Daniel Benyon


Personal and Family Information

Daniel was born about 1607 in Shropshire, England, the son of John Benyon and Jane Howell.

His wife was Mary Knight, who he married on 6 MAY 1637 in St.. Julians, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Their five known children were Sarah (c1640-?), Elizabeth (c1643-?), Daniel (c1646-1690), Martha (c1647-?) and Mary (c1649-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Daniel Benyon


John Benyon


George Benyon


Adam ap_Eignion


Alys Owen


Margaret Brabant


Jane Howell


John Howell



BirthABT 1607
Place: Shropshire, England


Note 1

!Notes: [Eldest son and heir of John Benyon and Jane Howell]. He is described as "sonne and heir apparent" in Settlement of 13th [G]ar. I; as "of Great Ashe, in the county of Salop, gentleman", in the Bill of Chancery, and in his Will. Had Legacies under the Will of his grandfather Howell and under the Will of his aunt Adams.

!P: Marriage Settlement dated 4th May, 13 Car. I 1637. Freehold messuages and lands in Ashe Parva and Willason, and copyhold estates in Great Ashe, Little Ashe, New Woodhouses, Old Woodhouses, and Whitchurch, comprised in it. "Thomas Nicholls of the towne of Shrewsbury, gentleman, Thomas Hunt, of Wattlesbourough, in the county of Salop, gentleman, Ralph Alsager of Alsager, in the county of Chester, gentleman, and George Edgley, of Harley, in the county of Chester, gentleman", the trustees. John Corbet, Adam Webb, John Knight, and Joseph Bannistre, the witnesses.

!P: "Daniel Benyon, gentleman", was senior churchwarden of Whitchurch in 1653, and in 1663 he was High Constable of that Division of the Hundred of Bradford.

!P: Will, dated 13th February, 1667, proved at Lichfield, 16th September, 1670, by his son Daniel Benyon, the executer. His signet ring and clock he bequethed to his son Daniel; the residue to his four daughters, Martha, Mary, Sarah, and Elizabeth Benyon. Effects appraised at £234.6s.8d.

!P: [He was on of the Assessors in the County of Salop for the Commonwealth in 1649-50].