Robert Curley


Personal and Family Information

Robert was born on 19 NOV 1904 in Burlingame, Osage City, Kansas, the son of James Curley and Annie Wilson.

He died on 14 JUL 1929 in train tracks, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas.

His wife was Juliette Mallot, who he married on 13 JUN 1929 in Osage City, Osage County, Kansas. They had no known children.

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Robert Curley


James Curley




Annie Wilson


Colin Wilson


David Wilson


Margaret Rae


Annie Hotchkiss


Edward Hotchkiss


Margaret Janet Penman



Birth19 NOV 1904
Place: Burlingame, Osage City, Kansas
Death14 JUL 1929
Place: train tracks, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas
BurialJUL 1929
Place: Burlingame Cmtry, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas


Note 1

!Source: 34

!Lived: Frontenac, Kansas

!Body found on the railroad tracks near the depot. He had been married for 3 weeks.

!Article: [The Chronicle, Vol LXVI, No. 42, 18, Jul 1929, page 1] -- Robt. Curley Struck by Train and Is Killed --

-- Mangled body of young man found early Sunday morning several hours after accident happened. Train crew unaware of the tragedy Shoe found on engine at Emporia. --


While on his morning milk delivery, between seven and eight o'clock Sunday morning, Harold Francis Newman, the little 6 year old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Newman, discovered the mangled remains of a man lying between the rails of the main line of the Santa Fe, a short distance from the stock-yards here. The boy notified his grand father immediately and the body was identified as that of Robert Curley of Osage City, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Curley of this place, and who was married about three weeks ago to Miss Juliette Mallot of Osage City where he had been living for some time past. The body had been decapitated and the legs, cut from the body, were severed in two places, and he was otherwise crushed and mangled, and the clothing was practically stripped from the body. Parts of the body were found along the track for some distance, indicating that he had been struck at or near the crossing just south of the depot and the body carried to its position near the stock-yards before being released. It is thought that the unfortunate young man was either killed while trying to board the fast Red Ball freight, which passes thru Burlingame between 3 and 3:30 o'clock in the morning, or was standing too near the track and was struck by the rushing train as it passed by. One of his shoes was found on the pilot of the engine pulling this train after it reached Emporia. Three trains are thought to have passed over the mangled remains before its discovery Sunday morning.


For a while Sunday and Monday there were rumors here to the effect that it was thought that the young man had met with foul play and that his body was later placed on the track to prevent a tracing of the crime. However, Attorney A. A. Hotchkiss, who, with Sheriff Jake Christesen, was here Monday morning stated that no inquest would be held as every indication pointed to an accidental death.


A. K. Stavely, representing the County Attorney, and Sheriff Christesen and Coroner Butler were here Sunday afternoon and held an informal questioning at the Carey Funeral parlors, several of those who last saw Curley alive being questioned concerning the incidents prior to the tragedy. It is stated that Curley and his wife attended the dance at Fostoria, Saturday night, but that he did not return home with her from that place but came on to Burlingame with William Hotchkiss, John Daniels, and a young man of near Harveyville, leaving about the time the dance was over or shortley before. Hotchkiss stated that he let Curley out of his car a block from the railroad, about twelve o'clock that night, and that he [Hotchkiss] went on home. It is stated that about two o'clock he talked to his wife at Osage City.


Mr. and Mrs. James Curley, parents of the young man, were visiting a daughter at Peabody, Kansas and did not know of the tragedy until Informed by a telegram.


The deceased was 24 years old, being born November 19, 1904 and had mad his home here all his life, though he had been working in Osage City, off and on, for the past several months, and it was there that he was married June 13, and had been living since. Besides the wife and parents, he is survived by three brothers and five sisters; Mrs. Ed Rosetta, Osage City; Mrs. Chester Hewitt, Peabody, Kansas; Mrs. Alex. Verna of Topeka; Alberta, Margaret, Colin and John W. of Burlingame and James, Jr. of Osage City.


The funeral services were held at the home of the parents here Monday afternoon at three o'clock conducted by Rev. E. A. Ahrens, pastor of the Presbyterian church, and burial was in the Burlingame cemetery under the direction of C. L. Carey. ---

!Source: Gravestone: ROBERT CURLEY 1905 - 1929