John Benyon


Personal and Family Information

John was born about 1575 in Great Ash, Whitchurch, Shropshire, England, the son of George Benyon and Margaret Brabant.

His wife was Jane Howell, who he married on 7 FEB 1605 in Shropshire, England. Their seven known children were Sarah (c1606-?), Daniel (c1607-?), Joseph (c1608-?), Joshua (c1610-c1650), Jane (c1612->1686), Alice (c1614-<1694) and Susanna (c1616-?).

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John Benyon


George Benyon


Adam ap_Eignion


Richard ap_Eignion


Alice Syer


Alys Owen


Margaret Brabant



BirthABT 1575
Place: Great Ash, Whitchurch, Shropshire, England


Note 1

!Source: Morris, Joseph, "Benyon of Great Ash, &c." in "Geoneological Manuscripts connected with the County of Salop and Principality of Wales", Vol. 9, Page 4641, mss. no. 4085. LDS tape# 0504680. Most entries copied in their entirity.

!Notes: "sonne and heyre apparent" of George Benyon [Articles of 9 Feb 2 James I. [1605]] and "well beloved sonne" and executor of Margaret his mother [Will of 10 Dec 1611] is described his son Daniel's Marriage Settlement as "John Benyon, of Ashe Magna, in the County of Salop, gentleman." In his own Will he is described as John Benyon, of Whitchurch, in the county of Salop, gentleman, "and in the first mortem Inventory of his effects as "John Benyon, late of Great Ash in the county of Salop, gentleman, deceased."

!P: In the Accounts of the Parish of Whitchurch, for the year 1620 are the following entries:-- "Burialls unreceaved:-- . "For the buryall of Widdow Benion iy s iiy d. [*See below] "For the buryall of John Benyon's wife iy s iiy d. . "For the buryall of John Benion's sonne iy s iiy d. " And in the Accounts for 1622 the following:-- . "Receaved for the buryall of hr. John Benyon's sonne iy s iiy d. " "hr. John Benoin, Great Ashe", was one of the "Vestrymen chosen by the consent of the whole parish of Whitchurch, September 5, 1625:" and he was Churchwarden of Whitchurch in 1629. In the Accounts of John Hotchkis, John Benyon, and two others, Churchwardens of Whitchurch for 1628, is entered the following disbursement. -- "Item, spent by hr. John Benyon and hr. John Hotchkis when they were called to Shrewsburye to present the recusante i s x d."

!P: From a Bill in Chancery which is among the Broad Oak muniments, it appears that he was seised in fee simple of the messuage called "The Broad Oake", and houses, lands, &c. thereto belonging in the several townships of Iscoyd ind Tybroughton in the Lordship of haylor alias hailor; that upon a treaty of a marriage to be had and solemnised between Daniel Mathewes of Brommington in the county of Flint, gentleman, and Sara Benyon elder daughter of the said John Benyon, "he agreed to settle the said messuage and premises on the said Daniel Mathewes and Sarah Benyon for their lives, with the remainder in tail to their first and other sons, with remainder to daughters, with remainder to Joshua Benyon son of the said John Benyon in fee; that he executed a Settlement dated 10th February, 1640, by which, after the decease of the said Daniel Mathewes the estate was entailed on the said John Benyon's grand-daughter Katherine Mathewes; and that John Hotchkis the elder, John Hotchkis the younger, and Joseph Whitter were the Feoffees in Trust of this Settlement.

!P: *In the Accounts of the Churchwardens of Whitchurch, for the year 1621 [two years after the Wardenship of Peter Hirehall] is the following entry:--"Received of Peter Hirehall w'ch was paydd to him when he was churchwarden for the buriall of hr. John Benyon's wife iy s iiy d."

!P: In the Accounts of the Churchwardens of Whitchurch, for 1640 is entered among Burials received, the following item: -- "hr. John Benyon 10s."

!P: The Will of the said John Benyon, dated 8th August, 1646 was proved at Lichfield, 10th Jun 1647. Joseph Beddowe and John Savage, witnesses; John Hotchkis the elder an appraiser, wearing apparel appraised at £4.; "two silver spoons" at 8s.