Hakan Andersson Sköld


Personal and Family Information

Hakan was born on 2 NOV 1816 in Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden, the son of Anders Brand and Ingjerd Mansdotter.

He died on 21 NOV 1870 in Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden.

His wife was Ingeborg Jonasdotter, who he married on 9 SEP 1863 in Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden. Their three known children were August (1863-1901), Anders (1866-?) and Andersson (1868-1868).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Hakan Andersson Sköld


Anders Brand


Ingjerd Mansdotter





Birth2 NOV 1816
Place: Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Death21 NOV 1870
Place: Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Christening4 NOV 1816
Place: Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden


Note 1

!Source: Church records of Stenbrohult Parish as researched by Elisabeth Thorsell, ET Genealogy.

!Alias: His birth name in Sweden was Hakan Andersson. He was given the surname Skold [the o has an umlot or double dot above it and is pronounced sort of like the oo in loom] in the Swedish navy.

!Notes: In his youth he worked as a farmhand at various places in Stenbrohult. In 1835 he moved to Carlskrona, the military harbor, where he seems to have enlisted for some time in the navy, where he was given the surname of Skold.


Around 1850 he was back in Stenbrohult, and again worked as a farm laborer. After his marriage he lived with his family at a cottage at Idehult, and in 1865 moved to the cottage Lindhult, and in 1869 to a dug-out, Svenstorp, on Lindhult lands, where he died. All places mentioned, except while in the navy, were in Stenbrohult.


He married Ingeborg Jonasdotter in 1863. They had three children, of which one was stillborn. The names of his sons, August, and Anders, seem to have been switched around 1867. Both sons went to Germany on work permits, and later went to the US on work permits, never to return to Sweden.