Mary Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born on 17 OCT 1828 in Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, the daughter of James Hotchkiss and Margaret Hart.

She died on 25 FEB 1900. The place is not known.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Hotchkiss


James Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


James Hotchkiss


Elizabeth Cleghorn


Isabella Gardiner


Richard Gardiner


Elizabeth or Ann Crabtree


Margaret Hart


Thomas Hart


Anne Montgomery


James Montgomery


Margaret Scott



Birth17 OCT 1828
Place: Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Death25 FEB 1900




Note 1

!Source: OPR Births & Baptisms


!Source: Will of Mary Hotchkiss, dated 4 May 1900. *James Hotchkiss was a Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh. James Napier Hotchkiss was Writer to the Signet, St. Andrews. Richard James Hotchkiss was Chartered Accountant, Glascow. Mary Rose Matthews Duncan, daughter to the late James Matthews Duncan Doctor of Medicine London. Had sister Mrs. Jane Hart Hotchkiss or Matthews Duncan. Anna Mary Hotchkis, daughter of Major Richard James Hotchkis [brother of writer] residing at Crookston near Paisley. Had brother Finlay Montgomery Hotchkis Had brother James in New South Wales, Australia [20 pound annuity]. Had niece Caroline Francis Hotchkiss, daughter of brother Richard James Hotchkis, residing in Edinburgh. Had sister Anne Montgomery Loch. Referenced Isobel Matthews Duncan & Janie Matthews Duncan. Referenced Sir Robert Jardine. Had sister Isobelle. Referenced a Grand Aunt Hotchkiss, and her father. Referenced a Dick and a Georgie. Had niece Isobel Matthews Duncan. Had niece Janie Matthews Duncan. Had niece Mary Rose Duncan. Referenced Aunt Finlay. Referenced Anne Matthews Duncan and her Aunt Anne. Had nieces Margaret Isobel, Anna Mary & Catherine Hotchkis Had nieces Margaret and Isobel Hotchkis Had niece Catherine Hotchkis Had niece Anna Camilla? Hotchkiss [had a brother] Had nephew James Napier Hotchkiss [had a great Aunt Ellen Hotchkiss] Had grand-niece Margaret Elain Jameson Had faithful old cook, Mary McDougall [possibly related to wife of Robert Hotchkiss [b 1799]]. Mentioned James, Robert and Richard. Referenced Lonie Barbara Walker [mother Mary Hotchkis?]

!Source: 1881 Scotland Census

Name: Mary Hotchkis

Age: 52

Estimated birth year: abt 1829

Relationship: Head

Gender: Female

Where born: Edinburgh, Edinburghshire

Registration Number: 685/5

Registration district: Newington

Civil Parish: Edinburgh Newington

County: Midlothian

Address: 28 Greenhill Gardens

Occupation: Shareholder Bank

ED: 115

Household schedule number: 96


Roll: cssct1881_294

Household Members:

Name Age

Mary Hotchkis 52, head, abt 1829, Edinburgh, Edinburghshire

Isobel Hotchkis 49, sister, abt 1832, St.. Mungo, Dumfries Shire

Montgomery J Hart 82, uncle, abt 1799, Madras, India

John Adam Loch 60, brother-in-law, abt 1821, Hope, Cape of Good

Ann M Loch 53, sister, abt 1828, Edinburgh, Midlothian

Catherine Stronach 23, servant, abt 1858, Urquhart, Elgin

Janet Martin 29, servant, abt 1852, St. Michaels, Dumfries Shire

Mary Macdougal 61, servant, abt 1820, Dalton, Dumfries Shire

Ellen Urquhart 27, servant, abt 1854, Dornoch, Sutherland Shire

Isabella McKinley 16, servant, abt 1865, Haddington, Haddington Shire

!Source: 1891 Scotland Census

Name: Mary Hotchkis

Age: 62

Estimated birth year: abt 1829

Relationship: Head

Gender: Female

Where born: Edinburgh

Registration Number: 685/5

Registration district: Newington

Civil Parish: Edinburgh St. Cuthberts

County: Midlothian

Address: 28 Greenhill Gardens

Occupation: Private Means

ED: 113

Household schedule number: 14


Roll: CSSCT1891_357

Household Members:

Name Age

Mary Hotchkis 62, head, abt 1829, Edinburgh

John A Loch 70, brother-in-law, abt 1821, Africa

Anne M Loch 63, sister, abt 1828, Edinburgh

Isabel M Duncan 20, niece, abt 1871, Edinburgh

Margt McDougall 28, servant, abt 1863, Munges, Dumfriesh: St.

Mary Drever 26, servant, abt 1865, St. Ola, Orkney

Marion McCaskill 26, servant, abt 1865, Dunvegan, Skye

Anne McLain 24, servant, abt 1867, Uig, Lewes

!Source: Tree of the Family of Hotchkiss of Hoxwood in the County of Salop copied from Heralds College.

Abstracted from the Records in the College of Arms, London, Septermber 29th 1800. C35 fo 59.

Pim Salop, Signed Francis Townsend, Windosor Herald, Francis Martin Blue Mantle.

Later part added by Richard James Hotchkis, son of James Hotchkis 1904, singed Richard Ja Hotchkis

Mary Hotchkiss

Birth date 17 Oct 1828

Death date 25 Feb 1900, age 71.