Kay Anna Curley


Personal and Family Information

Kay was born on 30 JUL 1939 in Fostoria, Osage County, Kansas, the daughter of John William Curley and Marguerite Berner.

Her husband was Donald Dayne Garland, who she married on 29 MAY 1960. The place has not been found. Their two known children were John Dayne (Private) (1963-?) and Kim Michelle (Private) (1960-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Kay Anna Curley


John William Curley


James Curley




Annie Wilson


Colin Wilson


Annie Hotchkiss


Marguerite Berner


Emil Berner


Louise Prost


John Prost


Pierette Dionniet Dionne



Birth30 JUL 1939
Place: Fostoria, Osage County, Kansas