick E.Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Fredrick1862-?New York
Anstaett, Fredrick Mcleod1910-1983KansasNursing Home, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Fredrick Newton1885-1931Wellsville, Franklin County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Hazelc1903-?
Anstaett, Hugh
Anstaett, James
Anstaett, Kenneth Cleo1912-1981Kansas
Anstaett, Lorena J1895-?Kansas
Anstaett, Mary L1927-1979Osage City, Osage County, KansasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Anstaett, Maude Harriet1887-1979Wellsville, Johnson County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Anstaett, Michael
Anstaett, Ralph EugeneIndependence, Missouri
Anstaett, Ralph EugeneOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Randy Lee
Anstaett, Robert LOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, RosalieOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Sarah
Anstaett, Sharon
Anstaett, Shelly RaeTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Anstaett, Thomas Eugene
Anstaett, Thomas Wc1902-?
Anstaett, Thomas W.Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Anstaett, Tracey KayTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Ansty, Bethiah1904-1904
Ansty, Daniel Mcleod1906-?Hamilton, New South Wales, Australia
Ansty, Hernyc1883-?
Ansty, Malcolm Harry Frederick1909-?
Anthena1919-1974Thessanollinka, Greece
Anthony, George Moffat
Anthony, Graeme Robert
Anthony, Paulene Elizabeth Mary
Anthony, William
ap_Bleddyn, Meridith<1260-?
ap_Carindoc, Einion<1320-?
ap_Cynfyn, Bleddyn<1240-?
ap_David, Einion<1400-?
ap_David, Einiosc1420-?
ap_Eignion, Adamc1500-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Adamc1519-c1561Shropshire, EnglandShropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Eleanorc1524-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Joanc1520-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Joanc1523-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Richardc1498-?
ap_Eignion, Richardc1525-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Robertc1521-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Rogerc1465-?Shropshire, England
ap_Eignion, Williamc1529-?Shropshire, England
ap_Einion, Davidc1420-?Shropshire, England
ap_Einion, Icuanc1420-?
ap_Einion, Inios<1340-?
ap_Einion, Johnc1490-?Shropshire, England
ap_Einion, Richardc1485-?Shropshire, England
ap_Einion, Robertc1440->1485Shropshire, England
ap_Howel, David<1380-?
ap_Inios, Howel<1360-?
ap_Meridith, Sevwerth<1280-?
ap_Sevwerth, Carindoc Wyndurch<1300-?
Aplin, Mahala Caroline1863-?New Plymouth, Ohio
Appel, Mariaec1805-1848GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Applebee, Levi E.c1848-?Burlington, Maine
Apply, Lydiac1770-1815Canterbury, Connecticut
Apps, Alonzo
Apps, Earlc1910-?
Apps, Marilyn Kay
Apps, Mary Ellenc1890-?
Apps, Richard
Apps, Robert
Arbuckle, Agnesc1800-?
Archambeau, Tousandc1825-?
Archibald, Devon
Archibald, Eric
Archibald, Jane HeatherWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Archibald, Jenny McNeec1900-?Scotland
Archibald, MargaretWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Archibald, MarkWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Archibald, Mary Elizabeth1853-?
Archibald, Robert SteelBothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Archibald, Robie
Archibald, RobinWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Archibald, Sophia1860-1903Edinburgh, Midlothian, ScotlandBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Arems, Quirinc1902-?
Argentine, Vincenza Ruinac1800-?
Armitage, Mary1856-1895
Armour, Adam1825-?
Armour, Adam1830-?
Armour, Adamc1856-?
Armour, Adam1861-1866
Armour, Agnes1739-?
Armour, Agnes1780-?
Armour, Agnes1851-1885
Armour, Andrew1737-?
Armour, Andrew1799-1881
Armour, Andrew1829-?Kilmarnock
Armour, Andrew1852-1866
Armour, Andrew1883-1955
Armour, Ann1795-1796
Armour, Anna1806-?
Armour, Anne1802-1883
Armour, Charlotte1846-1915
Armour, Charlotte1862-1909
Armour, Charlottec1875-?
Armour, Charlotte1886-?Irvine
Armour, Christina1863-?
Armour, David1796-?
Armour, Elizabeth1831-?
Armour, Elizabeth1866-?
Armour, Francis1844-1907
Armour, Francisc1869-?
Armour, Gracec1871-?
Armour, Helenc1808-?
Armour, Helen1839-?
Armour, Hellen1861-?
Armour, Hughc1837-?
Armour, Jamesc1766-?
Armour, James1804-1819
Armour, James1811-1878
Armour, James1826-1909
Armour, James1829-1878
Armour, James1835-1913
Armour, James1839-1862
Armour, Jamesc1864-?
Armour, James Hunter1857-?
Armour, Janet1776-1863
Armour, Janet1783-?
Armour, Janet1808-?
Armour, Janet1840-1847
Armour, Jean1812-?
Armour, Jean1841-1911KilmarnockKirkintilloch
Armour, Jean1861-1863
Armour, Jeannie Carolinec1924-1985
Armour, Jessie1867-?
Armour, Jessie1879-1966
Armour, Johnc1774-?
Armour, Johnc1805-1865
Armour, John1824-?
Armour, John1825-1856
Armour, John1855-1879
Armour, John1870-?
Armour, M Ac1865-?
Armour, Margaret1815-?
Armour, Margaret1836-?
Armour, Margaret1837-1859
Armour, Margaretc1866-?
Armour, Marion (Mary)1797-?Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland
Armour, Mary1842-?
Armour, Mary1864-1865Kilmarnock
Armour, Mary1873-?
Armour, Matthew1860-1888
Armour, Patronella Helenc1807-?
Armour, Robert1772-?
Armour, Robert1799-?
Armour, Robert1810-1881
Armour, Robertc1827-?
Armour, Robert1839-?
Armour, Robert1849-1921
Armour, Robert1851-?
Armour, Robert1856-?Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Armour, Robertc1873-?
Armour, Robert1877-1946
Armour, Stewart1804-1874
Armour, Thomas1834-?
Armour, Thomasc1855-?
Armour, Williamc1716-?
Armour, Williamc1741-?
Armour, William1781-?
Armour, William1854-1875
Armour, William1854-1935Victoria, Australia
Armour, William1876-1958
Armstrong, Edwardc1819-?
Armstrong, Eunicec1820-?
Armstrong, Jamesc1787-?
Armstrong, Johnc1775-?
Armstrong, Robertc1797-?
Arndt, Donald
Arndt, Henryc1900-?
Arnold, Chris
Arnold, Cindy
Arnold, Elmer Dean1931-2003Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Arnold, Elmer E.1905-1984Limaville, OhioNursing Home, Merriam, Johnson County, Kansas
Arnold, Greg
Arnold, Kathy
Arnold, Kylee ChristinerTexas
Arnold, Mark
Arnold, Max Eugene1932-1973Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Arnold, Suzanne1961-1961
Arnold, Wesley1958-1959
Arnott, Elizabethc1802-?
Arthur, Hannah1802-1885
Ashburn, Mary Sanford1670-1750
Ashby, Hilda May1908-1979Kettering, Northants, EnglandHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Asher, Jean
Ashwood, Adahc1757-?
Ashwood, Alicec1759-?
Ashwood, Anne1744-?
Ashwood, Edwardc1748-?
Ashwood, Elizabethc1694-1694
Ashwood, Elizabethc1761-?
Ashwood, Estherc1746-?
Ashwood, Hannahc1755-?
Ashwood, Janec1691-1773
Ashwood, Johnc1750-?
Ashwood, John-?
Ashwood, Mary1743-?
Ashwood, Sarahc1693-?
Ashwood, Thomasc1729-?
Ashwood, Williamc1666-?
Ashwood, Williamc1724-?
Askey, Christina-?
Asklund, Budc1913-?
Asklund, Claire Jeanc1911-?
Aspiazu, Ted
Asprey, Maryc1763-?
Assion, Henrichc1726-?Fischbach, Germany
Assion, Peterc1701-?
Assion, Wilhelm Peterc1765->1798Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Astell, Daniel
Aston, Matilda1844-1924Birmingham, England271SauchiehallSt
Atkinson, Marion1852-1917Glasgow, Lanark, ScotlandLonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Atwood, Josiah Edwardc1840-?
Atwood, Nathanc1758-?
Augusta Ann
Augusta M.1866-1950Ostergotland, SwedenOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Augustsdotter, Hanna Matilda1885-?Trassberg Parish, Sweden
Augustsdotter, Martina Elisabeth1883-?Trassberg Parish, Sweden
Augustsson, Johan Linus1887-?Trassberg Parish, Sweden
Austen, Dorothy C1900-c1940Nottingham, England
Avenette, Kenac1886-?
Avery, Victorc1876-?Chester, Massachusetts
Awki, Hiroko
Axe, Cyrusc1844-?
Aylesbury, Jane1443-?Oterarsfee, Buckinghamshire, England
Aylesbury, Richard1414-?Oterarsfee, Buckinghamshire, England
Aylesbury, Robert1386-?Oterarsfee, Buckinghamshire, England
Aylesbury, Roger1359-?Oterarsfee, Buckinghamshire, England
B Baad, Margaretc1772-c1795
Baad, Williamc1750-?
Babbit, Isaac1781-1858
Babbs, James Lowell
Babyak, Eva
Bacheldor, Antoinette C.1847-1918
Backes, Leonce Marie Françoisea pool table, Gottignies, Belgium
Backus, Joseph A.c1850-?
Backus, Oliver C.c1829-?
Bacon, Abigailc1777-?
Bacon, Alicec1851-?
Bacon, Jamesc1786-?
Bacon, Williamc1788-?
Bactol, Evelyn
Bagnal, Spencerc1772-?
Bagshaw, DavidCoventry, West Midlands, England
Bagshaw, GlynCoventry, West Midlands, England
Bagshaw, JohnLiverpool, England
Bagshaw, KevinCoventry, West Midlands, England
Baier, Nickelc1764-1813Landsweiler, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Bailey, Burdettec1872-?
Bailey, Edward
Bailey, Eliza Annc1881-?
Bailey, Elizabethc1611-1684Plymouth, Massachusetts (Bristol, R.I.)
Bailey, Francesc1874-?
Bailey, Jane
Bailey, Nelsonc1847-?
Bailey, Peter
Bailey, Sarahc1703-1767
Bailey, Williamc1678-?
Baille, Alexanderc1871-?
Bain, Catherinec1804-?
Bain, Peterc1779-?
Bainbridge, Samuel Hallettc1822-?
Bainbridge, Theodorec1824-?
Baird, Liliasc1790-?
Baird, Margaretc1665-?
Baker, Albertina Jane1868-1941
Baker, Alice1875-1927
Baker, Ann1803-1850
Baker, Benjaminc1814-?
Baker, CadenGeraldton, Australia
Baker, Cindi AnnDavenport, Scott County, Iowa
Baker, Edward1887-1900
Baker, Elizac1821-?
Baker, Emeline Augusta1808-1874
Baker, Frank1866-1948
Baker, Harriet1877-?
Baker, Inez Fern1905-1979
Baker, Katherine1874-?
Baker, Katherine1883-?
Baker, Kenneth E1906-?
Baker, Laura Anita1898-1967
Baker, LeviPerth, Australia
Baker, Mary Ettac1846-1932
Baker, Maude Pearl1889-?
Baker, May1885-?
Baker, Nettie1897-1897
Baker, Ralph1879-?
Baker, Richard James1869-1936
Baker, RodneyPerth, Australia
Baker, RoyDavenport, Scott County, Iowa
Baker, Sheri LynnDavenport, Scott County, Iowa
Baker, Susannah1710-?Whitchurch, Shropshire, England
Baker, Thomas1900-?
Baker, Thompson1839-1918
Baker, Thornton Augustusc1877-?
Baker, Walter1873-?
Baker, Wesley1881-?
Baker, William1871-1871
Baker, William Harrisonc1827-?
Balderstone, Agnesc1653-?
Balderstone, Agnesc1687-?
Balderstone, Agnesc1690-?
Balderstone, Andrewc1705-?
Balderstone, Christianc1628-?
Balderstone, Christianc1672-?
Balderstone, Davidc1667-?
Balderstone, Davidc1709-?
Balderstone, Elizabethc1665-?
Balderstone, Elizabethc1693-?
Balderstone, Euffamec1632-?
Balderstone, Johnc1634-?
Balderstone, Margaretc1700-?
Balderstone, Margaretc1707-?
Balderstone, Margratc1629-?
Balderstone, Margratc1636-?
Balderstone, Margratc1664-?
Balderstone, Marionc1641-?
Balderstone, Maryc1696-?
Balderstone, Robertc1608-?
Balderstone, Robertc1639-?
Balderstone, Robertc1674-?
Balderstone, Robertc1702-?
Baldwin, Augustac1847-1869
Baldwin, Ephraim1695-1796Milford, Fairfield County, ConnecticutBethlehem, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Baldwin, Henry1528-c1602"Cholesbury", Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, EnglandDunridge Parish, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England
Baldwin, Johnc1416-?
Baldwin, John1470-1545Aylesburg, Domesday, Surrey, EnglandBuckingham, England
Baldwin, John
Baldwin, Josephc1609-1684Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire, EnglandHadley, Hampshire Co., MA
Baldwin, Josephc1670-?
Baldwin, Mary1680-1733New Haven, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Baldwin, Mary Ettac1882-?
Baldwin, Nathaniel1612-1658Cholesbury, Bucks, EnglandFairfield Co., CT
Baldwin, Richard1503->1552Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, EnglandDunridge Parish, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England
Baldwin, Richard1540-1632EnglandEngland
Baldwin, Richard1576-1632Aston Clinton, Bucks, EnglandCholesbury, Bucks, England
Baldwin, Sarahc1613-1690Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA
Baldwin, Sophronia1810-1894
Baldwin, Timothy1605-1664/65of Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire, EnglandMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Baldwin, Timothy1658-1703Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Baldwin, William1441-1475Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Balfour, Alexanderc1790-?England
Balfour, Charlottec1823-?
Balfour, Charlottec1829-?Scots Church, Woolwich, Kent, England (tbc)
Balfour, Davidc1832-?Saint Luke, Old Charlton, London, England (tbc)
Balfour, Gloria Muriel
Balfour, John William
Balfour, Thomas Davidc1912-?
Ball, Annec1765-?
Ball, Francesc1760-?
Ball, Johnc1755-?
Ball, Joycec1762-?
Ball, Lula M.c1860-?Harlow Springs, Ohio
Ball, Maria de la Soledad-Isabel-Sofiac1820-1889
Ball, Martha
Ball, Richardc1757-?
Ball, Samuelc1732-?
Ball, Sarah Elizabeth1878-1967Canton, IllinoisEllery, Edwards County, Illinois
Ball, Williamc1707-?
Ballantine, Kittyc1909-?Scotland
Ballard, Lucille
Ballocca, Alicec1903-?
Balmore, Annc1742-?
Balmore, Elizabethc1740-?
Balmore, Josephc1710-?
Balocca, Emmac1892-?
Balocca, Louisac1870-?
Balocca, Olintoc1894-?
Balshem, Howard
Bametzrieder, Thomas
Bametzrieder, Thomas Christian
Ban, David Thomas
Ban, Karen Jean
Ban, Linda Marie
Ban, Stephanie Elizabeth
Ban, Stephen Joseph
Bancroft, Mary L.c1864-?
Bangs, Mary1772-1821
Bangs, Seth1738-?
Banks, Hannahc1825-?
Banks, Josephc1815-?
Banks, Josephc1821-?Woore, Shropshire, England
Bannatyne, Gary
Barber, Abigailc1728-?
Barber, Elwinc1845-?
Barber, Hanahc1830-?Astbury Parish, Astbury, Cheshire, England
Barber, Helenc1850-?
Barber, Janet Gail
Barber, Ruthc1870-?
Barber, Samuelc1689-?
Barber, Samuel1714-1797
Barbour, Johnc1827-?
Barbour, Margaret Kingc1852-?
Barclay, William1890-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Barden, Margaret1774-1829Middleborough, Massachusetts
Barger, Ivan
Bargo, Rae Facinellic1895-?
Barker, Lucinda1804-1879North CarolinaAdams County, Illinois
Barkley, James Wc1883-?
Barkley, Marguerite1908-2003Minneapolis, KansasMidland Hospice, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Barlow, Helen Clemence1846-1882Brooklyn, New York
Barnaby, Capt. Ambrosec1806-?
Barnard, Martha Amy1887-?Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Barnard, Thomas F.c1812-?
Barncord, JefferyCumberland, MD
Barncord, Jordan LeeCumberland, MD
Barnefeilde, Catharinaec1589-?
Barnefeilde, Thomasc1564-?
Barnes, Abigail P.c1815-?
Barnes, Alice1740-?
Barnes, Brenda J
Barnes, BrianSydney, Australia
Barnes, Charles Bert1915-1945Carroll County, ArKansasTyre, Germany
Barnes, Charles BertTulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Charles BertCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Charles Bird1874-1943Pulaski County, IowaTulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Corbanc1742-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Barnes, Edith DeloresCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Elsie Mable Irene1913-1944ArKansas
Barnes, Hazel LaverneCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Ida1871-?
Barnes, Ina1911-?Oakgrove, ArKansas
Barnes, Jack1921-1922
Barnes, JamesNewcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Barnes, Jill AnnEctor County, Texas
Barnes, Jonathanc1704-?
Barnes, Linda G
Barnes, Malcom Leonc1926-1948Collinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, MichelleFairfield, Sydney, Australia
Barnes, Morganc1829-?
Barnes, Morganc1829-?
Barnes, Nina May1911-1984Oakgrove, ArKansasTulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Pollyc1775-?
Barnes, Rebeccac1710-?
Barnes, RobertFairfield, Sydney, Australia
Barnes, RusselFairfield, Sydney, Australia
Barnes, Sarah1835-1920Wheeling, West Virginia
Barnes, VernonCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Barnes, Williamc1850-?
Barnett, Idora1869-1934South CarolinaCullman, Cullman County, Alabama
Barney, Urania1758-1848Shrewsbury, Vermont
Barnum, David1695-1795Danbury, Fairfield County, Connecticut
Barnum, David1743-1795Fairfield County, Connecticut
Barnum, Francisc1670-?
Barr, Annie Caird
Barr, David1892-1970Easter Shieldhill, Polmont, ScotlandBallarat, Victoria, Australia
Barr, HeatherMaryborough, Victoria, Australia
Barr, Helen Brown1923-1995Wynyard, Tasmania, AustraliaSydney, Australia
Barr, Henry1925-1991Korrumburra, Victoria, AustraliaCastlemaine, Victoria, Australia
Barr, Isobelc1780-?
Barr, James Penman1921-1992Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland
Barr, Jean InezWonthaggi, Victoria, Australia
Barr, Johnc1847-?
Barr, Margaretc1800-?
Barr, Margaret
Barr, Marionc1828-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Barr, Marion
Barr, Mary Jane
Barr, Matthew
Barr, Richard
Barr, Robert Cunningham1860-1939Bleeze Road Dairy, Ayrshire, ScotlandMaryborough, Victoria, Australia
Barr, Robert Cunningham1920-1985Falkirk, Stirling, ScotlandBallarat, Victoria, Australia
Barr, William
Barret, Hannahc1630-?
Barrettc1800-?Pillar Point, New York
Barrett, Annc1786-?Cuba
Barrett, Anna1769-1848Shenandoah County, VirginiaSeven Cedars, Woodlawn, Nelson County, Kentucky
Barrett, Janec1810-?
Barrie, Andrew1888-1958Craighead, Salsburgh, Middle District, Shotts, Lanarkshire, ScotlandEast Calder, Scotland
Barrie, AndrewMtarfa, Malta
Barrie, Edward JamesRheindahlen
Barrie, Grace TreasurePerth (Southern Suburbs), Western Australia, Australia
Barrie, HelenMid Calder, Scotland
Barrie, James1925-1998Broompark Farm, Mid Calder, West Lothian, Scotland EH53 0EBPlymouth, Devon, England
Barrie, JamesWentworthville, New South Wales, Australia
Barrie, MarionMid Calder, Scotland
Barrie, Olivia CatherineAl Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Barrie, Rosslind NanNuneaton, Warwickshire, England
Barrie, Thomas WilliamWatford
Barrois, Mariac1805-?
Barrow, Laura Louise1866-?Carver, Massachusetts
Barrow, Maryc1707-?
Barrows, Lucy M.1848-1929Bourne, Massachusetts
Barrows, Thomas Cranec1819-?
Barry, Hannah S.c1846-1893
Barry, Johnc1880-?
Barry, Margaret Bernice1901-1975Raymond, Nebraska
Barstow, Marriette E.c1827-?
Bart, Anna Sophiac1727-1792Mittelbexbach, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Bart, Mathiasc1702-?
Bartee, Benjimen
Bartee, Charlesc1898-1939
Bartee, Charles J1929-1988Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Bartee, Charles StevenEmporia, Kansas
Bartee, Charlie1887-?
Bartee, Eda1893-?
Bartee, Elizabeth1896-?
Bartee, Grace Ellen1884-1978
Bartee, Ivyc1901-?
Bartee, James1899-?
Bartee, Janet
Bartee, Jessie1875-1945Scranton, Kansas
Bartee, John Harveyc1859-?
Bartee, Julie
Bartee, Larry
Bartee, Lulu Bell1881-1967
Bartee, Mary1879-?
Bartee, Mike
Bartee, Nellie Carrie1890-?
Bartee, Norma Lois1950-2009Osage City, Osage County, KansasCarbondale, Osage County, Kansas
Bartee, Normanc1899-?
Bartee, Stellac1900-?
Barthlow, Susannah1853-1924
Bartholomew, Elizabeth1822-?VermontValparaiso, Porter Co., Indiana
Bartlett, Catherine1785-?
Bartlett, Catherine1802-1856
Bartlett, Harriet I.c1846-?
Bartlett, Johnc1804-?
Bartlett, Lukec1788-?
Bartlett, Lydia1779-c1807
Bartlett, Marcia1805-1840
Bartlett, Maryc1748-?
Bartlett, Samuel1839-1929
Bartlett, Sarahc1701-?
Bartlett, Trumanc1778-?
Bartlett, William Sampson1807-?
Barton, Hailc1659-?
Barton, Lydiac1774-?
Barton, Sarah Elizabeth1847-1906Clark Co., Ohio
Basel, Justin RobertTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Basel, Robert
Basel, Shawn PatrickTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Basett, Betsey Ann1808-1877South Cairo, New York
Bassett, Nabby1789-?Lee, Massachusetts
Bassett, Thankfulc1777-?
Bastian, Charlesc1850-?
Batard, Henrichc1698-1738Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Bateman, Mark JonathanBrisbane, Queenland, Australia
Bates, Gustavus Davisc1822-?
Bates, Nancy MayQueenscliff, Australia
Battard, Maria Katharinac1727-?
Batty, Amelia1885-1970
Baugh, Benjaminc1749-?
Baugh, Corneliusc1801-c1802
Baugh, Maryc1792-?
Baugh, Thomasc1769-?
Baugh, Unicec1798-?
Baugham, Arthur Wc1892-?Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England
Baugham, Beatrice Mc1881-?Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England
Baugham, Benjamin Jc1855-?Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England
Baugham, Dorothyc1898-?Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England
Baugham, Mary Ac1889-?Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England
Bauld, Agnesc1784-?Scotland
Baxter, (Baby)1910-1910Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
Baxter, Agnes1693-?Scotland
Baxter, Agnes1805-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Agnesc1848-?Parkhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Agnes1876-1957Coalville, Summit, UtahPleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, Agnes Chanley1893-?Hamilton, Scotland
Baxter, Agnes Hodgcase1840-?
Baxter, Agnes Thelfrae1861-?Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Archibald James1908-1958Pleasant Grove, Utah County, UtahProvo, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Archibald McBrain1863-?Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Catherine1840-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Catherine1865-?Bathgate, Scotland
Baxter, Catherine1869-1869Gatston, Ayr, Scotland
Baxter, Catherine1897-?Hamilton, Scotland
Baxter, Catherine
Baxter, Charlesc1910-?
Baxter, Cornelius1839-?
Baxter, Cornelius1846-1929Parkhead, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPleasant Grove, Wasatch County, Utah, USA
Baxter, Cornelius Elmerc1890-?Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, David1808-1864Westmuir, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, David1844-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, David1856-?Auchinleck, Scotland
Baxter, David1866-1954Shettleston, Lanarkshire, ScotlandOrem, Utah
Baxter, David Edward1890-1891Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Duncan1882-1890Pleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, Elizabethc1768-?Scotland
Baxter, Elizabeth1815-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Elizabeth1850-?Parkhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Elizabeth1867-?Galston, Scotland
Baxter, Elizabeth May1878-1921Pleasant Grove, UtahPleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, Elsie Viola1906-1991Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Franklinc1787-?Yarmouth, Massachusetts
Baxter, Gavin James
Baxter, Generieve1915-1915Manard, Camas County, Idaho
Baxter, George RobbScotland
Baxter, Harold Alva1894-1956Pleasant Grove, Utah County, UtahSalt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
Baxter, Henry1923-1985
Baxter, Henry Chanley1857-1912Dalziel, Scotland
Baxter, Hugh Archibald1887-1959Pleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, Hugh Douglasc1896-?Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Isabella Howitt1870-1871Eastmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, James1820-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, James Angus1884-1920Pleasant Grove, Utah County, UtahFairfield, Camas County, Idaho
Baxter, Janet1723-?Scotland
Baxter, Janet1850-?Parkhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Janet Sneddon1891-?Standburn by Slammanan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Baxter, Jean1830-1909Westmuir, Lanarkshire, ScotlandStobhillHospital, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Jill Harkes
Baxter, Joan
Baxter, John1692-?Scotland
Baxter, John1727-?Scotland
Baxter, John1805-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, John1806-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, John1842-?
Baxter, John Kelly1872-1929Eastmuir, Barony, ScotlandOrem, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Lauren Ivy
Baxter, Margaret1721-?Scotland
Baxter, Margaret1810-?Westmuir, Lanark, Scotland
Baxter, Margaret1812-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Margaret1842-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Margaret1896-?Hamilton, Scotland
Baxter, Margaret Currie1867-1944Nackerton, Glasgow, Lanark, ScotlandPleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, Margaret Nisbet1934-<2006
Baxter, Marion1695-?Scotland
Baxter, Marion1730-?Scotland
Baxter, Mary1800-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Mary1834-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Mary1882-1890Pleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, May
Baxter, Michael1887-1961Standburn by Slammanan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Baxter, Michael1956-2003
Baxter, Michael Hodgcase1832-1867Carntyne, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Michael Ramsey
Baxter, Michael Stewart1831-?
Baxter, Robertc1650-?Scotland
Baxter, Robert1719-?Scotland
Baxter, Robert1889-?Standburn by Slammanan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Baxter, Ruth Semple
Baxter, Vance Earlc1900-?Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Vern1908-1909Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
Baxter, Vivian Claudec1898-?Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Baxter, Walter1717-?
Baxter, Walter1778-1855Barony, Lanarkshire, ScotlandWestmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Walter1803-1869Westmuir, Lanarkshire, ScotlandWestmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, Walter1827-?Stevenston, Scotland
Baxter, Walter1829-?
Baxter, Walter1859-?Stevenston, Scotland
Baxter, Walter1874-1930Coalville, Summit, UtahPleasant Grove, Utah
Baxter, Williamc1746-?Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, William1798-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, William1833-?
Baxter, William1838-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Baxter, William1924-<2006
Bay, Samuelc1830-?
Bay, Sarahc1831-?
Bayhan, William A.1838-?
Baze, Brandon
Baze, Eric
Beach, Amber RaeWinfield, Kansas
Beach, Brandy ReneeWinfield, Kansas
Beach, Chad AlanWinfield, Kansas
Beach, Dennis Wayne
Beach, Gerald Albert1912-2000Winfield, Cowley County, KansasWinfield, Cowley County, Kansas
Beach, Phillip Rae
Beach, Priscillac1626-?
Beach, Travis LeeWinfield, Kansas
Beadle, Florencec1880-?
Beal, Eberc1799-?
Beal, Joey
Beal, Joseph Mahlon
Beal, Karen Ann
Beal, Lenard William1959-1980
Beal, Lisa Ann
Beal, Lydia G.1819-1876
Beal, Margaret Ec1881-?
Beal, Martinc1828-?
Beal, Mary
Beal, Popeye (Clarence)c1938-1996
Beal, Randy Lewis
Beal, Robert
Beal, Susan
Beal, Susan Lavin
Beal, Tina Marie
Beales, Rebeccac1816-?
Beals, Priestleyc1820-?
Beam, Alexander1824-1896Jackson County, OhioTopeka Kansas
Beam, Christian1792-1866Allegany, Pennsylvania
Beam, Marinda Caroline1848-1926Trenton, Henry County, IowaHarveyville, Kansas
Beam, Mike
Beard, Eustacec1670-?
Beard, Eustacec1700-c1742
Beard, Eustacec1736-?
Beard, Eustacec1739-?
Beard, Francesc1734-?
Beard, Janec1689-?
Beard, Johnc1669-?
Beard, Johnc1741-?
Beard, Joycec1733-<1744
Beard, Joycec1744-?
Beard, Mary1658-1703Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Beard, Richardc1733-c1735
Beard, Sarahc1723-c1734
Beard, Sarahc1738-?
Beard, Thomasc1692-?
Beard, Thomasc1722-<1731
Beard, Thomasc1731-c1735
Beard, Thomasc1737-?
Beard, Williamc1746-?
Beardsley, Sarac1836-?
Bearse, Anna D.1789-1841Waquoit, Massachusetts
Bearse, Lemuel1731-1799
Beasley, BenPembrokeshire, Wales
Beasley, DavidPembrokeshire, Wales
Beasley, MelaniePembrokeshire, Wales
Beasley, Sally AnnPembrokeshire, Wales
Beattie, JamesFalkirk, Scotland
Beaty, Edith E1909-1998Hartford, Kansas
Bebb, Samuelc1847-?Stockton by Bridgenorth, England
Beck, Jamie
Beck, Lidac1843-?
Beck, Samuelc1808-?Scotland
Beck, Sarahc1840-?Scotland
Becker, Anna Mariac1690-1745St. IngbertSt. Ingbert
Becker, Catharinac1808-?
Beckford, Lucretiac1810-?
Beckman, Ann M1887-?
Beckman, Catherine K1886-?
Beckman, Davidc1890-?
Beckman, Jacobc1890-?
Beckman, Jean I1889-?
Beckman, Margaretc1890-?
Beckman, Mariec1890-?
Beckman, Michaelc1850-?
Beckwith, Trumanc1844-?
Beddows, Lilly1924-2001Birmingham, EnglandWales
Beedy, Ida May1860-?
Beers, Ameliac1828-c1904Broughton, PennsylvaniaReading, Lyon County, Kansas
Beeson, Angela Marie
Beeson, Brent
Beeson, Derek Brent
Beeson, Donald
Beeson, Jill Suzzane
Beeson, Leora Georgiac1910-?
Beeson, Raymondc1905-?
Beeson, Theodore1877-1932Indiana
Beever, Eveline1845-?England
Beever, James Fredericc1815-?England
Beever, Lizzy1841-?England
Begg, Alison Ann
Begg, Colin Mackie
Begg, David Mackie
Belbin, Lily Rosina1910-?Tolworth, Surrey
Belfage, Janet1735-?Dunfermline, Scotland
Belfage, Thomasc1710-?Scotland
Belknap, Lydiac1791-1872Orange, New York
Bell, Anna Elizabeth1853-?
Bell, Colinac1874-?
Bell, Florencec1865-?
Bell, Helenc1845-?Scotland
Bell, Helenc1852-?
Bell, JoyceStoke on Trent, England
Bell, Margaretc1841-1884Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland7 Swann Street, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Bell, Sarah E.1850-1898Sandusky, Ohio
Bellman, Eric
Bellman, Jerry
Bellman, Tara
Beman, Lenna Elizabethc1868-?
Beman, Sylvanus Ac1843-?
Bemis, Harriettc1894-?
Bemis, Ralphc1870-?
Benca, Femmeya
Benedict, Susan1786-?
Bengtsdotter, Nilla1818-1869Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, SwedenStenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Bennet, Williamc1805-?
Bennett, Arthur W.c1896-1977Cushing, Woodbury County, IowaMiami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma
Bennett, Barbara AnnO'Neill, Holt County, Nebraska
Bennett, BrintonEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Bennett, Carol
Bennett, Delores Ballc1924-1969Madison, Greenwood County, Kansas
Bennett, Dorothy Jean1923-2003O'Neill, Holt County, Nebraska
Bennett, Edith Fay1898-?
Bennett, Edna HarrietO'Neill, Holt County, Nebraska
Bennett, Emma Ethelc1898-?Compton, Lee County, Illinois
Bennett, Ernest Leroy1893-1978Kalo, IowaSeattle, Washington
Bennett, Ethel JohannaSt. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
Bennett, Gertrude Jean
Bennett, Harry LeRoy1894-1955Compton, Lee County, Illinois
Bennett, Hiram1869-1943Mendota, La Salle County, IllinoisEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Bennett, Howard Leslie1899-?
Bennett, Ida May1892-1893
Bennett, Isaiahc1836-?
Bennett, JanetMadison, Greenwood County, Kansas
Bennett, JanetMadison, Greenwood County, Kansas
Bennett, John Harold1909-?
Bennett, Kenneth
Bennett, Lee
Bennett, MargannEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Bennett, Maryc1790-?
Bennett, Rebekah1861-?Pensnett, Staffordshire
Bennett, Richard L.Madison, Greenwood County, Kansas
Bennett, Ruth
Bennett, Samuelc1797-?
Bennett, Stanley Dean1912-?
Bennett, Sue
Bennett, Thomas Walter1902-?
Bennett, William1895-?
Bennett, William Fc1875-?
Benson, Eldora Frances1858-?Norfolk, VirginiaChiltonville, Massachusetts
Benson, Johnc1834-?
Benson, Lydiac1812-?
Benson, Martha J.c1805-?
Bent, Ezrac1827-?
Bent, Laviniac1835-?
Bent, Mercy E.1832-?
Benton, Maude Elsiec1880-?
Benyon, Adamc1552-?
Benyon, Adamc1570-?
Benyon, Alicec1614-<1694Great Ash, Shropshire, EnglandShropshire, England
Benyon, Annec1560-?
Benyon, Augustus Williamc1827-?England
Benyon, Benjamin1765-?England
Benyon, Caroline Louisa Lydiac1830-?England
Benyon, Constance Lydia1805-1854Russel Square, London, EnglandClifton, near Bristol, England
Benyon, Danielc1607-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Daniel-1690Shropshire, England
Benyon, Dorothyc1578-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Edwardc1533-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Eelnerc1556-?
Benyon, Eleanorc1590-1615
Benyon, Elizabethc1580-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Elizabethc1643-?Malpas, Broad Oak, Shropshire, England
Benyon, Elizabeth1760-1843EnglandAsh, Shropshire, England
Benyon, Elizabeth1793-c1858EnglandEngland
Benyon, Elizabeth-?
Benyon, Elync1559-?
Benyon, Elysabethec1557-?
Benyon, Emily Georgiana Elisec1829-?England
Benyon, Emmac1808-?England
Benyon, Georgec1550-1610Shropshire, EnglandShropshire, England
Benyon, Georgec1583->1634Shropshire, England
Benyon, Henry Bonbiniusc1804-c1849EnglandEngland
Benyon, Hughc1537-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Janec1590-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Janec1612->1686Shropshire, England
Benyon, Jane Lydiac1810-1826
Benyon, Johnc1531-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Johnc1548-?
Benyon, Johnc1557-?
Benyon, Johnc1560-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Johnc1575-?Great Ash, Shropshire, England
Benyon, John1677-?Whitchurch, Shropshire, England
Benyon, John1764-c1767EnglandEngland
Benyon, Josephc1608-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Josephc1802-?England
Benyon, Joshuac1610-c1650Shropshire, England
Benyon, Judithc1586-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Katherinec1564-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Lydia1797-?England
Benyon, Margaretc1566-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Margaret Elizabethc1802-?England
Benyon, Marthac1647-?
Benyon, Marthac1709-?England
Benyon, Maryc1592-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Maryc1649-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Mary1760-1843EnglandAsh, Shropshire, England
Benyon, Maryc1806-?England
Benyon, Mary-?
Benyon, Mary Ann1795-?England
Benyon, Nathaniel-?
Benyon, Nathaniel-?
Benyon, Omfrec1554-?
Benyon, Paul-<1711
Benyon, Richardc1570-?
Benyon, Richardc1595-?
Benyon, Robertc1547-?
Benyon, Robertc1555-?
Benyon, Rogerc1541-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Rogerc1562-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Rychardc1549-?
Benyon, Samuelc1595-?
Benyon, Samuelc1717-1791EnglandEngland
Benyon, Samuel Ashton Yatec1825-1856England
Benyon, Samuel Yate1762-1822England
Benyon, Samuel Yate1800-?England
Benyon, Sarahc1606-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Sarah-?
Benyon, Susannac1616-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Thomasc1535-<1588Shropshire, England
Benyon, Thomasc1545-1587Shropshire, England
Benyon, Thomasc1550-?
Benyon, Thomasc1553-?
Benyon, Thomasc1555-?
Benyon, Thomasc1571-?Shropshire, England
Benyon, Thomas1763-?England
Benyon, Thomasc1800-?England
Benyon, Thomas-<1709England
Benyon, Thomas-?
Beohm, AnnetteEdgewood, Iowa
Berendsen, Emma LouiseCamp Pendleton, California
Berendsen, Lynn WillemMountain View, California
Berger, Betty
Berger, Dalec1911-?
Berger, Johannac1700-1754Engelfangen, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Berger, Robert
Berkley, Becky
Berkley, Roice
Berkley, Sandra
Berndt, Christine1818-1874Saarbrucken, Saarland, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Berndt, Georg Michelc1775-?
Berner, Emil1862-1936
Berner, Emilc1908-?
Berner, Kilena (KELNIA)1914-1982farm south of, Osage City, Osage County, Kansashospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Berner, Leonac1912-?
Berner, Marguerite1909-1984south of, Osage City, Osage County, Kansashospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Berner, Susanc1906-c1978Barklay
Berny, Hubertc1715-?
Berny, Nicolausc1684-c1730FrankenholzerHof, Saarland, Germany
Berquist, Andrew1853-1933Westgate, Sweden
Berquist, AndrewOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Berquist, Arthur Conrad1891-1968
Berquist, Billyc1935-1935
Berquist, boy childc1887-?
Berquist, Carl S.c1895-?Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Berquist, Christine Laura1926-2009Arvonia, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Berquist, Edwinc1919-?
Berquist, girl childc1889-?
Berquist, Haroldc1933-1952Osage City, Osage County, KansasKorea
Berquist, Kathy
Berquist, Lillie1893-1967
Berquist, Nadine
Berquist, Pattyc1933-1942
Berquist, Ralphc1921-1988
Berquist, Raymond1924-?
Berquist, Robertc1928-?
Berry, Cheryl AnnWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Crystal Lynette
Berry, Danny ThomasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Diana LeeWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Floyd112 East Street, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Berry, Floyd ThomasWichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Berry, Floyd ThomasEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Berry, Jacksonc1791-?
