Edona [Idowe] Benyon


Personal and Family Information

Edona was born about 1602 in England, the daughter of John Benyon and Katherina Hotchkiss.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Edona [Idowe] Benyon


John Benyon


George Benyon


Adam ap_Eignion


Alys Owen


Margaret Brabant


Katherina Hotchkiss


Thomas Hotchkiss


Nichlas Hotchkiss


Jocosa James



BirthABT 1602
Place: England


Note 1

!Source: www.findmypast.co.uk Record Transcription:

First name[s] Catherine

Last name Hodgkis

Year 1610

Person subject S

Record set Boyd's Inhabitants Of London & Family Units 1200-1946

Category Census, land & surveys

Subcategory Surveys

Collections from England, Great Britain

!Notes: from image:

Name: Thomas Benion

Residence: St.. Leaonard, East Cheap

Father John Benion, Ashe, Salop

Mother: Catherine Hodgkis. Salop

Born: [date is faded but could be 1580] Whitchurch, Salop

Married: 1610 June 15 & 1619 at St. Magnus at St.. Saviour Southward

Wife: [1] Judith Ashland [2] Ellen Foot

daughter of John Foot GR 1581 and Margaret Brook 18622

Profession Citizen & draper free 1603 May 24 by John Tayler Fish Street Hill. Ulen 5[2] Harris

Died 1625 Buried at St.. Leonard, East Cheap

Will 162E PCC 7 Clark wife Eleana

Children John under 21

Mary by 1st wife



Thomas admin PCC 1627 May 31 to mother Ellen Harris




bros John, George sister Mary Edona <<<

bros in law Ralph Jackson Robert Alchester Thomas Lagler

cousins Thomas Benion*, George Benion, John Hodgkiss, >>> Allen Hodgkiss <<<

sis in law Elizabeth Leeland = Henry [9093] Bonner HAB [1625]

bro in law Thomas & Samuel Fost Grover

Cousin Arthur Hodgkiss

* cit,s. draper Fam Min Gent 413 are Amphlett of Clunt by John Amplett