Mary Baxter


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born about 1838 in Barony Parish, Lanarkshire, the daughter of Walter Baxter and Agnes Hotchkiss.

She died before 1866. The place is not known.

Her husband was Michael Hotchkiss, who she married on 13 JUL 1860 in Shettleston, Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Their three known children were Hotchkiss (1864-?), Agnes (1861-?) and Mary (1863-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Baxter


Walter Baxter


Walter Baxter


William Baxter


Margaret Mitchell


Mary Haddow


John Haddow


Mary Creighton


Agnes Hotchkiss


Michael Hotchkiss


Cornelius Hotchkiss


Janet Stewart


Jean Allen





BirthABT 1838
Place: Barony Parish, Lanarkshire
DeathBEF 1866


Note 1

!Source: Statutory registers Marriages 622/3 23

On the Thirteenth day of July 1860 At Early Brass

Marriage after Banns was solumnized according to the forms of the Church of Scotland

Signed:Michael Hotchkies, age 22, residing: 222 Westanus Street Glasgow, Coalminer, Bachelor

Father: Edward Hotchkies, Coal miner

Mother: Mary Hotchkies, Maiden Name McKean, Deceased

Signed:Mary Baxter, her + mark, age 22, residing:222 Westanus Street Glasgow, Spoinster

Father: Walter Baxter, Coal miner

Mother: Agnes Baxter, Maiden Name Hotchkies

Signed: ?? R. Lechu, Minister of Shettleston


Walter Baxter, Witness

Andrew Ramsay, Witness

Registrar: Andrew Carrand