Berry, Kit ThomasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Lerahc1880-?Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Berry, LeRoy ThomasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Malcolm Thomas1882-1946Emporia, Lyon County, KansasStMary'sHospital, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Berry, Malcolm ThomasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Marilyn AnnWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Sarah1756-1832Hardwick, Massachusetts
Berry, Scott AllenWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, T. Phelixc1858-1922Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Berry, Teresa AnnWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Berry, Timmothy
Berry, Walter ThomasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Bertino, Joseph Eugenec1861-?
Berwick, James Burns1915-1967
Besse, Mariac1834-?
Bessie Catherinec1899-1988
Bessy, Seth I.1873-?
Betts, Hannah1652-1680Guilford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Betts, Maryc1781-?
Betty Jo
Beverage, Euphanc1739-?Scotland
Beveridge, Catherine1862-1901Ricarton, Ayrshire, ScotlandLochgelly, Fife, Scotland
Beveridge, Dorettac1768-?Scotland
Beveridge, Elizabeth1728-?CoaltownOfFordel, Dalgetty, Fife, Scotland
Beveridge, Ellen1789-?Dalgety
Beveridge, Georgec1765-?
Beveridge, Jamesc1700-?Dalgetty, Fife, Scotland
Beveridge, John1736-?Scotland
Beverige1781-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Beverige, Williamc1750-?
Beverly Joanne
Bevier, Sarahc1845-?
Bevier, Sarahc1845-?
Bew, Williamc1560-?
Bewley, John Dylan
Bewley, Kyle William
Beyer, Amy
Beyer, Mark
Beyer, Micheal
Beyer, William F.
Beynyon, Johnc1502-?Shropshire, England
Beytes, Maria Antoinette1847-1935
Bick, Anna Eva1765-?Uchtelf, Germany
Bick, Michaelc1740-?
Biedinger, Lorenzc1860-?
Biedinger, Maria1885-1941Lichtenburg, GermanyVolklingen, Germany
Biehler, Margarethac1760-1797Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Biggar, Alisdair
Biggar, Allan
Biggar, Brian
Biggar, Carolyn
Biggar, David
Biggar, George
Biggar, Jane
Biggar, Jean
Biggar, John1905-1982
Biggar, John1944-1998
Bike, Ella M.c1844-?
Bill, Murray
Billingsley, Annc1733-?
Billingsley, Williamc1708-?
Bing, Edwardc1810-?
Bingamon, Henriettac1840-?
Bingham, Abigalc1788-1876New YorkMoravia, Cayuga County, New York
Bingham, Adeline1916-1997Valencia, KansasSalina, Kansas
Bingham, Edward S.c1840-?
Bingham, Jerusha1811-?New Plymouth, Ohio
Binnall, Maryc1780-?
Binney, Janetc1800-?
Binnie, Christianc1773-?
Binnie, Jenny
Binnie, John1861-?
Binnie, Margaret1902-?
Binnie, Nessie1896-?
Binning, Regc1905-?
Bishop, Abigailc1610-1653
Bishop, Alecc1909-?Scotland
Bishop, Jean Ferguson
Bishop, John W.c1866-?
Bishop, Maryc1765-1819Shropshire, England
Bishop, MichelleOttawa, Kansas
Bishop, Richardc1740-?England
Bittner, George
Bixler, M Ellsworth1862-1905
Black, Abigailc1720-?
Black, Agnesc1818-c1884Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland
Black, Allan
Black, Angus
Black, Angus
Black, Ephraimc1765-c1839Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland
Black, Ian
Black, Janec1807-?Scotland
Black, Janetc1817-?Lismore, Scotland
Black, Jeanie1834-1891
Black, Johnc1707-?Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Black, Johnc1730-c1797Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Black, John<1900-?
Black, Joyce
Black, MargaretKilmarnock
Black, Marge
Black, Mary1781-1858no 5 Carronhall, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Black, Maryc1832-?
Black, Mary Elizabeth
Black, Michael1993-1993
Black, Robert1860-?
Black, Robertc1897-?
Black, Sean
Black, Thomas1901-?
Black, Thomas
Blackman, Lucy G.c1854-?
Blackman, Thomasc1750-?
Blackmer, Aldenc1804-?
Blackmore, J M1905-1999Bristol, EnglandWeston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England
Blackwell, Russell R.c1826-?
Blaes, Leonard1861-1936Puttlingen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Blaes, Mathiasc1840-?
Blair, Isabelc1829-1868
Blair, Johnc1833-?Fair Oaks
Blair, John William
Blair, Mabelc1875-1920
Blair, Margaretc1796-?Scotland
Blair, Martha Annc1835-?
Blair, Mary Jane1925-1994Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasBranson, Missouri
Blair, Richard Lee
Blair, Roberc1830-?Kansas
Blair, Samuelc1808-1835Manhattan Island, New York, New YorkBigBeaverTownshp, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Blair, Samuelc1832-?
Blair, Silasc1831-?
Blair, William1899-1975Scranton, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Blake, Cecelia1903-?
Blake, Christopher1907-?
Blake, Isobel1910-?
Blake, Ithielc1783-?
Blake, Jack1907-?
Blake, Jamesc1870-?
Blake, Jim1904-?
Blake, Kathleen1906-?
Blake, Lucy1793-1876
Blake, Lutherc1829-?
Blake, Margaret1901-?
Blake, Peterc1872-?
Blake, Peter1909-?
Blake, Robert1901-?
Blakemore, Sarahc1763-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Blakeslee, Corac1870-?
Blamey, Ann1819-1891Upton Pyne, South Molton, EnglandKings Norton, Worcestershire, England
Blamey, Jamesc1794-?
Blanch, Alice Winifred1864-1948Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Catherine Rankin1869-?Cowper, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, David Briggs1868-1948Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaMullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Edgar James1887-1970Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaNambour, Queensland, Australia
Blanch, Elizabeth Jane1876-1970Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaAshfield, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Frederick George1838-1915Rolvenden, Kent, EnglandGrafton, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Frederick William1874-1876Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaGrafton, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Frederick William1879-1967Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaBli Bli, Queensland, Australia
Blanch, George Albert Edwin1871-1957Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaSouth Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Isabella Clarenza1877-1908Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaCowper, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Margaret Kirk1882-1974Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaHomeleighNrsngHm, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Blanch, Mary Ellen1866-1952Cowper, New South Wales, AustraliaUlmarra, New South Wales, Australia
Blanchard, Margaret Augustac1856-?Chelsea, Massachusetts
Blankenship, Gail
Blass, A. M.c1764-?
Blatter, Hans Georgec1731-?
Blatter, Jakobc1756-?Neuweiler Hof, Germany
Blawmahler, Anna Mariac1695-?Ommersheim, Saarland, Germany
Blawmahler, Lambertc1675-?
Blawmahler, Margarethec1697-?Ommersheim, Saarland, Germany
Blays, Katherinec1540-?
Blays, Ralphc1515-?
Bleidissel, Darlenec1940-<2005
Bleidissel, Herman Lewisc1890-?
Bleidissel, Kathleen Susanna
Bleidissel, Lloyd H1914-2005Holton, KansasScranton, Osage County, Kansas
Bleidissel, Lori Ann
Bleidissel, Louisec1940-<2005
Bleidissel, Ronald Joseph1938-<2005Circleville, Kansas
Bleidissel, Ronald JosephTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Bleidissel, Rose
Bleidissel, Thelma
Blish, Abigail1751-1835Bourne, Massachusetts
Bliss, Lizzie Andrewsc1854-?
Blohm, Peterc1906-?
Blood, Arthur1879-?Downing, Dunn County, Wisconsin
Blood, Charles F1835-1915DelewareDowning, Dunn County, Wisconsin
Blood, Charles Willard1867-?Calumet, Wisconsin
Blood, Laura May1874-?Mitchellville, Polk County, Iowa
Blood, Lenora Maryette1861-?Stark County, Illinois
Blood, Ulysses Grant1865-?Iowa
Blood, Violet Leona1877-?Mitchellville, Polk County, Iowa
Blum, Anna Elisabethc1665-?
Blum, J.c1800-?Rohrbach, Germany
Blum, Michelc1775-?
Boag, Jeanc1742-?
Boase, Ida H.c1863-?
Bodenc1776-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Boden, Annec1765-?
Boden, Dolly
Boden, Edwardc1753-?
Boden, Edwardc1774-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Boden, Georgec1759-?
Boden, Jane1782-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Boden, John1724-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Boden, John1787-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Boden, Joicec1751-?
Boden, Lucerac1778-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Boden, Michaelc1758-?
Boden, Penelopec1767-?
Boden, Samuelc1704-?
Boden, Samuelc1756-?
Bodes, Jodyc1972-1998
Bodine, Sarahc1825-?
Bodkin, Elizabeth A.c1840-?Alexandria, Ohio
Boehm, Jeffrey Scott
Boehm, StefaniKansas
Boehm, ZacharyKansas
Boen, Floyd
Boen, Shannon Carol
Bogart, Ashley
Bogart, Carrie
Bogart, Michael
Boggs, Harryc1891-?
Boggs, LeRoy
Bogue, Harriet L.1864-?Nicholson, Pennsylvania
Bohaker, Sophiac1838-?
Boid, Christianc1730-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Bolan, CarrolOnaga, PottawatomieCnty, Kansas
Bolan, CrystalOnaga, PottawatomieCnty, Kansas
Bolan, Glenc1922-<1990Onaga, PottawatomieCnty, Kansas
Bolan, Jeffries
Bolan, TerryOnaga, PottawatomieCnty, Kansas
Bolan, TiffineyOnaga, PottawatomieCnty, Kansas
Bolen, Nancy Ellen1859-?Springfield, Illinois
Bolyard, Connie Mack
Bolyard, Harry Cc1888-?
Bolyard, Jean Valleri1914-1997
Bolyard, Joan Ellen
Bolyard, Loren
Bolyard, Oliverc1899-?
Bolyard, Oliver Henry1916-1964Osage City, Osage County, Kansashospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Bolyard, Paul Dean
Bolyard, William
Bolyard, William Lorne1908-1972Libby, Montana
Bond, Ross
Bonehard, Johnc1749-?
Bonifield, Charles L.c1860-?Cincinnati, Ohio
Bonnie Louc1930-<2005
Boorman, Jamesc1840-?
Boorman, Jane Anne1868-?Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
Boossel, Henrichc1744-?
Booth, Charlottec1822-c1843Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Booth, Ebenezerc1721-?
Booth, Elijahc1746-1823
Booth, Elizac1858-?Manchester, Lancashire, England
Borden, Sarah1790-1847
Boreham, Joan1511-?Hoddesdon, Hertsford, England
Boreham, John1485-?Hoddesdon, Hertsford, England
Borel, Mariec1880-?
Borgignon, Magdalinec1670-?
Borland, Alexc1902-?
Borland, Alex
Borland, Catherine
Borland, Margaretc1790-?
Borland, Sadie
Born, John
Borrowman, Agnesc1707-?
Borrowman, Agnesc1743-?
Borrowman, Agnesc1782-1862Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Borrowman, Alexanderc1660-?
Borrowman, Jeanc1788-?
Borrowman, Johnc1701-?
Borrowman, Johnc1749-c1749
Borrowman, Johnc1750-?
Borrowman, John Agnesc1786-?
Borrowman, Margaratc1695-?
Borrowman, Maryc1747-?
Borrowman, Maryc1770-c1774Airth, Stirling, Scotland
Borrowman, Maryc1775-?Airth, Stirling, Scotland
Borrowman, Matthew1754-?Airth, Stirling, Scotland
Borrowman, Williamc1703-?
Borrowman, Williamc1745-?
Borrowman, Williamc1772-?
Borton, Kimberly Ann
Borton, Robert
Borton, Robert
Bosel, Catharina Margarethec1780-?
Bosley, Harriet Rose1906-2004?New HampshireGeorgia
Bosley, Josephc1881-?
Bosley, Scott
Bosquet, Elizabethc1720-?
Bosseler, Johannesc1716-1776Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Bosslet, Katharinac1717-1762Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Boswell, Margaretc1892-?
Bosworth, Alvinc1818-?
Bosworth, John Masonc1817-?Dartmouth
Botfeild, Hannac1696-1742
Botfeild, Richardc1676-?
Botsford, Elizabethc1670-?
Boughton, Elizac1777-?
Boult, Charles W.1821-1904
Bourne, Abigail1806-1875Bourne, Masachusetts
Bourne, Abram1881-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Alicec1874-?
Bourne, Allenc1812-?
Bourne, Annc1859-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Arthur Robertc1911-?
Bourne, Beatrice1901-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Charles Arthur1893-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Charles Henry
Bourne, Edith1900-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Elizac1870-?
Bourne, Elizabeth1848-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Ellen1866-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Emily1862-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Emily Lavina1890-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Fannyc1866-1950Horley, Surrey, London, EnglandHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Bourne, Georgec1821-?
Bourne, George1864-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, George1893-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, James1823-1894Horley, Surrey, London, EnglandHorley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, James1846-1921Horley, Surrey, London, EnglandWalliswood, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, John1857-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Maryc1841-?
Bourne, Maryc1855-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Olive Gorham1788-1831Barnstable, Massachusetts
Bourne, Persis1764-?10/18/1857
Bourne, Peterc1872-?
Bourne, Reuben1886-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Rita1885-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Ruth1883-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Stephen1853-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, Susan1852-1890Horley, Surrey, London, EnglandChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Bourne, Sydney1896-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bourne, William1860-?Horley, Surrey, London, England
Bow, Andrewc1810-?
Bow, Isabellac1834-?
Bowater, Rebeccac1836-?
Bowen, Alice Jane1892-1977Norbury, Shropshire, EnglandBridgnorth, England
Bowen, Avis1780-?Warren, Rhode Island
Bowen, Deborah Marie
Bowers, Kim
Bowers, Peggy VirginiaBrunswick, MD
Bowes, HelenStockport, Cheshire, England
Bowes, Margaret1892-?Scotland
Bowhay, Ainsle
Bowhay, Darren
Bowhay, Kevin
Bowlby, Abrahamc1779-?
Bowlby, Annc1790-?
Bowlby, Marthac1790-?
Bowlby, Sarahc1790-?
Bowles, Clara1859-19015 Oldham Street, Plaistow Marsh, West Ham, Essex, England
Bowles, Richardc1821-1869Stratton St, Margaret, Wiltshire, EnglandWest Ham, Essex, England
Bowlin, Charlesc1889-?
Bowlin, Charles D.Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas
Bowlin, Eudin
Bowlin, Gary
Bowlin, Gena
Bowlin, Harry
Bowlin, MelvinSevery, Greenwood County, Kansas
Bowlin, Sandra ElaineOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Bowlin, TereseOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Bowman, Andrewc1801-1857
Bowman, Davidc1776-?
Bowman, Jean1836-1921
Bowman, Mary1755-?
Bowman, Rhonda
Bowman, Sarahc1760-?
Boyack, Lucy OlivierChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Boyack, SimonStaveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Boyce, Francinac1851-?
Boyd, Elizabeth1832-1902Glenlea, Hawthornden, Lasswade, Scotland
Boyd, Georgec1807-?
Boyd, Jocelyn Michelle
Boyd, Kayc1856-?
Boyd, Marvin
Boyd, Tony
Boyd, Williamc1869-?
Boydt, Bonnely
Boyer, David HowardDanville, Pennsylvania
Boyer, Howard AllenBowmanstown, Pennsylvania
Boyer, Karl WarrenMorristown, New Jersey
Boyer, Martha JeanMorristown, Pennsylvania
Boyes, Joanne Ruth
Boyle, Anna1873-1932Petrea, Ohio, Jackson, OhioDelta, Colorado, Fremont, Wyoming
Boyle, Bernardc1814-?Ireland
Boyle, Bernard1833-?
Boyle, Daniel1877-?
Boyle, Dominic Sylvester1843-1897
Boyle, HughBellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Boyle, Johnc1794-?
Boyle, John1847-?
Boyle, Margaretc1842-?Glasgow
Boyle, Margaret1912-?Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Boyle, Mary Annc1838-?
Boyle, Patrick1843-?
Boyle, Thelmac1906-?
Brabant, Margaretc1553-c1614England
Brackman, Lois Maxinec1914-2001
Bradford, Anne1790-1840Waquoit, Massachusetts
Bradford, Annis W.c1805-1869
Bradford, Betseyc1800-1882Plympton, Massachusetts
Bradford, Davidc1695-?
Bradford, Maryc1790-1826Waquoit, Massachusetts
Bradford, Nancy Wymanc1802-?
Bradford, William1684-1730
Bradley, Anna Mae
Bradley, Elizabeth Marie
Bradley, Joyce-?
Bradley, Thomasc1893-?
Bradley, Virginia
Brady, John
Bragg, Barry OrlandTwin Falls, Twin Falls Cnty, Idaho
Bragg, Patrick BarryHailey, Blaine County, Idaho
Braier, Catherinec1640-?
Brally, Mary Elizabeth1846-1911
Brand, Andersc1788->1838Sodra Ljunga, Kronoberg, Smaland, SwedenSweden
Brandkamp, Henryc1898-?St. Louis, MissouriEdgerton, Wisconsin
Brant, Norman
Bratlin, Clinton Douglas
Breese, Corey
Breese, Corey L
Breese, Patrickc1958-<2008
Breil, William Lowell
Bremser, Eleanor
Brennan, Erin MarieNew York
Brennan, JohnUnited States of America
Brennan, Sianna KathleenNew York
Brennan, Timothy JohnNew York
Breunig, Annac1805-?
Breunig, Anna Mariac1775-?
Brewer, Terresa
Brewster, Margaretc1888-?Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Bridge, Josiahc1774-?
Brieden, Ana Maria Christina1781-1842Hesborn, GermanyHesborn, Germany
Brieden, Johannc1756-?Germany
Briggs, Alicec1847-c1920California
Briggs, Bradley
Briggs, Dillon Bradley FayeJanesville, Wisconsin
Briggs, F.E.c1868-?Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Briggs, John1720-?
Briggs, Mariah H.1828-?
Briggs, Phineasc1719-?
Briggs, Rebecca1827-1867Waquoit, Massachusetts
Briggs, Ruth A.1814-1908
Briggs, Williamc1853-?
Bright, Elizabeth-?
Bright, Margaretc1602-?
Brights, Maryc1851-?
Brill, Catharina1770-1833Huttigweiler, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Brill, Nicolausc1745-?
Brindley, Elaina
Bristol, Dinahc1710-?
Bristow, Elizabeth1706-1760Bristol, Rhode Island
Brizzolara, Williamc1896-?
Broadbent, Craig
Broadbent, Jana LeighTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Broadbent, Jeris LaneWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Broadbent, Jessie LynnTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Broadfield, Sarahc1619-?
Broadley, GaynorFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Broadley, John1943-1991Falkirk, Stirlingshire, ScotlandFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Broadley, Lisa JaneFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Broadley, Margaret PenmanFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Broadley, Samuelc1926-1988Falkirk, Stirlingshire, ScotlandFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Brock, Brian
Brock, Joanne
Brock, Larry
Brock, Robert Ray1963-2003Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Brodie, Ann1856-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Catherine1843-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Duncan McDougall1911-1976
Brodie, Isabella1839-?Carmunnock, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Jamesc1790-?
Brodie, Jamesc1846-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Janet1841-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Jean1851-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, John-?
Brodie, Margaret1851-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Mary Rankin1848-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Brodie, Robert Rankin-?
Brolin, Eldinac1913-?
Bronigin, Johanna<1667-?
Bronson, ElizabethOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Brook, DorisBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Brook, Eleanorc1793-?
Brook, Eliza1811-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Brook, Elizabethc1799-?
Brook, Estherc1795-?
Brook, Hannah1805-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Brook, Hesterc1801-?
Brook, Johnc1748-?
Brook, Johnc1791-?
Brook, Maryc1797-?
Brook, Richardc1768-?
Brook, Richardc1803-?
Brook, Williamc1876-1930Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Brooke, Eleanorc1791-?
Brooke, Francisc1730-?
Brooke, Johnc1766-?
Brooke, Maryc1754-?
Brookes, Annc1706-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Annc1797-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Elizabethc1705-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Elizabethc1717-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Francesc1804-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Francisc1711-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Johnc1690-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Johnc1709-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Johnc1754-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Johnc1824-?Pattingham, England
Brookes, Johnc1854-?Rudge, England
Brookes, Maryc1712-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Maryc1791-?
Brookes, Maryc1799-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Maryc1852-?Claveley, England
Brookes, Richardc1764-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Robertc1857-?Rudge, England
Brookes, Samuelc1776-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Sarahc1861-?Rudge, England
Brookes, Thomasc1849-?Rudge, England
Brookes, Walterc1717-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brookes, Walterc1756-?Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Brooks, Constance LouiseSt. Louis, Missouri
Brooks, Dennis DavidSt. Louis, St Louis County, Missouri
Brooks, Dennis DavidSt. Louis, Missouri
Brooks, Devon MichaelPerryville, Perry County, Missouri
Brooks, Elizabethc1699-?
Brooks, Helen R tc1853-?
Brooks, Linda LouiseSt. Louis, Missouri
Brooks, Paul Edgar1925-1996Olive Branch, IllinoisPerryville, Perry County, Missouri
Brooks, Paul Edgar1948-1973St. Louis, MissouriPerryville, Missouri
Broomhall, Emma1840-1926Guernsey County, Ohio
Brough, Maryc1885-?Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, Scotland
Brown, Alexc1888-?
Brown, Alex1910-?
Brown, Alexanderc1829-?
Brown, Alexander1851-<1857
Brown, Alexander1867-?England
Brown, AngusAberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brown, Ann R.1888-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Anniec1811-?
Brown, Ashley ElainePhoenix, Arizona
Brown, Barbara1727-?Muiravonside, Scotland
Brown, Barbarac1730-?
Brown, Benjaminc1754-?
Brown, Bernice
Brown, Bernice
Brown, Betsyc1813-c1872Dunfermline, Fifeshire, ScotlandHamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Brown, BeverlySepulveda, California
Brown, CarolSepulveda, California
Brown, Clarac1859-?
Brown, Daniel1851-1926
Brown, Daniel1886-?
Brown, Davidc1807-?
Brown, Davidc1812-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, David
Brown, David Stevenson1906-1972KilwinningKilmarnock
Brown, Derek
Brown, Elizabethc1864-1944Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland
Brown, Elizabeth1891-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Ellen 'Ella'1884-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Frank E.c1900-?
Brown, Georgec1857-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, Georgec1869-?
Brown, George Dunc1812-?
Brown, GeorginaYork
Brown, Gorec1795-?
Brown, Grovec1858-?
Brown, Harry1893-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Helenc1817-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, Helen1855-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Brown, Helenc1864-?
Brown, Henry Gordonc1814-?
Brown, Ian
Brown, Isobelc1776-?
Brown, Jamesc1805-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, James Porter1812-?
Brown, Janec1811-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, Janec1849-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, Jane<1883-?Scotland
Brown, Janetc1838-1910Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, ScotlandBathgate, Scotland
Brown, Jeanc1791-?
Brown, Jean1828-1907Liberton, Haddington, ScotlandKirkintilloch, Scotland
Brown, Jennifer ReneeTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Brown, Johnc1803-?
Brown, Johnc1839-<1885
Brown, Johnc1853-1859
Brown, John1859-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Brown, Johnc1859-?
Brown, John<1883-?Scotland
Brown, John1886-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, John Arnottc1856-c1898
Brown, Joseph1881-?
Brown, Kathrinec1794-?
Brown, Levi D.1833-?Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Brown, Margaret<1810-<1867
Brown, Margaretc1812-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Brown, Margaret HamiltonKilwinning
Brown, Marion<1883-?Scotland
Brown, Marion1889-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Maryc1751-?
Brown, Mary1876-?
Brown, Maryc1882-?
Brown, Mary Ann<1883-?Scotland
Brown, Mary Jane Smith1883-1957Lumley Street, Grangemouth, ScotlandBurwood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Brown, Matthewc1841-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, Mercyc1798-1873
Brown, Montgomery1858-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Montgomery1883-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Brown, Nancy Deane
Brown, Nelliec1780-1836Elizabethtown, Essex, New York
Brown, Phebe A.c1830-?
Brown, Rachelc1818-?
Brown, Robertc1854-?Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Brown, Robert1883-?
Brown, Robert1898-?
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert GarKansas City, Jackson County, Kansas
Brown, Robert Purdiec1810-?
Brown, Roxanac1779-?
Brown, Steve
Brown, Steven Gene
Brown, ThomasFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Brown, Thomas CorneliousScotland
Brown, Williamc1751-?
Brown, Williamc1768-?
Brown, William1852-?Fenwick, Ayr, Scotland
Brown, William1876-?
Brown, Zenasc1834-?
Brown, Zenasc1834-?
Brownlee, Janetc1909-?
Brownlee, Peggyc1911-?
Brownlee, Williamc1884-?
Bruce, Elizabeth1797-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Bruce, Williamc1772-?
Bruck, Sophiec1865-?
Bruesch, Genniford GlenOklahoma
Brunton, ChristineManchester, Lancashire, England
Brunton, ElaineManchester, Lancashire, England
Brunton, HarryLancashire, England
Brunton, Jane1875-1923Shotts, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGreymouth, New Zealand
Brunton, John1842-1910Shotts, Lanarkshire, ScotlandShotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Brunton, Judith KLawrence, Kansas
Bruschet, Tilmanc1685-?Schiffweiler, Germany
Brush, Rebeccac1825-1885Connecticut
Brust, Anneliessec1680-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Bruton, Peter W.
Bruyn, Catherinec1820-?
Bryan, Joseph1893-?
Bryan, Nancy
Bryan, Rita Yvonne
Bryand, Sebac1825-?
Bryant, Abigailc1698-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Bryant, Mercyc1666-?
Bryant, Rebeccac1696-1741Kingston, Massachusetts
Bryant, Silvanusc1805-?
Bryce, Isabella Aitken>1866-1891ScotlandLeaside Cottage, East Shieldhill, Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Bryce, Johnc1819-?
Bryce, Richardc1844-?
Bryden, Margaretc1804-<1861Scotland
Bryon, Margaret-?
Buchanan, Alex
Buchanan, Alexander1814-?Balgargh, Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Ann1817-?Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Archibald1825-?Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Archibaldc1878-?
Buchanan, Christinac1869-?
Buchanan, Davidc1782-?
Buchanan, Donaldc1880-?
Buchanan, Dorothy
Buchanan, Dugaldc1830-1895Clochlea, Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Dugaldc1874-?
Buchanan, Duncan1795-?Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Duncan1816-?Balgargh, Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Duncan1833-1876Lismore, ScotlandBalnagowan, Scotland
Buchanan, Duncanc1867-?
Buchanan, Glenn
Buchanan, Hugh1823-1915Lismore, ScotlandBaligarve, Scotland
Buchanan, Hughc1872-?
Buchanan, Jamesc1887-?
Buchanan, Janec1864-?
Buchanan, John1826-?
Buchanan, Johnc1860-?
Buchanan, John-?
Buchanan, Logan
Buchanan, Mary1820-1894Kilmaranack, Muichaun, ScotlandLaggan, Scotland
Buchanan, Maryc1862-?
Buchanan, Maryc1876-?
Buchanan, Neil1828-?Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Buchanan, Neil1857-1941
Buck, John
Buck, Phoebec1770-?
Buckle, Susie Margraite1924-2009Lebo, Coffey County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Buckley, Edwardc1893-?
Buckley, Johnc1853-?
Budd, Maxine Elliot1911-1989
Budd, Walter Williamc1886-?
Budnick, Amy
Budnick, Ellen
Budnick, Michael
Budnick, Paul
Budnick, Scott
Buel, Maryc1637-?
Bufalini, Anthony
Bufalini, Deborah JaneFairfax, Virginia
Bufalini, Jody LynnSan Jose, Santa Clara County, California
Bufalini, Julie AnnSan Jose, Santa Clara County, California
Bufalini, Robert AllenPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bufalini, Sally
Bufalini, Sandi
Bulchem, Howard
Bulkeley, Alicec1611-?
Bulkeley, Annc1609-?
Bulkeley, Arthurc1560-?
Bulkeley, Hasiec1615-?
Bulkeley, John1583-1665
Bulkeley, Maryc1613-?
Bull, Eric
Bull, Henryc1902-?
Bull, John
Bull, Josephc1669-?
Bull, Margaret
Bull, Robert
Bull, William Henry
Buller, Elizabeth
Bullerwell, Georgec1837-?
Bullfinch, Samc1833-?
Bulling, John
Bulling, Wc1906-?
Bullock, Jamesc1817-?
Bullock, Rachaelc1860-?Tipton, Staffordshire, England
Bump, Rebecca Bethiahc1723-?
Bunch, Dakota Scott HoffmanTulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Bunch, Sara JaneTulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Bunch, Scott RayTulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Bundren, Jane EllenSt.Louis, Missouri
Bunten, Andrew
Bunten, Ann1812-1882
Bunten, Davidc1887-?
Bunten, David
Burbank, Persisc1821-?Windham, Maine
Burch, H.c1857-?
Burch, Wesleyc1835-?
Burchard, Reumahc1803-?
Burden, Cliffordc1900-?
Burden, Majorie AnnEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Burger, Anna Katharinac1740-1804Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Burger, Helenec1826-?
Burger, Philippinec1790-?
Burgess, Andrew GordonLincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Burgess, Augustusc1810-?
Burgess, Barbarac1790-?
Burgess, CherylChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burgess, Christopher PeterChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burgess, Courtc1855-?
Burgess, Gordon1925-2005Derbyshire, EnglandInkersall, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burgess, Leigh WilliamLincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Burgess, Lucinda1829-1917Bourne, Masachusetts
Burgess, Mary Ann1817-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Burgess, Ralph
Burgess, Serviah1819-1900
Burghardt, Adamc1806-?Germany
Burghardt, Henryc1846-?GermanyIowa
Burghardt, Kathering1844-1931GermanyMineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin
Burgognon, Magdalenac1685-1726Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Burk, Carolinec1840-?
Burkdoll, Nancy J
Burkett, ArlineBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, Carolyn M.Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Burkett, Charles Reuben1877-1904Burlingame, Osage County, KansasBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, Cheryl KayBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, Craig V.Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Burkett, Crystal Leigh1980-1983Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasKansas
Burkett, Eddie LeeBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, Edwin E1911-1989Burlingame, Osage County, KansasNursing Home, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, George Washington1834-1917Warren County, TennesseeBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, Josephinec1920-1920
Burkett, Leora1909-1978Burlingame, Osage County, KansasCookeville, Tennessee
Burkett, Linda L.Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Burkett, Maude Irenec1908-1998
Burkett, Richard A.Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Burkett, Richard Earl1922-2000Burlingame, Osage County, Kansashospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Burkett, Samuel Walter1879-1962Burlingame, Osage County, KansasBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Burkett, Walter Ray1908-1908
Burlingham, Fardon A.1791-1854
Burnet, Jeanc1796-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Burnett, Agnesc1827-?
Burnett, Alexanderc1841-?
Burnett, Alexander1908-?Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, AlexanderChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, AlisonMansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Burnett, AndrewChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, AngelaChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Annie1907-?Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, BarbaraHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Burnett, Benjamin1899-1984Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, BrendaChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, ChristopherChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Dicksonc1886-?
Burnett, Elizabethc1835-?
Burnett, ElysiaWorksop, Nottinghamshire, England
Burnett, George1865-?
Burnett, Gracec1875-?
Burnett, HannahMansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Burnett, HayleyWorksop, Nottinghamshire, England
Burnett, Hollie
Burnett, IreneChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, James Robert1881-1882Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Janetc1833-?
Burnett, Janet Maryc1875->1900Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, JeanChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, KristenAustralia
Burnett, LewisMansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Burnett, Mabelc1894-?
Burnett, Marian1887-1889Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, MarinaChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Marionc1837-?
Burnett, Martha1895-?Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Maryc1826-c1829Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Burnett, Maryc1829-?
Burnett, MaureenHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Burnett, MavisHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Burnett, Ora Bellec1898-?
Burnett, Pearl1902-?
Burnett, Peter1843-1924Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Peter1883-1883Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Peter1906-1991Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandRectory Road Nursing Home, Duckmanton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, PeterBarrowhill, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Robertc1795-1862Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandLarbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Burnett, Robert1903-1979Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Burnett, SamanthaMansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Burnett, Sarah Ann1901-1901Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandSouth Shields, County Durham, England
Burnett, SimonChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Stanley1897-1968Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Burnett, SusanChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Burnett, Walterc1890-c1942
Burnett, WilliamAustralia
Burnett, William Albert1896-1970
Burnham, Richardc1658-?
Burnham, Thomasc1633-1688
Burns, Angela
Burns, Butch
Burns, Clyde
Burns, ElizabethBellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Burns, Eva MarieOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Burns, Francisc1820-?
Burns, Gordonc1958-<2008
Burns, Harriet Susan-?
Burns, Heather
Burns, Janec1815-?
Burns, Janet
Burns, Jean
Burns, Jenniec1893-?
Burns, JosephBellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Burns, Maryc1800-?
Burns, MichaelBellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Burns, Richard
Burns, Robert
Burns, Samuel (Bourne)1900-?Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Burns, Short Williamc1905-1929
Burrell, Adamc1895-c1916
Burrell, Adam Pringle1857-1933
Burrell, Agnes1812-?Legerwood, Scotland
Burrell, Agnes1847-?
Burrell, Agnes
Burrell, Alexander1827-?Legerwood, Scotland
Burrell, Betty1814-?Legerwood, Scotland
Burrell, Elizabeth1855-?
Burrell, George1816-?Legerwood, Scotland
Burrell, George1852-?
Burrell, George1897-?Channelkirk, Scotland
Burrell, Isabella1864-?
Burrell, James<1753-?
Burrell, James<1773-?
Burrell, James<1793-?
Burrell, James1813-1872
Burrell, James1848-?
Burrell, James1886-?
Burrell, John1807-?Lugate, Stow, Midlothian, Scotland
Burrell, John1859-?
Burrell, John1891-?
Burrell, Lawrence<1733-?
Burrell, Lawrence1808-?Heriot, Scotland
Burrell, Margaret1850-?
Burrell, Margaret1887-?
Burrell, William Cowan1889-?
Burris, Christina M
Burris, Steve
Burris, Walter Lawrencec1870-1945
Burroughs, Charles1661-1663Shropshire, EnglandShropshire, England
Burroughs, Edwardc1645-?
Burroughs, Ethan1780-1850Trumball, Connecticut
Burroughs, Georgec1837-?
Burroughs, Hannah1678-1777Jamaica, Long Island, New YorkNorth Stratford, Fariford County, Connecticut
Burroughs, John1670-<1713Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Burt, (Swiss)
Burt, Jane Henderson1873-1941Dunfermline, Fife, ScotlandDenbeath, Methil
Burt, Jeanetta A.c1811-?
Busch, Conradc1717-?
Busch, Hans Adamc1710-?Schiffweiler
Busch, Henrichc1732-1813Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Busecke, Dorothyc1890-?
Bush, Mayc1890-?
Bush, Rachaelc1878-?
Bushnell, Clarissa1798-1870
Bussard, John Monte
Butler, Charlesc1860-?Yorkshire, England
Butler, Charlesc1888-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Butler, Emilyc1884-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Butler, Georgec1886-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Butler, Harriet1817-?Hillsdale Co, Michigan
Butler, Harriet1882-1960Yorkshire, England
Butler, Sarah1678-1748
Butters, George S.1856-?
Butters, Henry Augustus1817-?
Butterworth, Bernicec1902-?Kansas
Butterworth, Edwardc1867-?Ohio
Butterworth, Elizabeth M1886-?Kansas
Butterworth, Merit W1895-?Kansas
Butterworth, Paul F1897-?Kansas
Butterworth, Ruth Esther1898-1969Beloit, Mitchell, KansasGarden City, Kansas
Butterworth, Sadiec1869->1930OhioChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Butterworth, Thomasc1830-?England
Butterworth, William1865-1925PennsylvaniaColorado Springs, Colorado
Button, Jack
Buttram, Carol ElaineJerome, Jerome County, Idaho
Byrd, AprilBloomington, Illinois
Byrde, Taj Amaru
Byrde, Tyrese
C Caballero-Irachez, SaulVillanueva Cortes, Honduras
Caballero, Elaina JuliannaGrand Island, Nebraska
Caballero, Enrique JavierGrand Island, Nebraska
Cabbage, Opal1900-1997
Caddy, Deborah Lynn
Caden, Catherinec1882-c1956
Cadman, Sarah J1896-1963Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, EnglandManchester, Lancashire, England
Cadman, Thomas1864-?Wombridge, Shropshire, England
Cadwell, Rodgerc1844-?
Cagle, DenaArKansas
Cahill, Annie
Cahill, Cynthia
Cahill, Sarah
Cahill, Susan
Cahill, Williamc1929-2005Chicago, Cook County, Illionis
Cahoon, Deborah C.1820-1906Centerville, Massachusetts
Cain, Lydia Ann1852-1887
Caird, Alexander William1887-1887
Caird, Annie Jope
Caird, Isabella1892-1965
Caird, Janet Johnstone1899-?India
Caird, Margaret GARDNER Fraser1888-1968HamiltonHamilton
Caird, McClay1889-?
Caird, Violet
Caird, Williamc1868-?
Cairncross, George
Cairns, Mary Ellen1886-?Liverpool, England
Calder, Kevin
Calder, Margaretc1719-?
Caldwell, David1880-1968
Caldwell, Eleanor Jean
Caldwell, Elizabeth1805-1872
Caldwell, Elizabeth
Caldwell, Georgec1786-?
Caldwell, Isobel (Isabella) Graham
Caldwell, Loisc1732-?
Caldwell, Margaret
Caldwell, Tom1912-1973
Calkins, Annac1811-?
Calkins, Danielc1843-?Postville, Iowa
Calkins, Dennis C.c1897-?
Calkins, Helen
Calkins, Laura Lee
Callinan, Jackc1906-?
Calnex, William Arthur1822-1892
Calvin, Dennis
Camamile, Dorothy Mary
Camamile, Norman Raymond1933-c2001Gloucestershire, England
Camamile, Raymond1904-c1987Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandGloucestershire, England
Cambridge, Lesley
Cameron, Annc1865-1922Gillespie Terrace, North Main Street, Stenhousemuir, Larbert, Scotland
Cameron, Catherine1785-?
Cameron, Catherine1885-1982Denver, Arapahoe County, ColoradoBlaine, Whatcom County, Washington
Cameron, Hugh1837-1911
Cameron, Hugh1882-1907
Cameron, Janetc1799-?
Cameron, Jeanc1778-?
Cameron, Maryc1856-1937
Cameron, Nan
Cammett, Jane1779-1856Barnstable, Massachusetts
Camp, Abigail1696/97-?Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Abigail1713-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Abraham1736-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Abraham1787-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Anna1785-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Billing1717-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Catharine1565-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, Edward1576-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, Edwardc1616-1659New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Edward1650-1720New Haven, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Elizabeth1778-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Enos1687-1768Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Esther1743-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, George1623-?Roydon, Essex, England
Camp, Gideon1720-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Grace1619-?Hunsdon, Herts, England
Camp, Hannah1677-?Milford, New Haven Co., CTRidgefield, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Hannah1709-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Harmon1780-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Hephzibahc1689-?
Camp, Hepzibah1686-1781New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Hezekiah1699-1791Milford, New Haven Co., CTSalisbury, CT
Camp, Hezekiah1700-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Isaac1739-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Isaac1770-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Jamesc1708-?
Camp, Joan1565-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, Joel1688-1713Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Joelc1690-?
