Jean Armour


Personal and Family Information

Jean was born on 27 JUL 1841 in Kilmarnock, the daughter of John Armour and Elizabeth Caldwell.

She died on 18 NOV 1911 in Kirkintilloch.

Her husband was George Jaap, who she married on 15 SEP 1865 in Kilmarnock. Their seven known children were Elizabeth Armour (1859-1937), Walter (1866-1950), John Armour (1868-1954), Richard (1870-?), Robert Armour (1872-1950), Andrew Armour (1875-?) and James Armour (1878-1942).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jean Armour


John Armour


James Armour


Andrew Armour


Elizabeth Small


Janet Rayburn


William Rayburn


Ann Connell


Elizabeth Caldwell


George Caldwell


Elizabeth Howie



Birth27 JUL 1841
Place: Kilmarnock
Death18 NOV 1911
Place: Kirkintilloch


Note 1

!Source: The Jaap family tree. Entries: 2488, Updated: Sun Feb 29 09:17:00 2004, Contact: John Jaap

Jean was the youngest of a large family, which was about to emigrate to New Zealand when she was proposed to by George Jaap, a widower. She accepted and her sisters went to New Zealand and remained there.