Thomas Benyon


Personal and Family Information

Thomas was born about 1594 in Whitchurch, Shropshire, England, the son of John Benyon and Katherina Hotchkiss.

He died in 1625. The place is not known.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Judith Leshland, who he married on 15 JUN 1610 in St. Magnus The Martyr, Lower Thames St., London, England UK. Their four known children were John (c1611-?), Mary (c1613-?), Beatrice (c1615-?) and Judith (c1617-?).

His second wife was Ellenor Foot, who he married in 1619 in St. Savior Southward, London, England. Their three known children were Thomas (c1620-?), Priscilla (c1622-?) and Jane (c1625-?).

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Thomas Benyon


John Benyon


George Benyon


Adam ap_Eignion


Alys Owen


Margaret Brabant


Katherina Hotchkiss


Thomas Hotchkiss


Nichlas Hotchkiss


Jocosa James



BirthABT 1594
Place: Whitchurch, Shropshire, England




Note 1

!Source: Record Transcription:

First name[s] Catherine

Last name Hodgkis

Year 1610

Person subject S

Record set Boyd's Inhabitants Of London & Family Units 1200-1946

Category Census, land & surveys

Subcategory Surveys

Collections from England, Great Britain

!Notes: from image:

Name: Thomas Benion <<<

Residence: St.. Leaonard, East Cheap

Father John Benion, Ashe, Salop

Mother: Catherine Hodgkis. Salop

Born: [date is faded but could be 1580] Whitchurch, Salop

Married: 1610 June 15 & 1619 at St. Magnus at St.. Saviour Southward

Wife: [1] Judith Ashland [2] Ellen Foot

daughter of John Foot GR 1581 and Margaret Brook 18622

Profession Citizen & draper free 1603 May 24 by John Tayler Fish Street Hill. Ulen 5[2] Harris

Died 1625 Buried at St.. Leonard, East Cheap

Will 162E PCC 7 Clark wife Eleana

Children John under 21

Mary by 1st wife



Thomas admin PCC 1627 May 31 to mother Ellen Harris




bros John, George sister Mary Edona

bros in law Ralph Jackson Robert Alchester Thomas Lagler

cousins Thomas Benion*, George Benion, John Hodgkiss, >>> Allen Hodgkiss <<<

sis in law Elizabeth Leeland = Henry [9093] Bonner HAB [1625]

bro in law Thomas & Samuel Fost Grover

Cousin Arthur Hodgkiss

* cit,s. draper Fam Min Gent 413 are Amphlett of Clunt by John Amplett