Camp, Johnc1570-1630Nazing, Essex, England
Camp, Jonathan1702-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Jonathan1735-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Lemuel1701-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Mary1628-?Hunsdon, Herts, England
Camp, Mary1652-?New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Mary1663-1691Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Mary1706-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Mary1744-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Mary1775-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Mary Hepzibah1684-1740Milford, New Haven Co., CTDurham, Middlesex, CT
Camp, Mercy1646-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Nicholasc1617-?England
Camp, Philemon1632-?Hunsdon, Herts, England
Camp, Rhoda1773-1821Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut
Camp, Richard1540-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, Richardc1742-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Robert1537-?Roydon, Essex, England
Camp, Robert1563-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, Samuel1645-1736Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Samuel1675-1743Milford, New Haven Co., CTNew Haven Co., CT
Camp, Samuel1705-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Sarah1655-1669Milford, New Haven Co., CTMilford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Sarah1710-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Sarah1723-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, Sarahc1745-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Seth Keeler1782-?Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Camp, Thomas1507-1560Nazing, Essex, EnglandRoydon, Essex, England
Camp, Thomas1561-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, Timothy1701-?Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Camp, William1535-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Camp, William1625-?Hunsdon, Herts, England
Campagna, Dennis1951-1992
Campagna, Jason John
Campbell, Abiahc1700-?
Campbell, Agnes1833-<1841Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Agnes1884-1947
Campbell, Alexanderc1809-<1851
Campbell, Alexander1835-?
Campbell, Alexander1865-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Alicec1710-?Taunton, Massachusetts
Campbell, Amanda R.1857-1932
Campbell, Annec1735-?
Campbell, ChristinaPaola, Marion County, Kansas
Campbell, Colinc1841-1924Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Colin1878-?Newarthill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Debra Lee
Campbell, Ebenezer Reid1873-?Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland
Campbell, Elizabethc1885-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Elizabeth Allanc1884-1962
Campbell, Elspeth
Campbell, Georgec1845-1924Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland44 Grieve St., Methilhill, Fifeshire, Scotland
Campbell, Georgec1875-?Newarthill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Campbell, Gordonc1905-?
Campbell, Graeme
Campbell, Hamish
Campbell, Jamesc1881-?Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
Campbell, James1918-1988
Campbell, Jane1870-1934Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland7 Wellsgreen Place, The Rosie, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Campbell, Janet
Campbell, Jeanc1807-c1849
Campbell, Jeanc1847-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Johnc1841-<1848
Campbell, John1848-1893Grange St., Grangemouth, Scotland
Campbell, KimberlyPaola, Marion County, Kansas
Campbell, Laura
Campbell, Margaretc1816-?
Campbell, Margaret1868-?Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland
Campbell, Martin
Campbell, Mary1696-?Norton, Massachusetts
Campbell, Matthew1843-<1851Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Otto S.c1855-?
Campbell, Rhona
Campbell, Robert1839-<1841Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campbell, Robin
Campbell, Sarahc1867-?
Campbell, Scott
Campbell, Stewart
Campbell, ThomasPaola, Marion County, Kansas
Campbell, Thomas Laingc1926-1972
Campbell, Tom
Campbell, Williamc1883-?
Campe, James1539-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Campe, Richard1533-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Campton, Rosemary LouiseShamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Canfield, Elizabethc1617-?
Canfield, Jacobc1618-?
Canfield, Jeremiahc1620-?
Canfield, Johnc1621-?
Canfield, Mary1625-?Nazeing, Essex Co., England
Canfield, Thomasc1596-?of Minsden, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Canfield, Thomas1623-?England
Canfield, Vernon1859-?
Canida, Margaret
Cann, Becky Ann1948-1974Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Cann, Candy LeeBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Cann, Jack1922-1987Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Canode, Maryc1835-?
Cantle, ColinAbergavvenny, England
Capron, Ellenc1845-1882
Carelton, John1832-1912
Carey, John
Carey, John Earhart
Carey, Mary1732-1760Bristol, Rhode Island
Carlson, Annc1888-?Sundsvall, Sweden
Carlson, Augustac1872-?
Carlson, Freeda Regina1890-1984Sundsvall, SwedenOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Carlson, Sidney1886-?Sundsvall, Sweden
Carlson, Wilhelminac1878-?
Carmichael, Agnes1873-1902Redding, Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Carmichael, Christian-?
Carmichael, Dugald1783-?Balure, Lismore, Scotland
Carmichael, ElizabethBridge of Earn, Perthshire, Scotland
Carmichael, Florac1835-1908
Carmichael, Hugh1786-?Balure, Lismore, Scotland
Carmichael, Janet1779-?Lismore, Scotland
Carmichael, Johnc1756-?
Carmichael, Mary1796-1871Balure, ScotlandBalnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Carmichael, Neil-?
Carnegie, Charlesc1890-?
Caroll, George Ross1913-?Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
CarolynKansas City, Missouri
Carpender, Charles
Carpender, Megan
Carpenter, Elishac1776-?
Carpenter, Isaac Pratt1836-?
Carr, Elliec1872-?
Carr, Omar F.c1883-?Sangerville, Maine
Carrick, Joan
Carrick, Margaretc1750-?
Carrick, Mildred1897-1978
Carroll, Anthony
Carroll, James
Carroll, Kevin
Carroll, Shannah Eileen
Carroll, William
Carruthers, Clarence Jc1909-?Scranton, Kansas
Carruthers, Dorothy MScranton, Kansas
Carruthers, William LScranton, Kansas
Carsley, Ebenezerc1766-?
Carsley, Freemanc1800-?
Carson, Georgia May1879-1958North Platte, NebraskaMontebello, Calif.
Carter, Bethia1762-?
Carter, Constance
Carter, Dollyc1786-?
Carter, Dulcie Cc1909-?
Carter, Elizac1812-?
Carter, Flora M.c1807-?
Carter, Joe
Carter, Martha1691-1751Swansea, MassachusettsLebanon, Nelo, Connecticut
Carter, Mary1822-1901Freehold, New York
Carter, Meredith
Carter, Sarah1732-1777Litchfield, Connecticut
Carton, Anniec1876-?
Cartwright, Alma1913-?Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cartwright, Benjamin
Cartwright, BrendaMossley, Lancashire, England
Cartwright, Ellen
Cartwright, HaroldMossley, Lancashire, England
Cartwright, James1883-?Bradford, Lancashire, England
Cartwright, JamesMossley, Lancashire, England
Cartwright, Josephc1866-?
Cartwright, Joyce
Cartwright, Julia1914-2001
Cartwright, Leslie John Davidc1912-?
Cartwright, Margaret
Cartwright, Maureen
Cartwright, Mayc1915-c2006Stalybridge, Cheshire, England
Cartwright, Raymond
Cartwright, Williamc1861-?Westbromwich, Staffordshire, England
Cartwright, William1891-?
Cartwright, William
Carty, Clive GordonMossley, Lancashire, England
Carty, John ColinMossley, Lancashire, England
Carty, John Leonardc1896-?Kent, London, England
Carty, Lawrence StuartMossley, Lancashire, England
Carver, Margaret1809-1900
Carver, Margaret1809-1900
Case, Abrahamc1706-?
Case, Bartholomew1670-c1725
Case, Danielc1727-?
Case, Daniel1752-?
Case, Duane
Case, Elishac1731-?
Case, Elizabethc1667-?
Case, Elizabethc1762-?
Case, Hannahc1696-?
Case, Johnc1669-?
Case, John1694-1752
Case, John C.1826-1869
Case, Olivec1793-?
Case, Phebec1728-?
Case, Sarah1764-1830
Case, Zaccheusc1728-?
Casey, E.C.c1859-1924
Caspari, Anna Marie1825-1912Siedlinghausen, GermanyFredeburg, Germany
Caspari, Johannes Christoph1789-1835Hesborn, GermanySiedlinghausen, Germany
Caspari, Wilhelmc1759-1824Siedlinghausen, GermanySiedlinghausen, Germany
Cassady, Williamc1766-?
Cassidy, Alan
Cassidy, David
Cassidy, Fiona
Cassidy, George Jaap
Cassidy, Gregor
Cassidy, Katie
Cassidy, Lauren
Cassidy, Susan
Cassidy, William1910-1985
Cates, Charles
Catherall, Richardc1649-?
Catino, Alc1898-?
Causby, DianeSomerset, Tasmania, Australia
Cavanaugh, Mary1856-<1920Scotland
Caywood, David
Caywood, Gordon Andrew
Caywood, Robert
Caywood, Robert
Ceilier, Mary Ursula1894-1974Besseges, Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceOsage City, Kansas
Cescon, Lucy
Chad, Bowman
Chad, Jack
Chadwick, Mary S.1830-?
Chadwick, Philanderc1810-?
Chadwick, Susanna1741-1817Falmouth, Massachusetts
Chaffee, David
Chaffee, Donald Gene
Chaffee, Kristine Dawn
Chaffee, Laurindac1830-?
Chaffee, Michael
Chaffin, Carlyle1894-?Utah
Chaffin, Clio1896-?Utah
Chaffin, Ellen1906-?Idaho
Chaffin, John Leonard1883-1905Utah
Chaffin, John Rice1849-1929
Chaffin, Leona1899-?Itah
Chaffin, Mary Ellen1881-?Utah
Chaffin, Melvin Hunter1886-?Utah
Chaffin, Ormealo1892-?Utah
Chaffin, Sarah1888-?Utah
Chalmers, Berthac1886-?
Chalmers, Cornelius D1912-2000Burlingame, Osage County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Chalmers, Glenn B
Chalmers, Jamesc1792-?
Chalmers, Jane C
Chalmers, JoAnn1948-2003Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasOlatheMediclCntr, Olathe, Kansas
Chalmers, Johnc1823-?
Chalmers, Kristen
Chalmers, Maryc1770-?
Chalmers, Robert1827-1877Colinton, ScotlandCarmichael, Scotland
Chalmers, Robert
Chalmers, William1886-1911Scranton, Osage County, Kansas
Chalmers, William Rc1908-1988
Chamberlain, Davidc1819-?
Chamberlain, Mariac1832-?
Chamberlain, Pearlc1890-?
Chambers, LaVay Isabel1907-?
Chambers, Margaretc1804-?
Chambers, Mary Cochrane1903-?
Champion, Rachel Stillmanc1832-?
Champlin, Capt. Williamc1777-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Champlin, Capt. Williamc1802-?
Champvraie, Charlotte1827-1886Hamilton
Chance, Patricia
Chandler, Mary Janec1835-?
Chandler, Matilda1799-?Pembroke, New Hampshire
Chandler, Roberta V.
Chanley, Agnesc1836-1912Carntyne, Lanarkshire, Scotland114 Eddleston Row, Hamilton, Scotland
Chapin, Alvin1846-?
Chapin, Alvin1846-?
Chapman, Janetc1697-?
Chapman, Maryc1852-?
Chapman, Mary Elizabethc1826-?
Chapman, Simson1842-1922
Chapman, Thankfulc1792-?
Chappell, Wendy
Charbonnier, Nicolausc1650-?
Charland, Velma1905-1980Auburn, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Charleston, Elizabeth
Chase, Amy LynnHollywood, California
Chase, Danielc1815-?
Chase, Enoch W.c1829-?Utica, New York
Chase, Isabel1550-?England
Chase, Leonardc1781-?
Chase, Phoebec1769-1840Holland Patent, Oneida County, New York
Chatham, Iona Kay
Cheeseman, Sanford Ec1867-?
Chelf, Kenneth
Chelf, Lelia Pearlc1906-?
Chelf, Nelma
Chelf, Phillipc1886-?
Chelf, Roy F1914-2005Harveyville, Osage County, Kansas
Chelf, William
Chenoweth, Bobbie Jo
Chenoweth, Bruce
Chenoweth, Charles
Chenoweth, Lori Ann
Chenoweth, Mary
Chenoweth, Melvin
Chenoweth, Melvin Douglas
Chenoweth, Milton
Chenoweth, Vicky
Cheseborough, John H.c1853-?
Chesley, Hepzibahc1773-?
Chevallier, Elizabethc1680-1740Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Cheyne, Jamesc1893-?
Chicken, Allan John
Chicken, Laura Margaret
Chicken, Terence
Chidley, Lilyc1899-?
Childs, Abbie R.1851-1923
Childs, Ichabod H.c1810-?
Childs, Josephc1800-?
Childs, Minnie1858-?Honolulu, Hawaii
Childs, Sarahc1865-?
Childs, Sarah B.1834-1905
Chisholm, Katherine<1790-?
Chrissin Rose
Christesen, Corinne
Christian, Samuelc1806-?
Christie, Agnes1760-?Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Christie, Alexander1764-?Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Christie, Annc1805-1886Stenhouse Muir, Stirlingshire, Scotland5 Kelvinside Avenue, Maryhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Christie, Christian1762-?Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Christie, Elizabeth1895-1971FalkirkFalkirk
Christie, Grizel1807-?
Christie, Helen1800-?
Christie, Helenc1862-?
Christie, Jamesc1735-?
Christie, James1795-?
Christie, James1797-?
Christie, Margaret1791-?
Christner, Casey
Christner, David
Christner, Eva
Christner, Evert1924-1973
Christner, Gary
Christner, Jack
Christner, Matthew
Christner, Mellissa Dawn
Christner, Randy
Christner, Roger
Christner, Sherry
Christner, Williamc1912-?
Christopher, Georgec1886-c1968
Church, Byran ThompsonBenton, Saline County, Arkansas
Church, Christopher Wayne
Church, Edward GregoryBenton, Saline County, ArKansas
Churchhill, Lucy Ann1825-1913Plympton, Massachusetts
Churchil, Ruth H.1812-?
Churchill, Asahelc1769-?
Churchill, Deborah1749-1849Plympton, Massachusetts
Churchill, Deborahc1810-?
Churchill, Ephraimc1777-?
Churchill, John Franklinc1840-?
Churchill, Josiahc1776-1844Plympton, Massachusetts
Churchill, Laura LynnDennison, Iowa
Churchill, Mary Annc1806-?
Churchill, Mary Polly1777-?
Churchill, Pariencec1775-?
Churchill, Sally1779-?
Churchill, Sethc1771-?
Churchill, Susanc1812-?
Chute, Handleyc1804-?
Cihlar, Mary Eileen
Circle, Breanna
Circle, Jason
Circle, Jennifer
Clapp, William A.c1814-?
Clapperton, Lois
Clarac1889-?Allegany Co., MD
Clarac1895-?New York
Clara L.1872-1908Plymouth, Massachusetts
Clarkc1780-?Wendell, Massachusetts
Clark, Abigailc1732-?
Clark, Adaline1829-1900Carver, Massachusetts
Clark, Adamc1869-?Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland
Clark, Alexanderc1847-?Garsciebe Gron Works, Dunbartonshire
Clark, Alfredc1830-?
Clark, Amy
Clark, AndrinaGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Clark, Annac1771-?
Clark, Asahelc1786-?
Clark, Betty
Clark, Capt. Parkerc1770-?Rochester, Massachusetts
Clark, Catherinec1830-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, Catherine M.c1810-?
Clark, Daisyc1893-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, Davidc1845-?Calder, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Clark, Dorcus1767-1848Southington, ConnecticutMontgomery, Massachusetts
Clark, Elizabethc1715-1742Swansea, Mass.
Clark, Elizabeth1742-1795Plymouth, Massachusetts
Clark, Elizabethc1808-?
Clark, Enochc1840-?Staffordshire, England
Clark, Eunice1823-1892Rochester, MassachusettsCenterville, Massachusetts
Clark, Fiona MichelleStirling, South Australia, Australia
Clark, FrancesGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Clark, Georgec1801-<1861Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, George1849-1912Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandGairdoch Terrace, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, George1870-1870Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandCarronshore, Larbert, Stirling, Scotland
Clark, George1872-1872Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandLarbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, Georgec1895-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Stirlingshire
Clark, Helenac1887-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Stirlingshire
Clark, Jamesc1835-?Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Clark, James Harold1944-2002Largs Bay, South Australia, AustraliaJamestown, South Australia, Australia
Clark, Janec1832-?Bigger, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Clark, Janec1860-?
Clark, Janec1880-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, Janet
Clark, Jay1892-?Minnesotta
Clark, Jean1913-?
Clark, Jesse Ellsworthc1863-?
Clark, Johnc1881-?
Clark, JohnGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Clark, JohnGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Clark, Lemuelc1799-?
Clark, Lydiac1741-?
Clark, Margaretc1878-1911Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, Marion
Clark, Mary1809-?
Clark, Maryc1838-?Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Clark, Maryc1875-?Maryland
Clark, Maryc1884-1917Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clark, Mary A.c1845-?
Clark, Minniec1898-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Stirlingshire
Clark, Mollie Ann
Clark, Myrtle E.1871-?
Clark, Natalie KimberleyStirling, South Australia, Australia
Clark, Nathaniel1811-?
Clark, Orphac1787-1853
Clark, Pearl Agnesc1854-?
Clark, Peterc1865-?
Clark, Phoebe Jc1842-?
Clark, Samuelc1700-?
Clark, Susan1830-1902
Clark, Thankful1721-?Harwich, Masachusetts
Clark, Tracey LeaWoodside, South Australia, Australia
Clark, Willianna Wallace1841-1899Talladega, AlabamaMilwaukee, Wisconsin
ClarkeVictoria, Australia
ClarkeVictoria, Australia
ClarkeVictoria, Australia
Clarke, Alma Gladysc1908-?Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia
Clarke, David RonaldMelbourne, Australia
Clarke, Edward George1879-1943Creswick, Victoria, AustraliaMelbourne, Australia
Clarke, Edward Russellc1913-?Melbourne, Australia
Clarke, JoyceSt Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Clarke, Marjorie Maudec1910-?Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia
Clarke, Muriel Emilyc1912-?Melbourne, Australia
Clarke, Peter VincentVictoria, Australia
Clarke, William1921-1981St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Claysen, Louisec1901-?
Clayton, Charles D.c1832-?England
Cleghorn, Elizabeth1733-?Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Cleghorn, Thomasc1710-?
Cleland, Alexander1785-?
Cleland, Cashien1817-?
Cleland, Helen1813-?
Cleland, Janet1824-?
Clelland, Alexanderc1836-?Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clelland, Alexanderc1885-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Clelland, Catherinec1876-?Culross, Perthshire, Scotland
Clelland, Elizabethc1877-?Culross, Perthshire, Scotland
Clelland, Isabellac1874-?Culross, Perthshire, Scotland
Clelland, Janec1883-?Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Clelland, Jessiec1875-?Culross, Perthshire, Scotland
Clelland, Mary Fleming1849-?Cumbernauld
Clelland, Robertc1881-?Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Clemens, Cecelia Elizabeth1831-?
Clemens, Margarethec1858-?
Clements, Alexander
Clements, Lattice
Clements, Terry
Clemmer, Robertc1890-?
Clemson, Elizabethc1714-1755
Clemson, Johnc1689-?
Clemson, Susannahc1806-c1857Madeley Wood, Shropshire, England
Cleveland, Clara Abbie1850-1932Edgartown, MassachusettsSeattle, Washington
Cleveland, Rhoda1774-1830Manlius, New York
Cleveland, Roswellc1762-?
Cleverly, Elizabethc1620->1670EnglandNew Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut
Clifton, Annc1742-1771
Cline, Charlesc1846-?
Cline, Jacob B.c1824-?
Clink, Anje Beth
Clinkenbeard, Effie Kc1900-?
Clough, Joan V.
Clough, Nahumc1820-?
Clough, Sarah M.c1847-?
Cludd, Annc1700-?
Cludd, Johnc1675-?
Coates, Agnesc1897-?
Cobb, Samuel Scottc1837-?
Cobbold, Adelaide Emmac1838-?
Coburn, Emma1811-?
Coburn, Sarah M.c1808-?Westfield, Massachusetts
Cochrane, Isabella Wilson Hay
Cochrane, Margaretc1860-?
Coe, Hannahc1655-c1702Greenwich, Fairfield County, ConnecticutWoodbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Coe, Johnc1630-?
Coffin, Charles C.c1830-?
Coffin, Henryc1825-?
Coffin, Linseyc1788-?
Coffin, Louise A.1842-1933Parrish, WisconsinOshkosh, Wisconsin
Coffin, Thomas R.c1810-?
Coffman, Christopher MatthewTexas
Coffman, Patrick MichaelTexas
Coffman, Randall
Coffman, Roberta
Coggleshall, Capt. Josiahc1790-?
Coil, Arthur Lee1910-1995Pope County, IllinoisJoplin, Missouri
Colbert, BrentUpper Hutt, New Zealand
Colbert, DavidManchester, England
Colbert, Janine ElizabethWaipukurau
Colbert, Jorga
Colbert, Zara
Colbett, Richardc1797-?
Colby, Addiec1836-?
Colby, Addiec1858-?
Colby, Brenda
Colby, Daniel David1927-1966Colorado
Colby, Daniel David
Colby, Daniella Mae
Colby, DanielleNewton, Harvey County, Kansas
Colby, DavidScott City, Scott County, Kansas
Colby, Dorothy Elizabeth
Colby, Elizabeth1785-1829
Colby, Elleryc1846-?
Colby, Estella Marie1903-1986Nicholes, Tioga County, New York
Colby, Francisc1840-?
Colby, Frank E.1854-1918Groton, Tompkins County, New York359 East Main Street, Owego, Tioga County, New York
Colby, Henryc1844-?
Colby, Howardc1910-?
Colby, Idac1856-?
Colby, Immogenec1850-?
Colby, Johnc1789-?
Colby, John Mark1932-c1995
Colby, Karen
Colby, KathrynSeattle, King County, Washington
Colby, Kenneth
Colby, Laurenc1852-?
Colby, Lee Anna
Colby, Lewisc1842-?
Colby, Lina
Colby, Lisa
Colby, Lorrin Phillip
Colby, Lorrin Phillip
Colby, Lucius H1814-1894Goshen, Connecticut
Colby, Marie Louise1922-c2004Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Colby, Maryc1848-?
Colby, Mike
Colby, Mildred Geraldine1920-1992Wichita, Sedgwick County, KansasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Colby, PaulGarden City, Finney County, Kansas
Colby, Phillip
Colby, Robert
Colby, Robert Myron1925-1988Colorado
Colby, Sarahc1838-?
Colby, SidMarion, Marion County, Kansas
Colby, Virginia
Colby, Virginia Ann
Colby, Walter Frank1898-1985Locke, Cayuga County, New YorkDiamond Springs, El Dorado County, California
Colby, Watson Whittlesay1878-1935Groton, Tompkins County, New YorkOswego, Tioga County, New York
Colby, Wesley Eugene1929-1984Colorado
Cole, Alfredc1872-?
Cole, Berthac1904-?Kansas
Cole, Bryan Edwin1897-1944Burlingame, Osage County, KansasSante Fe Shops, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Cole, BryantNebraska
Cole, Burris1808-1883Macon County, IllinoisIowa County, Iowa
Cole, Charlesc1876-?
Cole, Charles WayneBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Cole, Cheryl
Cole, Dorothy1917-1987Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Cole, Edwardc1845-?Scotland
Cole, Elizabeth Baker1837-?
Cole, Emmac1855-?Newbury, Maine
Cole, Hannah1774-1853Delaware Co., Ohio
Cole, Harryc1870-?
Cole, Harryc1909-?Kansas
Cole, Hiram1851-?
Cole, James W1833-?Iowa
Cole, Kathleen AnneBurlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Cole, Lizziec1880-?
Cole, Lucillec1901-?Kansas
Cole, Luluc1878-?
Cole, Maggie1853-?
Cole, Malinda1851-?
Cole, Malissa1851-?
Cole, Martha1831-?
Cole, Mary A1846-?
Cole, Rector Elishac1827-?
Cole, Samuel1828-?Illinois
Cole, Samuel Bradfordc1840-?
Cole, Sarah E1849-?
Cole, Tyson1874-1929Fulton County, OhioBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Cole, Walter J.c1899-?Kansas
Cole, William J1854-?
Cole, Zacharia1842-?
Coleman<1800-?New Jersey
Coleman, Annc1823-1892Chiseldon, Wiltshire, EnglandWest Ham, Essex, England
Coleman, Ba Ba
Coleman, Betty
Coleman, Christopherc1974-c1974
Coleman, David B.1830-?
Coleman, Donny
Coleman, Elaina
Coleman, Elender1866-?Illinois
Coleman, Elias1871-?Illinois
Coleman, James Clayton
Coleman, Janice
Coleman, JeffreyWichita
Coleman, Jennifer
Coleman, Jerryc1880-?
Coleman, Jerry C
Coleman, Jesse Arlan LewisWichita
Coleman, JimmieIllinois
Coleman, John1861-?Illinois
Coleman, John WilliamWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Coleman, JosephOklahoma
Coleman, Judy
Coleman, Madaline
Coleman, Martha1698-1784Gorham, Maine
Coleman, Nelliec1881-?
Coleman, Patricia Geraldine1938-2015Wichita, Sedgwick County, KansasCalifornia
Coleman, Paul
Coleman, Ronald Eugene Donnie1941-2007Wichita, Sedgwick County, KansasWichita, Sedgwick County, Kamsas
Coleman, Ronald Jamesc1962-c2007WichitaSedgwick County, Kansas
Coleman, Rose
Coleman, Samuel1821-?Ohio
Coleman, Samuel William1870-1926IllinoisSE, Missouri
Coleman, Sarah A.1875-?Illinois
Coleman, Sharon
Coleman, Stacie
Coleman, Veronica
Coleman, William Jesse1917-1990Hillview, IllinoisTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Coles, Mary MargaretPittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas
Coles, Percy1894-1974Bronaugh, MissouriPittsburg, Kansas
Colet, Jeanc1660-1705Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Collard, Garry
Collard, Joelle
Collard, Leith
Collet, Anna Catherinac1686-1758Ottweiler, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Collet, Jeannec1686-<1717Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Collier, Maryc1668-?
Collins, Eliza J.1847-1911
Collins, Ellenc1841-?
Collins, Enac1905-?
Collins, Georgec1835-?
Collins, Mary1761-1824
Collins, Paula Lynn
Collyer, Goodmanc1659-?
Collyer, Johnc1684-?
Colquhoun, Isabellac1869-?Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Colquhoun, Maryc1834-?
Colstrom, Barbara JoanOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Colstrom, Clarence Carl
Colstrom, Debbie
Colstrom, Donna
Colstrom, Gary
Colstrom, Larry
Combs, Hannahc1803-?
Commons, JoanneChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Commons, SusanHollingwood, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbys, England
Commons, Terence AlanDerbyshire, England
Conachy, Agnesc1765-?
Conachy, Anne-?
Conachy, Christian-?
Conachy, Georgec1728-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Conachy, George-?
Conachy, Jean-?
Conachy, Marion-?
Conachy, Mary-?
Conachy, William-?
Conant, Betty1747-1778Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Conaty, John Doylec1840-?
Congden, Isaacc1810-?New Bedford, Massachusetts
Congden, Wellsc1794-?
Conger, Eddiec1910-?
Conkley, Annc1875-?
Conklin, Daniel H.c1840-?
Conklin, Glen ErnestOliver
Conklin, Sarah Ann1836-1916
Conklin, Williamc1905-?
Conlin, RachelThornton, Liverpool, Merseyside, England
Connaughton, Eileen
Connaughton, JaneChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Connaughton, JanetChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Connaughton, JohnChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Connaughton, JohnChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Connaughton, Karen
Connaughton, Sean
Connaughton, Thomas
Connel, Alexander1797-?Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Annie1784-?Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Connelc1764-?
Connel, Connelc1806-?
Connel, Donald1778-?Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Duncan1786-?Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Janet1791-<1795Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Janetc1798-?Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Jean1795-<1798Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, John1788-?Balnagowan, Lismore, Scotland
Connel, Maryc1781-?
Connell, Annc1746-?
Connell, Anniec1868-?
Connell, Clara Adele1882-1917Reading, Lyon County, Kansas
Conner, Ann1870-?Byron, Ogle County, Illinois
Conner, Charles1873-?Byron, Ogle County, Illinois
Conner, Johnc1845-?
Conner, Thelma Elizabeth
Conner, William1868-?Byron, Ogle County, Illinois
Connop, Harold Cervillec1886-?
Connor, Catherinec1825-?
Connors, Charlesc1891-?
Connors, Charlesc1902-?Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Connors, Christine1909-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Connors, DonnaNew York, New York
Connors, EileenTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Connors, Gertrude Patricia (Joan)Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Connors, Janec1897-?
Connors, Leoc1889-1957Burlingame, Osage County, KansasNew York, New York
Connors, Leo HenryKansas City, Missouri
Connors, MaryChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Connors, Mathew Sylvester1869-1940Glascow, ScotlandSaint Louis, St Louis County, Missouri
Connors, Maude Jane1911-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Connors, Thomasc1893-?
Conrad, Barbarac1742-c1802Canton Berne, SwitzerlandPendleton County, West Virginia
Conrad, Jacob1705-?Canton Berne, Switzerland
Conroy, Betty>1913-?
Conroy, Dorothy
Conroy, Helena Violet May1888-?Secunderabed, India
Conway, Maryc1858-?
Cookc1855-c1876New Jersey
Cook, Charlotte Elizac1823-?
Cook, Davidc1816-?
Cook, Elizabethc1857-?
Cook, Hulda1768-1845Yorkshire, Cattaraugus Co., New York
Cook, James1900-?
Cook, Mary1840-1916
Cook, Raymond
Cook, Raymond
Cook, Tomc1897-?
Cooke, Adam1775-1812Carnwath Wilsontown, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Cooke, Agnes1809-?Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Cooke, Elizabethc1676-?
Cooke, Helen1805-1890Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland28 Chapelside Place, Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland
Cooke, Jean Agnes1809-?Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Cooke, Johnc1657-?Kingston, Massachusetts
Cooke, John1807-?Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Cooke, Mary1810-1849Carnwath, Lanarkshire, ScotlandSteamboat Mary, Weston, Platte, Missouri
Coolidge, Asa1801-1884
Coombe, Angela Stephanie
Coombes, Edith Elizabeth1906-1955Plymouth, Devon, EnglandChichester
Coombes, Henry1884-1947Plymouth, Devon, EnglandTavistock?
Coombs, Josephinec1851-?
CooperBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Cooper, Caroline Martha1815-1892Cooperstown, New York
Cooper, Doris Evelyn1911-1987Ladywood, Birmingham, West Midlands, EnglandWest Heath Hospital, West Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Cooper, Edna Francis1923-1973Queanbeyan, ACT, AustraliaBlacktown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Cooper, Francesc1779-?
Cooper, George1880-?Birmingham, England
Cooper, George William1903-?Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Cooper, Gladys1899-?Cooks Hill, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Cooper, Janetc1820-?
Cooper, Johnc1754-?
Cooper, Ken
Cooper, Laura1901-?Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Cooper, Leigh Moon Soo
Cooper, Philip1855-1934
Cooper, Sarah1774-1861Plymouth, Massachusetts
Cooper, Thomas Scott
Cooper, Winifred Irene1911-1912Birmingham, West Midlands, EnglandBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Cope, Olive1919-1991262 Great Bridge St., West Bromwich, Staffordshire, EnglandWithybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, Pemb
Copeland, Arrillac1803-?
Copland, Jean1819-?Glasgow, Scotland
Copland, Thomasc1817-?
Copland, Williamc1797-?
Coppendale, Nicholas PeterLondon, England
Coppendale, Peter
Coppendale, Victoria AnnLondon, England
Coppick, Barbara Darlene
Coppick, Emmett Franklin1904-1984Itasca, TexasTulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Coppick, Gary
Corbet, Andrew1874-1941
Corbet, Anne1819-1890Falkirk, ScotlandCarronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Corbet, Christina1882-?
Corbet, Georgec1781-<1858
Corbet, Georgec1817-1871Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Corbet, George1838-1874Falkirk, ScotlandBothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Corbet, George1868-?
Corbet, Helen1852-1925Falkirk, Scotland
Corbet, James1850-?Falkirk, Scotland
Corbet, James1880-?
Corbet, Janet1854-?Falkirk, Scotland
Corbet, Jeanc1811-?
Corbet, Liliusc1870-?
Corbet, Lillius Jeffrey1869-?
Corbet, Marion1847-?Falkirk, Scotland
Corbet, Marion1884-?
Corbet, Mary Annc1843-1916Falkirk, ScotlandCarronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Corbet, Mary Ann1871-?
Corbet, Patrickc1814-?
Corbet, Peter1845-1890Falkirk, Scotland
Corbet, Peter1878-?
Cordelia A.1843-1929
Coriell, Eliza Boice1831-1900
Corkell, Frank1882-?
Corlessm, Matilda Field1828-?
Cornelius, Emanuelc1685-?
Cornelius, Maria Franziskac1710-?
Cornes, DouglasStoke on Trent, England
Cornes, PatriciaStoke on Trent, England
Cornes, PeterNew Castle Under Lyme, England
Cornish, John B.1846-?
Cornmall, Georgec1740-?
Corser, Johnc1700-?
Cosse, Baptistec1827-?France
Cosse, Blanche1892-c1949Besseges, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Cosse, Gabrielle1882-1969Besseges, Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Cosse, Leo1910-1911Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Cosse, Leona M1913-?
Cosse, Leopold Marius1880-1945Besseges, Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceOsage City, Kansas
Cosse, Prospect Bapteste1852-1923Bédouès, Languedoc-Roussillon, Lozère, FranceOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Cosse, Raymond1912-1977Osage City, Kansas
Cosse, Theresa1887-1945Besseges, Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Costner, Emmanuel Gc1888-?
Costner, Roscoe Jc1899-?
Cotton, Isaac C.c1815-?
Couch, Jane
Couin, Katherinec1730-?
Counsell, Sadiec1890-?
COUPER, Janetc1699-?
Couper, Robyn Margaret Couper17 Princes St, St Giles, Scotland
Coupper, Elizabethc1608-?
Covel, Ephraimc1762-?
Covington, Lydiac1777-?
Cowanc1780-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, Agnes1858-1940
Cowan, Amanda LynnWesterly, Washington County, Rhode Island
Cowan, Annc1819-?
Cowan, Ann1869-?Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, Betseyc1826-?
Cowan, Charlesc1912-?Scotland
Cowan, Charlotec1821-?
Cowan, Corneliusc1888-?Scotland
Cowan, CorneliusScotland
Cowan, David1812-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, David Drylie1860-?Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, ElizabethScotland
Cowan, Jamesc1750-?
Cowan, Jamesc1852-?
Cowan, Janet1828-1900Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandLongdyke, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, JaniceScotland
Cowan, Jeanc1720-?
Cowan, Johnc1781-?
Cowan, Johnc1854-?
Cowan, Johnc1910-?Scotland
Cowan, Jonetc1640-?
Cowan, KatarinaScotland
Cowan, Margaret1688-?St Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, Maryc1795-?
Cowan, Maryc1826-?
Cowan, Mary Jane1869-?Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, Matthewc1877-?
Cowan, PeterScotland
Cowan, Thomasc1831-1914Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cowan, Thomas1862-?
Cowen, Bethiah Youngc1830-1866
Cowen, Helenc1748-?Scotland
Cowles, Samuel Freemanc1804-1848
Cox, Alicec1724-?
Cox, Bonnie KathleenLompoc, California
Cox, Bryan KristopherGrand Junction, Colorado
Cox, Caleb Joseph KellyShreveport, Louisiana
Cox, Cameron Jeremiah KendahlsonCalifornia
Cox, Carla JeanRamey AFB, Puerto Rico
Cox, Celeste AnnRamey AFB, Puerto Rico
Cox, Chandler Jacob KyleShreveport, Louisiana
Cox, Charles Henry1910-1979Lander, Lander, Fremont, WyomingDelta, Delta, Delta, Colorado
Cox, Charles KellySan Antonio, Texas
Cox, Charles MarvinDelta, Colorado
Cox, Cindy MarieOmaha, Nebraska
Cox, Constance FaithLompoc, California
Cox, Craig Paul
Cox, Edwardc1761-?
Cox, Elizabethc1721-c1726
Cox, Hesterc1750-?
Cox, Jacob Dolson1828-1900Cincinnati, OhioMagnolia, Massachusetts
Cox, James Alan (J.A.C.)Ogden, Utah
Cox, Janene
Cox, Jennifer Mariehospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Cox, Johnc1718-?
Cox, Johnc1748-<1764
Cox, Johnc1764-?
Cox, Kaitlyn (Katie) PatriciaSan Diego, California
Cox, Karen Elaine
Cox, Keith AlanBarksdale AFB, Bossier City, Louisiana
Cox, Kellie LorraineScotsdale Arizon
Cox, Kenneth HenryDelta, Colorado
Cox, Kenton ReedDelta, Colorado
Cox, Kerry MichaelBarksdale AFB, Bossier City, Louisiana
Cox, Kevin JosephOmaha, Nebraska
Cox, Kristopher PaulBirmingham, Alabama
Cox, Kurt
Cox, Lani RoseEglin AFB, Florida
Cox, Mark AnthonyDenver, Colorado
Cox, McClinton Gregory (MAC)Albuquerque, New Mexico
Cox, Melissa Ann
Cox, Melvin
Cox, Nicole MariePhoenix, Arizona
Cox, Phebe-?
Cox, Ramon Eugene
Cox, Regina CelesteDelta, Colorado
Cox, Richardc1756-?
Cox, Robertc1698-?
Cox, Robertc1726-?
Cox, Robertc1747-c1747
Cox, Ruthc1716-?
Cox, Sarahc1767-?
Cox, Tawni CateAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Cox, Ty BusterEglin AFB, Florida
Cox, Tyler PaulGrand Junction, Colorado
Cox, Victoria Lurene (Guadalupe)Guatemala
Cox, Williamc1753-?
Cox, Williamc1758-?
Cox, William Gordon1933-1984Delta, ColoradoDelta, Colorado
Cox, Zachary Charles AlanAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Coxen, Elsie
Coy, Maryc1740-?
Crabbe, Colin Lloyd
Crabbe, Jessie Elizabeth
Crabbe, Linda Mary Elizabeth
Crabbe, William Lloyd1904-1972
Crabtree, Elizabeth or Annc1740-?
Craft, Ivy May1915-1993New South Wales, AustraliaStockton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Crafts, Mary Augusta1814-1892Sacramento, California
Craig, Agnesc1825-?
Craig, Floydc1886-?
Craig, Juanitac1913-?
Craig, Loisc1911-?
Craig, Margaretc1774-?
Craig, Margaretc1915-1970
Craig, Matilda1829-1926Armagh, Ireland
Craig, Ruth1829-1888St. John, N.B.
Crain, Myrtle E.c1870-?
Cram, Mary1882-1932Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cramb, Margaret PitcairnDunfermline
Cramb, Margaret PitcairnScotland
Crampton, Alva Earl1888-1961Ohio
Crampton, George Alva “Buzz”1911-1979Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Crampton, Loretta EstellaOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Crampton, Mary Ann1953-1953
Crampton, Ruth AnnKansas
Crampton, Wilmac1910-?Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Crandall, Percyc1830-?
Crandall, Sarahc1842-?
Crane, Helenc1857-?Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Crane, Janec1855-?Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Crank, Jeffery
Crank, Steven MichaelEnfield, Connecticut
Cranston, Elizac1775-?
Cranston, Jamesc1801-?Scotland
Cranston, Janec1826-?
Cranston, Johnc1830-?
