Anders Brand


Personal and Family Information

Anders was born about 1788 in Sodra Ljunga, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden, the son of unknown parents.

He died after 1838 in Sweden.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Ingjerd Mansdotter, who he married on 31 DEC 1811 in Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden. Their five known children were Jonas (1813-?), Hakan Andersson (1816-1870), Jacob (1819-?), Bengta (1826-?) and Lars (1831-?).

His second wife was Catherina Eliaedotter, who he married on 26 DEC 1836 in Stenbrohult, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden. Their only known child was Ingrid (1837-?).


BirthABT 1788
Place: Sodra Ljunga, Kronoberg, Smaland, Sweden
DeathAFT 1838
Place: Sweden


Note 1

!Source: Swedish Parish Records [birth from clerical survey or "husforhorslangd"], researched bt Elisabeth Thorsell, ET Geneology.

!Notes: Soldier number 63 of the Allbo Company of the Kronoberg Infantry Regiment. Part of his salary was the use of the soldier's cottage at Brannhult in Stenbrohult, where he still lived in 1838.