Einion ap_David


Personal and Family Information

Einion was born before 1400, the son of David ap_Howel but his mother is unknown. The place is not known.

His wife is not known. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their three known children were David (c1420-?), Icuan (c1420-?) and Einios (c1420-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Einion ap_David


David ap_Howel


Howel ap_Inios


Inios ap_Einion



BirthBEF 1400


Note 1

!Source: Morris, Joseph, "Benyon of Great Ash, &c." in "Geoneological Manuscripts connected with the County of Salop and Principality of Wales", Vol. 9, Page 4641, mss. no. 4085. LDS tape# 0504680. Most entries copied in their entirity.

!Note: Benyon, of Great Ash, &c.

!P: From the Municpal Records of Shrewsbury, Parochial Registers, Records of Drapers', Mercers', &c. Companies of Shrewsbury; Harleian M.S. No. 1982, fol.9, &c., &c, &c.

!P: Arms [as in Harleian M.S. A.D. 1633] -- Ermine, a chevron Sable; on a chief Or, a lion passant Gules. Arms subsequently borne by Benyon of Great Ash, Shrewsbury, &c. -- Paive, Argent and Sable; an a chief of the first, 3 mullets of the second. Crest: -- A griffin sejant Argent [sometimes borne Or], wings elevated.

!P: The Descent of Einion, the commonly received Ancester of the Benyon Family is thus variously derived by Welsh authorities; and both descents are given in the Salusbury Collection of Pedigrees now [1856] at Wynndstay.

!P: Eionion ap Ririd [of Cruw] ap Howel ap Trahaiarn ap Pascen ap Gwyn Lord of Guils Heild. [to Brochwel Yscithrog, Prince of Powys.] In this descent, Einion is said to have three sons, Einios, Icuan, and David alias Deio ap Einion called also Deicus, listed here as several generations later.

!P: The other Descent is thus given:

!P: Deio ap Einion ap David ap Howel ap Inios ap Einion "Yook" of Bausley ap Carindoc Wyndurch ap Sevwerth "Yoch" ap Meridith ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn Prince of Powys.

!P: This latter descent would appear to be the one most consonant to the Arms of the Benyon Family, as given on the Harleian:

!P: "Or, w lion rampant [sometimes given pasant] Gules," was born by various descendants of the ancient Princes of Powys, of the line of Bleddyn of Cynfyn.