Cranston, Mary1828-1908England
Crawford, Alan John
Crawford, Angela Jane
Crawford, Archibald
Crawford, Claire Vivienne
Crawford, Clyde1962-2014Springfield, Massachusetts
Crawford, Clyde ArnoldLunenburg, Essex County, Vermont
Crawford, Daniel Lee
Crawford, David Ernest
Crawford, Donna RoseSpringfield, Massachusetts
Crawford, Geoffrey Ian
Crawford, Janetc1844-?
Crawford, Joyce Alison
Crawford, Judith Ann
Crawford, JulieScotland
Crawford, KarinScotland
Crawford, Kenneth Raymond Eric
Crawford, Lawrence Alan
Crawford, LinnyScotland
Crawford, Magdalenac1832-?
Crawford, Martin David
Crawford, MichaelScotland
Crawford, Michael Archibald
Crawford, Michael James
Crawford, Nathan James
Crawford, Olivia Marie
Crawford, Richard Steven
Crawford, Russel Eric1944-1985
Crawford, Stuart Walker Ernest
Crawford, William Ernest Hunter1912-?
Crawley, Selinac1871-?
Creagan, Romonac1901-?
Creekmore, Michael
Creekmore, Michelle
Creekmore, Sarah
Creer, James
Creighton, Maryc1741-?Shettleston, Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Creighton, Peggyc1911-?Scotland
Crichton, Alistair
Crichton, David
Crichton, Elaine
Crichton, Gordon
Crichton, Margaret1862->1917Carmyle
Crichton, Sarahc1977-1990
Crique, Carmen
Crocker, Eleazerc1679-?
Crocker, Ezekielc1775-?
Crocker, Hannah B.1829-1899
Crocker, Henryc1828-?
Crocker, Hwnryc1794-?
Crocker, Laura J.c1825-?Portland Maine
Crocker, Lydia W.c1825-1848
Crocker, Marthac1682-?
Crocker, Mercy1793-1875
Crocker, Mercy Blishc1827-?
Crocket, Alexanderc1720-?
Crocket, Bessiec1718-?
Crocket, Helenc1744-?
Crocket, Janetc1715-?
Crocket, Johnc1684-?
Crocket, Thomasc1724-?
Crockett, Angeline1806-1888Gorham, Maine
Crockett, Susanna1761-1838Stratham, New Hampshire
Crofut, Jamesc1689-?
Crofut, Lydiac1714-?
Cronin, Marie
Cronin, Venac1900-?
Croome, Danielc1699-?
Cropley, Annc1845-?
Crosby, Harriett1800-1876
Crosby, Solomonc1740-?
Cross, Bernie
Cross, Jc1819-?
Cross, Lucyc1741-?
Crossett, Louise Margaret
Croucher, Isabelle Mc1895-?
Crow, Juliac1847-?
Crozier, MargueriteNeola, Uintah, Utah
Crum, Danielc1815-?
Crume, Keziah1795-1866Shenandoah County, VirginiaWest Point, Tippicanoe County, Indiana
Crume, Philip1724-1801PRINCE WILLIAM C Frederick County, VirginiaRIVERSIDE BOTLAND PRCT Nelson County, Kentucky
Crume, Philipc1750-?
Crump, Sarahc1646-?
Crumrine, Alexis ChristineKansas City, Kansas
Crumrine, Christine
Crunkleton, Mary Carolinec1847-?
Cuddie, Catherinec1824-1867Glasgow
Culbertson, Helenc1790-?
Cullis, Annc1771-?
Cullis, Annec1733-?
Cullis, Benjaminc1791-?
Cullis, Elizabethc1791-?
Cullis, Georgec1726-?
Cullis, Johnc1783-?
Cullis, Samuelc1705-?
Cullis, Samuelc1735-?
Cullis, Thomasc1736-?
Cullis, Thomasc1736-?
Cullis, Thomasc1775-?
Cullis, Williamc1782-?
Culwick, Bertha1883-1970Canning Town, Essex, England
Culwick, Clarac1887-?
Culwick, Florencec1896-1944Ash Heath, Hertfordsire, EnglandHampstead, London, England
Culwick, Lilian Maudc1892-?St Albans, Hertfordshire, Scotland
Culwick, Marthac1893-1901St Albans, Hertfordshire, Scotland
Culwick, Walter1856-1932Angel Street, Queens Street, Dudley Port, Staffordshire, England
Culwick, Walterc1888-1891
Culwick, Williamc1835-1893Rednal, Worcestershire, EnglandSt. Olave
Cummings, Frankc1896-?
Cummings, Guyc1894-?
Cummings, Mintac1832-?
Cummings, Pearlc1895-?
Cummings, William1870-c1940Saint Louis, St Louis County, MissouriSaint Louis, St Louis County, Missouri
Cuni, Clarac1650-?
Cunningham, Agnes1870-1886
Cunningham, Agnesc1873-?
Cunningham, Alex1863-?
Cunningham, Alex1864-1925
Cunningham, Alexc1905-?
Cunningham, Alexander1803-1855Hurlford
Cunningham, Alexander1835-1871
Cunningham, Alexander1865-1869
Cunningham, Andrew1840-1877
Cunningham, Andrew1866-?
Cunningham, Andrew1874-1901
Cunningham, Ann1860-?
Cunningham, Annie1858-1909
Cunningham, Annie1863-?
Cunningham, Annie1878-?
Cunningham, Barbara1857-?
Cunningham, Catherinec1862-?
Cunningham, Catherine1862-?
Cunningham, Derek
Cunningham, Eileen
Cunningham, Elaine
Cunningham, George1828->1885
Cunningham, George Alexander1857-?Kilmarnock
Cunningham, Isabellac1879-?
Cunningham, James1824-?Kilmarnock
Cunningham, James1873-1916
Cunningham, Jamesc1876-?
Cunningham, James1880-1942
Cunningham, James1899-1934
Cunningham, Jamesc1901-?
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Janetc1831-?
Cunningham, Janet1847-1889
Cunningham, Janetc1868-?
Cunningham, Jeanc1907-?
Cunningham, Jeanie1857-1932
Cunningham, Johnc1823-?
Cunningham, John1842-1917
Cunningham, John1908-?
Cunningham, Lynn
Cunningham, Margaretc1912-?
Cunningham, Margaret
Cunningham, Marionc1891-?
Cunningham, Mary1860-?
Cunningham, Mary Ann1845-1886
Cunningham, Nanc1910-?
Cunningham, Nicholasc1848-?
Cunningham, Reginaldc1866-?
Cunningham, Robert1837-1908Kilmarnock
Cunningham, Robert1868-1935
Cunningham, Robert1885-?
Cunningham, Robertc1903-?
Cunningham, Una
Cunningham, Williamc1870-?
Curler, Mary L.c1843-?
Curley, Alberta1909-1966Burlingame, Osage County, KansasLosAngelesCounty, California
Curley, Annie1898-1981Burlingame, Osage County, KansasNursing Home, Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Bellec1880-?
Curley, Carol SueEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Curley, Colin1904-1972Burlingame, Osage City, KansasStockton, California
Curley, Esther Kayc1900-1988Burlingame, Osage County, KansasMaryland Heights, Missouri
Curley, Iris ColleenBurlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Curley, Isabelle1907-1945Burlingame, Osage County, Kansashospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Curley, Jace
Curley, JacquelineOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, James1876-1929Carbondale, Osage County, KansasOsage County, Kansas
Curley, James1901-1969Toluca, Marshall County, Illinoishospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Curley, JamesBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Curley, Jimmy
Curley, John RobertOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, John Williamc1882-?
Curley, John William1913-1984Burlingame, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Kathy AlbertaOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Kay AnnaFostoria, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Keaton HawkKansas
Curley, Kilena LouiseTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Curley, Marguerite M1916-2002Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Mary Annc1878-?
Curley, MicheleBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Curley, PatrickBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Curley, PaulBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Curley, PhillipOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Ran Lee
Curley, Robert1904-1929Burlingame, Osage City, Kansastrain tracks, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, RobertOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, Robert WilliamOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Curley, RogerBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Curley, Ronda KayBurlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Curley, SaraBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Currey, William Robertc1878-?
Currie, Duncanc1787-?Isle of Islay, Scotland
Currie, Jamesc1880-?
Currie, Margaret1813-1892Isle of Islay, Argyl, ScotlandPleasant Grove, Utah
Currie, Moira BuchanHaverfordwest, Wales
Curry, Betty
Curry, Margaretc1728-c1780Monroe County, West VirginiaMonroe County, West Virginia
Curry, Robertc1700-?Isle of Man, EnglandAugusta County, Virginia
Cursiter, Flora
Cursiter, Ian
Cursiter, Ian Stewart<1890-?Orkney, Scotland
Cursiter, Jack
Curtis, Barnabasc1751-1821
Curtis, Bernard
Curtis, Hannah Bosworth1712-?
Curtiss, Abigalec1668-?
Curtiss, Annc1740-1770
Curtiss, Hannahc1725-?Lansingburgh, Rensselear County, New York
Curtiss, Johnc1700-?
Curtiss, Nathanc1715-?
Cushing, Ella Brown1848-?
Cuthbert, Catherine1876-?Glasgow
Cuthbert, David1880-?Govanhill
Cuthbert, Jane1890-?Govanhill
Cuthbert, Janet1878-<1890Govanhill
Cuthbert, John1849-<1926
Cuthbert, John1885-?Govanhill
Cuthbert, Richard>1891-?
Cuthbert, Thomas1887-?Govanhill
Cuthbert, William1883-?Govanhill
Cuthell, Elizabethc1829-?
Cutts, Stephen John FrancisLondon, England
Cutts, William John FrancisPrincess Grace Hospital, Monaco
Czaplicki, Robert Adam
D D'Albert, Christinac1806-?
D'Arcy, Janec1792-?
D'Haven, Prosterc1901-?
Dadios, Flordeliza AdaoSanta Cruz, Laguna, Phillipines
Dahlstein, Stephanie Lurene
Dailey, Donald EOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Dainty, Abrahamc1863-c1863Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, Anniec1893-?
Dainty, Daisyc1895-?
Dainty, Emma Jc1878-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, Hannahc1826-?
Dainty, Jabez1833-c1863Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, Jabezc1882-?
Dainty, Jamesc1831-?
Dainty, John Peterc1861-?Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, John Peterc1885-?
Dainty, Marthac1849-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, Marthac1891-?
Dainty, Maryc1842-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, Robertc1797-?Wellington, Shropshire, England
Dainty, Sarahc1889-?
Dainty, Thomasc1822-<1839
Dainty, Thomasc1839-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, Thomasc1887-?
Dainty, Thomas Ec1858-?Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Dainty, William1836-?
Dainty, Williamc1857-c1857Wolverhampton, Stafford, EnglandWolverhampton, Stafford, England
Daisley, Elizabeth1904-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Daisley, Hugh Sharp1877-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Daisley, James1880-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Daisley, Jane Sneddon1875-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Daisley, Jean Sneddon1902-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Daisley, Jessie Sharp1906-?Linthigow, Scotland
Daisley, Margaret1879-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Daisley, Thomas1849-?Falkirk, Scotland
Daleymple, Janettec1886-?
Dalgleish, Maryc1828-?
Dalrymple, Catherine1795-1862South CarolinaElmira, Stark County, Illinois
Dalton, Janec1778-1828EnglandEngland
Dalton, Josephc1750-?
Dalton, Pamela
Daly, Eric Daniel1991-?Casper, Wyoming
Daly, John (Jake) PatrickCasper, Wyoming
Daly, Kaitlyn ColleenCasper, Wyoming
Daly, Kevin Patrick1959-?Casper, Wyoming
Daly, Kyle James1991-?Casper, Wyoming
Daly, Michael SeanCasper, Wyoming
Daly, Philip JayChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Daly, Ryan Joseph1989-?Casper, Wyoming
Dalziel, Agnesc1804-?
Damon, Emilinec1816-?
Damsholt, TeresaCopenhagen, Denmark
Daniel, Pricec1870-?
Daniel, Rebeccac1848-?New York
Daniels, Daniel
Daniels, Joseph Cecilc1913-?
Daniels, Madella Olicec1900-?
Daniels, Priscillac1844-?
Danks, Edwardc1768-?
Danks, Maryc1755-c1807
Danner, Alan
Danner, Karen
Darby, Sarahc1857-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Darell, Eckert
Darnley, David1882-?Pennsylvania
Darnley, Ethel E.Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Darnley, James Pattersonc1809-?
Darnley, Jane1834-1913Airdrie, Lanarkshire, ScotlandMulberry, Kansas
Darnley, John H.c1913-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Darnley, Marion K.c1908-?Lonaconing, Allegany Co., MD
Darrack, Enochc1643-?
Darrell, Williamc1907-?
Darroch, Annie McDonald1879-?Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Darroch, Robert
Dart, Betseyc1782-?
Dautermann, BricklynElkhorn, Wisconsin
Dautermann, Laura
DAVAZ, IreneUSK Washington, USA
Davenport, Rowena Louise
David, Frantzc1670-?Bildstockler Hof, Germany
David, Johannac1692->1759Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Davidson, Alexena1922-1988Park House, Kirkhill Park, Broxburn, ScotlandFalkirk Royal Infirmary, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Davidson, George E1827-c1883Pennsylvania
Davidson, Johnc1863-?
Davidson, Margaret A1851-1916IndianaTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Davie, Johnsonc1804-?
Davies, Abigailc1768-?
Davies, Annc1733-?
Davies, Ann Jc1828-?Wenlock, Shropshire, England
Davies, Annec1759-?
Davies, DionneEngland
Davies, Elizabethc1729-?
Davies, Ellen Antoniac1864-?Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire
Davies, Frances J.c1828-?
Davies, Francisc1766-?
Davies, Johnc1732-1732
Davies, John-?
Davies, Lloyd Morganc1906-?Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Davies, Maryc1761-?
Davies, Phoebe1847-1903Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, EnglandShropshire, England
Davies, Richardc1739-?
Davies, Robertc1763-?
Davies, Sophia1832-?Barrington, England
Davies, Violetc1902-?
Davis, Alice (Allie)c1884-?
Davis, AnnaRockford, Winnebago County, Illinois
Davis, Bruce1953-2005Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasArizona
Davis, Calebc1877-?Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Capt. Jessec1768-?Freetown, Massachusetts
Davis, Celinac1885-?Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Content1740-1796
Davis, Earl
Davis, Edwardc1713-?
Davis, Edwardc1737-?
Davis, Edwardc1855-?
Davis, Elizabethc1847-?Staffordshire, England
Davis, Fannyc1865-?Northfield, Worcestershire, England
Davis, Frankc1880-?
Davis, Fredc1890-?
Davis, Georgec1735-1735Madeley, Shropshire, England
Davis, Jacobc1743-?
Davis, Job1700-?
Davis, Jobc1751-?
Davis, Johnc1740-?
Davis, Johnc1874-?Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Kent Leon
Davis, Kim Lee
Davis, Lottiec1886-?
Davis, Louisac1862-?Wolaston, Worcestershire, England
Davis, Maryc1849-?Staffordshire, England
Davis, Mary ElaineTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Davis, Michael
Davis, Olive LouiseWampum, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Davis, Orville L.1920-1992Burlingame, Osage County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Davis, Oscarc1878-?
Davis, Paulc1743-<1746
Davis, Paulc1746-?
Davis, Reubinc1791-?
Davis, Richardc1845-?Stone, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Richardc1882-?Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Susan
Davis, Susannac1720-?Falmouth, Massachusetts
Davis, Sybbel1765-?Simsbury, Hartford County, ConnecticutMcArthur, Athens County, Ohio
Davis, Thomasc1748-?
Davis, Thomasc1811-?
Davis, Thomasc1840-?Ridge Top, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Thomasc1867-?Quarry Bank, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Wesleyc1882-?
Davis, Williamc1863-?Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Williamc1876-?
Davis, Williamc1890-?Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Davis, Williamc1905-1983Oswego, Kansas
Davis, William Allen
Davis, Wolf
Davis, Zella P.1879-?Wisconsin
Dawes, Catharinac1795-?
Dawley, Edwardc1690-?
Dawley, Janec1715-c1746Broseley, Shropshire, England
Dawson, Annec1804-?
Day Cramb, Evie RosaLondon, England
Day, Alexander William1920-1978Bangor County Down, Norther IrelandScotland
Day, Daniellc1689-?
Day, Elizabethc1815-?Pendleton County, West Virginia
Day, Isaacc1820-1874
Day, Janec1830-?
Day, Joycec1733-?
Day, LeonaPerth
Day, Maryc1712-c1712
Day, Maryc1714-c1764
Day, Muriel Constance Mary1906-?
Day, Nicola
Day, S. D.c1836-?
Day, Williamc1691-?
Day, Williamc1737-?
Day, William GilliesGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Dayton, Jessie L.c1860-?
De Vere, Stephen Gerrard
Deal, Casey
Deal, D J
Dean, Deborah Ann
Dean, Joanna H.c1807-?
Dean, Olive1806-1890New Milford, Pennsylvania
Dean, Ralph J.
Dean, Rebecca1825-1890Monkton, Vermont
Dearing, Chrisc1906-?
DeArmond, Albert1908-?Collinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
DeArmond, AlbertCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
DeArmond, EleanoraCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
DeArmond, Ray LeeCollinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Deathridge, PamelaSelly Oak, Birmingham, England
Debruhl, Dawn Renee
Decker, Annabelle KayGrapevine, Texas
Decker, Brian Lee
Decker, Eliza A.c1810-?Bowdoinham, Maine
Decker, Jacob ThomasGrapevine, Texas
Decker, Olivia LouiseGrapevine, Texas
Decock, August1909-1967Osage City, Osage County, KansasLebanon, Missouri
Decock, AugustOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Decock, August Donaldc1887-1926Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Decock, Bill N
Decock, Debra J.
Decock, DonaldOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Decock, Donald Edward1915-1980KansasOttawa, Kansas
Decock, Ernest
Decock, GreggOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Decock, Leona KathaleenaOttawa, Kansas
Decock, Lucianc1912-?
Decock, Margaret
Decock, Martha1913-2000
Decock, Noel E1918-2000
DeJulio, Ferdinando
DeJulio, Jennifer Lee
DeJulio, Ramo Anthony
DeJulio, Sherri Lee
DeLaMare, Austin GregorySt Joseph Hsptl, Orange, Orange County, California
DeLaMare, Bree DanielleFriendly Hills, La Habra, Orange County, California
DeLaMare, Gregory ToddSt. Jude Hsptl, Fullerton, Orange County, California
DeLaMare, Kaisha NicoleSt Joseph Hosp, Orange, Orange County, California
Delano, Emma Francisc1844-?
Delano, Myra Ellenc1841-?
Delby, Martha Jane1843-1923FranceAlton, Illinois
Dellar, TrishEngland
Dellinger, Anna Maria1731-1810Germantown, Pennsylvania
Delphine N.1841-1917Alton, IllinoisBrookline, Massachusetts
DeLuce, Oliver Clintonc1842-?
Dempsey, Donaldc1890-?
Dempsey, Harliec1888-?
Dempsey, Ruthc1886-?
Dempsey, William H.1864-1922Middleborough, Massachusetts
Dempster, Edithc1908-?
Dempster, Maudec1910-?
Dempster, Thomas1855-1920KircudbrightKirkintilloch
Denck, Elisabeth Barbarac1726-1775Fischbacher, Schmelz, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Denck, Johannc1701-?
Denk, Friedrichc1740-<1796Fischbacher, Schmelz, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Denk, Margarethe1785-1846Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Denne, Heinrichc1749-1817Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Denne, Johannes1741-1794Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dennis, Edward
Denny, Anna Anneta Bodine1890-1978
Denny, Bob
Denny, Lorin Grant1883-1939
Denny, Thomas
Denny, Wayne Eugene1943-1999Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Denny, Wayne Kenneth1924-2000Elgin, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Deny, Antonc1688-1742Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Derbyshire, Johnc1850-?
Derbyshire, Mary Elizabeth1882-1961Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire, EnglandBillinge Hospital, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Derr, Rose Annc1881-?
Derrberry, Lucinda Narcissa1840-1917Woodbury, Cannon County, TennesseeBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Derry, Mary VirginiaGoosetown, Belmont Co., OH
Deshong, Carrie Myrhl1892-1945Eureka, Greenwood County, KansasEureka, Greenwood County, Kansas
Deutscher, Elisabethc1830-?
Deventi, Andy
Deventi, Charles
Deventi, Joanne
Deventi, Laura
Deventi, Paul
Devereux, Alura
Devereux, Douglas
Devereux, Felicity
Devereux, Max
Devereux, Rosie
DeVita, Tymothy James
Dewar, Lorna Susan Cameron
Dewar, Mary1786-?
Dewey, Ann1764-?
Dewild, Johnc1905-?
DeWolf, Williamc1764-?
Dicer, Douglas
Dicer, John Arthur
Dick, Anna Katharinac1753->1785
Dick, Isabellac1848-c1941Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandCanada
Dick, Johann Nickelc1722-1779Neunkirchen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dick, Maria Barbarac1756-?
Dick, Matilda
Dickerhoof, Alexander
Dickerhoof, HowardBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Dicknite, Arlie
Dickson, Janet1892-1967
Dickson, Trevor
Didier, Alice C.1906-1993Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Didier, Alphonse Arthur1911-1976Osage City, Osage County, KansasOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Didier, Delores
Didier, Ernest1903-1966
Didier, Fernan Nc1877-1957France
Didier, Francis E
Didier, Jennie
Didier, June B
Didier, Martha A
Didier, Mary Ann
Didier, Raymond N1908-?
Didingerc1805-?Stundwailler, Alsace, France
Diederich, Maria Annac1807-?
Diehl, Helena Mae1913-1994Barrelville, MDSacred Heart Hos, Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD
Dietz, Amelia Maryc1763-?
Dietz, Anna Sophiac1765-?
Dietz, Dianac1760-1844Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Dietz, Georgec1735-?
Dilk, Konradc1753-1800Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dill, Davidc1800-?Nova Scotia, Canada
Dillard, Minda KayRaleigh, North Carolina
Dillard, Paul
Dillenburg, Peter1848-1911Spang, Wittlich, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dillings, Mary1872-?
Diman, Rebecca1834-?
Diman, Thomasc1686-?
Dimmick, Catharine1858-?
Dimmick, Christopher Columbus1856-?Illinois
Dimmick, Isaac1816-1875Ossian, New YorkMarion, Iowa
Dimmick, Isaac Frank1860-?Perry, Marion County, Iowa
Dimmick, Maria Margaret1852-?Illinois
Dimock, Elijah L.c1807-?
Dimond, Rosec1828-?
Dingley, Maryc1836-?Gorham, Maine
Dinne, Peterc1715-1762Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dinnes, Catherinac1675-?Niederwurzbach, Germany
Dionne, Pierette Dionniet1841-1919Bourgogne, FranceOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
DiPuccio, Christina
DiPuccio, Michael1855-?
Disbrow, Susan1828-1895Norwalk, Connecticut
Disbrow, Susan1828-1895Norwalk, Connecticut
DiSibio, Caitlin
DiSibio, Carl
DiSibio, Kristin
DiSibio, Lindsay
Disley, Henryc1840-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Henry Herbertc1873-?Talyllyn, Merionethshire, Wales
Disley, Jamesc1816-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Jamesc1841-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Johnc1846-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Martha Janec1880-?Talyllyn, Merionethshire, Wales
Disley, Mary Ceciliac1871-?Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Richardc1848-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Sarahc1843-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Sarah Annec1875-?Llanmorcraig, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, Williamc1850-?Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Disley, William Edwardc1877-?Talyllyn, Merionethshire, Wales
Dittman, Gladys Gertrude1913-1945Millston, WisconsinPleasantValleyCm, Pleasant Valley, Scott County, Iowa
Dittmann, Emma Mc1911-?Colorado
Dittmann, George Lc1901-?
Dittmann, Gertrude1913-?
Dittmann, Grace Ic1912-?Iowa
Dittmann, Haroldc1903-?
Dittmann, Laverne
Dittmann, Ruth JMinnesotta
Dittmann, Williamc1879-<1937
Diwo, Heinrichc1801-?
Diwo, Johann1826-1893Volklingen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Dixon, Edwardc1743-?
Dixon, Maryc1763-?
Dobbelmann, Duncan Pierre
Dobbie, Maryc1787-?
Dobbie, Thomasc1762-?
Dobson, Williamc1879-1962ScotlandPekin, Allegany Co., MD
Dodge, Annc1770-?
Dodge, George Franklin1850-?Groton, Massachusetts
Dodge, Nathanc1797-?Montpelier, Vermont
Dodge, Nathanc1812-?
Dodge, Williamc1816-?
Dodgen, Marcia Linn
Dodson, Kevin
Dodson, RachaelPaola, Miami County, Kansas
DohertyFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
DohertyFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Doherty, BridgetFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Doherty, Elizabeth DaisleyFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Doherty, William1897-?Claggan, Clonmany, Ireland
Doherty, WilliamFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Doig, Ailsa Catherine
Doig, David
Doig, Emma Margaret
Doig, William Fraser
Donaldson, Alex1869-?
Donaldson, Alexander MacKinnonc1912-?
Donaldson, Annie1872-?
Donaldson, Annie Caird1914-1996HamiltonVancouver
Donaldson, Brian James Wallasey, Merseyside, England
Donaldson, Callum Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Donaldson, Florence1919-1979
Donaldson, George1872-?
Donaldson, Helen MacKinnonHamilton
Donaldson, John1841-1892
Donaldson, John1867-?
Donaldson, John1906-?Hamilton
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, Kevin
Donaldson, Liam Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Donaldson, William Fraser Caird1907-?Hamilton
Donnan, John Lang1904-?
Donnelly, AmandaCorby, Northamptonshire, England
Donnelly, BrianMexborough, South Yorkshire, England
Donnelly, Catherine CadenCorby, Northamptonshire, England
Donnelly, JamesRotherham, South Yorkshire, England
Donnelly, Kevin OwenMexborough, South Yorkshire, England
Donnelly, MoiraBellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Donnelly, Owen1921-19863 Alpine Terrace, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, ScotlandKettering General Hospital, Kettering, Northants, England
Donnelly, Patrickc1880-1947
Donnelly, PatrickUddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Donoghue, Michael1843-1900Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandHungryhill, Carron, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Donogue, IrisLondon, England
Donogue, JillLondon, England
Donogue, PatrickLondon, England
Doody, John
Doody, John
Doody, Michael
Dopita, Delores Arvelia
Dormer, Agnes1482-?England
Dormer, William1445-1506EnglandEngland
DorothyPeabody, Marion County, Kansas
Dorr, Catharinac1780-?
Dorr, David ScottEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Dorr, Elvac1901-?
Dorr, Jakobc1865-?
Dorr, Jakob1889-1965Elversberg, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dorr, Johann1808-?Merchweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dorr, Max ClaytonOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Dorr, Max KellyTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Dorr, Melissa ReneeEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Dorr, Nicolausc1783-?
Dorr, Robin LouiseEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Dorr, Scott KellyEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Dorsett, Nancyc1801-?Corinna, Maine
Dorsey, Williamc1848-?
Doten, Betsey B.c1803-1879Plymouth, Massachusetts
Doten, Edward1716-?
Doten, Jamesc1729-?
Doten, Jennie Southworth1856-?
Doten, Marcia Whitmanc1818-?
Doten, Nancy1801-?
Doten, Susannac1701-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Doty, Isaac Newtonc1848-?East Orange, New Jersey
Doty, Isaac Newtonc1848-?East Orange, New Jersey
Doty, Marcia W.c1835-?
Dougherty, W. B.c1898-?
Doughty, Elizabethc1718-?England
Doughty, Johnc1693-?
Doughty, Richardc1673-?
Doughty, Sarahc1722-?
Douglas Raymond
Douglas, Jemima Jane
Dove, AnnHuddersfield, West Yorkshire, England
Dow, Annie Wilsonc1910-?Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Dowell, Melissa DawnLitherland, Merseyside, England
Dowell, Paul LiamBootle, Liverpool, Merseyside, Lancashire, England
Dowell, Phillip PaulLitherland, Merseyside, England
Dowler, Alan AnthonyKingswinford, Stafford, England
Dowler, Samantha JayneHaverfordwest, Pembs, Wales
Downie, Mary Drysdale1892-196813 Bothwell St., Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Downing, Nicholasc1763-?
Downs, Ebenezerc1710-?
Downs, Mary->1800Otsego County, New York
Doyle, Joe
Doyle, Tracie
Dragomirescu, Luminita Ligia VictoriaRomania
Drake, Brian LeeKansas
Drake, Charles
Drake, Cheryl AnnKansas
Drake, Gary Lee
Drake, Mary Emma Pack1846-?
Drake, Nellie Priscilla1903-1952Lorton, NebraskaStormontHospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Dressler, Katharinac1719-?
Drew, Annac1860-1910
Drew, Annac1860-1910
Drisco, Samuelc1786-?
Droegemeier, Carl
Droegemeier, Carl
Droegemeier, Michael
Droegemeier, Michelle
Drummond, Georginac1873-?
Drummond, Judith
Drunzer, Johannesc1800-?
Drury, Mark JohnBirmingham
Drylie, Davidc1806-?
Drylie, Helenc1825-1881Airth, Stirling, ScotlandKinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Drylie, Margaretc1831-1864Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
DuBignon, Josephine Elizabeth1841-1889New York
Dubois, Chris
Dubois, Kenneth
Duckworth, Williamc1802-?
Dudley, Claire MarieToronto, Ontario, Canada
Dudley, Ellac1875-?
Dudley, Ian MarkCrawley, West Sussex, England
Dudley, Jeminac1868-?Old Sinford, Worcestershire, England
Dudley, Johnc1830-?
Dudley, John AndrewStourbridge, West Midlands, England
Dudley, WilliamStourbridge, West Midlands, England
Duff, Janet
Duffey, Adeline Janec1832-?
Duffin, Jamesc1820-?Betton, Lincolnshire, England
Duffin, Janec1842-1927IrelandMain Street, Carronshore, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Dugdale, Margaret-?
Dugdale, Robertc1725-?
Dugdale, Robert-?
Dugdale, William-?
Dumbreck, Helen1774-?Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
Dumont, Adam1855-1913Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Adam Heinrich1890-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Adolfc1860-?
Dumont, Albert Ludwig
Dumont, Albert Michael1882-?Altenwald, Germany
Dumont, Albert Nikolaus1879-1879Altenwald, GermanyAltenwald, Germany
Dumont, Alois Adam1884-?Altenwald, Germany
Dumont, Alois Ferdinandc1902-?
Dumont, Andreas1806-1807Bildstocker Hof, GermanyBildstocker Hof, Germany
Dumont, Andreas1849-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Angela1766-?Gennweiler, GermanyBanat
Dumont, Anna1861-?Puttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Anna Catharina1714-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Anna Catharina1742-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Anna Catharina1880-?Bildstock, Germany
Dumont, Anna Margaretha1739-1806Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Anna Margarethe1722-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Anna Margarethe1757-1839Landsweiler, GermanyIllingen, Germany
Dumont, Anna Maria1779-1780Wemmetsweiler, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Anna Maria1789-?Bildstocker Hof, Germany
Dumont, Anna Maria1793-1832Wemmetsweiler, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Anna Sophie1884-1885Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Anna Wilhelmine1896-1896Altenwald, GermanyAltenwald, Germany
Dumont, Axel
Dumont, Barbara1816-1819Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Berta Catharina1857-?Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Bodo
Dumont, Caroline1831-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Caroline1839-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1800-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1810-1867Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyMerchweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1815-1893Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1821-1826Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1829-1829Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1829-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1834-1834Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1839-1841Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1849-1849Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1849-1915Wemmetsweiler, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1857-1901Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1858-1860Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1877-1944Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1883-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina1889-1890Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina Amalie1854-?Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina Johannetta1706-1786Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catharina Louise1886-1886Altenwald, GermanyAltenwald, Germany
Dumont, Catharina Margarethe1847-1895Saarbrucken, Saarland, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Catherina1820-1821Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Charlotte1852-1854Neunkirchen, Saarland, GermanyNeunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Christian1725-?Spiesen, Saarland, GermanyBanat
Dumont, Christian1752-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Christian1775-1776Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Christian1848-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Christianc1875-?
Dumont, Christian Peter1894-1964Spiesen, Saarland, GermanyElversberg, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Conrad1796-1797Bildstocker Hof, GermanyBildstocker Hof, Germany
Dumont, Conrad Johann1867-1868Puttlingen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Dieter
Dumont, Elisabeth1716-<1762Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1747-<1823Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1784-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1792-1838Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1795-1862Bildstocker Hof, Saarland, GermanyBildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1832-1891Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1836-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1847-1916Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1858-?Holz, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth1874-1938Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Elisabeth Margarethe1860-1862Heiligenwald, GermanyHeiligenwald, Germany
Dumont, Emil
Dumont, Emil Conrad1881-?Altenwald, Germany
Dumont, Eva1804-1805Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Ewald Johannc1905-?
Dumont, Ferdinand1803-1864Bildstocker Hof, GermanyBildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Ferdinand1827-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Ferdinand1848-1870Neunkirchen, Saarland, GermanyGefallen, Germany
Dumont, Ferdinand1850-1925Bildstock, Saarland, GermanyFriedrichsthal, Germany
Dumont, Ferdinand Engelbert1877-?Friedrichsthal, Germany
Dumont, Francoisec1684-1724FrankenholzerHof, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Franz1809-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Friedrich1854-1854Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Friedrich1855-1855Neunkirchen, Saarland, GermanyNeunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Friedrich1864-?Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Friedrichc1877-?
Dumont, Friedrichc1899-?
Dumont, Friedrichc1902-?
Dumont, Friedrich Rudolf
Dumont, Georgc1873-?
Dumont, Georgc1884-?
Dumont, Georg
Dumont, Gottlieb1898-1900Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Gunter
Dumont, Hans
Dumont, Hans
Dumont, Hans Johannc1906-?
Dumont, Hans Uwe
Dumont, Harald
Dumont, Heinrich1710-1779Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Heinrich1776-1817Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Heinrich1811-1866Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Heinrich1813-1856Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Heinrich1841-1878Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Heinrich1854-?Puttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Heinrichc1881-?
Dumont, Heinrichc1885-?
Dumont, Heinrich1893-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Heinrichc1912-?
Dumont, Helene1860-?Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Helm. Peter
Dumont, Helmut Heinz
Dumont, Henriette1872-?Bildstock, Germany
Dumont, Herbert Gunter
Dumont, Herbert Viktorc1909-?
Dumont, Horst
Dumont, Hubert Heinrich
Dumont, Hubert Peter1858-?Puttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Ida Louise1876-1951Friedrichsthal, GermanyKleinblittersdrf, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1790-1825Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySt. Ingbert, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1824-1825Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1827-1889Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1851-?Wemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1853-1854Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1859-1859Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1861-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Jakob1862-1939Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Jakobc1866-?
Dumont, Jakobc1870-?
Dumont, Jakobc1876-?
Dumont, Jakob1881-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Jakobc1896-?
Dumont, Jakobc1898-?
Dumont, Johan Friedrich1857-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johan Nikolaus1888-?Bildstock, Germany
Dumont, Johannc1688-1713
Dumont, Johann1774-?Gennweiler, GermanyBanat
Dumont, Johann1781-?Wemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Johann1786-1842Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Johann1805-1808Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1806-1808Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1810-1823Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1811-1815Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Johann1814-1876Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1823-?St. Ingbert, Germany
Dumont, Johann1823-1855Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1826-1882Bildstock, GermanyHeiligenwald, Germany
Dumont, Johann1826-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1827-1885Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Johann1828-?Puttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Johann1832-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1833-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1844-1894Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1845-1867Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1848-1849Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1848-1921Bildstock, Saarland, GermanyBildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann1851-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Johann1851-?Bildstock, Germany
Dumont, Johann1853-?Wemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Johannc1858-?
Dumont, Johann1862-?Holz, Germany
Dumont, Johannc1871-?
Dumont, Johannc1883-?
Dumont, Johann1883-1887Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Johannc1885-?
Dumont, Johannc1885-?
Dumont, Johann1885-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johannc1912-?
Dumont, Johann Adam1782-1821Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Adam1797-1867Uchtelfangen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Johann Adam1804-1804Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Adam1811-1845Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Adam1817-1859Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Adam1820-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Christian1789-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Johann Emilc1895-?
Dumont, Johann Friedrich1786-1787Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Georg1755-1806Landsweiler, GermanyBildstockerHof, Germany
Dumont, Johann Georg1784-1843Wemmetsweiler, GermanyFriedrichst., Germany
Dumont, Johann Georg1821-1821Schiffweiler, GermanySchiffweiler, Germany
Dumont, Johann Georgc1909-?
Dumont, Johann Illairec1686-1740Frankenhof, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Jakobc1881-?
Dumont, Johann Jakob1886-1889Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Johann Josefc1896-?
Dumont, Johann Josefc1903-?
Dumont, Johann Lorenz1787-1864Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Ludwig1857-1857Heiligenwald, GermanyHeiligenwald, Germany
Dumont, Johann Nicolaus1828-1829Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Otto
Dumont, Johann Peter1734-1736Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Peter1848-?Wemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Johann Peter1856-?Puttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Johann Peter1881-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Robert1851-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johann Robertc1880-?
Dumont, Johannes1749-1804Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johannes1780-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johannes1807-1809Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Johannes Mathias
Dumont, Josef1883-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Josefc1900-?
Dumont, Josef Anton
Dumont, Karl1806-1869Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Karl1842-1842Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Karl1850-?Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Karl1852-1886Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Karl1858-1860Heiligenwald, GermanyHeiligenwald, Germany
Dumont, Karl1887-1930Altenwald, GermanyMerzig, Germany
Dumont, Karl1890-?Bildstock, Germany
Dumont, Karl August1896-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Karl Heinz
Dumont, Karl Robertc1903-?
Dumont, Louise1838-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1788-1853Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1809-1856Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1812-1879Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1822-?St. Ingbert, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1835-1835Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1836-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1850-1908Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Magdalena1867-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Margareth Marie1841-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1791-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1797-?Bildstocker Hof, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1804-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1809-1876Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1813-1851Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1816-1883Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1820-1820Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1829-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1830-1899Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1847-1926Bildstock, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1853-?Holz, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1853-1933Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1854-1937Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1864-1927Uchtelfangen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1867-1926Uchtelfangen, GermanyMerzig, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1885-1968Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe1892-1918Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe Maria1816-1893Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Margarethe Maria1879-1965Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Maria1781-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Maria1814-1867Uchtelfangen, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1816-1816Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1816-1830Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1830-1901Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1844-1914Wustweiler, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1847-1905Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1855-?Heiligenwald, Germany
Dumont, Maria1855-1858Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Maria1859-1901Uchtelfangen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Maria1878-1886Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1887-1959Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria1894-1969Altenwald, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria Catharina1826-1888Puttlingen, GermanyPuttlingen, Germany
Dumont, Maria Catharina1851-?Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria Elisabeth1816-1825Friedrichstal, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria Johanna1763-?Landsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Maria Magdalena1721-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria Magdalena1737-1796Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria Magdalena1784-1785Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maria Therese1895-1895Bildstock, GermanyBildstock, Germany
Dumont, Mathaus1744-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Mathias1800-?Bildstocker Hof, Germany
Dumont, Mathias1820-?Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Mathias1849-1850Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Maxreinholdc1904-?
Dumont, Michaelc1796-1835Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Michael Peter1844-?Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Nicolausc1642-1713FrankenholzerHof, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Nicolaus1728-1729Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Nicolaus1822-1847Wemmetsweiler, Saarland, GermanyMerchweiler, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Nicolaus1851-1870Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Nicolaus1852-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Nicolaus1860-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Nocolec1682-?
Dumont, Oskarc1902-?
Dumont, Oskarc1906-?
