Richard ap_Eignion


Personal and Family Information

Richard was born about 1498, the son of Roger ap_Eignion but his mother is unknown. The place is not known.

His wife was Alice Syer, who he married in ABT 1517. The place has not been found. Their ten known children were Adam (c1519-c1561), Robert (c1521-?), Joan (c1523-?), Eleanor (c1524-?), Richard (c1525-?), William (c1529-?), John (c1531-?), Edward (c1533-?), Thomas (c1535-<1588) and Hugh (c1537-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Richard ap_Eignion


Roger ap_Eignion


David ap_Einion


Einion ap_David



BirthABT 1498


Note 1

!Source: Morris, Joseph, "Benyon of Great Ash, &c." in "Geoneological Manuscripts connected with the County of Salop and Principality of Wales", Vol. 9, Page 4641, mss. no. 4085. LDS tape# 0504680. Most entries copied in their entirity.

!Notes: Admitted a Burgess of Shrewsbury, 21 H. 8. 1529. Called also "Richard Beynion" Son of Roger ap Eignion, of Rowton.