Mary Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born on 12 JAN 1879 in Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirling, Scotland, the daughter of Edward Hotchkiss and Margaret Janet Penman.

She died on 28 MAR 1957 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Her husband was Thomas Washington, who she married on 4 FEB 1896 in Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas. Their four known children were Marguerite Harriet (1897-1979), James (1900-?), Thomas Penman (1900-2001) and Gladys Isobel (1904-2002).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Hotchkiss


Edward Hotchkiss


Cornelius Hotchkiss


Edward Hotchkiss


Margaret Baad


Rebecca Simpson


Robert Simpson


Margaret Borland


Margaret Janet Penman


William Penman


Alexander Penman


Mary Borrowman


Ann Christie


Alexander Christie


Ann Philp



Birth12 JAN 1879
Place: Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirling, Scotland
Death28 MAR 1957
Place: Kansas City, Missouri
Place: Johnson County, Kansas


Mary Hotchki...


Note 1

!Source: 34 & Kansas State Census for Osage County, Kansas, film 99 & 100.

!Letter: Written by Mary Hotchkiss Washington in June 1956:

!P: Darling Peggie a sketch of my life as I remember it.

!P: I was born in Carronshore Scotland 1879-Jan 12. Children were started in school at the age of four [in Carronshore]. So I attended school a little over a year there. The only thing I could remember learning was the ABC which I could rattle off fluently to my fathers delight[.]

!P: My memories of Scotland are not many[.] one that stands out Most is boarding the ship on the White Star line That Landed in Castle Gardens three week later

!P: We had a very rough voyage all the family were ill except Me Who drove the Sailors Crazy asking questions[.] My chief delight was watching the wales come up to blow[.] All the children on the ship loved that. The [Hotchkiss] family on the ship consisted of my Father [&] Mother [Edward and Margaret Hotchkiss] three brothers [Edward, Alexander and James Hotchkiss] Two sisters [Margaret Hotchkiss Sharp and Rebecca Hotchkiss] myself [Mary Hotchkiss] and one brother in Law [Joseph Sharp, the husband of Margaret Hotchkiss Sharp, which made a grand total of nine members of the Hotchkiss family on the White Star passenger ship.]

!P: one of my sisters [Annie Wilson] and two brothers [William and Cornelius Hotchkiss, along with their spouses and children] had been in the United States for two [actually four] years before we came[.] I remember distinctly the day we reached Burlingame Sept- 1884. My Sister had a Warm Welcome with my two brothers their wives and Children[.] I still can see the glorious bowl of ripe red Tomatoes[.] We had never seen such a beautiful vegetable garden like them[.] in those days there were None of those on the Island.

!P: I started school as soon as We Were settled. My long dress and hob nailed shoes Caused Me Many tears[,] But soon I Made so Much Comotion at home, My Clothes wer[e] brought up to the american look[.]

!P: I attended the Burlingame school[.] At the age of fifteen I Met one of the Local boys. and at the age of seventeen was Married in what the folks Called their parlor by the Local Minister[.] We lived in Burlingame Where Your Grandma Margueriete Was born[,] left when she Was four Months old[,] lived for a while at Weir City Kansas when Southern Kansas was Just sparsley settled and known as the bad lands of Kansas.

!P: There had been plenty of trouble[,] the Coal Barons as They wer[e] Called then bringing in Negroes from the South[.] stockades wer[e] built to protect the Negroes from the enraged Miners[.] all together plenty of trouble resulting in the the Name[.] We returned to Burlingame[.] lived there until your great uncle Tomy was born[.]

!P: We were bored with the old town and returned to Southeran Kansas Town of Scammon Where your great Aunt Gladys Was born in 1904[.] We sold our house at Scammon in 1911. and Moved to Columbus Kansas Where your Grandma Margueriete graduated from high School in 1915[.] in the fall of 1916 we Moved to Pittsburg Kansas[.] Your G.[randma] Marg.[ueriete] was Married there and your Mother Was born. Your Great Uncle Tom was Married There and Gladys and I went to Topeka[.] Gladys worked three years at the St.-fe [Sante Fe] rail road offices[.] I was employed at one of the large dept stores.

!P: We left in 1925 [corrected to 1928] fo[r] KC Mo [Kansas City, Mo.] Gladys was employed at the KC public service Co[.] Myself at Odlers where I worked until I retired in 1949 age 70[.] Gladys married [in] 1936 [1935 to Arthur Coil].

!P: I landed back in the old home town of Burlingame where only two wer[e] left of the [original members of the] large family of [im]migrants[.] I [had] stayed there almost two years when I came back to Pittsburg[,] where I have lived for almost five years[.]

!P: I will write in as far as I know about your ancesters beginning with your great Gr. parents.

!P: Mary Hotchkiss Washington -- January 12 1879

!P: Tom. Washington - August 25- 1873. born Congleton Cheshire England

!P: great great G. parents

!P: Margaret Penman. born 1837 - June 1912.

!P: Edward Hotchkiss. Scotland 1831 - January 1912 [birth 1834 per Scotish records].

!P: GGG - Paternal

!P: """ Corneilus Hotchkiss

!P: """ Rebecca Simpson

!P: """ - Maternal

!P: """ Annie Christie

!P: """ William Penman

!P: great uncles and aunts

!P: TP. Washington 1900 May 17

!P: Gladys Isobel Washington Coil - Nov. 1904

!P: GG. Annie Hotchiss Wilson born scotland

!P: GG Margaret Hotchkiss Sharp

!P: GG Rebeca Hotchkiss Foster

!P: GG Cornelious Hotchkiss

!P: GG William Hotchkiss

!P: GG Edward Hotchkiss

!P: GG Alexander Hotchkiss

!P: GG James Hotchkiss

!P: All born in the 1800, do not know all birth dates. One thing you can be happy about in all this line there are no cripples[,] retarded children[,] no inherited malignant diseases we know of[.]

!P: I love your picture darling[.] looks so much like your mother about that age[.] Lots of Love[,] Da Da

!PS: Hope some day to see you again I Hope