Dumont, Oskar Jakobc1910-?
Dumont, Otto Ewald
Dumont, Otto Jakobc1912-?
Dumont, Paul1845-?Wemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Paulc1887-?
Dumont, Paul Alionsc1905-?
Dumont, Paul Emilc1908-?
Dumont, Paul Johannc1913-?
Dumont, Paul Josefc1873-?
Dumont, Paula1900-1985Spiesen, Saarland, GermanyOttweiler, Germany
Dumont, Peter1778-1778Gennweiler, GermanyGennweiler, Germany
Dumont, Peter1791-1792Wemmetsweiler, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Peter1818-1902Uchtelfangen, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Peter1847-1847Wemmetsweiler, GermanyWemmetsweiler, Germany
Dumont, Peter1853-1854Uchtelfangen, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Peter1856-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Peterc1856-?
Dumont, Peter1857-?Uchtelfangen, Germany
Dumont, Peterc1869-?
Dumont, Peterc1872-?
Dumont, Peter1872-?Holz, Germany
Dumont, Peterc1878-?
Dumont, Peterc1878-?
Dumont, Peterc1883-?
Dumont, Peterc1894-?
Dumont, Peterc1901-?
Dumont, Peterc1908-?
Dumont, Peter Albertc1907-?
Dumont, Peter Berhard
Dumont, Peter Philipp1859-?Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Reinhold Jakobc1882-?
Dumont, Reinhold Jakobc1910-?
Dumont, Robert1855-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Robertc1873-?
Dumont, Robertc1897-?
Dumont, Rudolfc1903-?
Dumont, Rudolf Jakobc1878-?
Dumont, Sophie1844-1919Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Sophie1851-?Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Sophie1873-1873Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Susanne1760-?Landsweiler, GermanyBanat
Dumont, Volker Hans
Dumont, Walter
Dumont, Walter Emilc1904-?
Dumont, Werner
Dumont, Wilhelm1840-?Bildstock, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Wilhelm1853-?Bildstock, Germany
Dumont, Wilhelmine Sophie1856-1857Saarbrucken, Saarland, GermanySaarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
Dumont, Willic1904-?
Duncan-Cameron, Barbara1891-?Caronshore, Stirlingshire, Schotland
Duncan, Alexanderc1835-?
Duncan, Andrew Jameson1865-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Andrew Penman1916-1978
Duncan, Anne Montgomery1875-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Ellenc1829-?
Duncan, Isobel1870-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Jamesc1811-?
Duncan, Jamesc1841-?
Duncan, Jamesc1848-?
Duncan, James Hotchkiss1861-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, James Matthews-?
Duncan, Jane Hart Hotchkiss1872-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Janetc1786-?
Duncan, Jeanc1833-?
Duncan, Johnc1838-?
Duncan, John Finlay1868-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Margaret Hart1864-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Maryc1846-?
Duncan, Mary Rose1874-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Michaelc1843-?
Duncan, Richardc1836-?
Duncan, Richard Hotchkis1866-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Duncan, Williamc1800-<1860
Duncan, William Matthews1861-?St. George, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Dunham, Benjaminc1805-?
Dunham, Elizabethc1728-?
Dunkin, Kesiahc1730-?
Dunlop, Janet Lee1857-?
Dunmore-Napiers, Georgina Janetc1834-?
Dunn, Annc1766-?
Dunn, Annec1721-?
Dunn, Bettyc1777-?
Dunn, Betty Janec1925-<2001
Dunn, Bowenc1691-?
Dunn, Catharinac1769-?
Dunn, Connor RyanKansas City, Missouri
Dunn, Edwardc1739-?
Dunn, Edwardc1789-?Bromfield, Shropshire, England
Dunn, Edwin
Dunn, Elizabethc1723-?
Dunn, Elizabethc1733-?
Dunn, Elizabethc1774-?
Dunn, Francesc1771-?
Dunn, Francisc1679-?
Dunn, Francisc1730-?
Dunn, Francisc1774-?
Dunn, Guillam Ec1906-1962
Dunn, Guilliam "Gene"Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Dunn, Hannahc1737-?
Dunn, Hannahc1763-?
Dunn, Hannahc1776-?
Dunn, Heather StarrKansas City, Kansas
Dunn, Ian DanielKansas City, Missouri
Dunn, Janec1813-<1870Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Dunn, JoAnnc1928-<2001
Dunn, Joel LorenTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Dunn, Josephc1779-?
Dunn, Kay
Dunn, Kyle PatrickKansas City, Missouri
Dunn, Lauren JeanKansas City, Missouri
Dunn, Margaretc1815-?
Dunn, Maryc1757-?
Dunn, Maryc1762-?
Dunn, Maryc1812-?
Dunn, Ray
Dunn, Richard AlanRaleigh, North Carolina
Dunn, Richard AlanKansas City, Kansas
Dunn, Richard AlanEmporia, Kansas
Dunn, Ruth
Dunn, Sandra SueKansas City, Kansas
Dunn, Sean GuilliamKansas City, Missouri
Dunn, Suede Alan DavidKansas City, Missouri
Dunn, Susannac1761-?
Dunn, Thomasc1655-?
Dunn, Thomasc1704-?
Dunn, Thomasc1719-?
Dunn, Thomasc1754-?
Dunn, Thomasc1810-?
Dunn, Williamc1799-?
Dunsmore, Janetc1809-?
Dure, Annec1800-<1863
Durham, Noahc1843-?Bellair, Ohio
Durham, Silasc1846-?
Durkee, Annie1851-1934
Durland, Elizabeth1767-1811Nova Scotia, Canada
Durran, Lorraine Marina
Durran, Pat
Durran, Sean
Duzenberry, Sharon
Dwyer, ThomasBradford, West Yorkshire, England
Dyche, Christine
Dyer, Alleiuiac1775-?
Dyer, Elizac1820-?
Dyer, Eunicec1822-?
Dywer, ColtGlendale, Los Angeles, California
Dywer, James
Dywer, JetGlendale, Los Angeles, California
E Eadows, Ralphc1638-?Whitchurch, Shropshire, England
Eadows, Sarahc1663-?
Eagen, J.J.c1866-?St. Joseph, Michigan
Earhart, Carol
Earhart, Chelsey
Earhart, Colin
Earhart, Darren
Earhart, Gordon
Earhart, John
Earhart, Orvalc1900-?
Earl, Pariencec1760-?
Earl, Roger
Early, Olivec1725-?
Easterbrooks, Thomasc1800-?
Eastland, Johnc1678-?
Easton, Agnesc1779-?
Easton, Agnesc1812-1894Bentend, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Agnesc1819-?
Easton, Agnes1829-c1838Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Agnesc1838-c1841
Easton, Agnes1841-1883Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandEdinburgh Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Easton, Agnesc1848-?
Easton, Agnes1884-1973Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandMenton, Melbourne, Australia
Easton, Agnesc1891-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Agnesc1909-c1911
Easton, Agnesc1920-1984Scotland
Easton, Alexanderc1752-?
Easton, Alexanderc1779-1839
Easton, Alexanderc1786-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Alexander1806-1882Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandKinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Alexander1833-c1912Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Alexander1837-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Alexander1850-?
Easton, Alexander1871-1949Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandDenbeath
Easton, Alexanderc1889-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Alexander1917-1991Burlingame, Osage County, KansasOverbrook, Osage County, Kansas
Easton, AlexanderScotland
Easton, Almedia Jane1934-1966Burlingame, Osage County, KansasIrvine, Scotland
Easton, Amanda MichelleHouston, Houston County, Texas
Easton, Annc1765-?
Easton, Annc1768-?
Easton, Annc1791-?
Easton, Ann1815-1854Cambusnethan
Easton, Archibaldc1729-?
Easton, Barbarac1794-?
Easton, Barbara1826-1865New Monkland, Lanarkshire, ScotlandRutherglen, Lanark, Scotland
Easton, Bryan DavidTucson, Pima County, Arizona
Easton, Casey LeighHouston, Houston County, Texas
Easton, Catherine1864-?
Easton, Chad ThomasMarysville, Yuba County, California
Easton, Christina1906-?East Plean, Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Christina Burt1905-1997Leven, Fife, ScotlandRandolph Wemyss Hospital, Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland
Easton, Clifton Jerome1952-1952Phoenix, Maricopa County, ArizonaPhoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
Easton, Corneliusc1902-1902East Plean, Bannock Burn, Scotland
Easton, Davidc1797-?
Easton, David1869-1918
Easton, David1904-1972Stirlingshire, ScotlandBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Easton, David
Easton, David LonnieGlendale, Maricopa County, Arizona
Easton, Donaldc1812-?
Easton, Elaine
Easton, Elizabethc1821-1900Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandKinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Elizabethc1831-?
Easton, Elizabeth1880-?Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Elizabeth1893-1980Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandKansas City
Easton, ElizabethBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Easton, Farquharc1876-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Fiona ElizabethFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Georgec1787-?
Easton, Georgec1828-1889Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Georgec1829-?
Easton, George1857-?
Easton, Georgec1879-?Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, George1898-?
Easton, George RobertJerome, Jerome County, Idaho
Easton, Helenc1777-?
Easton, Helenc1827-?
Easton, Helen Paton1873-1899Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandCowdenbeath
Easton, Henry Bellc1821-?
Easton, Henry Nisbet1794-1832Bathgate, West Lothian, ScotlandBathgate, West Lothian, Scotland
Easton, Isabella1900-2000East Pleam, Bannoch Burn, Scotland
Easton, Jamesc1702-?
Easton, Jamesc1737-<1743
Easton, Jamesc1743-?
Easton, Jamesc1752-?
Easton, Jamesc1763-?
Easton, Jamesc1783-?
Easton, Jamesc1788-?
Easton, Jamesc1823-?
Easton, James L.
Easton, Janec1834-?
Easton, Jane1852-1939Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Jane1876-1929Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Janelle
Easton, Janetc1854-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Janet1858-?
Easton, Janetc1882-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Janet Cowan1896-1971Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Janet VirginiaJerome, Jerome County, Idaho
Easton, Jason
Easton, Jeanc1773-?
Easton, Jeanc1809-1888Bloomfield House, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Jean Campbell1827-c1869Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Jeanie1915-2004Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Easton, Jeanne LuannDenver, Denver County, Colorado
Easton, Jenniec1822-?
Easton, Jessc1810-?
Easton, Johnc1727-?
Easton, Johnc1755-?
Easton, Johnc1785-?
Easton, Johnc1786-?
Easton, Johnc1810-1878Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Johnc1817-?
Easton, Johnc1835-?
Easton, Johnc1854-?
Easton, John1862-?
Easton, John1878-?Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, John1882-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, John1895-1955Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, JohnFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Kathrinec1780-?
Easton, Kenneth Wade1955-1955Denver, Denver County, ColoradoDenver, Denver County, Colorado
Easton, Lesley Davidson
Easton, Maitlandc1758-?
Easton, Maitlandc1783-?
Easton, Margaretc1791-?Airdrie or New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Easton, Margaretc1811-?
Easton, Margaretc1823-1883Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Margaretc1834-?
Easton, Margaret1860-?Coleman, Alberta, Canada
Easton, Margaret Colvinc1789-?
Easton, Marionc1813-?
Easton, Marion1886-?
Easton, MarkBurlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Easton, Maryc1819-1855New Dock, Grangemouth, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Maryc1885-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Matthewc1816-c1886
Easton, Matthewc1849-1918Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandBowhill, Cardenden
Easton, Matthew1866-?
Easton, Matthew1882-1883Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandBothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Matthew1889-1969
Easton, Matthewc1900-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Matthew DavidManhattan, Kansas
Easton, Matthew Stevensc1831-?
Easton, Melissa GailHouston, Houston County, Texas
Easton, Nancy KayDenver, Denver County, Colorado
Easton, Nancy LeeBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Easton, Nellie JeanJerome, Jerome County, Idaho
Easton, Nisbetc1821-1881Bathgate, West Lothian, ScotlandFauldhouse, Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland
Easton, Phillip EdwardDenver, Denver County, Colorado
Easton, Rex L.
Easton, Robertc1765-?
Easton, Robertc1785-?
Easton, Robertc1796-<1865
Easton, Robertc1814-?
Easton, Robertc1821-?
Easton, Robertc1845-c1865Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Robertc1845-?
Easton, Robert1871-?Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Robertc1881-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Robert Flemingc1857-?
Easton, Robert Flemingc1882-?
Easton, Robert KellyLas Vegas, Clark County, Nevada
Easton, Rowena1826-1907Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, ScotlandKirksland, Carron, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Easton, Shirley LorraineJerome, Jerome County, Idaho
Easton, Thomas F.1912-1985Stirlingshire, ScotlandBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Easton, Thomas Lee1937-1993Burlingame, Osage County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Easton, Wanda MarieWendell, Gooding County, Idaho
Easton, Williamc1790-?
Easton, Williamc1793-?Airdrie or New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Easton, William1825-?Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland
Easton, Wilma ChristineWendell, Gooding County, Idaho
Eaton, Abigail1824-1879Belfast , MaineLincoln, Maine
Eaton, Deborah1825-1899
Eaton, Saddie Ann
Eaton, Williamc1874-1922Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Eberhardy, Maria1826-1885Britten, GermanyUchtelfangen, Germany
Echalaz, Amyc1866-?
Eckersall, Ellenc1787-?
Eckersley, DanielSalford, Lancashire, England
Eckersley, RhianneSwinton, Salford, Lancashire, England
Eckersley, TonySalford, Lancashire, England
Eckert, Catharinac1840-?
Eckert, Jakobc1795-?
Eckert, Johann1820-?Bergweiler, Germany
Eddow, Thomasc1592-?Hanmer, Shropshire, England
Edge, Annec1702-?Shropshire, England
Edge, Elizabeth1794-1815Shropshire, England
Edge, Georgec1670-1751Shropshire, England
Edge, Georgec1700-1757Shropshire, EnglandEngland
Edge, Georgec1723-1793
Edge, Georgec1755-1790
Edge, Georgec1780-1817Shropshire, England
Edge, Karla Sue
Edge, Richardc1765-1849Shropshire, England
Edge, Robert
Edgeley, Dorothy-?
Edgeley, Elizabeth-?
Edgeley, Ellen-?
Edgeley, George-?
Edgeley, John-?
Edgeley, Margaret-?
Edgeley, Thomas-?
Edgerton, Johnc1761-?
Edgerton, Joshuac1731-?
Edgerton, Joshuac1764-?
Edgerton, Maryc1756-1785
Edgerton, Sarahc1767-?
Edgerton, Sarahc1771-?
Edgerton, Williamc1758-?
Edgley, Richardc1540-?
Edmonds, Sarah Burroughs1834-1905
Edmunds, JuliePlymouth, Devon, England
Edna Annc1883-1933KansasTulare County, California
Edson, Carolinec1800-?
Edson, Mary Hanford1833-1916Detroit, Michigan
Edwards, Eric
Edwards, Esau1883-1945
Edwards, Euphemia Aitken
Edwards, Georgina Duncan1924-1947
Edwards, Gregory JamesIndependance, Louisiana
Edwards, Leah MaeCoventry, West Midlands, England
Edwards, Llywelinc1689-?
Edwards, Maryc1766-?
Edwards, Rachel SummerCoventry, West Midlands, England
Edwards, SimonCoventry, West Midlands, England
Edwards, Theresea Maudec1871-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Edwards, Thomasc1666-c1695
Edwards, Vincentc1837-?
Eich, Annac1723-1785Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Anna Katharinac1753-1812Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Anna Margarethac1737-?
Eich, Anna Mariac1724-1781Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Anna Mariac1749-1798Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Barbarac1740-1814Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Bartholomausc1692-?
Eich, Christianc1695-1732Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Christianc1715-1783Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Christianc1734-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Christuffelc1736-<1796Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Elisabethc1800-?
Eich, Frantzc1738-?
Eich, Gertrudec1746-?
Eich, Henrichc1700-1762Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Johannc1800-?
Eich, Johannesc1722-?
Eich, Juliannaec1790-?
Eich, Katharinac1710-1737Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Kilianc1740-1794Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Kylianc1695-1761Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Magdalenac1765-1813Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Magdalenac1800-?
Eich, Margarethec1717-?Ormesheim, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Margarethe1829-1859Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eich, Maria Elisabethc1698-?
Eich, Nicolausc1670-?
Eich, Nik.c1685-?
Einios, Johnc1440-?
Eischen, Annac1839-?
Eisel, Maria Johannc1710-1753Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Eldred, Judahc1760-?
Eldredge, Lvina H.1807-1877Falmouth, MassachusettsWaquoit, Massachusetts
Eldridge, Benjaminc1802-?
Eldridge, Freemanc1818-?
Eldridge, Rachelc1832-?
Eldridge, William M.1826-?
Eliaedotter, Catherina1813-?Pjatteryd, Sweden
Elisabethc1844-?Woodside, Worcestershire, England
Elizabeth1489-?Hoddesdon, Hertsford, England
Elizabethc1629-c1652Shropshire, England
Elizabethc1823-?Tipton, Staffordshire, England
Elizabethc1837-?Old Swinford, Worcestershire, England
Elizabethc1842-?Alresford, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth J.1842-1923
Ellenc1782-?Staffordshire, England
Ellenc1828-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Ellenc1828-?Manchester, Lancashire, England
Ellen1838-1929Waquoit, Massachusetts
Elliot, Carl
Elliot, Christine1926-1943
Elliot, Georgec1730-?
Elliot, Graham SidneyMaroochydore, Sunshine Coast & Region, Queensland, Australia
Elliot, Margaretc1761-?
Elliot, Michael JohnGladstone, Rockhampton & Region, Queensland
Elliot, Thomas1894-1964Diamond, IllinoisCarl Junction, Missouri
Elliot, Tiffany LouiseGladstone, Rockhampton & Region, Queensland
Elliott, Arvis NKansas
Elliott, Clair AKansas
Elliott, Gilbertc1889-?Kansas
Elliott, Julia C1911-2002Kansas
Elliott, KeithKansas
Elliott, Lisa Margaret
Elliott, Mabel BlossomKansas
Elliott, RayKansas
Elliott, Russell Vc1910-?Kansas
Ellis, Annac1786-?
Ellis, Belle Maude1884-?Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah
Ellis, Calvin T.c1845-?
Ellis, Edward S.c1830-?
Ellis, Janet1858-?Airth, Stirling, Scotland
Ellis, William B.1901-?Texas, Texas
Ellison, Irene Elizabethc1887-?
Elmer, Drusilla Mary1868-1940El Monte, Los Angeles Cnty, CaliforniaAmerican Fork, Utah County, Utah
Elmore, Naomic1749-?
Emerton, Lizzie E.c1830-?
Emerton, Mary A.1833-1910Boston, or Malden, MassachusettsOrfordville, New Hampshire
Emery, Johnc1755-?
Emilyc1862-?Yorkshire, England
Emmac1839-?Oldsminford, Worcestershire, England
Emmac1871-1904Waverly, Coffey County, Kansas
Emma Mc1879->1937Iowa
Emma Marie1866-1931Sweden
Emmert, J. E.c1859-?
Engberg, Edwardc1896-?
Engle, Clyde
Engle, Clyde
Engle, Donna
Engle, Judy
Engle, Patricia
Engle, Ronnie
Engle, Susan Lynn
English, Euphenia Fannie E.1861-?
English, Richardc1838-?
Ensworth, Luctc1721-1811Canterbury, Connecticut
Erickson, Axel V1881-1940
Erickson, Christina1867-1961Lysvick, Varmland, Sweden
Erickson, James
Erland, Henryc1796-?
Erskine, Elizabethc1820-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ervin, Roscoc1864-?
Escriveur, Jacob>1650-c1731Spiesen, FranceSpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Esping, Anders<1753-?Sweden
Estabrook, E.P.c1869-?
Estes, Bill
Estes, Mary Elizabeth1837-?
Eunice M.c1815-?Henderson, New York
Evans, Albert E1893-1951
Evans, Anthony
Evans, Barry
Evans, Harriet Ivy
Evans, Harry
Evans, Maryc1909-?
Evans, Mary Polly1808-1869Pawlet, VermontPawlet, Vermont
Evans, Paul StewartPontypool, Gwent, Wales
Evans, Peter
Evans, Priscilla Marilyn
Evans, RebeccaPembrokeshire, Wales
Evans, Williamc1870-?
Everall, Joannec1679-?
Ewer, Maryc1770-?
Ewin, Janetc1672-?
Ewing, Helen<1773-?
Eych, Bartholomausc1695-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
F Facklam, Jami LenTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Facklam, Lennie DeeEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Fair, Susannac1801-?
Fairchild, Francis
Faircloth, Robert
Fairgrieve, Robertc1820-1880Scotland
Fairly, Margaretc1752-?
Falconer, Alicec1803-?
Falconer, Christina Barrie1891-1973
Falconer, Elizabeth1801-1872Melvin’s Wynd, Forres, Scotland
Falconer, Elizabeth1872-?
Falconer, Johnc1775-?
Fales, Barnabasc1788-?Washington City
Fales, Jane Eliza1833-?
Fales, Johnc1762-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Fallowell, Gabrielc1596-?
Fannie N.1874-?Allegany Co., MD
Fantham, Alan JohnHemel Hempstead, England
Fantham, Alistair PaulHemel Hempstead, England
Fantham, Amy LouiseAylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Fantham, Ann MaryHemel Hempstead, England
Fantham, Ian JamesHemel Hempstead, England
Fantham, Jack Alexander CharlesAylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Fantham, John Alfred1909-?Northchurch, England
Fantham, Lucy JaneAylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Fantham, Rebecca SusanNorthchurch, England
Farmer, Agnes1880-?
Farmer, Annie1876-?
Farmer, Jane1878-?
Farmer, John1853-1913Falkirk
Farmer, Johnc1880-?
Farnsworth, Albertc1810-?
Farquharson, Robert B.c1875-?
Farr, Maryc1805-?
Farran, Bowen BridgetOrbost, Victoria, Australia
Farran, Ellery LouiseOrbost, Victoria, Australia
Farran, MatthewBath, England
Farrell, Francis
Farrell, Joseph
Farrell, Justin
Farrell, Kevin
Farrell, Paul Gerard
Farrington, Thomasc1813-?
Faulkener, Mary Annc1828-?Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England
Faulkner, Bessie K.1881-?Kingston, Massachusetts
Faunce, Janec1700-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Faunce, Pelegc1810-?
Favretto, Patricia Rose
Feager, A. E.
Featherstone, DelysPlymouth, Devon, England
Fecker, Pauline1870-?Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Fegara, Curtis
Fegara, Louis
Feid, Barbarac1723-1757Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Felch, Pearlc1908-?
Feller, Fannyc1831-?
Fellows, Ellenc1815-?Staffordshire, England
Fellows, Sarah1719-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Feltner, Alva Phillip
Feltner, Barbara
Feltner, Charlesc1930-1999
Feltner, Charles AlvasKansas
Feltner, Chelsea Marie
Feltner, Joyce
Feltner, Laura BerniceKansas
Felton, Viola W.c1855-?
Fender, Maxine
Fender, Rex
Fender, Sarah Ann
Fender, StanleyMelvern, Ks
Fenimore, Doris MaeDenver, Denver County, Colorado
Fennel, Annc1764-?
Fennel, Edwardc1734-?
Fennel, Johnc1710-?
Fennel, Johnc1732-?
Fennel, Johnc1762-?
Fennel, KylaWashington
Fennel, Thomasc1730-?
Fennel, Thomasc1736-?
Fennel, Williamc1761-?
Fenner, Casey DanielleSt Joseph Hosp, Orange, Orange County, California
Fenner, Cory RochelleSt Joseph Hosp, Orange, Orange County, California
Fenner, MarkAnaheim, Orange County, California
Fenner, Quincy AlexandraSt Joseph Hosp, Orange, Orange County, California
Fenner, Stephen MarkSt Joseph Hosp, Orange, Orange County, California
Fenny, Everett1910-?California
Fenny, JamesGlendale, LosAngelesCounty, California
Ferguson, Agnes1829-?Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirling, Scotland
Ferguson, Agnes1899-1914CoatbridgeCoatbridge
Ferguson, Agnes Greig1873-1955Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland98 Kerse Road, Grangemouth, Scotland
Ferguson, Alexanderc1752-?
Ferguson, Alexanderc1900-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Alexander Gray1871-1942Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland18 Alloa Road, Carron, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Andrew1892-1973CoatbridgeMelbourne, Australia
Ferguson, Andrew Gray1887-1914Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland35 Bothy Row, Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Archibaldc1748-?
Ferguson, Bellac1898-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, BettyMelbourne, Australia
Ferguson, Charlesc1915-c1915Stirlingshire, ScotlandStirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Charles Laird1879-1911Longdyke, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandBothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Christian1835-?Scotland
Ferguson, Christina1855-1931Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirling, ScotlandBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Ferguson, Christina Hotchkis1867-1868Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandSkinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Christina Hotchkis1884-1901Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, ScotlandDock Sreet, Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Cornelius1830-1902Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirling, Scotland
Ferguson, Cornelius1859-1947Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Cornelius1864-1946Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland485 King Street, Stenhousemuir, Larbert, Scotland
Ferguson, Corneliusc1887-?
Ferguson, Corneliusc1897-?
Ferguson, Cornelius1899-1972Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandFalkirkInfirmary, Scotland
Ferguson, Cornelius1910-?Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Cornelius1932-1985Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandGlascow, Scotland
Ferguson, CorneliusBothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Cornelius Thomas1857-1915Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandCowdenbeath, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Elizabethc1730-?
Ferguson, Elizabeth1861-c1867Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Elizabeth1868-?Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Elizabeth1890-1986CoatbridgeSydney, New South Wales
Ferguson, Elizabethc1893-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Elizabeth1905-?Long Dyke, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, ElizabethFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Frankc1840-?Columbia, Pennsylvania
Ferguson, Georgec1694-?
Ferguson, Georgec1721-?
Ferguson, Georgec1891-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, George William1915-1917Gary, IndianaJamshedpur, India
Ferguson, Gertrude Elizabeth1923-1929Jamshedpur, IndiaJamshedpur, India
Ferguson, Hector1901-c1986Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandStirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Helenc1896-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Helen Drylie Paterson1913-1956Cowdenbeath, Fifeshire, ScotlandKurri Kurri, Australia
Ferguson, Hughc1774-?Carriden, West Lothian, Schotland
Ferguson, Isabella1852-1872Bothkennar, Skinflatte, Stirling, Scotland
Ferguson, Isabella1911-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Isabella Graham1858-1928Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandMain Street, Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Isabella Hotchkiss1874-1952Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Jamesc1725-?
Ferguson, James1888-1898CoatbridgeCoatbridge
Ferguson, James Wightman1881-1968Longdyke, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandBellsdyke Hospital, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Janec1746-?
Ferguson, Janet1844-?Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirling, Scotland
Ferguson, JeanBothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Jeanie1864-1942Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandChristiesCottage, Brightons, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
Ferguson, Jennetc1728-?
Ferguson, Jessiec1895-?
Ferguson, Jessie Nicol1906-?Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Johnc1735-?
Ferguson, Johnc1830-?
Ferguson, John1879-1968CoatbridgeWindsor, Ontario
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, John NormanJamshedpur, India
Ferguson, John Patersonc1889-c1951Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, ScotlandKurri Kurri, Australia
Ferguson, Lilias1897-1903Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Lionel Kenneth
Ferguson, Maec1893-?
Ferguson, Margaretc1719-?
Ferguson, Margaretc1771-?
Ferguson, MargaretCarronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, MargaretFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Margaret Waddell1931-1966Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland
Ferguson, Maryc1762-?
Ferguson, Maryc1773-?
Ferguson, Mary1884-1966CoatbridgeNew York
Ferguson, Maryc1884-?
Ferguson, Maryc1891-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Mary1907-?Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Mary1911-?Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, MaryMelbourne, Australia
Ferguson, Mary Turnbull1917-199015 Old Roughlands Carron, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Mike
Ferguson, PeterCarronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, PeterStirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Peter Hotchkis1871-1959Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandLarbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Pollyc1898-?Scotland
Ferguson, Raymond Andrew1925-1989Jamshedpur, IndiaSugar Town, Louisiana
Ferguson, Richard1882-1928CoatbridgeJamshedpur, India
Ferguson, Richard
Ferguson, Robert Taylor1864-1919Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland54 Main Street, Larbert, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Robert Taylor1866-?Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Samuel1855-1923Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Samuel1890-?CoatbridgeMelbourne, Australia
Ferguson, Samuel1915-1967New York
Ferguson, Samuel Musk1913-1983Gary, IndianaWindsor, Ontario
Ferguson, Thomasc1723-?
Ferguson, Thomasc1758-?
Ferguson, Thomasc1777-?
Ferguson, Thomas1804-1858Carriden, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Thomasc1808-?
Ferguson, Thomas1838-?Scotland
Ferguson, Thomas1860-1861Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandSkinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, Thomas1862-1942Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandThe path, Airth, Stirling, Scotland
Ferguson, Thomasc1893-?
Ferguson, Victor
Ferguson, Williamc1780-?
Ferguson, William1841-?
Ferguson, William1862-c1895Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandKansas, USA
Ferguson, William1877-1957Skinflatts, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, ScotlandWindsor Hospital, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferguson, William1886-1916CoatbridgeLockbridge, Pennsylvania
Ferguson, Williamc1899-?
Ferraro, Jenny
Ferree, Barbara Jean
Ferree, Joanne Kay
Ferree, Judith Lee
Ferree, Kennethc1920-1962
FerrieStirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Ferrie, Agnes1904-?22 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, Alexander1902-?22 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, David Robert
Ferrie, Ebenezer Campbell1907-?22 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, Elizabethc1912-?
Ferrie, George Campbell1896-189841 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland41 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, Jamesc1875-?Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Ferrie, Jane1910-19682 Factory Cottages, Buckhaven, Fife, ScotlandStratheden Hospital, Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Ferrie, Jane
Ferrie, Jane Campbell1922-1973114 Brae Head, Methil, Fifeshire, ScotlandHostel of God, Clapham, London, England
Ferrie, Jessie Robb1926-2002114 Brae Head, Methil, Fifeshire, ScotlandKirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, Margaret Reid1899-198641 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, ScotlandClinton Township, Macomb, Michigan
Ferrie, Peterc1900-?Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Ferrie, Robert1895-193841 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland23 Keir Hardie St., Methil, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, Robert
Ferrie, Susan
Ferrie, William1870-1940High St., Newburgh, Fife, Scotland7 Wellsgreen Place, The Rosie, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, William1900-?41 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferrie, William1924-1924114 Brae Head, Methil, Fifeshire, Scotland114 Brae Head, Methil, Fifeshire, Scotland
Ferris, Abigail Osbornec1805-?
Ferris, Abigail Osbornec1805-?
Ferris, Henryc1775-?
Ferris, Nathanielc1817-?
Fessel, Charity1790-1846
Fey, Christianc1805-?
Fey, Sophie Maria1827-?Wellesweiler, Germany
Field, Elsie May1912-1967New South Wales, AustraliaMereweather, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Fields, Nellie Rae<1900-?
Fiengold, Benjamin
Fiengold, Nicholas
Fiengold, Richard
Fife, Agnesc1811-1873Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Fife, Johnc1782-c1842
Files, Ebenezer S.c1799-?
Files, Robert1787-?
Files, Tahpenes1796-1864West Gorham, MaineGorham, Maine
Files, Thomasc1782-?
Fillmore, Brian T.
Fillmore, Clyde
Fillmore, Dean
Fillmore, Edd H.
Fillmore, Fred
Fillmore, Harley David1950-1990Emporia, Lyon County, KansasSaint Augustine, Florida
Fillmore, Irma
Fillmore, Joe
Fillmore, L. M.c1838-?
Fillmore, Mark E.1955-1990Emporia, Lyon County, KansasSaint Augustine, Florida
Fillmore, Max
Fillmore, Nathan
Fillmore, Ruth
Fillmore, Shari B.
Finertyc1870-?Watertown, Massachusetts
Finger, Lena
Fink, Darlene JoRomney, WV
Finlay, James Hotchkissc1836-?
Finlay, Johnc1798-?
Finlay, Johnc1834-?
Finlay, Kirkman Johnc1831-?
Finley, Margaretc1740-?
Finn, Barbara Leona GeorgetteCliniqueStJoseph, Mons, Hainaut, Belgium
Finn, Harlan Mckinley1939-2008U.K. Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas
Finney, A. Raymond1883-?
Finney, Abbot Gardner1859-1916Carver, MassachusettsCarver, Massachusetts
Finney, Abby A.1858-1862
Finney, Abby W.1846-?
Finney, Abigail1697-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Abigail1721-?
Finney, Abigail1752-1829
Finney, Abigail1763-?
Finney, Abigail1775-1856Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Abigail1776-1796Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Abigail1805-?
Finney, Abigailc1812-?
Finney, Abigailc1871-?
Finney, Abijah1729-c1756Norton, MassachusettsNorton, Massachusetts
Finney, Abijah1780-1817Keene, New HampshireBurke, Vermont
Finney, Abijahc1823-?
Finney, Abraham1772-1843Warren, Litchfield, ConnecticutThompson, Ohio
Finney, Abraham1800-?
Finney, Adalinec1832-?
Finney, Adaline Miranda1822-1879
Finney, Addie M.1857-1883
Finney, Adelaide1845-1847
Finney, Adelbert C.1846-1929
Finney, Adelia C.1863-1864
Finney, Adelie1863-1865
Finney, Adeline Howland1837-?
Finney, Agnes Sophiac1886-?
Finney, Alanson1805-c1865Madison County, New Yorkprob. Valparaiso, Indiana
Finney, Albert1811-1869Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Albert A.1856-1857
Finney, Albert Adelbert Thomas1834-1890Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Albert C.1857-1934Burke, New York
Finney, Albert Cass1907-1944North Platte, Neb.Los Angeles, Calif.
Finney, Albert Francis1842-1882Middleborough, MassachusettsMiddleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Albert George1843-?
Finney, Alexanderc1845-?
Finney, Alfredc1800-?
Finney, Alfred1837-1838
Finney, Alfred Clark1872-?
Finney, Alfred Curtis1841-1863Boston, MassachusettsNew Bern, North Carolina
Finney, Alfred Curtis1880-1907West Medford, MassachusettsSan Francisco, California
Finney, Alfred Eugenec1852-?
Finney, Alfred Eugene1876-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Alfred Lyman1842-?
Finney, Alicec1806-?
Finney, Alicec1847-?
Finney, Alicec1852-c1867
Finney, Alice1856-?
Finney, Alice Elsie1764-?
Finney, Alice G.1879-1935
Finney, Alice M.1866-1906Middleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Alice Stowe1866-?Jackson, Michigan
Finney, Allen1757-?7/31/1758
Finney, Allen D.1870-?
Finney, Allen Irish1872-1936
Finney, Allen J.c1849-?
Finney, Allenson Fisher1794-<1850Norwich, Connecticut
Finney, Almirac1803-?
Finney, Almirac1850-?
Finney, Almira Myra1838-?Furnace Falls, Canada
Finney, Alonzo1778-1837Kent, ConnecticutMonkton, Vermont
Finney, Alonzo McDonough1816-1910Elizabethtown, Essex, New York
Finney, Alphonzo Mason1857-1858
Finney, Alton D.1856-?
Finney, Alvah K.1861-1861
Finney, Alvan1893-?Sullivan, Missouri
Finney, Alvin1789-1831Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Alvin1807-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Alvin1823-1885New Plymouth, Ohio
Finney, Alvin1834-1925Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Alvin Churchill1862-?Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Finney, Amanda1799-?
Finney, Amandac1804-?
Finney, Amasa1805-?Delhi, New York
Finney, Amelia Adelaidec1857-?
Finney, Amelia Allenc1842-?
Finney, Ammariles1787-?Lenox, Massachusetts
Finney, Amos P.1854-1872
Finney, Amos W.1870-?Waccabuc, New York
Finney, Amy E.c1831-?
Finney, Andrew Jackson1840-1926Scioto Co., OhioPortsmouth, Ohio
Finney, Andrew Jackson1882-1883
Finney, Angelicac1822-?
Finney, Angelinec1812-?
Finney, Angelinec1833-?
Finney, Ann1727-?Swansea, Mass.
Finney, Ann1773-1839
Finney, Ann Eliza1828-?New Haven, Connecticut
Finney, Ann Jeannette1850-1889
Finney, Annac1818-?
Finney, Annac1855-?
Finney, Annac1864-?
Finney, Anna1892-?
Finney, Anna E.1859-?Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Finney, Anna Hattie1871-1966?Evanston, Wyoming
Finney, Anna M.c1862-?
Finney, Anna Mary1844-1866Richmond, Indiana
Finney, Anne1566-?
Finney, Anne1601-?
Finney, Anne1611-?
Finney, Anne1760-?
Finney, Anne1782-1795Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Anne F.1769-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Anniec1845-?
Finney, Annie1851-?
Finney, Annie E.c1871-?
Finney, Annie Freeman1875-?
Finney, Anson1786-?Manchester, Vermont or Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Anson1802-1858
Finney, Apollusc1766-1823Broom, Co., New York
Finney, Arelas Loveland1829-1876Chicago, Illinois
Finney, Arthur Alanson1878-?
Finney, Arthur Boun1882-?Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Arthur Everett1881-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Arthur G.1880-?Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Arthur Keen1886-?
Finney, Arthur Leonard1869-1938St. Marys, PennsylvaniaWwest Medford, Massachusetts
Finney, Arthur Leonard1903-?Boston, Massachusetts
Finney, Arza1805-1880
Finney, Arza A.c1851-?
Finney, Asa N.1853-1930Norwich, VermontManchester, New York
Finney, Asahel1862-?
Finney, Asahel Clarkc1823-1879Shrewsbury, VermontKansas City, Missouri
Finney, Asenath1767-?Warren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Asenath1835-?
Finney, Augustusc1831-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Augustusc1864-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Augustus Brewster1851-1931Norwich, VermontSharon, Vermont
Finney, Aurelia A.c1863-?
Finney, Austin C.c1840-1934Burke, New York
Finney, Avisc1800-?
Finney, B. Franklin1859-?Greenwich, Connecticut
Finney, B. Lester1858-1928Hanover or Carver, MassachusettsWakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Barbarac1880-?
Finney, Barnard Newell1836-?Mehoopany, Pennsylvania
Finney, Barton Hynsdale1883-1883
Finney, Belinda1782-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Bellc1849-?
Finney, Bemjamin David1805-1884Carver, MassachusettsCarver, Massachusetts
Finney, Benjamin1727-1727
Finney, Benjamin1770-?
Finney, Benjamin1787-1864Orfordville, New HampshireAndover, New Hampshire
Finney, Benjamin Cooper1809-1884Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Benjamin E.1862-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Benjamin F.c1833-1909Casey, Clark Co., IllinoisCasey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Benjamin H.1888-?Wakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Benjamin Harrisonc1832-?
Finney, Beri B.1799-?Harpersfield, New York
Finney, Beriah1768-?Warren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Bertha Antoinette1884-?
Finney, Bessie1872-?Waccabuc, New York
Finney, Bessie Ione1880-??Oakland, Calif.
Finney, Bethuel1760-?Warren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Betsey1788-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Betsey1797-?
Finney, Betsey1797-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Betseyc1810-?
Finney, Betsey Ann1793-?
Finney, Betsey Bishop1809-?
Finney, Betsey L.c1813-?
Finney, Betsey Sheldon1818-1836
Finney, Beulah1844-?
Finney, Blanche Evelyn1890-?
Finney, Butler J.c1845-?
