August Hokansson


Personal and Family Information

August was born on 14 SEP 1863 in Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden, the son of Hakan Andersson Sköld and Ingeborg Jonasdotter.

He died on 12 MAR 1901 in Meriden, Jefferson County, Kansas.

His wife was Johannah Larsdotter, who he married on 2 JUL 1887 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Their four known children were Edith Marie (1888-1940), Nina Martina (1890-1980), Edna Julia (1892-1945) and Agnes Helena (1897-1975).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


August Hokansson


Hakan Andersson Sköld


Anders Brand


Ingjerd Mansdotter




Ingeborg Jonasdotter


Jonas Germundsson




Bengta Jonsdotter





Birth14 SEP 1863
Place: Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
Birth15 SEP 1863
Death12 MAR 1901
Place: Meriden, Jefferson County, Kansas
Death12 MAR 1901
Place: MERIDAN, Kansas
Place: Meriden, Jefferson County, Kansas
Place: MERIDAN, Kansas


Note 1

!Source: Church records of Stenbrohult Parish, as researched by Elisabeth Thosell, ET Genealogy, Hastskovagen 45, S-175-39 Jarafalla, Sweden.

!Alias: When he was born in Sweden his name was recorded as Anders Hakansson. By 1867 it was changed to August Hakansson, apparently switching with his younger brother. His American name became August Hokanson.

!Notes: In the summer periods of 1882, 1883, and 1884, August Hakansson got work permits to work in Germany. He got a work permit to the US in 1886 and does not seem to have got back to Sweden again, but never requested his proper emigration papers in Sweden, so in 1895 he is recorded among those of the parish "with no fixed abode". During his time in Sweden he is always recorded as living with his mother at Svenstorp.


He married Johanna Larson in 1887 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Their first child was born in Meriden, Kansas. Their remaining three children were born in Galveston, Texas. The family moved back to Kansas in about 1899. August died of pneumonia in Meriden, Kansas on 12 March 1901. After his death, his family moved to Osage City, Kansas.

!Notes: Tombstone says 15 sep 1863 - 13 Mar 1901 burried Meriden, Kansas


!Notes: from Cynthia Goynes.

In the Census of 1900 -- Texas -- John County -- Cleburne Township -- District 57 -- Willing Lane Street

Image ?? Roll T623_1649 Enumerated June 4, 1900 In the computer page 14 of 86

Hokanson, August, age 36, born September 1863, Married 12 years, Born Sweden, Shipping Clerk

-,Hanna B, age 44, born December 1855, Married 12 years, 4 children born, 4 living, Born Sweden

-,Edith, age 11, born September 1888, Born Kansas

-,Nina, age 10, born February 1890, Born Kansas

-,Edna, age 8,born July 1891, Born Texas

-,Agnes, age 3, March 1897, Born Texas

Gene, Mountain, age 35, born December 1864, Born Missouri, Boarder, Shipping Clerk

Gene, Brady, age 25, February 1875, Born Texas, Boarder, Shipping Clerk

Note 2