Richard Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Richard was born in 1818 in Tollcross, Scotland, the son of John Hotchkiss / Hodgecase and Margaret Anderson.

He died on 8 JUN 1886 in Coatbridge, Coatbridge, Lanark, Scotland.

His wife was Elizabeth [Lizzie] Jaap, who he married on 30 JAN 1841 in Monkland, Scotland. Their nine known children were John (c1840-1916), George (c1843-?), Michael (c1845-1857), Richard (c1847-1864), Margaret (1850-?), Andrew (1852-1926), James (1854-1906), Walter (1856-?) and Elizabeth (1860-1923).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Richard Hotchkiss


John Hotchkiss / Hodgecase


Cornelius Hotchkiss / Hodgecase


Edward Hotchkiss


Anne Hatton


Janet Stewart


John Stewart


Helen Miller


Margaret Anderson


James Anderson


Martha Watson



Place: Tollcross, Scotland
Death8 JUN 1886
Place: Coatbridge, Coatbridge, Lanark, Scotland


OccupationCoal Miner


Note 1

!Note: Death Certificate: 1886 Deaths in the District of Coatbridge in the County of Lanark. - No. 277 - Name and Surname./Rank or Profession, and whether Single, Married, or Widowed. Richard Hotchkiss /Coal Miner Married to Elizabeth Japp - When and Where Died. 1886 June eighth 7hr 3m AM - Sex. M - Age. 68 years - Name, Surname, & Rank or Profession of Father. / Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother. John Hotchkiss Coal Miner [Deceased] Margaret Hotchkiss Md Anderson [Deceased] - Cause of Death, Duration of Disease, & Medical Attendant by whom certified. bh. Bronchites & Asthma 5 years certified by Adam P Fitzpatric MB Hem - Signature & Qualification of Informant, and Residence, if out of the House in which the Death occured. Elizabeth Ferguson Daughter 55 Merryston present - When and Where Registered, and Signature of Registrar. 1886 June 8th at Coatbridge David Young Apist Register 1M

!Source: This line from the Jaap Family Tree, John Jaap, on, linked to

!Source: Robert Wylie website at: &surname=Hotchkiss%2C+Richard. His Sources: 1. Title: Jaap/Jope Family Genealogy Author: John Jaap Publication: &recno=1017 Note: My first contact with this part of the family was with Dorothy Coppendale. She lives in Engla nd and has done a great job tracing the Jope/Japp family from Scotland to England, Canada, Am erica, Australia and elsewhere. I have enjoyed my journey through the Jaap/Jope Family tree a t Text: John Jaap Fiona Jaap Dorothy Jope Coppendale

!Source: OPR Banns & Marriages


!Source: 1861 Scotland Census

Name: Richard Hotchkiss

Age: 44

Estimated birth year: abt 1817

Relationship: Head

Spouse's name : Elisabeth Jaap

Gender: Male

Where born: Barony Lanarksh, Scotland

Registration Number: 652/2

Registration district: Old Monkland Middle District

Civil Parish: Old Monkland

Town: Coatbridge

County: Lanarkshire

Address: Todd's Land

Occupation: Collier

ED: 4

Household schedule number: 46


Roll: CSSCT1861_118

Household Members:

Name Age

Richard Hotchkiss 44, head, abt 1817, Barony Lanarksh, Scotland

Elisabeth Jaap 40, wife, abt 1821, Barony Lanarksh, Scotland

John Hatchkiss 20, son, abt 1841, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

Richard Hatchkiss 13, son, abt 1848, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

Marget Hatchkiss 10, daughter, abt 1851, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

Andrew Hatchkiss 8, son, abt 1853, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

James Hatchkiss 6, son, abt 1855, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

Walter Hatchkiss 4, son, abt 1857, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

Elisabeth Hatchkiss 1, daughter, abt 1860, Old Monkland Lanarksh, Scotland

James Sommervile 28, Visitor, abt 1833, Biggar Lanarksh, Scotland

!Source: 1861 Scotland Census

Name: Richard Hotchkies

Age: 65

Estimated birth year: abt 1816

Relationship: Head

Spouse's name : Elizabeth Hotchkies

Gender: Male

Where born: Tollcross, Lanarkshire

Registration Number: 652/2

Registration district: Old Monkland Middle District

Civil Parish: Old Monkland Middle District

Town: Coatbridge

County: Lanarkshire

Address: 62 Merryston Sqr

Occupation: Coal Miner

ED: 13

Household schedule number: 67


Roll: cssct1881_266

Household Members:

Name Age

Richard Hotchkies 65

Elizabeth Hotchkies 61