Finney, Byron B.1841-1869
Finney, Byron E.1876-?Sharon, Vermont
Finney, C. Francis1832-1910Groton, New YorkWarren, Ohio
Finney, Calebc1742-?
Finney, Calebc1777-?
Finney, Calebc1778-?
Finney, Calebc1807-?
Finney, Caleb Morton1840-1865Carver, Massachusetts
Finney, Carl B.c1880-1884Westford, Massachusetts
Finney, Carl G.c1864-?
Finney, Carle Harvey1877-?Morrison, Illinois
Finney, Carlton Coffin1869-?Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Carlton William1882-?East Liverpool, Ohio
Finney, Carolinec1775-?
Finney, Caroline1814-c1816
Finney, Caroline1822-?
Finney, Carolinec1827-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Caroline1858-?Eaton, Ohio
Finney, Caroline E.c1863-?
Finney, Carriec1863-1904California
Finney, Carrie E.1866-1891
Finney, Carrie W.1876-1915
Finney, Carsheanc1813-?
Finney, Casper Morris1853-1855
Finney, Cassius L.1870-?
Finney, Catherinec1570-1650EnglandPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Charles1735-?Norton, MassachusettsShrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Charles1800-1864Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Charles1815-1893
Finney, Charles1850-1857Shrewsbury, VermontRockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, Charles1850-?
Finney, Charles Alexander1882-?Bradford, Pennsylvania
Finney, Charles B.1856-1872
Finney, Charles C.1851-1854
Finney, Charles Carson1905-1965North Platte, Neb.Ogden, Utah
Finney, Charles Doten1882-1883Wakefield, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Charles E.1829-1907Andover, New Hampshire
Finney, Charles E.c1865-?
Finney, Charles Edgar1865-1916Chigago, Illinois
Finney, Charles Edward1831-1907Stamford, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut
Finney, Charles Edwin1825-1852
Finney, Charles Edwin1842-1908Boston, MassachusettsWest Medford, Massachusetts
Finney, Charles F.1850-?
Finney, Charles G.c1812-?
Finney, Charles G.1814-1874Eaton, Madison, New YorkValparaiso, Porter Co., Indiana
Finney, Charles G.1849-1911Valparaiso, Porter Co., IndianaNorth Platte, Nebraska
Finney, Charles Grandison1792-1875Warren, ConnecticutOberlin, Ohio
Finney, Charles Grandison1830-1896New York City, New YorkVentura, California
Finney, Charles Grandisonc1889-?
Finney, Charles H.1849-1910Norwalk, ConnecticutVista, Connecticut
Finney, Charles Harlow1835-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Charles Henry1867-?Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Charles L.1875-?
Finney, Charles L.1895-?Wakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Charles Lewis1828-1898Forkston, Wyoming
Finney, Charles Lewis1854-1932Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Charles Simson1856-?McCarthy, OhioSullivan, Missouri
Finney, Charles W.c1857-?
Finney, Charlotte1764-?
Finney, Charlotte M.1836-1921Cleveland, Ohio
Finney, Chauncey Augustus1869-?
Finney, Chauncey W.1822-1872
Finney, Chauncey W.1866-?
Finney, Chester D.c1888-?
Finney, Chloe1785-?
Finney, Christiana1799-?
Finney, Clarac1847-?
Finney, Clara1879-1879Michigan
Finney, Clara C.1860-1860
Finney, Clara V.1852-?
Finney, Clarencec1850-?
Finney, Clarencec1865-?
Finney, Clarence1880-?
Finney, Clarence F.1869-?
Finney, Clarence William1923-1982New YorkTexas
Finney, Clarenda B.1841-?
Finney, Clarissa R.1834-?
Finney, Clark1762-1763
Finney, Clarkc1770-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Clarkc1811-?
Finney, Clarkc1820-?
Finney, Clark1845-1918
Finney, Clark Alsworth1877-?Vawsburg, Pennsylvania
Finney, Claude C.1868-?
Finney, Claude Melvillec1854-?
Finney, Coggin S.1849-1934Burke, New YorkFitchburg, Massachusetts
Finney, Cora A1867-c1943Gustavous, OhioWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Finney, Cordanac1815-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Cordellac1826-?
Finney, Corneliac1802-?
Finney, Corneliac1834-?
Finney, Corneliusc1847-1931Michigan
Finney, Costello1837-?
Finney, Crayton Maynard1831-1837
Finney, Cristianna Clarissa1866-1886
Finney, Curtis Howardc1882-?
Finney, Cynthia1792-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Cynthia Helen1817-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Cynthia Helen1859-1933Detroit, Michigan
Finney, Cyrus1764-?
Finney, Cyrus1771-1840Kent, ConnecticutEaton, Madison Co, New York
Finney, Cyrus1812-?
Finney, Cyrus Chapman1849-1881Herkimer, New YorkGarden, Arkansas
Finney, Cyrus Dow Sheldon1823-1824
Finney, Cyrus George1825-1862Henderson, NewYorkSan Francisco, California
Finney, Daisy D.1880-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Damanc1805-c1885Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Dan1834-?
Finney, Daniel1733-?
Finney, Daniel1764-?Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Danielc1770-?
Finney, Daniel J.1818-1895
Finney, Daniel Perhapsc1771-?
Finney, Daniel W.c1865-?
Finney, Darwin A.1852-?Meadville, Pennsylvania
Finney, Darwin Asabel1814-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Darwin Erasmus1808-1859Henderson, New YorkMenasha, Wisconsin
Finney, David1732-?Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, David1734-?Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, Davidc1808-?
Finney, Deborah1695-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Deborah1766-?
Finney, Deiadema1767-?
Finney, Deliac1825-?
Finney, Delia1871-1876
Finney, Deliah1781-?
Finney, Della May1873-?Portsmouth, Ohio
Finney, Denac1870-?
Finney, Devin McClaineTexas
Finney, Dewey1792-?Stamford, Vermont
Finney, Diadama1810-1890
Finney, Dorac1865-?Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Dora A.c1843-?
Finney, Dorothy Evelyn1895-?New York City, New York
Finney, Dorothy Ida1897-?
Finney, Drayton Josiah1855-?Johnson, Ohio
Finney, Droma Elizabeth1857-1858
Finney, Earlc1790-?
Finney, Earl Henry1887-?
Finney, Earl Peck1879-?Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Earl Tecumseh1879-?
Finney, Ebenezer1699-1745Swansea, Mass.Middleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Ebenezer1774-?Middleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Ebenezer Nelson1808-1867
Finney, Edgar1878-1934
Finney, Edgar Augustus1836-1872Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Edgar M.c1826-1864Middlebury, Vermont
Finney, Edgar Mollet1893-?
Finney, Edithc1868-?
Finney, Edith May1862-1912Sacramento, California
Finney, Edith Pearl1880-?McGregor, Iowa
Finney, Edith T.1875-?
Finney, Ednac1836-?
Finney, Edna Maudec1880-?
Finney, Edson Morris1893-?Kansas City, Missouri
Finney, Edward1561-?
Finney, Edwardc1845-?
Finney, Edward A.c1841-?
Finney, Edward A.1899-?
Finney, Edward Albert1875-?
Finney, Edward Arthur1871-1933Woodbridge, Connecticut
Finney, Edward C.1903-?Shawnee, Oklahoma
Finney, Edward Lorenzo1844-1862
Finney, Edwinc1822-?
Finney, Edwin Ashley1898-?Meadville, Pennsylvania
Finney, Edwin Charles1845-1874Henderson, New YorkHenderson, New York
Finney, Edwin Charles1875-1932Henderson, New York
Finney, Edwin Erasmus1838-1910Pillar Point, New YorkOshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Edwin Erasmus1866-?Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Effa Elwood1861-1868Lynn, Massachusetts
Finney, Effie D.c1871-?
Finney, Eleanorc1815-?
Finney, Eleazer1752-1813Kent, ConnecticutVermont
Finney, Eleazer1755-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Elihu1755-1813Lebanon, ConnecticutCooperstown, New York
Finney, Elihuc1776-c1812
Finney, Elihu1785-1863Canaan, New YorkCooperstown, New York
Finney, Elihu N.1829-1903Burke, New YorkStrafford, Vermont
Finney, Elijah Goslee1776-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Elisabethc1851-?
Finney, Elisha1767-1831Kent, ConnecticutElizabeth, New Jersey
Finney, Eliza1838-?
Finney, Eliza1843-1902McCarthy, OhioMcCarthy, Ohio
Finney, Eliza Alice1885-?
Finney, Eliza Ann1809-?
Finney, Eliza Atwood1794-?
Finney, Eliza Jane1821-1892Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Eliza M.1842-?
Finney, Eliza Shermanc1805-?
Finney, Elizabethc1588-?
Finney, Elizabeth1659-?Barnstable, Massachusetts
Finney, Elizabeth1690-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elizabeth1691-1701Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Elizabeth1695-1730
Finney, Elizabeth1707-1763Bristol, Rhode IslandSwansea, Mass.
Finney, Elizabeth1723-?
Finney, Elizabeth1724-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elizabeth1731-1759
Finney, Elizabeth1742-?Lebanon, Connecticut
Finney, Elizabeth1750-?Lebanon, Connecticut
Finney, Elizabeth1754-1756
Finney, Elizabeth1757-?
Finney, Elizabeth1761-?
Finney, Elizabeth1763-?
Finney, Elizabethc1773-?
Finney, Elizabethc1775-?
Finney, Elizabeth1780-?
Finney, Elizabeth1804-?
Finney, Elizabethc1813-?
Finney, Elizabeth1817-?
Finney, Elizabethc1833-?
Finney, Elizabeth1837-?
Finney, Elizabeth1843-?Ol
Finney, Elizabethc1853-?
Finney, Elizabeth (Bessie)1875-?
Finney, Elizabeth Clark1761-1761
Finney, Elizabeth Cutter1865-1912Charlestown, Massachusetts
Finney, Elizabeth D.c1834-?
Finney, Elizabeth Emory1835-1904Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elizabeth Melton1866-1867Brunswick, Georgia
Finney, Elkanah1739-?
Finney, Elkanah1777-1837Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elkanah1803-?
Finney, Elkanah1850-1927Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elkannah C.1844-1928Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elkannah Churchill1804-1872Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Ella Francesc1852-?
Finney, Ella J.1846-1899
Finney, Ella M.1873-1904
Finney, Ella M.c1874-?
Finney, Ellen1836-?
Finney, Ellen P.c1865-?
Finney, Elmer Edson1855-?Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Finney, Elmer G.1880-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Elsworth1862-1914Stamford, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut
Finney, Elwood Crayton1849-1879Wyoming Co., PennsylvaniaWyoming Co., Pennsylvania
Finney, Emeline1843-?
Finney, Emiline Bensonc1884-?
Finney, Emilyc1857-?
Finney, Emily A.1841-1929Stamford, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut
Finney, Emily Roxann1860-1864Lancaster, New Hampshire
Finney, Emily T.c1810-?
Finney, Emmac1810-?
Finney, Emma A.1859-?Chateaugay, New York
Finney, Emma A.c1870-?
Finney, Emma Delia1855-?Middlebush, New Jersey
Finney, Emma Gertrude1880-1885
Finney, Emma Matilda1848-?
Finney, Ephraim1748-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Ephraimc1778-1860
Finney, Ephraim1800-1880
Finney, Ephraim1815-1894
Finney, Ephraimc1834-?
Finney, Erastus1788-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Erastus1789-?Lenox, Massachusetts
Finney, Erastus1839-1912Binghampton, New York
Finney, Ernest1878-?Vista, Connecticut
Finney, Ernest Kent1870-1920Valparaiso, Indiana
Finney, Ernest Oren1879-?
Finney, Esther1693-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Esther1719-?
Finney, Esther1744-1745
Finney, Estherc1888-?
Finney, Esther M.1843-1898Elizabethtown, New YorkMontague, Michigan
Finney, Esther W.c1836-?
Finney, Eugenec1867-?
Finney, Eugene1889-?Sullivan, Missouri
Finney, Eugene C.1843-?
Finney, Eugene L.1850-1872
Finney, Eunicec1769-?
Finney, Eunicec1800-?
Finney, Eunice Sherwood1834-1839
Finney, Everett1815-1903Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Everett1848-1933Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Everett1858-?
Finney, Everett B.1828-?Groton, New YorkLincoln, Nebraska
Finney, Everett B.1867-?
Finney, Experiencec1778-?
Finney, Experiencec1800-?
Finney, Ezra1743-1780Plymouth, MassachusettsAt Sea
Finney, Ezra1776-1861Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Ezra1804-1804
Finney, Ezra1812-?
Finney, Ezra1817-?
Finney, Ezra Thompson1795-1877Lee, MassachusettsBristolville, Ohio
Finney, Ezra Thompson1845-1929Bristolville, OhioMontclair, New Jersey
Finney, Farnsworth1822-1842
Finney, Felicite Amelia1867-?
Finney, Flora Matildac1840-?
Finney, Florence1896-?Sullivan, Missouri
Finney, Florence Theodorac1891-?
Finney, Floyd1882-?Michigan
Finney, Floyd Ethan1883-1907Bradford, Pennsylvania
Finney, Frances1825-1829Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Francesc1837-?
Finney, Frances J.c1849-?
Finney, Frankc1849-?
Finney, Frank1850-1900Burke, New YorkBurke, New York
Finney, Frank1852-?
Finney, Frankc1860-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Frank1877-?Columbus, Indiana
Finney, Frank Allen1850-?
Finney, Frank B.1869-?
Finney, Frank Bruce1886-?Townville, Pennsylvania
Finney, Frank Chandler1875-?
Finney, Frank Clark1848-1929Shrewsbury, VermontCleveland, Ohio
Finney, Frank G.1869-1918Orfordville, New HampshireOrfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Frank Graham1866-?Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Frank H.c1873-?
Finney, Frank L.c1847-?
Finney, Frank N.1834-?Bristol, Vermont
Finney, Frank Stanley1845-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Frank Whipple1863-?
Finney, Frank Zenas1852-1889Henderson, New YorkStevens Point, Wisconsin
Finney, Franklin Homer1865-?Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Franklin L.1836-1837Johnson, Ohio
Finney, Franklin W.1846-?
Finney, Franklin Zenasc1874-1924Lewiston, Idaho
Finney, Fred1891-?Sullivan, Missouri
Finney, Fred M.1854-1928Rockdale, PennsylvaniaRockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, Fred N.1853-1927Burke, New YorkBurke, New York
Finney, Frederick Ferris1834-1920Santa Ana, California
Finney, Frederick N.c1885-?
Finney, Frederick Norton1832-?Boston, Massachusetts
Finney, Frederick Steel1860-1927California
Finney, Georgec1765-?Warwick, Rhode Island
Finney, George1770-1792At Sea
Finney, Georgec1772-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, George1791-1835Lenox, Massachusetts
Finney, George1795-?
Finney, George1797-1821North Carolina
Finney, George1800-1842Plymouth, MassachusettsGeneva, New York
Finney, Georgec1807-?
Finney, Georgec1811-?
Finney, George1817-?
Finney, George1821-?
Finney, George1830-1916Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Georgec1831-?
Finney, Georgec1850-?
Finney, George1859-?McCarthy, Ohio
Finney, George1873-?
Finney, George1877-?Michigan
Finney, George Arthur1854-1924
Finney, George C.c1824-?
Finney, George E.1860-?Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, George E.1870-1922
Finney, George E.c1887-?
Finney, George Edward1833-1906New York
Finney, George Gordon1787-1828
Finney, George H.1873-?
Finney, George Harvey1816-c1894
Finney, George Harvey1848-1910Scioto Co., OhioColumbus, Ohio
Finney, George Harvey1869-1873Scioto Co., Ohio
Finney, George Henry1898-?Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, George J.1869-?Pillar Point, New York
Finney, George L.1865-?Rockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, George LeGrand1836-1896
Finney, George LeGrandc1856-?
Finney, George LeGrandc1873-?
Finney, George Lewis1840-1910Middleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, George W.1814-1885Burke, New York
Finney, George W.1829-?
Finney, George W.1834-?
Finney, George W.1837-1916Tolono, Illinois
Finney, George W.1842-1881Henderson, New York
Finney, George W.1845-1920Valparaiso, IndianaValparaiso, Indiana
Finney, George Washington1795-1865Brothertown, New YorkOakland, California
Finney, George Washington1855-?
Finney, Georgia Anna1874-1875
Finney, Georgianac1881-?
Finney, Georgiana Milton1841-?Sackets Harbor, New York
Finney, Gertrudec1871-?
Finney, Gilbert Richmond1880-?
Finney, Gladys Piercec1884-?
Finney, Glenna S.1888-1920Norwalk, ConnecticutNorwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Gracec1869-1932
Finney, Grace1876-1892
Finney, Grace L.1886-?
Finney, Grace Matilda1885-?
Finney, Grace Violac1884-?
Finney, Grandisonc1893-?
Finney, Grant Ernest1867-1921Stratford, Connecticut
Finney, Granville Sylvester1838-?
Finney, Guy A.1888-?New Plymouth, Ohio
Finney, Guy Barnes1902-?Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Guy Warren1875-?Chapinsville, ?
Finney, Gwendoline Elizabeth1903-1995North Platte, NebraskaWhittier, Calif.
Finney, Haidac1848-?
Finney, Haman1809-c1889Essex Co, New York
Finney, Hanford Edson1865-?Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Finney, Hannabal Hodges1815-1893Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Hannabal Hodges1856-?Rockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, Hannah1657-?Barnstable, Massachusetts
Finney, Hannah1687-1744Bristol, Rhode IslandBristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Hannah1700-1730
Finney, Hannah1740-?
Finney, Hannah1761-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Hannah1769-?
Finney, Hannah1776-?
Finney, Hannah1784-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Hannah1784-?
Finney, Hannah1795-?
Finney, Hannah1805-?
Finney, Hannah1808-?
Finney, Hannah Maria1808-?
Finney, Harley E.c1853-?
Finney, Harold M.1890-1891Manchester, New HampshireManchester, New Hampshire
Finney, Harrietc1798-?
Finney, Harriet1804-1844Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Harrietc1808-?
Finney, Harriet1850-?McCarthy, OhioSullivan, Missouri
Finney, Harriet A.1873-1889Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Harriet Lora1844-1886
Finney, Harriettc1820-1880Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Harriett1830-?Groton, New YorkLincoln, Nebraska
Finney, Harriettc1831-?
Finney, Harris1826-?
Finney, Harrison1814-?
Finney, Harry1790-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Harry1884-1890Bradford, Pennsylvania
Finney, Harry Anson1886-?Postville, Iowa
Finney, Harry E.c1878-1879
Finney, Harry M.1880-?
Finney, Harry Minor1879-?
Finney, Harry R.c1844-?
Finney, Harry Starr1877-?
Finney, Harry Warren1877-?Chelsea, Massachusetts
Finney, Hartley1797-1860
Finney, Harvey1803-1840Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Harvey1842-1864Carver, Massachusetts
Finney, Helenc1828-?
Finney, Helen1858-1932
Finney, Helen Clarissa1828-1911Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaOberlin, Ohio
Finney, Helen Margaret1868-1900Binghampton, New York
Finney, Helen Woodruffc1866-?
Finney, Heman1770-1842Kent, ConnecticutAddison, Vermont
Finney, Heman1874-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Henrietta1850-1920Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Henry1781-1850Cooperstown, New York
Finney, Henry1799-?Stamford, Vermont
Finney, Henry1807-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Henryc1814-?
Finney, Henry1846-1920McCarthy, Ohio
Finney, Henryc1871-?
Finney, Henry Allertonc1839-?
Finney, Henry Elmer1840-1916Chicago, Illinois
Finney, Henry Elmerc1870-?
Finney, Henry Franklin1837-1923Stamford, ConnecticutBridgeport, Connecticut
Finney, Henry J.1831-1894Orfordville, New HampshireOrfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Henry J.c1843-?
Finney, Henry Lester Starks1854-1891Easton, MichiganGrand Rapids, Michigan
Finney, Henry W.c1852-?
Finney, Henry W.1875-?Michigan
Finney, Herbert1860-1933New Plymouth, OhioTopeka, Kansas
Finney, Herman Russell1878-1900Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Homer L.1885-?Sharon, Vermont
Finney, Hortence1837-1851
Finney, Howard Adelbert1874-1952Bristolville, OhioMontclair, New Jersey
Finney, Huldah1801-?
Finney, Huldah1811-?
Finney, Ida1865-1866
Finney, Ida1867-?
Finney, Ida Mayc1869-?
Finney, Inac1862-?
Finney, Ina M.1864-?Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Irac1807-?
Finney, Irene1749-?
Finney, Irene Amanda1834-1841
Finney, Isaac1769-?Connecticut
Finney, Isaac1773-1812Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Isaac1782-1783Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Isaacc1786-?
Finney, Isaac Alfred1804-1879Norwalk, ConnecticutBinghampton, New York
Finney, Isaac Sheldon1820-1902Essex Co, New York
Finney, Isabel1572-?
Finney, Isabel Emma1853-1902Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Jabez1737-?Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, Jacob1803-?
Finney, James1764-?
Finney, James1810-1886
Finney, Jamesc1810-?
Finney, Jamesc1815-?
Finney, Jamesc1824-?
Finney, Jamesc1829-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Jamesc1869-?Riverside, Connecticut
Finney, James Harvey1868-?Scioto Co., Ohio
Finney, James Howard1857-1913Chiltonville, MassachusettsChiltonville, Massachusetts
Finney, James Israel1833-1853
Finney, James LeGrand1839-1863
Finney, James Madison1810-1832
Finney, James T.1810-?
Finney, Jane1799-1825
Finney, Janec1827-?
Finney, Jane1835-1848
Finney, Jane1869-?
Finney, Jane Maria1831-?Elizabethtown, New York
Finney, Jane Matilda1835-1852Erie Co., New York
Finney, Jannie S.c1839-1863
Finney, Jasper A.1841-1842
Finney, Jasper B.1842-?
Finney, Jean1750-?
Finney, Jeanette1826-1907Groton, New York
Finney, Jeanettec1838-?
Finney, Jeffrey1532-1586Lenton, Nottinghamshire, EnglandLenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Finney, Jemima1763-?
Finney, Jenniec1857-?
Finney, Jenniec1866-?
Finney, Jennie L.c1853-?Cohoes, New York
Finney, Jennie Maude1884-?North Platte, NebraskaSan Leandro, Calif.
Finney, Jennie S.c1869-?
Finney, Jeremiah1662-1748Barnstable, MassachusettsBristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Jeremiah1684-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Jeremiah1700-1759Bristol, Rhode IslandBristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Jeremiah1733-1807Bristol, Rhode IslandBristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Jeremiah1752-1773At Sea
Finney, Jeremiah1774-1799
Finney, Jerucia Ann1829-1854
Finney, Jerusha1728-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Jerusha1838-1841
Finney, Jesse Bartlett1831-?New Plymouth, Ohio
Finney, Joanna1683-?
Finney, Joel1717-?Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, Joel1744-1798Lebanon, ConnecticutMonkton, Vermont
Finney, Joel1772-1846Kent, ConnecticutElizabethtown, Essex, New York
Finney, Joel1807-1811
Finney, Joel B.1816-?Westport, New York
Finney, Joel Jerome1829-?Niagra Co., New York
Finney, John1603-c1702EnglandBarnstable, Massachusetts
Finney, John1690-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, John1696-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, John1696-1773Bristol, Rhode IslandLebanon, Connecticut
Finney, John1701-1791Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, John1718-?Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, John1721-1788Swansea, Mass.
Finney, John1726-?
Finney, John1730-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, John1757-1832Lebanon, ConnecticutAddison, Vermont
Finney, John1762-?1/12/1762
Finney, John1766-?
Finney, John1773-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, John1811-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, John1813-?Warren, Ohio
Finney, Johnc1818-?
Finney, John1829-1894Lambertville, New Jersey
Finney, Johnc1875-c1876
Finney, John Allen1805-1862Stamford, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut
Finney, John Anson1858-?Elizabethtown, New York
Finney, John Bacheldor1877-?
Finney, John Carter1793-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, John Clarke1867-?Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Finney, John Edwardsc1886-?
Finney, John H.c1854-?
Finney, John Henry1844-1849
Finney, John Lyndec1894-?
Finney, John Ross1872-1932Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, John Smith1807-1885
Finney, John W.c1827-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, John W.1846-1907Shrewsbury, VermontRockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, John W.c1855-?
Finney, John W.1872-?North Leominster, Massachusetts
Finney, Johnson1775-1859Kent, ConnecticutVermont
Finney, Jonathan1655-1728Barnstable, MassachusettsSwansea, Mass.
Finney, Jonathan1736-1773Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, Jonathan1758-1843Warren or Kent, ConnecticutDelhi, New York
Finney, Jonathan1797-?Lee, Massachusetts
Finney, Jonathanc1837-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Jonathan S.1819-c1900Butler Co., OhioCumberland Co., Illinois
Finney, Jonathan S.c1832-?
Finney, Jonathan Sackettc1788-?Kent, ConnecticutButler Co., Ohio
Finney, Joseph1751-?
Finney, Josephc1792-?
Finney, Joseph1806-?
Finney, Josephc1813-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Joseph Erasmus1863-1931Agusta, GeorgiaNew York City, New York
Finney, Joseph F.1839-1918Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Joseph L.c1860-?Binghampton, New York
Finney, Joseph R.1849-1899Henderson, New YorkElbowoods, North Dakota
Finney, Joseph Street1834-1842
Finney, Joseph Sylvester1808-1809
Finney, Joseph T.c1876-?
Finney, Josephinec1846-?
Finney, Josephine D.c1839-?
Finney, Joshua1665-1714Barnstable, MassachusettsSwansea, Massachusetts
Finney, Joshua1689-1781Bristol, Rhode IslandLebanon, Connecticut
Finney, Joshua1708-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Joshua1716-1716
Finney, Joshua1724-?Swansea, Massachusetts
Finney, Joshua1736-?
Finney, Joshua1756-1821Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Josiah1661-?Barnstable, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1688-1692Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1698-1783Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1701-1774Bristol, Rhode IslandColumbia, Connecticut
Finney, Josiah1720-1720Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1725-1726
Finney, Josiah1727-1727Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1728-1773Swansea, MassachusettsWarren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Josiah1728-1804Bristol, Rhode IslandBristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Josiah1736-?
Finney, Josiah1740-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1756-1844Kent, ConnecticutJohnson, Ohio
Finney, Josiahc1774-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Josiah1782-1859ConnecticutOhio
Finney, Josiahc1800-?
Finney, Josiahc1824-?
Finney, Josiahc1843-?
Finney, Josiah Morton1765-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Josiah Morton1808-1809
Finney, Josiah T.1837-?
Finney, Josiah Thomas1814-?
Finney, Joyce1599-?
Finney, Juliac1818-?
Finney, Juliac1869-?
Finney, Julia Andrews1863-?Talladega, Alabama
Finney, Julia R.1837-?
Finney, Julius Frederick1838-1866
Finney, Katherinec1596-1673Barnstable, Massachusetts
Finney, Katherine1783-1858
Finney, Keziah1730-?
Finney, Kydiac1771-?
Finney, Lafayette Hinsdale1857-?Easton, Michigan
Finney, Larinac1835-?
Finney, Laurac1817-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Laura Alithe1882-?
Finney, Lavinia1813-?
Finney, Leavitt1813-1885Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Leavitt Weston1827-?
Finney, LeClair1880-c1907Bristolville, Ohio
Finney, Lee AlanConnecticut
Finney, Leighton1890-?
Finney, Lena1798-?
Finney, Lena M.1891-1891Wakefield, MassachusettsWakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Lennure1794-?
Finney, Leslie Wayne1876-1901
Finney, Lester1879-1833Wakefield, MassachusettsWakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Lester Lynn1880-?Portsmouth, Ohio
Finney, Leverett L.c1887-?
Finney, Levi1787-1848Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Levi Loring1791-1815Lost At Sea
Finney, Leviac1784-?
Finney, Levina1766-?
Finney, Levina Marah1841-?
Finney, Levisia1794-1849Mariah, New York
Finney, Lewis1731-1745Middleborough, MassachusettsMiddleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Lewis1765-1832Middleborough, MassachusettsMiddleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Lewisc1779-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Lewisc1807-?
Finney, Lewisc1838-?
Finney, Lewis1880-1925MichiganMichigan
Finney, Lewis1902-?Michigan
Finney, Lewis M.c1854-?
Finney, Lidac1868-1912Waccabuc, New York
Finney, Lida E.1855-?
Finney, Lidia1722-?
Finney, Lidiac1752-?
Finney, Lidia1780-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Lilian O.1866-1920North Platte, NebNorth Platte, Neb.
Finney, Lillian Frances1885-1930Lynn, Massachusetts
Finney, Lillie Christine1869-?
Finney, Lizzie1862-?Richmond, Indiana
Finney, Llewellen C.c1850-?
Finney, Llewellyn1851-?
Finney, Lois Maria1882-?Postville, Iowa
Finney, Lorenzo1827-1906Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Lorenzo W.c1861-?
Finney, Loring1760-1827Bristol, Rhode IslandBristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Lottie1873-1874Michigan
Finney, Louisa1780-1850
Finney, Louise Clarkc1861-?
Finney, Louise Edmonds1873-?
Finney, Louise Marie1893-?Greene, Ohio
Finney, Lucinda1763-?
Finney, Lucinda1780-1783Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Lucinda1789-?Warren, ConnecticutGreene, Co., New York
Finney, Lucinda1796-?Stamford, Vermont
Finney, Lucinda1802-?
Finney, Lucinda1809-1866
Finney, Lucinda1848-?
Finney, Lucindac1854-?
Finney, Lucretia1767-?
Finney, Lucretiac1825-?
Finney, Lucyc1805-?
Finney, Lucy1840-?McCarthy, Ohio
Finney, Lucy Elmira1888-?Witchita, Kansas
Finney, Lucy Emerton1862-1929Rumney, New Hampshire
Finney, Lucy Henrietta1847-?
Finney, Lucy M.1846-?
Finney, Luella1884-?Portsmouth, Ohio
Finney, Luella E.1865-1865Burke, New York
Finney, Lula Iona1914-1980Evanston, Uinta, WyomingOntario, Calif.
Finney, Lulu O.c1870-1927North Platte, Neb.
Finney, Lyda Westonc1880-?
Finney, Lydia1695-?
Finney, Lydia1718-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Lydia1732-?
Finney, Lydia1746-?
Finney, Lydiac1766-?
Finney, Lydia1770-1771Warren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Lydia1785-?Lenox, Massachusetts
Finney, Lydia1786-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Lydiac1788-?
Finney, Lydia1797-?
Finney, Lydiac1801-?
Finney, Lydia1808-?
Finney, Lydiac1830-?
Finney, Lydia1873-1929New Haven, Connecticut
Finney, Lydiac1889-?
Finney, Lydia Bartlett1799-?
Finney, Lydia Covington1830-1890Carver, Massachusetts
Finney, Lydia E.c1827-?
Finney, Lydia Elizabeth1832-?Mexico, NewYork
Finney, Lydia Weston1840-1925Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Lymanc1796-?
Finney, Lyman A.1848-1855
Finney, Lyman H.1806-1875Burke, VermontBurke, Vermont
Finney, Lyman Maynard1859-?
Finney, Lyndon Hartshorn1873-1904Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Mabel G.1882-?North Leominster, Massachusetts
Finney, Mabel V.1882-1888Norwalk, ConnecticutCornwall, Connecticut
Finney, Mable1863-?
Finney, Maggiec1851-?
Finney, Malvina1829-1842
Finney, Marcia1814-?
Finney, Margaret1637-?
Finney, Margaret1796-1796
Finney, Margaretc1835-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Margaret1846-?
Finney, Mariahc1827-?
Finney, Marian EConnecticut
Finney, Mariette E.1861-1867
Finney, Marillac1834-?
Finney, Marion C.c1891-?
Finney, Marion E.1837-1918Hillsdale, MichiganVergennes, Vermont
Finney, Marion E.1862-?Rockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, Martha1720-?
Finney, Martha1735-1735Lebanon, ConnecticutLebanon, Connecticut
Finney, Martha1762-?
Finney, Martha1764-1833
Finney, Marthac1862-?
Finney, Martha A.1865-1920Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Martha J.1848-1872
Finney, Martha Lovice1860-?Charlestown, Massachusetts
Finney, Martin1751-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Martin1780-?
Finney, Martin1782-1811Farmington, Connecticut
Finney, Martin1791-1872Warren, ConnecticutMonkton, Vermont
Finney, Martinc1805-?
Finney, Maryc1586-?
Finney, Mary1686-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Mary1694-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Mary1695-?
Finney, Mary1718-?
Finney, Mary1727-?
Finney, Mary1742-?
Finney, Mary1757-?
Finney, Mary1763-?
Finney, Maryc1768-?
Finney, Mary1770-?
Finney, Maryc1772-?
Finney, Mary1774-1775Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Maryc1797-?
Finney, Maryc1800-?
Finney, Maryc1809-?
Finney, Maryc1819-?Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Mary1834-1835Groton, New YorkGroton, New York
Finney, Mary1849-1863Henderson, New York
Finney, Maryc1853-?
Finney, Mary1853-?McCarthy, OhioKentucky
Finney, Maryc1854-?
Finney, Maryc1858-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Maryc1868-?
Finney, Mary A.1858-1911Orfordville, New Hampshire
Finney, Mary Angeline1885-?
Finney, Mary Ann1810-1906
Finney, Mary Annc1830-?
Finney, Mary Ann1836-?
Finney, Mary Barton1879-1879
Finney, Mary Caville1811-<1819
Finney, Mary Caville1819-?
Finney, Mary E.1834-1896
Finney, Mary E.c1847-?
Finney, Mary E.1850-?
Finney, Mary E.1873-1925PennsylvaniaCalifornia
Finney, Mary Eliza1856-?Charlestown, Massachusetts
Finney, Mary Elizabethc1837-?
Finney, Mary Ella1866-1867
Finney, Mary Ellen1845-1849
Finney, Mary G.c1844-1844Burke, Vermont
Finney, Mary Hanford1856-1937
Finney, Mary Janec1843-?
Finney, Mary Jerusha1855-?Forkston, Wyoming
Finney, Mary L.c1837-?
Finney, Mary L.c1874-?
Finney, Mary Mercy1718-?
Finney, Mary Nelson1838-?
Finney, Mary Otisc1810-?
Finney, Mary Pearse1790-1866
Finney, Mary Philander1827-?Mexico, NewYork
Finney, Mary Souse1845-1847Monkton, Vermont
Finney, Mary Waite1866-?
Finney, Mason1800-?
Finney, Maudc1873-?
Finney, Maud1876-?
Finney, Maud E.c1876-1878
Finney, Maud Irenec1879-?
Finney, Maud M.1868-?
Finney, Maude Eloisec1873-?
Finney, Maude LeGrandc1864-?
Finney, Maurice N.c1893-?
Finney, Mehitable1688-?
Finney, Mehitable1688-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Melissac1818-?
Finney, Melissa T.c1850-?
Finney, Melizissac1796-?
Finney, Melvia L.1866-?
Finney, Melvina R.c1835-?
Finney, Mercy1730-?Lebanon, Connecticut
Finney, Mercy1732-?
Finney, Merova1801-1875New Haven, ConnecticutMiddlebury, Vermont
Finney, Merrit Truesdale1851-?
Finney, Mildred Annac1875-?
Finney, Milo P.1820-1894
Finney, Miltonc1853-?
Finney, Milton D.c1851-?
Finney, Mina Moe1862-1927Chateaugay, New YorkBurke, New York
Finney, Minnie1859-?
Finney, Minnie L.c1854-?
Finney, Miranda1784-1841Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Mirandac1815-?
Finney, Molly1759-?
Finney, Molly1763-?
Finney, Morris1870-1916Stamford, Connecticut
Finney, Myra Esther1881-?Postville, Iowa
Finney, Myron1800-1865Monkton, VermontWilliston, Vermont
Finney, Myronc1865-?
Finney, Myron Hynsdale1846-?Hinesburg, Vermont
Finney, Myrtie A.1877-?Norwich, Vermont
Finney, Myrtlec1852-?
Finney, Nancy1792-1792Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Nancy1793-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Nancy1830-?
Finney, Nancy1833-?Furnace Falls, Canada
Finney, Nancy1836-?
Finney, Nancy D.c1822-?
Finney, Nancy Elizabethc1897-?
Finney, Narcisiac1822-?
Finney, Nathan1759-1813Norton, MassachusettsShrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Nathaniel1721-1809Swansea, MassachusettsMachias, Maine
Finney, Nathaniel1732-?
Finney, Nathaniel1736-?
Finney, Nathanielc1750-?Norton, Massachusetts
Finney, Nathaniel Sylvester1815-?
Finney, Nelson1728-1781Middleborough, MassachusettsMiddleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Nelson1761-?
Finney, Nelson1768-?
Finney, Nelson1799-1814Shrewsbury, Vermont
Finney, Nelson1807-?
Finney, Nero Beri1803-?Delhi, New York
Finney, Nettie L.1882-1883Wakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Newman1782-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Newton1855-1856
Finney, Newton Scott1873-?Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Finney, Newton Sobieske1836-1910Sackets Harbor, New YorkAnnapolis, Maryland
Finney, Norman1812-1897VermontMonkton, Vermont
Finney, Norman E.1873-1925Norwich, VermontBridgewater, Massachusetts
Finney, Norman Johnson1844-1869Hinesburg, VermontWilliston, Vermont
Finney, Normanda1786-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Norton J.1865-?
Finney, Olivec1811-?
Finney, Oliver1728-?Swansea, Mass.
Finney, Oliver1884-?
Finney, Oliver Perhapsc1773-?
Finney, Orac1884-?
Finney, Orlando Wc1833-?Ohio
Finney, Orlando Wiley1880-?
Finney, Orson Ovietta1833-1867Cohoes, New York
Finney, Oscar Franklin1854-1861Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Oscar Tecumseh1872-?
Finney, Oscar Ward1879-?
Finney, Pameliac1811-?
Finney, Parley1815-?
Finney, Paulinus1798-1849Camachi, Iowa
Finney, Paulinus J.c1846-?
Finney, Pelham1811-1868Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Pelham W.1843-1844
Finney, Perhaps Amanda1834-?
Finney, Phebe1705-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Phebe1725-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Phebec1754-?
Finney, Phebe1762-?Warren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Phebe1767-?
Finney, Phebe1794-?Lenox, Massachusetts
Finney, Phebe1803-?
Finney, Phebe1804-?
Finney, Philemon Hunt1827-1829
Finney, Philenac1809-?
Finney, Pleadis1817-?
Finney, Polley1792-?Lebanon, Connecticut
Finney, Pollinac1793-1795Greene, Co., New York
Finney, Polly1789-1791Lenox, MassachusettsLee, Massachusetts
Finney, Polly1792-1793
Finney, Polly1794-?Stamford, Vermont
Finney, Pollyc1799-?
Finney, Polly1803-?
Finney, Porter S.1826-1884Delhi, New YorkSan Luis Obispo, California
Finney, Porter Seldenc1871-?
Finney, Pricilla1695-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Rachael LynnTexas
Finney, Rachel1745-?
Finney, Rachel1774-1854Kent, ConnecticutSand Lake, New York
Finney, Rachel E.1835-1899Furnace Falls, CanadaMarinette, Wisconsin
Finney, Ramson P.c1849-?
Finney, Raymond A.c1872-?
Finney, Raymond T.1886-?
Finney, Raymond W.c1889-?
Finney, Rebecca1692-?Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Rebeccac1719-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Rebecca1768-?
