James Curley


Personal and Family Information

James was born on 25 AUG 1876 in Carbondale, Osage County, Kansas, the son of Curley but his mother is unknown.

He died on 4 OCT 1929 in Osage County, Kansas.

His wife was Annie Wilson, who he married on 13 MAY 1897 in Burlingame, Osage City, Kansas. Their nine known children were Annie (1898-1981), Esther Kay (c1900-1988), James (1901-1969), Colin (1904-1972), Robert (1904-1929), Isabelle (1907-1945), Alberta (1909-1966), John William (1913-1984) and Marguerite M (1916-2002).

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James Curley





Birth25 AUG 1876
Place: Carbondale, Osage County, Kansas
Death4 OCT 1929
Place: Osage County, Kansas
BurialOCT 1929
Place: Burlingame Cmtry, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas


Note 1

!Article:[Burlingame Enterprise, 3 Oct 1925, page 1, column 6] --- Two Men Are Dead in Car Wreck Last Week ---

!--- Tyson Cole and James Curley contract double pneumonia following accident which results in death to both within a few days. Funeral services for the former held Tuesday and for the latter, Monday ---

!Double pneumonia and shock, following in the wake of the automobile accident a week ago last Saturday when the Ford sedan occupied by James Curley and Tyson Cole, both of Burlingame, turned over three times after striking a loose sand bank on the highway just east of town, resulted in the death of both men, Curley dying at the St. Francis hospital in Topeka about noon Saturday and Cole at his home here in Burlingame Sunday morning. Atthe time of the wreck, it was thought that Curley was the more seriously injured and he was taken from the scene to the Topeka hospital, though X-ray examinations there are said to have failed to reveal any internal injuries or broken bones. Cole was brought to his home here. Until their death both men had been in a paralytic condition in the lower part of their bodies, and with the development of double pneumonia, death was a matter of but a few days. ---

!Obituary: [An Osage County Newspaper, Oct 1929] --- James Curley ---

!James Curley was born at Carbondale, August 25, 1876, being 53 years of age at the time of his death, but moved to Scranton in early childhood and had been engaged in the work of mining since ten years of age. For the past 12 years he had been operating mines in this and the nearby communities.

!On May 13, 1897 he was united in marriage to Miss Annie Wilson of Burlingame, and nine children were born to them, eight of whom, with the mother, survive. They are Mrs. Ed Rosetti of Osage City; Mrs. Chester Hewitt of Peabody, Kans., Mrs. Alex Verna of Topeka, Alberta, Marguerite, Colin and John William of Burlingame and James, Jr., of Osage City. Another son, Robert, died July 14 of this year, the body being found on the railroad tracks near the depot.

!He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Mary Ann Carruthers and Mrs. Belle Wilson, both of Topeka, and one brother, John William Curley of Toluca, Ill.

!The funeral services were held at the late home, Tuesday afternoon at two-thirty o'clock, conducted by Rev. [?.] A. Ahrens, pastor of the Burlingame Presbytarian church. Internment was in the local cemetery under the direction of C. L. Carey. ---

!Source: Gravestone:



1878 MOTHER 1954 1876 FATHER 1929