Finney, Rebeccac1806-?
Finney, Rebecca A.c1860-?
Finney, Rebecca Ellen1848-1879Indiana
Finney, Rebecca Lucinda1855-?
Finney, Reumah1804-?
Finney, Rhoda1763-?Warren, Litchfield, Connecticut
Finney, Rhoda1810-?
Finney, Rhoda1828-1908
Finney, Rhoda L.1829-?
Finney, Richard1844-1918Binghampton, New York
Finney, Richardc1869-?
Finney, Richardc1878-?
Finney, Richard S.1835-1861Groton, New York
Finney, Robert1608-1687EnglandPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Robert1656-1690Barnstable, MassachusettsEnroute to Canada
Finney, Robert1693-1764Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Robert1741-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Robert1768-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Robert1804-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Robert1828-1883Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Robertc1851-?
Finney, Robert1868-?
Finney, Robert (Bob) Hiram1872-1966MissouriEvanston, Wyoming
Finney, Robert (Peter)1568-1637Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England?
Finney, Robert C.c1867-?
Finney, Roland C.c1869-?
Finney, Roland Platt1854-?Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Finney, Romanta1815-?Burke, Vermont
Finney, Rosamond1758-?
Finney, Rosec1855-?
Finney, Ross L.1875-1934Postville, IowaMinneapolis, Minnesota
Finney, Roy A.1891-?Wakefield, Kansas
Finney, Royal1848-1866
Finney, Rufus1760-?Connecticut
Finney, Rufus1841-?
Finney, Rufus Churchill1849-?
Finney, Rufus Fitch1829-1885
Finney, Russell Anson1811-1874Elizabethtown, New YorkPostville, Iowa
Finney, Russell Paulinus1838-?North Evans, New York
Finney, Russell Paulinusc1858-?
Finney, Ruth1729-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Ruth1757-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Ruth1768-?
Finney, Ruth1783-1829
Finney, Ruthc1815-?
Finney, Ruth C.1866-1871
Finney, Ruth F.c1872-?
Finney, Ruth H.c1836-?
Finney, Ruth MNew York
Finney, Ruth Thurston1781-1818
Finney, Sadee Emma1870-1877
Finney, Salee Bess1885-?
Finney, Salley1801-?Delhi, New York
Finney, Sallie P.1832-1893
Finney, Sallyc1777-?
Finney, Sally1795-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Sally1797-?
Finney, Sally1829-?
Finney, Sally C.c1796-?
Finney, Samuel1699-1765Bristol, Rhode IslandWarwick, Rhode Island
Finney, Samuelc1850-1903Louisville, Kentucky
Finney, Samuel Taylor1825-1902
Finney, Sands A.1832-1881
Finney, Sanford1843-1884Burke, New York
Finney, Sarah1595-?
Finney, Sarah1722-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Sarah1737-?Norton, Massachusetts
Finney, Sarah1753-?Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Sarah1758-?
Finney, Sarah1761-?
Finney, Sarah1767-?
Finney, Sarah1769-?
Finney, Sarah1780-1852
Finney, Sarahc1794-?
Finney, Sarah1794-?
Finney, Sarah1837-?
Finney, Sarah1866-?
Finney, Sarah C.1844-?
Finney, Sarah Edith1857-?
Finney, Sarah Jane1837-?
Finney, Sarah Lucinda1829-?Henderson, New York
Finney, Sarah M.1829-1896
Finney, Sarah M.1876-?Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Finney, Sarah Sally1839-1905Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Sarah Zeliac1859-?
Finney, Sedulhan1771-?
Finney, Selden1795-?Lee, MassachusettsDelhi, New York
Finney, Selden Adelbert1849-1926Kalamazoo, Michigan
Finney, Selden E.c1828-?
Finney, Serenac1798-?
Finney, Serenac1856-?
Finney, Seth1780-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Seth1800-1852
Finney, Seth1823-1908Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Seth C.c1795-c1856Greene, Co., New York
Finney, Seth Clark1855-1917Carver, Massachusetts
Finney, Shelsea LynnTexas
Finney, Sherman S.c1860-?
Finney, Sherry LynnConnecticut
Finney, Sicilie1570-?
Finney, Simeon Shangar1831-?Niagra Co., New York
Finney, Sineas Phineas L.1876-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Smith1869-1931Burke, New YorkSouth Acton, Massachusetts
Finney, Soloman Barden1812-1862Middleborough, Massachusetts
Finney, Solomon1724-?Norton, Massachusetts
Finney, Solomon1773-1846Plymouth, MassachusettsNew Plymouth, Ohio
Finney, Solomonc1780-?
Finney, Solomon1781-1839
Finney, Solomon1789-1808Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Solomon1798-1864Plymouth, MassachusettsOhio
Finney, Solomon J.1838-1917
Finney, Solon Burroughs1844-?Elizabethtown, New York
Finney, Solon Hinsdale1827-1865Monkton, Vermont
Finney, Son1778-1778Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Sophia1789-?
Finney, Sophiac1816-?
Finney, Sophronie1801-?
Finney, Stella M.1873-?
Finney, Stella Opal1873-1945North Platte, Neb.North Platte, Neb.
Finney, Stephanie LenoreTexas
Finney, Stephen L.1860-1902
Finney, Stephen W.c1860-1917Kingston, Massachusetts
Finney, Susanc1817-?
Finney, Susan1819-?
Finney, Susan1863-1863Chiltonville, Massachusetts
Finney, Susan Bartlettc1888-?
Finney, Susan e.c1853-?
Finney, Susan Holmes1844-?
Finney, Susan L.1802-?
Finney, Susan Leach1843-1908Plymouth, MassachusettsBoston, Massachusetts
Finney, Susan M.c1851-?
Finney, Susan Mytle1885-?Norwalk, Connecticut
Finney, Susannac1766-?
Finney, Susanna1772-1848Bristol, Rhode Island
Finney, Sweeney1849-?
Finney, Sylvanus1747-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Sylvanusc1775-?
Finney, Sylvanusc1782-?
Finney, Sylvanus1800-1868Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Sylvanus Bingham1843-1863
Finney, Sylvester1759-1842Kent, ConnecticutOberlin, Ohio
Finney, Sylvester1787-1798Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Sylvester1805-1857Henderson, New YorkHenderson, New York
Finney, Sylvester1807-1865Eaton, Madison Co., New YorkEaton, Madison Co., New York
Finney, Sylvester1836-1863Furnace Falls, CanadaLaFargeville, New York
Finney, Sylvesterc1891-?
Finney, Sylvester R.1802-1803
Finney, Sylvia1803-?
Finney, Taylor PaigeOklahoma
Finney, Thalia M.1857-1877Norwich, VermontNorwich, Vermont
Finney, Theodore1838-?Ottumwa, Iowa
Finney, Theodore1882-?
Finney, Theodore1891-?Greene, Ohio
Finney, Theron1784-?Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Theron1807-?Essex Co, New YorkEmmerson, Michigan
Finney, Theron1856-?
Finney, Theron L.1825-1876
Finney, Theron P.1852-?
Finney, Thomas1648-1653
Finney, Thomas1737-1791Bristol, Rhode IslandPLYmouth, Massachusetts
Finney, Thomas1758-1760
Finney, Thomasc1770-?
Finney, Thomas1771-?
Finney, Thomas1787-1819Jonesboro, North Carolina
Finney, Thomasc1802-?
Finney, Thomas Gibbs1768-1787At Sea
Finney, Thomas P.1795-1826Elizabeth, New Jersey
Finney, Thomas W.1885-?
Finney, Thomas Weston1838-?
Finney, Timothy1746-?
Finney, Timothy Washburn1787-1828Warren, Connecticut
Finney, Tinella1807-1890
Finney, Uri1805-?
Finney, Uriah1761-?
Finney, Vernonc1855-?
Finney, Vesper Alwilda1912-1992Ogallala, Neb.Chino, Calif.
Finney, Victor1861-1862
Finney, Victor E.1858-1860
Finney, Viola Amelia1844-?Westport, New York
Finney, Viola Mabel1878-1910
Finney, Virginia M.1860-?
Finney, Virtue1769-?
Finney, Virtue1795-1863New Bedford, Massachusetts
Finney, W. Stanley1892-?
Finney, Walter A.1875-1931Burke, New YorkNew London, Connecticut
Finney, Walter Adelbert1843-?Camden, Michigan
Finney, Walter Andrew1876-?
Finney, Walter E.c1867-?
Finney, Walter H.c1847-1909
Finney, Walter J
Finney, Walter Leon1882-?Bridgeport, Connecticut
Finney, Ward T.1865-?
Finney, Wealthy1791-1795
Finney, Webbc1825-?Casey, Clark Co., Illinois
Finney, Wesley Holmes1873-?
Finney, Wilbur1898-?Sullivan, Missouri
Finney, Wileyc1820-?
Finney, William1715-1781Swansea, Mass.Lebanon, Connecticut
Finney, William1739-?Lebanon, Connecticut
Finney, William1750-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, William1784-1821Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, William1807-1869Plymouth, MassachusettsChelsea, Massachusetts
Finney, William1822-1898
Finney, Williamc1835-?
Finney, Williamc1845-?
Finney, Williamc1864-?
Finney, William Alfred1861-?Charlestown, Massachusetts
Finney, William Bartholomew1858-?
Finney, William Bennettc1839-?
Finney, William C.1886-1887
Finney, William E.c1892-c1892
Finney, William Edward1898-1936
Finney, William H.1836-1837
Finney, William Harrisonc1808-?
Finney, William Harvey1840-?Plymouth, Massachusetts
Finney, William Henry1832-1892Gilmanton, New HampshireNewton, Massachusetts
Finney, William Henry1868-?
Finney, William Henry1875-1958Republic City, MissouriSouth San Gabriel, Calif.
Finney, William Howland1846-1867Carver, Massachusetts
Finney, William J.1824-1904Norwalk, ConnecticutNorwalk, Connecticut
Finney, William J.1853-1912Norwalk, ConnecticutNorwalk, Connecticut
Finney, William Kinch1864-1866
Finney, William L.c1809-?
Finney, William M.1863-1928Pillar Point, New York
Finney, William R.1807-1842
Finney, William R.1808-?Delhi, New York
Finney, William R.1841-1863
Finney, William S.1877-?
Finney, William Sturtevant1842-1893Cayuga, New York
Finney, William Thomas1863-?
Finney, William Wallace1837-1918Hillsdale, MichiganPeru, New York
Finney, William Wallace1864-?Keesville, New York
Finney, Willoughby W.1859-?Rockdale, Pennsylvania
Finney, Wilmer T.c1841-?
Finney, Winifred May1878-?
Finney, Winsor L.1880-?Wakefield, Massachusetts
Finney, Zaida M.1883-?
Finney, Zenas1764-1777Kent, Connecticut
Finney, Zenas1783-1874Henderson, New York
Firth, Derek Wilmot
Firth, Mary Elliotc1826-?
Fish, Contentc1758-?
Fish, Princec1754-?
Fish, Thomasc1820-?
Fishel, Eva Maec1909-?
Fisher, Betsey Allen1812-1897Bourne, Masachusetts
Fisher, Carl A
Fisher, David Jerald
Fisher, Elizabeth1902-?
Fisher, Geraldine
Fisher, Janec1809-1891Bourne, Masachusetts
Fisher, Janetc1778-?
Fisher, Lucy1809-1873Orange, Massachusetts
Fisher, Mildred Irenec1930-1930
Fisher, Nancy1807-1834
Fisher, Pauline Carol
Fisher, Perry Gc1905-1977
Fisher, Phebec1733-1830Stamford, Connecticut
Fisher, Robert1920-1980
Fisher, Roberta Marie
Fisher, Susan1813-1871
Fisher, Susanc1820-?
Fisher, Susan H.c1822-?
Fitch, Capt. Richardc1772-?Norwich, Connecticut
Fitch, Nancyc1800-?5/30/1830
Fitch, Nancyc1800-?5/30/1830
Fitch, Ronda J
Fitz-simon, Marion Agathac1862-?Dumfries, Scotland
Fitzgerald, Clara Marie1886-1974Rockford, IllinoisRockford, Illinois
Fitzgerald, Edwardc1813-?IrelandIreland
Fitzgerald, John1838-1928County Waterford, IrelandRockford, Illinois
Fitzsimmons, Alfred1911-1992
Fitzsimmons, Annec1898-?
Fitzsimmons, James1907-1981
Fitzsimmons, Mae
Fitzsimmons, Williamc1870-1946
Fitzsimmons, William1909-?
Flack, LindaSwinton, South Yorkshire, England
Fleetwood, Aimee JoWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Fleetwood, Jerry LeeWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Fleetwood, Kenneth DonaldWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Fleetwood, Michelle DonWichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Fleming, Agnes1851-?Dunbarton, Scotland
Fleming, CarlaWashington, D.C.
Flemming, Agnes Hotchkissc1870-1900Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Flemming, Jamesc1821-?
Flemming, Johnc1846-?
Fletcher, Alicec1593-?
Fletcher, Annec1597-?
Fletcher, Ashley L.
Fletcher, Beverly
Fletcher, Catherinec1850-?Scotland
Fletcher, Charlesc1750-?
Fletcher, Edwardc1792-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Fletcher, Francisc1794-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Fletcher, Henryc1591-?
Fletcher, Jane1798-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Fletcher, Johnc1770-?
Fletcher, Margeryec1595-?
Fletcher, Sarahc1789-?
Fletcher, Thomasc1778-?
Fletcher, Williamc1566-?
Fletgen, Anna Maria<1753-1819Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
FliederLanarkshire, Scotland
Flieder, EvelynLanarkshire, Scotland
Flieder, JohnLanarkshire, Scotland
Flieder, VictoriaLanarkshire, Scotland
Flimson, Sylvia
Flint, Isaac A.c1829-?
Flint, Joannac1737-?
Florida, Lydiac1790-?
Flower, Mary1849-1874North Bloomfield, OhioNorth Bloomfield, Ohio
Flowers, Brian
Floyd, Avery HarlanExeter, Tulare County, California
Floyd, Micheal WayneTwin Falls, Twin Falls Cnty, Idaho
Floyd, Robert AlanTwin Falls, Twin Falls Cnty, Idaho
Flynn, Jamesc1869-?
Fogg, Catherine M1796-1868
Fogler, Albert F.c1804-?
Follit, Hubertc1898-?
Folly, Doris Gwendoline1897-1992Macclesfield, Cheshire, EnglandEaves Lane Hospital Chorley, Lancashire, England
Foot, Margaret Joy
Forbeck, Guela1908-c1964Americus, Kansas
ForbesGourock, Scotland
Forbes, Alexanderc1820-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Forbes, Elizabeth1845-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Forbes, Margaret1786-?
Forbes, MargaretGreenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Ford, Alfred Jamesc1898-?
Ford, CaseyTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Ford, DanTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Ford, Ellac1880-?
Ford, Maryc1825-?
Ford, Maryc1899-?
Ford, S. M.c1856-?
Ford, Tresea KayeTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Forkner, Sharon A.
Forrest, Estella V1860-1909Maryland
Forrest, Mahlonc1835-?
Forsyth, Janet1853-1921
Forsyth, Margaretc1825-1896Kilsyth
Forsyth, Margaret1886-1960Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Forsyth, Margaret Molesc1904-?Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Forsyth, Mary1835-?
Forsyth, Williamc1810-?
Fosterc1877-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Anna Mae1905-1993Burlingame, Osage County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Foster, Carl Emmett1899-1974Phoenix, Arizona
Foster, Charlesc1884-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, CharlesBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Clinton Henry1897-?
Foster, Debbie
Foster, Elizac1873-?
Foster, Emily Jennie1910-1982Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Georgec1837-c1917
Foster, Georgec1856-c1900Sunniside, Durham County, England
Foster, George Edward1898-1987Burlingame, Osage County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Foster, George Neilc1908-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Harriet Bea1896-1971IllinoisAlton, Illinois
Foster, Howell Richard1922-1945Burlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Foster, Ida Nadine1924-1986Burlingame, Osage County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Foster, Jamesc1888-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Janec1820-?
Foster, Jennie1872-1930Sunniside, Durham County, England
Foster, Jerusha F.1807-?
Foster, John Georgec1874-?Sunniside, Durham County, England
Foster, Joseph1858-1925Sunniside, Durham County, England
Foster, Joseph1875-1902Scranton, LackawannaCounty, Pennsylvania, USA
Foster, Josephine OliveBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Joy YSouth Shields
Foster, Margaretc1891-1892Burlingame, Osage County, KansasBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Margaret1893-1984Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Mary Elizabeth1821-?
Foster, Mehitable1766-1858
Foster, Nellie May1928-1985
Foster, Rennie Stoutc1904-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Richardc1791-?
Foster, Sarahc1810-?
Foster, Solomonc1802-?
Foster, Thomasc1881-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foster, Thomas Henry1872-1960Alton, Illinois
Foster, Thomas Veasey1810-?Harrison, Maine
Foster, Williamc1879-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Foulds, Agnesc1816-?
Fountain, Kyle
Fountain, Luke
Foutz, Carl Ryan
Foutz, Richard
Fowler, Jamesc1794-?Springfield, Vermont
Fowles, John NevilleGidlow Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Fowles, Kiersten HelenBillinge Hospital, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Fowles, Sarah ElizabethBillinge Maternity Unit, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Fownes, Alexanderc1835-?
Fox, Agnes1908-1915Basford Rd, England
Fox, Alan GBasford, England
Fox, Amanda Elizabeth
Fox, Anne
Fox, Brian MauriceManchester South, Lancashire, England
Fox, Carla Dale
Fox, Charles Bruce1887-1975Springfield, Greene County, MissouriSedalia, Missouri
Fox, ChristineDenny, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Fox, Christine Margaret
Fox, Collin Frederick1932-2000Basford, England
Fox, Dennis
Fox, Donald Charles
Fox, Donald Charles
Fox, Donna Eileen
Fox, Donna Jean
Fox, Doris
Fox, ElaineNewark, Nottinghamshire, England
Fox, Eliza1870-?St George's, Shropshire
Fox, Emily1902-?
Fox, Emily Renee
Fox, Ernest1901-?Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, England
Fox, Frederick1904-1985Much Wenlock, Shropshire, EnglandNottingham, England
Fox, Gerry Eileen
Fox, Harry LeonardBasford, England
Fox, Henry1848-?Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, England
Fox, Hilda1910-2007Donnington Wood, Shropshire, EnglandNottingham, England
Fox, Jamesc1896-?
Fox, Janec1840-?
Fox, John Bruce
Fox, John Charles
Fox, John PatrickNottingham, England
Fox, Joyce BerylBasford, England
Fox, Kenneth
Fox, Kevin
Fox, Lillian May1917-1988Nottingham, EnglandNottingham, England
Fox, Lynne JNottingham, England
Fox, Malcolm FrederickNottingham, England
Fox, Martin Phillip
Fox, Matthewc1873-1918Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, EnglandNottingham, England
Fox, Matthew DavidNottingham, England
Fox, Michael
Fox, Neil
Fox, Noel1977-1989
Fox, Noel George1914-1997Shropshire, EnglandNottingham, England
Fox, Peter1892-1977BlackfordFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Fox, Rebekah
Fox, Robert Francis1898-1976Much Wenlock, Shropshire, EnglandNottingham, England
Fox, Robert JamesNottingham, England
Fox, Ronald
Fox, Roy
Fox, Russell DerrickBasford, England
Fox, Shelly Renee
Fox, Steven Neil
Fox, Susan D.c1854-?
Fox, Susan Tracy
Fox, Terrance
Fox, Terrance
Fox, Thomas Matthew1906-?
Fox, Vera MBasford, England
Fox, Wendy
Fox, WilliamChorlton, England
Fox, William Henry1897-1991Much Wenlock, Shropshire, EnglandManchester, Lancashire, England
Fox, Zoe
Foxall, Ian
Fraker, Dennis Kay
Fraker, Lee
Fraker, Mandi SueStormont-Vail Hospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Fraker, Megan KayStormont-Vail Hospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Frances Elizabethc1837-1887
Frances W.1848-1905
Francisc1897-?West Virginia
Francis, Anthony Michael
Francis, Christine Suzanne
Francis, David Lee
Francis, Dayton
Francis, Janet Montgomery
Frank, Lois Jean1930-1963Crewe, VirginiaRichmond, Virginia
Franklin, Greg
Franklin, Linda
Franklin, Richard William
Fraser, Andrew1904-1964Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, ScotlandFalkirk, Stirling, Scotland
Fraser, Andrew1953-1994Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland
Fraser, Jane1832-?Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Fraser, John1856-1931Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland
Fraser, Josephc1762-?
Fraser, Mary1787-1861Alloa, Clackmannan, ScotlandBothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Fraser, Mary1854-1906
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth
Fraser, Thomas Martin1931-1996Falkirk, Stirling, ScotlandSouth Shields, Tyne and Wear, England
Frazier, Nelsonc1860-?
Frederick, Smithc1913-?
Fredericksen, Marikkec1859-1932Scleswig, GermanyPleasant Valley, Scott County, Iowa
Free, Joshua Shawn1988-1988Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Free, Kevin
Free, Sebastion Storm
Free, Syrepta Skye
Freeborn, Ann1807-1881Cazenovia, New York
Freeburgh, Charmaine AnneLander, Wyoming
Freeburgh, Melvin Frederick1906-1984Lander WyomingLander, Wyoming
Freeburgh, Melvin Frederick (Skip)Lander, Wyoming
Freeman, Anne Kathleen1899-1986Casper, Wyoming
Freeman, Dorothy
Freeman, Joanna1786-?
Freeman, William D.c1818-?Bridgewater, Maine
French, Elkanahc1781-?
French, Jamesc1815-?
French, Oliverc1828-?
French, Oliverc1828-?
French, Rebeccac1780-?
Frew, Charlotte1813-1891
Frew, Jeanc1815-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Frew, Mary1749-c1796Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Frew, Williamc1842-?
Frey, Philippc1696-?Oberhosteten, Dhaunensis
Frickey, Lois Elaine1922-2000Julesburg, SedgravichCounty, ColoradoTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Friday, Alfredc1850-?Dorking, Surrey, London, England
Friels, Annie Jope1901-?Paisley
Friels, Elizabeth LennoxPaisley
Friels, Janet Hamilton1910-1985Paisley
Friels, John1874-1950BeithPaisley
Friels, John1899-?Paisley
Friels, Mary Lennox1906-1987PaisleyPaisley
Friels, Rachel Davie1918-1975PaisleyPaisley
Friels, Sheena
Friels, William Hamilton1903-?Paisley
Frisch, Elisabethc1820-?
Frisch, Mariac1830-?
Frisk, Anders<1758-?Sweden
Frohnhofer, Friedrichc1857-?
Frohnhofer, Peter1882-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Frolick, Maudc1880-?
Frost, Ruby Lilianc1897-1941Mereweather, Newcastle, New South Wales, AustraliaSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Frothingham, Williamc1810-?New York City, New York
Fruits, Kim
Fruits, Kristy
Frye, Misty Lee
Fuchs, Elisabethc1780-?
Fuler, George Henryc1835-?
Fuller, Cassie E.c1870-?
Fuller, Christine Alison1936-2001Warwickshire, EnglandBrighton, England
Fuller, Edwardc1830-?
Fuller, Floyd Corydon1913-?Renton, Washington
Fuller, Frances Marie
Fuller, Frank1904-?Brighton, England
Fuller, Harryc1882-?
Fuller, Harry Alton1904-1933Renton, WashingtonRenton, Washington
Fuller, Hattiec1852-?
Fuller, Jacksonc1800-1873Jay, Maine
Fuller, James1711-?
Fuller, John Vernon1908-1990Renton, WashingtonRenton, Washington
Fuller, Margaretc1735-?
Fuller, Mary Maxine Sylvia1916-1992Renton, WashingtonKent, Washington
Fuller, Ralph HowardRenton, Washington
Fuller, Sarah H.c1803-?
Fuller, Susanc1850-1912
Fuller, Susanc1850-1912
Fullerton, Adelinec1818-?
Fullerton, Elizac1816-?
Fullerton, Grace E.c1882-?
Fullerton, Kate1860-1925
Funke, Lars Anderssonc1777-1808Ryda Parish, SwedenSkarstad Parish, Sweden
Funkhauser, Catherine IreneDavenport, Scott County, Iowa
Fuss, Catharinac1860-?
G Gabe
Gachot, Henryc1850-?
Gaillie, Mary Wishart
Gaines, Charles Otto1918-1998Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasStrong City, Kansas
Gaines, CherylTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Galbreath, Andrew Michael
Galbreath, Bryan James
Galbreath, Nathan Wayne
Galbreath, Russel Wayne
Galbreath, Russell Bennett
Gale, GloriaChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Galer, Edsonc1794-?
Gallagher, Andrew PaulTexas
Galle, Suzanne
Gallison, Betsy1797-?Barnstable, Massachusetts
Gallison, Mercyc1798-1818
Galloway, Fraser
Galloway, Ian
Galloway, Williamc1820-?
Galloway, Williamc1838-c1885Alloa, Clackmannanshire, ScotlandBo'ness, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Galt, Sarah HamiltonGreenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Gammon, Nancyc1783-1868North Turner, Maine
Gardener, Margaret Agnes1756-?
Gardiner, Charlesc1766-?
Gardiner, Elizabethc1768-?
Gardiner, Isabellac1772-1820
Gardiner, Janec1762-?
Gardiner, JanetMadiston, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gardiner, Johnc1764-?
Gardiner, Lydiac1776-?
Gardiner, Richardc1735-?
Gardiner, Richardc1760-?
Gardiner, Thomasc1774-?
Gardiner, Williamc1770-?
Gardner, Andrewc1804-?
Gardner, David ThomasOcean Springs, Mississippi
Gardner, Granville1808-?
Gardner, Joseph Thomas (Joe)Pascagoula, Mississippi
Gardner, Kristen AnnOcean Springs, Mississippi
Gardner, Sarah CamillaOcean Springs, Mississippi
Garett, John
Garey, Clifford Wayne
Garey, David Wayne
Garey, Jennifer Ann
Garey, Shawn Clifford
Garland, Donald DayneHartford, Kansas
Garland, John DayneEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Garland, Katec1821-?
Garland, Kim MichelleEmporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Garlick, Eli1782-1868Lanesborough, Berkshire County, MassachusettsMcLean, Tompkins County, New York
Garner, Annc1807-?
Garner, Winnie E1846-1911Taylor, Howard County, IndianaFinchford, Iowa
Garren, Jody
Garret, Francisc1703-?
Gartshore, Margaret Stark1886-1921
Garvey, Bridgetc1830-c1910Ireland
Gary, Abigail1756-1784Norton, MassachusettsRockingham, Vermont
Garza, Christopher AntonioNampa, Idaho
Garza, Gino
Gaston, EdwardFraming, Massachusetts
Gaston, Eugenec1910-?
Gaston, JoanFraming, Massachusetts
Gates, Elkanah H.c1830-?
Gates, Evalinec1815-?
Gates, Henrietta1810-1886
Gates, Ruth1802-1867
Gaudet, Jacqueline Michele
Gaunt, Earl WilliamBristol, England
Gaut, Ellac1860-1920
Gay, Ed
Gay, Joyce
Gay, Martha Lavinac1843-?
Gay, Martha Lavinac1843-?
Geddes, Alexander1867-1939Salterhill, Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Alexander Ritchie1900-1914
Geddes, Catherine1883-?Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Charlesc1899-?
Geddes, Charlottec1879-?Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, David Balfour1887-1978Limerigg, Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Frankc1900-?Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Geddes, Gavin1872-?Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Grahamc1903-?
Geddes, Graham Margaretc1908-?
Geddes, Hellenc1878-?Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Jackc1910-?
Geddes, James Ritchie1906-1907
Geddes, Johnc1876-1958Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Margaret1865-1906Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Margaretc1905-?
Geddes, Mary O'Grady1870-1942Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Phillipc1901-1954
Geddes, Queeniec1906-?
Geddes, Thomas1839-1907Stirling, ScotlandSlamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Thomas Balfour1874-?Slamannan, Scotland
Geddes, Williamc1881-?Slamannan, Scotland
Gehring, Elisabetha<1820-<1845Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Geist, JulianneRochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Genal, Magdalenac1680-?Lebach, Germany
George, Elizabeth1815-1846Shropshire, EnglandShropshire, England
George, Jack Leonardc1903-?
George, Madelyn Faye
George, Miriam RuthBirmingham, West Midlands, England
George, Rogerc1761-?
George, Rogerc1786-1823Shropshire, England
Geraldine Vc1900-?Pennsylvania
Gerber, Mariac1817-?
Gerdes, Joseph HenryHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Gerdes, Joseph HenryHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Gerdes, Michael CurryHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Gerdes, Robert MaherHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Gerlinger, Barbarac1760-?Kleinbundenbach, Germany
Germundsson, Jonas1814-1872Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, SwedenPjatteryd, Sweden
Gerster, Arthur1911-1989
Gerster, Arthur
Getz, Brenda Sue
Getz, David AllenCumberland, MD
Getz, Olen David
GHildreth, Elizabethc1810-1865Concord, Massachusetts
Giachino, Frankc1890-?
Giachino, Frank
Giachino, Johnny
Gibbar, Francis WaynePerryville, Missouri
Gibbeson, Patricia Mary
Gibbeson, Thomas Percyc1910-?
Gibbons, Clarkc1835-?
Gibbs, Georgec1815-?North Dana, Massachusetts
Gibbs, Isabellac1841-?Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Gibbs, Marthac1733-?
Gibney, E. L.
Gibson, Agnes
Gibson, AlfredBirmingham, England
Gibson, Alice Gibsonc1910-?Birmingham, England
Gibson, AngelaDudley, Warwickshire, England
Gibson, Anniec1890-?
Gibson, Bernard1923-1924Birmingham, England
Gibson, Bettyc1733-?
Gibson, Diane JuneBirmingham, England
Gibson, ErnestBirmingham, England
Gibson, Euphemia1844-1870
Gibson, GeorgeBirmingham, England
Gibson, George Sc1848-1928Tarbolton, Ayr, ScotlandNorthAuchenbrain, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland
Gibson, Johnc1871-?Birmingham, England
Gibson, KeithBirmingham, England
Gibson, Lewis1923-1999Aston Birmingham, West Midlands, EnglandWales
Gibson, LillianBirmingham, England
Gibson, Maryc1766-?Kilmarnock
Gibson, Percyc1913-1913Birmingham, England
Gibson, Robina1886-1971Clay City, IndianaChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Gibson, Robina Couperc1874-196517 Princes St, St Giles, Scotland
Gibson, Teresa LouiseBirmingham, England
Gieger, Catherine
Gifford, Deborahc1748-?
Gifford, Huldac1772-1828Groton, New York
Gihon, Thomasc1830-?Ireland
Gilbert, Ebenezerc1756-?
Gilbert, Ida
Gilbert, Phebec1781-?
Gilchrist, Alexanderc1779-?Scotland
Gilchrist, Alexander1865-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Alexanderc1866-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Anniec1870-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Christinac1836-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, DonaldOsawatomie, Miami County, Kansas
Gilchrist, Georgec1848-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Helenc1849-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Helen1861-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Isabellac1838-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Isabella Alston1856-1932Dunipace, Stirlingshire, ScotlandFalkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, James F.Osawatomie, Miami County, Kansas
Gilchrist, James LeslieOsawatomie, Miami County, Kansas
Gilchrist, Janet1840-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Janet1860-?Scotland
Gilchrist, JaunitaLawrence, Douglas County, Kansas
Gilchrist, Jeanc1834-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Jessiec1864-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, John1795-?Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Johnc1827-?Cardross, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, John1857-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Stirlingshire
Gilchrist, Margaret1862-?Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Marion1840-?Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Marion1859-?Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Robert Douglas Alstonc1832-<1877Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gilchrist, Thomasc1835-<1881
Gilchrist, Williamc1829-?Cardross, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
Gildersleeve, Sarahc1807-?
Gildersleeve, Sarahc1807-?
Gilgour, Agnes1895-1981Missouri
Gilkey, Samuelc1793-?
Gillbreath, Roberta Frances
Gillespie, Annec1765-?
Gillespie, Elizabethc1808-1872Larbert, Carronshore, Stirling, ScotlandLarbert, Carronshore, Stirling, Scotland
Gillespie, Jamesc1846-?
Gillespie, Jane1846-?
Gillespie, Johnc1838-?
Gillespie, Josephc1813-?
Gillespie, Margaret-1835
Gillespie, Penny Kathleen
Gillett, Beverley Maria
Gilliatt, Allenc1827-?
Gillies, Agnes Margaret1911-1994Glasgow, Lanark, ScotlandLong Ashton, Somerset, England
Gillies, John1877-1922Kilsyth, ScotlandDenny, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gillispie, Elizabeth1892-1954Osage City, Osage County, Kansas
Gillon, Alexander1795-?
Gillon, Alexander-?
Gillon, Ann-?
Gillon, Catherine-?
Gillon, Dorothy1814-1885Linlithgow, West Lothian, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Gillon, Elizabeth1801-1866Linlithgow, West Lothian, ScotlandLeith, Midlothian, Scotland
Gillon, Helen1803-?Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
Gillon, Helenc1807-?
Gillon, Isabellac1812-1881Larbert, Stirlingshire, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Gillon, James1799-?Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
Gillon, Janet1797-1857Linlithgow, West Lothian, ScotlandLarbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gillon, Marionc1777-?
Gillon, Mary1793-c1845Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland
Gillon, Robert1772-?Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
Gillon, Robert1818-1880Muiravonside, Stirlingshire, ScotlandAuckland, New Zealand
Gillon, William E-?
Gilmore, Kimberly Fawn
Gilmore, Mary Annec1783-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Gilmour, Annie Pickardc1861-?
Gilson, Jeremy DavidHigh Wycombe, England
Gilson, Ryan DanielBristol, England
Gimm, AdamScott County, Iowa
Gimm, Arthur BKansas
Gimm, Carlyle LIowa
Gimm, CarolineGermany
Gimm, Charles EugeneBurlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Gimm, Charles Fc1877-<1955Nebraska
Gimm, Claus D1896-<1955Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Darlione GIowa
Gimm, Dean JBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Dorac1894-?Nebraska
Gimm, Dorothy EColorado
Gimm, Edith Ac1906-?Kansas
Gimm, Edward Hc1908-?Kansas
Gimm, Elmer JColorado
Gimm, Emily Merrieka1909-?Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Gimm, Ernestine EIowa
Gimm, Fred Carl1889-1968Davenport, Scott County, IowaPleasant Valley, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Frederick Wc1912-?Kansas
Gimm, Friedac1900-?Iowa
Gimm, George James1911-1984Burlingame, Osage County, KansasMercy Hospital, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, George JamesBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Glenn Wood1914-1978Burlingame, Osage County, KansasMeadowLawnNrsngH, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Hans Dietrich1802-?Missunde, Scleswig, Germany
Gimm, Hans F1880-1955IowaStanislaus County, California
Gimm, Hans Peter1845-1926Missunde, Scleswig, GermanyPleasant Valley, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, James Jans1882-1955Davenport, Scott County, IowaIowa
Gimm, JeffGermany
Gimm, Julia ABettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Katyc1881-<1955Iowa
Gimm, Margaretc1890-?Nebraska
Gimm, Marikke VIowa
Gimm, Mary1884-?Iowa
Gimm, Michael MarvinBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Nancy JeanBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Patrickc1969-1992Bettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Patrick DeanBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Robert Glennc1938-1981Bettendorf, Scott County, IowaMercy Hospital, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, RogerGermany
Gimm, Ruth LoretaBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, StevenBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, Thomas RossBettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Gimm, William Eugene1947-2009Davenport, Scott County, Iowarinity at Terrace Park, Bettendorf, Scott County, Iowa
Ginther, Leroy1883-1918MissouriNorth Platte, Neb.
Girbell, Mariac1690-?
Girle, Bessie Mcleod1918-1918
Girle, Harold Gordonc1888-?
Girle, Kelvin Mcleod1924-1955
Girle, Mavis McleodHamilton, New South Wales, Australia
Giseburt, Lymanc1867-?
Gittons, Maryc1761-?
Gittons, Williamc1741-?
Giudici, Ralph
Giudici, Theresa Anne
Glashutte, Moorb.c1688-?Germany
Glass, Edward
Glassnan, Esther1903-?Odesa, Russia
Glazebrook, Georgec1730-?
Glazebrook, Georgec1772-<1782
Glazebrook, Georgec1782-?
Glazebrook, Jamesc1786-?
Glazebrook, Janec1770-?
Glazebrook, Johnc1732-?
Glazebrook, Sarahc1767-?
Glazebrook, Thomasc1710-?
Glazebrook, Thomasc1775-?
Gleason, Fannyc1842-?
Gleason, Maggiec1850-1927
Glegg, Margaretc1830-?Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Glenn, Ginger
Glenn, Julie
Glenn, William
Glenn, William Howard
Glover, Victorc1901-?
Goddard, Daniel1797-?
Goddard, Nelliec1841-?
Godfrey, Phebe1769-1852Chatham
Godfrid, Marg.c1670-?
Goebel, Amelia1869-1957Osage County, KansasOsage County, Kansas
Gogerty, Elizabethc1820-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Gogerty, Henryc1794-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Gogerty, Henryc1822-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Gogerty, Williamc1818-?Madeley, Shropshire, England
Goimel, Ann<1815-1967IrelandByron, Ogle County, Illinois
Goin, JosephColorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado
Golden, Daniel
Golding, Frederickc1817-?Staffordshire, England
Golding, Sarahc1839-?Staffordshire, England
Golding, Vera MaudeLondon, England
Goldsmith, C Rc1882-?
Goliard, Benoit1812-?Marly-sur-Arroux, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France
Goliard, Catherine1856-1940Meyrannes, Gard, FranceOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Goliard, Sophiec1827-?France
Golightly, Christian1802-1880
Goltra, Robert
Gonzales, AdriaSepulveda, California
Gonzales, Raymond
Good, Paul1914-?
Good, Sheila
Goodale, Ebenezerc1784-?Wethersfield, Connecticut
Goodall, Andrewc1753-?
Goodall, Annc1800-?
Goodall, Barry
Goodall, Billy
Goodall, Clifford
Goodall, David
Goodall, Edwardc1756-?
Goodall, Elizabethc1780-?
Goodall, Faye Berta
Goodall, Georgec1733-?
Goodall, Janec1765-?
Goodall, Janec1791-<1795
Goodall, Janec1799-?
Goodall, Joycec1786-?
Goodall, Marthac1789-?
Goodall, Maryc1773-?
Goodall, Maryc1784-?
Goodall, Russell
Goodall, Thomasc1814-?Ireland
Goodall, Williamc1759-?
Goodall, Williamc1782-?
Goodart, Phebec1802-?
Goodman, John
Goodman, Salliec1868-?
Goodnight, Bentonc1880-?
Goodnight, Irene1905-1981Enterprise, KansasCherryville, Kansas
Goodrich, Neal
Goodspeed, Adelia1827-1896Centerville, Massachusetts
Goodspeed, Reliance1701-1784Barnstable, MassachusettsBarnstable, Massachusetts
Goodspeed, Rogerc1700-?
Goodwin, Margaretc1890-?
Goodwin, Williamc1865-?
Gordon, Brooke
Gordon, CharlesScotland
Gordon, DouglasBaltimore
Gordon, Gregory
Gordon, Robertc1901-?Scotland
Gordon, RobertScotland
Gorge, Anna Margarethac1743-1809Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gorge, Anna Mariac1740-1794Exweiler, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gorge, Barbarac1745-1810Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gorge, Johannc1686-?Welschbach
Gorge, Maria Johannac1748-<1776Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gorge, Peterc1711-1765WelschbachSpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gorham, Cordelia G.c1822-1919
Gorham, Lewis1753-1821
Gorman, Analiza1848-1884Sharonville, Hamilton County, Ohio
Gorman, Henry<1830-?
Gorman, William1870-?
Gorman, William1872-c1951Sharonville, Hamilton County, Ohio
Goucher, Rebeccac1790-?
Gough, Edwardc1803-?Staffordshire, England
Gough, Marthac1837-?Birmingham, England
Gould, Dorothy JeanOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Gould, Lee AnnMarletteHospital, Marlette, Sanilac County, Michigan
Gould, LouisGlasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gould, Marthac1742-?
Gould, Mary GladysOsage City, Osage County, Kansas
Gould, Maxine EvelynCarter. Oklahoma
Gould, Ossie Jayc1884-?
Gould, Richard Vernon
Gourlay, Bert1901-1985
Gourlay, Betty (Elizabeth)
Gourlay, Margaret
Gow, Janetc1818-?
Gow, Jessicac1854-?
Goynes, Danielle ReneeDecatur, Wise County, Texas
Goynes, Francis
Goynes, Francis RobertBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Goynes, Natalie Marie
Goynes, Robert MichaelUrania, LaSalle Parish, Louisiana
Goynes, William KennethMyrtle Beach, South Carolina
Graber, Anna Eva1713-1779Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Graber, Bernhardc1753-c1793Spiesen, Saarland
Graber, Bertha>1860-?
Graber, Evac1780-?
Graber, Johannesc1687-?
Graber, Johannesc1750-?
Graber, John>1860-<1903
Graber, John J.>1850-?AustraliaAustralia
Graber, Matheisc1712-1768Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Graber, Nicholaus>1850-?Australia
Graber, Peterc1735-?
Gradell, Jonec1565-?
Graeber, Albard Conrad1857-1857Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, PennsylvaniaPottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Albert William1864-?Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Bertha Edith1880-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Caroline1849-<1891Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Carolyn1870-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Catharinaec1812-1877Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Graeber, Catherine May1894-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Celine GeraldineShamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Charles1878-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Charles A.1861-?Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Claudec1876-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Conrad1851-1852Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Conrad George1880-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Eduard Nicolaus1857-?Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Elisabethaec1792-?
Graeber, Elizabeth Magdalena1864-c1864Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Florence1889-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Francis1852-1853Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Frederich Richartz1873-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, George1887-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, George Conrad1859-?Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Howardc1878-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Jacob1853-?Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, John Conrad1915-1968Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, PennsylvaniaHammonton, New Jersey
Graeber, John S.1848-1900Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, PennsylvaniaAlaska
Graeber, Joseph Benedictus1880-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Laurac1885-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Laura Jean1907-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Lydiac1872-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Maria Amelia1868-?Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Marie Carolyn1901-?Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Mary Matilda1875-1925Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Raymondc1874-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Ruth Martha1894-?Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Sarah Catherina1866-1867Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, PennsylvaniaPottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Susen1855-1855Pottsville, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, Willard PeterShamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, William Johnc1871-1944Shamokin, SchuylkillCounty, PennsylvaniaShamokin, SchuylkillCounty, Pennsylvania
Graeber, William JohnBristol, Pennsylvania
Graeber, William JohnFort Benning, Georgia
Graham, Agnesc1816-?
Graham, Agnes1858-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Agnesc1872-?Glasgow
Graham, Agnesc1884-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Alexc1910-?
Graham, Alison Jarvie Fraser
Graham, Andrew1824-?KirkintillochKirkintilloch
Graham, Andrew1856-1857KirkintillochKirkintilloch
Graham, Andrew1862-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Andrewc1907-?
Graham, Andrewc1912-?
Graham, Ann-?
Graham, Anne1841-?
Graham, Benjaminc1665-1725
Graham, Bethiahc1903-?
Graham, Betty
Graham, Bobby (Robert) Renniec1904-?
Graham, CarolScotland
Graham, Catherine<1810-?
Graham, Catherinec1885-?
Graham, Catherine Morrison1860-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Charlotte1865-1942Kirkintilloch
Graham, Charlotte1899-1980
Graham, Charlottec1901-?
Graham, Charlottec1906-?
Graham, Charlotte
Graham, Colin1813-1889
Graham, Colin1851-1920
Graham, Colin1861-?Glasgow
Graham, Colin1868-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Colinc1874-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Colin1880-1964
Graham, Colinc1893-?
Graham, Colin1909-1984
Graham, Colin
Graham, Colin
Graham, Davidc1815-1896
Graham, David1854-1932
Graham, David1864-?
Graham, Davidc1870-1946KirkintillochKirkintilloch
Graham, David1894-1979
Graham, Davidc1911-?
Graham, David
Graham, Duncanc1897-?
Graham, Elizabeth1858-1936
Graham, Elizabeth1859-?
Graham, Elizabethc1882-?
Graham, Elizabeth
Graham, Elizabeth Lang1876-1953KirkintillochKirkintilloch
Graham, Gracec1913-?
Graham, Grace Frew1872-?Maryhill
Graham, Helenc1858-?
Graham, Helen1894-1951
Graham, Ian David
Graham, Isabelc1908-?
Graham, Isabel-?
Graham, Isabella1844-?
Graham, Isabellac1849-?
Graham, Isabella1850-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Isabellac1850-?
Graham, Isabella1852-1936
Graham, Isabella1857-1941
Graham, Isabellac1877-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Isabella1912-2000
Graham, Jack
Graham, James1806-?
Graham, James1848-1877Kirkintilloch
Graham, James1870-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, James1870-?
Graham, Jamesc1876-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, James1889-1918France
Graham, James1897-1950
Graham, Jamesc1899-?
Graham, Jamesc1902-?
Graham, James-?
Graham, James Anderson1845-1922
Graham, James Fraser1882-1959
Graham, James Stuart Whyte
Graham, Jane1862->1936
Graham, Janec1864-?Glasgow
Graham, Jane (Jean)1852-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Janet1808-?
Graham, Janet1864-1934
Graham, Jannetc1890-?
Graham, Jean1810-?
Graham, Jeanc1813-?Scotland
Graham, Jeanc1844-?
Graham, Jeanc1889-?
Graham, Jean1892-1925
Graham, Jean-?
Graham, Jeaniec1875-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Jenny (Janet)1873-?
Graham, Jessiec1874-?
Graham, Jessie1879-?
Graham, Jessie (Janet)1847-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, John1773-1840
Graham, Johnc1801-?
Graham, John1837-<1881Kirkintilloch
Graham, John1839-?
Graham, John1840-?
Graham, John1845-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, John1852-?
Graham, John1893-1969
Graham, Johnc1901-?
Graham, Johnc1904-?
Graham, Johnc1905-?
Graham, Johnc1909-?
Graham, John1917-1989
Graham, John Fraser1883-1936
Graham, John Fraser1923-1997
Graham, John Wc1891-?
Graham, Joy
Graham, Kathrine-?
Graham, Lisa
Graham, Maggiec1879-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Margaret1843-?
Graham, Margaret1846-?
Graham, Margaret1856-1936
Graham, Margaret1861-?
Graham, Margaret
Graham, Margaret Forsyth1879->1925
Graham, Margaret Hay1854-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Marionc1897-?
Graham, Marthac1875-?
Graham, Maryc1893-?
Graham, Mary (Mayme) Fraser1908-1983
Graham, Mary Fraser1889-1990
Graham, Mary Lithgow1889-1973
Graham, May (Mary) Violet1911-1980Northchurch, EnglandNorthchurch, England
Graham, Nettie
Graham, Robertc1771-?
Graham, Robert1819-1890
Graham, Robert1838-1898Kirkintilloch
Graham, Robert1853-1932
Graham, Robertc1879-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Robert1884-1959
Graham, Robert1891-1917
Graham, Robertc1895-?
Graham, Robertc1895-?
Graham, Robertc1907-?
Graham, RobertScotland
Graham, Robert
Graham, RobertScotland
Graham, Robert Jarvie1872-1937KirkintillochLennoxtown
Graham, Robin
Graham, Robinac1888-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, Sarahc1814-?
Graham, Sarah-?
Graham, Sheila
Graham, Sheila Elizabeth
Graham, Thomasc1904-?
Graham, Thomas-?
Graham, William1804-?
Graham, William1840-?Kirkintilloch
Graham, William1844-?
Graham, William1849-?
Graham, Williamc1868-?Glasgow
Graham, William1868-?
Graham, William1883-1954KirkintillochKirkintilloch
Graham, Williamc1899-?
Graham, Williamc1908-?
Graham, William
Graham, Willie1895-1952
Grainger, FrankCoventry, West Midlands, England
Grainger, NeilWarwickshire, England
Grainger, TinaWarwickshire, England
Granger, Janet Elizabeth
Grant, Agnes1826-1897FalkirkBelt, Cascade County, Montana
Grant, ColumClarksville, Tennessee
Grant, Enda May1931-1996Oklahoma
Grant, Jessie Gunnc1889-?Sand North, Gairloch, Ross-Shire, Scotland
Grant, Johnc1808-?
Grant, Matthewc1601-?
Grant, Patrick
Grant, Priscilla1626-?
Graus, Henricic1747-?Germany
Graus, Johannesc1772-?
Graves, Elishac1760-?
Graves, Marthac1823-?
Graves, Maryc1805-?
Gray, Albert George1916-2003Clapton, Hackney, EnglandHarrow
Gray, Alexanderc1822-?
Gray, Annie Jean1866-?Salt Lake City, Utah
Gray, Brian
Gray, Franklin R1852-?Glasgow
Gray, Georgec1830-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gray, Janec1847-?Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gray, Janet McGhee MerrileesFalkirk
Gray, Jessie1844-?
Gray, John1805-1891Maybole, AyrshireSalt Lake City, Utah
Gray, John Hamilton1862-?Salt Lake City, Utah
Gray, John W1875-?St Johns, Apache, Arizona
Gray, Margaretc1824-?Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gray, Margaret Ann1860-?Salt Lake City, Utah
Gray, Marionc1608-?
Gray, Martha1858-?Salt Lake City, Utah
Gray, Mary1854-?Glasgow
Gray, Patricia JeanDunroaming Nursing Home, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Gray, Sandra BerthaStanmore
Gray, Sarah Niles1837-?
Gray, William1856-?Glasgow
Grayette, Maryc1628-?
Greason, Williamc1725-?
Greber, Angelikac1704-1771Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Anna Evac1765-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Anna Margarethac1707-1762Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Anna Margarethac1711-1770Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Anna Margarethac1768-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Anna Maria>1740-1798Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Bernardus1830-1831Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Carolus>1765-?
Greber, Catharina1837-1839Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Catherinac1780-1847Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Catherina1804-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Catherina-?
Greber, Christianus1818-1819Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Conradic1795-?
Greber, Conradus1826-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Elisabetha<1800-?
Greber, Elisabetha1824-1824Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Friderius1832-1833Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Hans Jacob>1680-1735Spiesen, FranceSpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannes1819-1898Spiesen, Saarland, GermanyMineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin
Greber, Joannesc1830-1839Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannes Nicol1816-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannes Nicolausc1808-1811Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannisc1790-1822Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannis1801-1804Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannis1829-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joannis Nicholaic1764-1844Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Johann Adamc1735-1811Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Johann Adam1800-1800Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Johann Nickelc1737-1798Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Johannesc1701-1762Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Johannesc1734-1779Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Johannes1791-1844Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Joseph1831-1831Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Margarethac1772-1848
Greber, Margaretha<1800-?
Greber, Margarethac1820-?
Greber, Margaretha1821-1869Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Maria1810-1810Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Maria<1811-?
Greber, Maria1813-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Maria1823-1826Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Maria Catharina1807-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Maria Johanettac1701-c1762Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Matthiasc1708-1776Spiesen, Saarland, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Michelc1690-1749Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Nicholas1834-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greber, Sophia1827-?Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Greeling, Alice Elvena1877-1920
Greeling, Aquilla Adam1861-?
Greeling, Charles Emmitt1869-?
Greeling, Flora Elvena1882-?Jersey County, Illinois
Greeling, George Frank1855-?
Greeling, Jacob1837-1903Hesse-Darmstadt, GermanyNewbern, Illinois
Greeling, Jacob C1874-?Newbern, Illinois
Greeling, John W1856-?
Greeling, Mary Sophronia1866-?Jersey County, Illinois
Green, Comminy
Green, Dorothy
Green, Elic1782-?Boston, Massachusetts
Green, Erin Elizabeth
Green, Evelyn
Green, FrankKettering, Northamptonshire, England
Green, George H.c1834-?
Green, Jonathan JamesKettering, Northamptonshire, England
Green, Joyce Margaret
Green, Keith
Green, Lucia1814-1891
Green, Mary Ec1910-1999Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Green, Nancy Maud Maria1828-1881Oswegatchie, New YorkOshkosh, Wisconsin
Green, Richardc1856-?Bilston, Staffs, England
Green, Richard
Green, Robert JohnKettering, Northamptonshire, England
Green, Samuelc1764-?
Green, Stuartc1782-?
Green, SuzanneChesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Greene, Brice Lee
Greene, Darrian
Greene, Randall
Greenfield, Brian
Greenleaf, Leavitt Granvillec1859-?
Greenough, Wyatt
Greenough, Wyatt
Greenshields, Peterc1848-?
Greenwood, Arthurc1910-?
Greenwood, Edward Sparkhawkc1829-?
Greenwood, Mary1825-1906IrelandMedford, Grant County, Oklahoma
Greer, WilliamLondon, England
Greeve, Una
Gregg, Burrc1805-?Virginia
Gregg, C. H.c1871-?Texas
Gregg, Calebc1770-c1812Virginia
Gregg, Deborah BerniceKansas
Gregg, Delbert
Gregg, Douglas(Hospital), Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Gregg, Douglas Milton1926-1951Emporia, Lyon County, KansasDodge City, Ford County, Kansas
Gregg, Eileen DesniseKansas
Gregg, Eldo Horton1900-1938Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Gregg, Frank B.c1863-?Eureka, Greenwood County, Kansas
Gregg, Fred Case1869-1939Kansas
Gregg, Fredrickc1905-1939
Gregg, George H.c1865-?Oil Hill, Kansas
Gregg, Helen
Gregg, HowardNewman Hospital, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Gregg, Jack
Gregg, Jacob Matthews
Gregg, Jamie LeeKansas
Gregg, Johnc1576-c1644Scotland
Gregg, Johnc1668-c1735Irland
Gregg, Johnc1733-c1804Pennsylvania
Gregg, Jonathan Andrew
Gregg, Melissa
Gregg, Oliver Howardc1831-1885Ohio
Gregg, Thomasc1701-c1748Pennsylvania
Gregg, Williamc1605-?Scotland
Gregg, Williamc1642-c1687
Gregory, Johnc1794-?Seekonk, Massachusetts
Gregory, Porsisc1689-?
Greig, Agnesc1822-?
Greig, Rachelc1873-?
Grew, Adam1878-?Pennsylvania
Grew, Austin1883-?Garrett, Somerset, Pennsylvania
Grew, Clara A1891-1966Garrett, Somerset, PennsylvaniaBridgewater, Rockingham, Virginia
Grew, Georgec1877-?
Grew, Hiram1880-?
Grew, Ida1884-?
Grew, John1888-?
Grew, Julius1851-1891Somerset, Pennsylvania
Grey, Doug
Grey, Katilin
Gribbon, Janet Hislop1914-1995Glasgow, Scotland
Grierson, Christianc1816-?
Grierson, Jamesc1818-?
Grierson, Janetc1828-?
Grierson, Janetc1830-?Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland
Grierson, Liliasc1821-?
Grierson, Liliasc1828-?
Grierson, Margaretc1833-?
Grierson, Maryc1820-1910Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Grierson, Robertc1826-?
Grierson, Williamc1790-?
Grierson, Williamc1824-?
Gries, Christianec1850-?
Grieve, Margaretc1880-1955
Grieves, Thelma
Griffin, Astbury1870-?
Griffin, Charles1895-?
Griffin, Clarence1898-?
Griffin, Earl1912-?
Griffin, Earl Gc1898-?
Griffin, Granville C.1901-1994Burlingame, Osage County, KansasBurlingame, Osage County, Kansas
Griffin, Hannahc1650-?
Griffin, Jenny1899-?
Griffin, Lenara1906-?
Griffin, LeRoy William1891-1958Moline, Rock Island Cnty, Illinois, USATopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Griffin, Lillie1908-?
Griffin, Lisa Ann
Griffin, Lori Jane
Griffin, Mcferland
Griffin, Pamela Faith
Griffin, Ronald
Griffin, Shirley Maxine
Griffin, Surverance1904-?
Griffin, Vera1910-?
Griffith, Isabellac1838-?
Griffith, Rebeccac1705-?
Griffiths, Bettyc1921-2008
Griffiths, CharleneChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Griffiths, David Hc1895-?
Griffiths, Eva Phyllis1920-2006Bedford, Northam, England
Griffiths, Leonard1940-2003Chicago, Cook County, IllinoisIllinois
Griffiths, Percivalc1884-?Bristal Avon, England
Griffiths, VidaCannock, Staffordshire, England
Griggs, Lydiac1856-1924
Grimmitt, Lindac1922-c1999Birmingham, EnglandBirmingham, England
Grindrod, Andrew MalcolmAshton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England
Grindrod, Barbara Marie
Grindrod, Carolyn JulieAshton District, Lancashire, England
Grindrod, ChristineHyde, Cheshire, England
Grindrod, IanHyde, Cheshire, England
Grindrod, JacquelineStalybridge, Cheshire, England
Grindrod, MalcolmHyde, Cheshire, England
Grindrod, Sidney1919-1991Stalybridge, Cheshire, England
Grisamore, Bill
Grisamore, Jackie
Grisamore, Peggy
Griseith, Margaret
Grissinger, John Harold1921-1992Harveyville, KansasTitusville, Florida
Grissinger, Mark LeeHarveyville, Texas
Grissinger, Mathew NealEl Paso, Texas
Grissinger, Michael LinnHarveyville, Kansas
Grissinger, Stanley CraigEl Paso, Texas
Grissom, Cecil ClarenceStringer, Jasper County, Mississippi
Grissom, Myrtle1902-?
Grissom, William Jamesc1880-1960Jasper County, MississippiLaurel, Jones County, Mississippi
Groff, Wilbur S.c1866-?Morrison, Illinois
Gronberg, Johannesc1822-?Sweden
Gross, Debbie Kay
Grosvenor, William1838-?
Groves, Casey
Groves, Linda
Groves, Quentin
Growcutt, Charlesc1840-?Stanton, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Growcutt, Charliec1879-?Matlock, Derby, England
Growcutt, Elizabeth Ac1874-?Matlock, Derby, England
Growcutt, Georgec1873-?Matlock, Derby, England
Growcutt, Jamesc1877-?Matlock, Derby, England
Growcutt, Sarah Ec1868-?Matlock, Derby, England
Growcutt, Stephenc1871-?Matlock, Derby, England
Growcutt, Thomasc1861-?Staffordshire, England
Grubber, Anna Catharinac1738-?Fechingen, Germany
Guest, Elizabethc1817-?
Guff, Joan
Guffin, Charles Robertc1910-?1919 Barker St., Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas
Guidry, Mary Alice
Gummo, Williamc1884-?
Gunnery, Edgar Jc1882-?Ratlinghope, Shropshire, England
Gunnery, Emmac1886-?
Gunnery, Johnc1854-?
Gunterman, Annac1887-?Scranton , Kansas
Gunterman, Charles Frank
Gunterman, Clarac1884-?Braunshausen, Germany
Gunterman, Edna Irene
Gunterman, Elizabethc1895-?Braunshausen, Germany
Gunterman, Emma1889-?Scranton , Kansas
Gunterman, Florence1908-?
Gunterman, Joseph1880-?Braunshausen, Germany
Gunterman, JosephScranton, Kansas
Gunterman, Katherine E1877-?Braunshausen, Germany
Gunterman, Mabel Julia1916-1999Emporia, Kansas
Gunterman, Martha Mary1906-?
Gunterman, Pauline1893-1983Scranton, KansasScranton, Kansas
Gunterman, Pauline Cecelia1912-?
Guntermann, Anton1844-1901Braunhausen, GermanyScranton, Kansas
Guntermann, Conrad1824-1903Hesborn, GermanyFredeburg, Germany
Guntermann, Frank1891-?Scranton, Kansas
Guntermann, Johann George1749-1822Hesborn, GermanyHesborn, Germany
Guntermann, John1895-?Scranton, Kansas
Guntermann, Martin1778-1840Hesborn, GermanyFredeburg, Germany
Gunther, Barbarac1740-1808Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gunther, Hans Adamc1700-1775Furth, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gunther, Johann Adamc1720-1803Furth, GermanySpiesen, Saarland, Germany
Gurr, Henry Johnc1893-?
Guthrie, Barbarac1765-c1801Scotland
Guthrie, Camille Suzanne
Guthrie, Meghan Kathleen
Guthrie, Robert Dale
Guthrie, Robert Ian
Guynn, Charlesc1901-?Detmold, Allegany Co., MD
Guynn, Franklin1866-1948Allegany Co., MDAllegany Co., MD
Guynn, Maryc1908-?Detmold, Allegany Co., MD
Guynn, Oscarc1905-?Detmold, Allegany Co., MD
Guynn, Walterc1908-?Detmold, Allegany Co., MD
Gwilliam, Georgec1825-?Wentnor, Shropshire, England
Gwilliam, Janec1864-?Llanmerewig, Montgomery, Wales
Gwilliam, Marthac1855-?Wentnor, Shropshire, England
Gwilliam, Sarahc1859-?Wentnor, Shropshire, England
H Haas, Elisabethc1772-?
Haas, Jakobc1760-?Germany
Hack, Williamc1740-?
Hackathorn, Kelle Jo Ellen
Hackathorn, Kenneth
Hackathorn, Penny Marie
Hackathorn, Richard Kenneth
Hackathorn, Tina Jean
Hacket, Donc1897-?
Hacket, Robertc1899-?
Hacket, Thomasc1901-?
Hacket, Walterc1876-?
Hacket, Walterc1903-?
Hackett, Betsey Emory1807-1888Plymouth, Massachusetts
Hackett, Charles
Hackett, Evelyn
Hackett, Harold (Red)
Hackett, Irac1899-?
Hackett, Kenneth
Hadaway, Augustus S.1833-?
Hadaway, Jamesc1735-?
Hadaway, William S.1848-?
Hadden, Maryc1784-?
Haddow, Agnesc1830-?Barony, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Buchanan1838-1839Shettleston, Lanark, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, David Lovec1854-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Elizabethc1826-?Barony, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Elizabeth1832-1832Barony, Glasgow, Lanark, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Elizabethc1846-?Scotland
Haddow, George1772-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Georgec1793-c1861Westmuir, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Georgec1841-?Scotland
Haddow, Grizel Patterson1836-1836Glasgow, Lanark, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Helen1770-?Barony, Scotland
Haddow, Helenc1808-?Scotland
Haddow, Henry1780-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Henryc1802-1869Shettleston, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Henryc1819-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Isabellac1834-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, James1768-?Westmuir, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Jamesc1821-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, James1831-1831Shettleston, Lanark, ScotlandBarony, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Jamesc1861-?Shettleston, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Janetc1834-?Barony, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Janet1836-1836Shettleston, Lanark, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Janet McLachlanc1858-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Jeanc1765-?
Haddow, Johnc1680-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Johnc1737-?Shettleston, Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, John1763-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, John1775-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Johnc1790-?Westmuir, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Johnc1812-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Johnc1860-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Libbyc1817-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Lilliasc1810-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Margaret1766-?
Haddow, Margaretc1791-?Westmuir, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Margaretc1841-?Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Mary1778-1858Barony, Lanarkshire, ScotlandWestmuir, Lancashire, Scotland
Haddow, Maryc1796-c1860Stirlingshire, ScotlandBarony, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Maryc1815-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Maryc1842-?Scotland
Haddow, McLachanc1829-c1861Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Sibbaldc1824-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Sibelac1848-?Scotland
Haddow, Susan1829-1830Shettleston, Lanark, ScotlandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Walter1783-?Westmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Haddow, Walterc1809-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Walterc1809-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Walterc1826-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Walterc1854-?Barony, Lanark, Scotland
Haddow, Williamc1798-?Scotland
Haddow, Williamc1840-?Shettleston, Lanark, Scotland
HadleyBirmingham, West Midlands, England
Hadley, GordonEngland
Haertel, Marvin1906-?Wisconsin
Hagan, Annahstasia Marie
Hagg, Elizabethc1839-<1885
Hagge, Arthur1916-1973Fairburg, NebraskaChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Hagge, Christopher1913-1956Topeka, Shawnee County, KansasChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Hagge, Herald1911-1941Maple Hill, KansasChicago, Cook County, Illinois
Hagge, Marie G.1910-1985Maple Hill, Kansashospital, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Hagge, William Fred1879-1948Berlin, GermanyLeClaire, Scott County, Iowa
Haggerty, Alicec1860-?
Haile, Richardc1731-?Warren, Rhode Island
Haines, Clayton Allen
Hakansson, Anders1866-?Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Hakansson, August1863-1901Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, SwedenMeriden, Jefferson County, Kansas
Halauer, Christophc1703-?
Halauer, Johannc1728-?
Haldraen, Annc1740-?
Haldraen, Maryc1738-?
Haley, Christina MarieArizona
Haley, Clarissac1836-?
Haley, George DavisArizona
Haley, George Davis
Haley, Jacob MichaelArizona
Haley, Jared BurkeArizona
Haley, JenniferArizona
Haley, Jeremy LewisArizona
Haley, Mary ElizabethArizona
Hall, Elinor1800-1866
Hall, Samuelc1800-?
Hall, Sarah J.c1810-?
Hall, Sarah J.c1810-?
Hall, Susan1808-?Wallingford, Connecticut
Hall, Tryphenec1780-?
Hallet, Hannahc1776-?
Hallett, Betsey C.1796-1883
Hallett, Charlesc1845-?Barnstable, Massachusetts
Halliday, Anne
Halliday, Stewartc1890-?
Halliday, Tedc1907-?
Halmarack, Mary Annc1807-?
Halstead, Carriec1866-?
Halstead, Dick
Halstead, Elishac1841-?
Halstead, Elliec1868-?
Hamblen, Corneliusc1773-?
Hamblen, Isaacc1796-?
Hamblen, Marthac1741-?
Hamblin, Betseyc1815-?
Hamblin, Hannah1753-1820
Hamblin, Lucyc1756-?
Hamblin, Sarah1761-1833Harrison, Maine
Hamblin, Thomas Fish1810-?
Hamersin, Carlc1851-1893Sundsvall, SwedenBlandinsville, Illinois
Hamilton, Adac1886-?
Hamilton, Alicec1863-?
Hamilton, Annie Stirrat1870-1961DalryDalry
Hamilton, Christina1852-1921NewmainsNewmains
Hamilton, Georgina Bell
Hamilton, James1872-?Dalry
Hamilton, Jane Anderson1876-1934Cambusnethan
Hamilton, Janet1878-?Dalry
Hamilton, Janice Kennedy
Hamilton, Mamiec1898-?
Hamilton, Margaret1880-1952DalryPaisley
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, Mary1883-1963DalryBeith
Hamilton, Nicholasc1770-?
Hamilton, William1850-<1887Maybole
Hamlin, Becky Lynnc1957-<1992
Hamlin, Nathanc1759-?
Hamlin, Sarah G.c1795-?
Hamlin, Theodore B.c1810-?
Hamlin, W Dc1932-<1992
Hammel, Catherine
Hammel, Charles
Hammel, Charles
Hammel, Diane
Hammel, Kenneth
Hammel, Nancy
Hammel, Robert
Hammil, Mary Ec1881-?
Hammond, Alfred L.1906-1988Hoisington, Kansashospital, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
Hammond, Clara B1911-1995
Hammond, Darlene
Hammond, Gerald1914-1994
Hammond, Gerald Fc1880-?
Hammond, John Frank1926-1988Missouri
Hammond, John WilliamTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Hammond, Judy
Hammond, Lewis
Hammond, Linda K.Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas
Hammond, Lorraine
Hammond, Lucian
Hammond, Lucienc1906-?
Hammond, Maryc1908-?
Hammond, Noble
Hammond, Pearl
Hammond, Richard EarlTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Hammond, Ronald
Hampson, Ada1882-1972Australia
Hampson, Marionc1732-?
Hampton, Annc1854-?
Hampton, Eleanorc1700-?
Hampton, Hannahc1844-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Maryc1828-1828
Hampton, Mary Ac1868-?Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Mary Briscoc1846-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Matildac1829-?
Hampton, Rebeccac1867-?Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Sarahc1825-1826Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Sarahc1842-?Matlock, Derby, England
Hampton, Simeonc1797-?Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Simeonc1838-?Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Thomasc1818-?Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Hampton, Thomasc1851-?
Hampton, Williamc1849-?
Hanchett, Lafayettec1835-?
Hancock, Ed
Handchen, Catharinac1805-?
Handley, Alicec1741-?
Hannah, April
Hannebaun, Salina Linda
Hanrahan, Thomas J.c1925->1983
Hansen, James E. (Babbs)
Hansen, Jesse James
Hansen, JoshuaTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Hansen, Kenneth
Hansen, MarkKansas
Hansen, Renee ColleenCasper, Wyoming
Hansen, SidneyTopeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
Hanson, James
Hanson, Jana
Hanson, Kevin
Hanson, Richard
Hanson, Thomas
Hanzalek, Williamc1911-?
Hapgood, Lyman Wilderc1820-?
Hardester, Woodrow
Hardie, Alasdairc1922-1946
Hardie, Alexc1895-?
Hardie, Alexc1902-1979
Hardie, Alex Cc1867-?
Hardie, Alexanderc1872-?Maryhill, Lanark, Scotland
Hardie, Caroline
Hardie, Cissie (Sarah)1907-1996
Hardie, Donald
Hardie, Elizabeth1863-1868
Hardie, Frances McFarlane1912-1969
Hardie, George1837-1875Kilsyth
Hardie, George1869-1872
Hardie, Georgec1897-1960
Hardie, Georgec1898-?
Hardie, Hugh1900-19421 Thistle Street, Kirkintilloch
Hardie, Ian
Hardie, Jeanie (Jane)c1864-?
Hardie, Joan
Hardie, Johnc1831-1909Muiravon, Linlithgow, ScotlandMotherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Hardie, Johnc1866-?
Hardie, Johnc1868-?Maryhill, Lanark, Scotland
Hardie, John1873-1962Lochfauld, Western District
Hardie, Lindsey
Hardie, Lizzie1899-1972
Hardie, Mae (Mary Cook1904-1981
Hardie, Margaret
Hardie, Mary1876-1876
Hardie, Nessie (Agnes McFarlane)c1909-1943
Hardie, Pearl (Margaret Andrew)1896-198728, Luggiebank Road, KirkintillochGlasgow
Hardie, Willie (William) C1871-?
Harding, Isabella1568->1633Cholesbury, Bucks, EnglandCholesbury, Bucks, England
Harding, John HerbertEngland
Harding, Lydia S.1827-?
Harding, Lynn JulieWoolwich, London, England
Harding, Mary1852-1941
Harding, Sarahc1861-1918IrelandGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Harding, Stephen D.c1793-?
Hardman, Thomasc1853-?Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Hardtmann, Christina Elisabethc1740-c1793Spiesen, Saarland, Germany
Hardwick, Jonathan MichaelBristol
Hardy, Elizabeth JaneSt. Leonards-On-, Sea, East Sussex, England
Hardy, Ian RobertLondon, England
Hardy, Loisc1749-?
Hardy, Margaretc1898-?Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Hardy, Roger
Hargis, Ethel Marie
Hargreaves, Georgec1896-?Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Harlan, Dinahc1708-?
Harland, RitaLondon, England
Harland, WilliamLondon, England
Harlow, David1799-1859
Harlow, Isaac1725-?
Harlow, Justusc1817-?
Harlow, Martha Patty1786-1856Plymouth, MassachusettsPlymouth, Massachusetts
Harlow, Mary Lemoinec1852-?
Harlow, Orenc1878-?
Harlow, Ruth M.1903-1972Sylvan Grove, Kansashospital, Bellevue, Washington
Harlow, Temperancec1800-1863Cotuit, Massachusetts
Harman, Nora Belle<1882-1917Missouri
Harmon, Mary Lillian1896-1976Jasper, MissouriSedalia, Missouri
Harper, Bill
Harper, Cody
Harper, Gayle Lynn
Harper, James
Harper, James
Harper, Johnc1839-?
Harper, Johnc1873-?
Harper, Sonia
Harr, JanetBillinge Hospital, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Harr, JohnPemberton, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Harr, SusanBillinge Hospital, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Harrietc1788-c1859River Street, Congleton, Cheshire, England
Harrietc1821-?New York
Harrigan, Leo
Harrigan, Patricia Kathleen
Harriott, Ann-?
Harriott, Clara Matilda1823-?
Harriott, Davidc1782-?
Harriott, Dorothy Hannahc1786-?
Harriott, Georgec1715-?
Harriott, Georgec1747-?
Harriott, Georgec1778-?
Harriott, Hannahc1753-?
Harriott, James-?
Harriott, Johnc1745-1817Great Stambridge, Essex, EnglandLondon, England
Harriott, John Staplesc1780-1839France
Harriott, Josephc1749-?
Harriott, Rebeccac1741-?
Harriott, Sarahc1784-?
Harriott, Sibella Christinac1821-?
Harriott, Thomasc1753-1817West Hall, Mortlake, England
Harriott, Thomas Georgec1792-?East Indies
Harriott, William Henryc1794-1839
Harris, Alta Jane1840-1914Adams County, IllinoisGoldendale, Benton County, Washington
Harris, Andrew Jackson1836-1919Houston Township, Adams County, IllinoisCarthage, Hanock County, Illinois
Harris, Baby1846-1846Houston Township, Adams County, IllinoisHouston Township, Adams County, Illinois
Harris, Blanch Mae1893-1983Mineral Point, Iowa County, WisconsinTitusville, Brevard County, Florida
Harris, Clark1848-1923Houston Township, Adams County, IllinoisBowen, Hancock County, Illinois
Harris, Francis1824-1855Maury County, TennesseeAdams County, Illinois
Harris, George1830-1896Morgan County, IllinoisAllen County, Kansas
Harris, Jesse1820-<1872Maury County, Tennessee
Harris, John1825-1845Maury County, TennesseeAdams County, Illinois
Harris, Laviniac1815-?
Harris, Lucinda1828-1921Morgan County, IllinoisAdams County, Illinois
Harris, Maryc1828-?
Harris, Mary1832-1856Houston Township, Adams County, IllinoisIllinois
Harris, Melinda1837-1878Adams County, Illinois
Harris, Minerva1834-<1872Houston Township, Adams County, Illinois
Harris, Nancy1822-1855Maury County, Tennessee
Harris, PatriciaLebo, Kansas
Harris, Philipc1723-c1756
Harris, Rice1844-1933Big Neck, Adams County, IllinoisHannibal, Marion County, Missouri
Harris, Rusell
Harris, Samuelc1691-?Swansea, Mass.
Harris, Samuelc1868-?
Harris, Sarah1842-1922Hancock County, IllinoisIola, Allen County, Kansas
Harris, Solomon1797-1872Caswell County, North CarolinaAdams County, Illinois
Harris, Solomon1827-1908Maury County, TennesseeCamp Point, Adams County, Illinois
Harris, Susanc1825-?
Harris, William1839-?Houston Township, Adams County, Illinois
Harrison, Frankc1892-?
Harrison, Fredrick Augustusc1830-?
Harrison, MarthaSalford, Lancashire, England
Harrison, May
Harshaw, Henry Baldwinc1840-?
Hart, Margaretc1797-1876
Hart, Montgomery Jc1798-?
Hart, Thomasc1770-?
Hartman, Catherinec1795-1836Germany
Hartmeier, Felix EdmundCooma, New South Wales, Australia
Hartmeier, Max AlexanderCooma, New South Wales, Australia
Hartmeier, TheodoreHolderbank, Switzerland
Hartmeier, Veronika IsabellaCooma, New South Wales, Australia
Hartt, Ebenezerc1827-?
Harvey, Alicec1856-?Broseley, Shropshire, England
Harvey, Elizabeth1836-?Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Harvey, Elizabethc1844-?
Harwell, Jeffery
Hasbrough, Abnerc1860-?
Hascie, Williamc1673-?
Haskell, Ephraimc1781-?
Haskell, Oliver P.c1819-?Windham, Maine
Haskett, Edc1915-1971
Haskett, Ira
Haskins, Jack
Haskins, Linda Jo
Haslell, Jonathanc1764-?Standish, Maine
Haslewood, Annec1633-?
Haslewood, Annec1665-?
Haslewood, Arthurc1713-?
Haslewood, Benjaminc1710-?
Haslewood, Dorothy1662-?
Haslewood, Edwardc1705-?
Haslewood, Elizabethc1614-?
Haslewood, Elizabeth1678-?
Haslewood, Esterc1635-?
Haslewood, Francisc1616-?
Haslewood, Francisc1657-?
Haslewood, Georgec1622-?
Haslewood, Hannahc1715-1750
Haslewood, Janec1620-?
Haslewood, Jane1658-?
Haslewood, Johnc1628-?
Haslewood, John1659-1672
Haslewood, John1673-?
Haslewood, Johnc1701-?
Haslewood, Maryc1618-?
Haslewood, Maryc1655-c1655
Haslewood, Maryc1656-?
Haslewood, Mary1669-1671
Haslewood, Maryc1719-?
Haslewood, Miriamc1626-?
Haslewood, Richardc1624-?
Haslewood, Richardc1624-c1697
Haslewood, Rogerc1619-?
Haslewood, Rogerc1702-?
Haslewood, Samuelc1638-?
Haslewood, Sarahc1704-?
Haslewood, Susannahc1708-?
Haslewood, Thomasc1599-?
Haslewood, Thomasc1599-?
Haslewood, Williamc1663-?
Haslewood, Williamc1682-?
Haslewood, Williamc1698-?
Hass, Elisabethac1695-?St. Ingbert
Hastings, Alex
Hastings, Andrew1944-1979Edinburgh
Hastings, Betty1918-1962
Hastings, Brian
Hastings, Elsie
Hastings, Euphemiac1789-?
Hastings, Helen Perry1905-?
Hastings, Johnc1765-?
Hastings, John1852-1917
Hastings, John1884-1938
Hastings, John
Hastings, John
Hastings, John
Hastings, June
Hastings, Sandra
Hastings, Tom1916-1944
Hastings, Walterc1884-1953
Hasty, Dorothy1923-?
Hasty, Velmac1923-1958
Hasz, Cindy Branson
Hasz, Clarence William
Hasz, Debra Catherine
Hasz, Jo Ellen
Hasz, Phillip William
Hatch, Abigail1736-1808Falmouth, MassachusettsFalmouth, Massachusetts
Hatch, Ida May1849-?
Hatch, Lucyc1740-?
Hatch, Mehitable1765-1838Barnstable, Massachusetts
Hatch, Olive1786-?
Hatch, Paulc1761-?
Hathaway, Andrew H.c1863-1926
Hathaway, Bradfordc1839-?
Hathaway, Chrissie
Hathaway, Geor