James Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

James was born about 1715 in Shropshire, England, the son of Thomas Hotchkiss but his mother is unknown.

He died about DEC 1786 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

His wife was Elizabeth Cleghorn, who he married on 10 NOV 1751 in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Their sixteen known children were Thomas (1752-<1761), James (1754-?), David (1755-?), Adam (1757-?), Alexander (1758-?), Richard (1759-1824), Charles (1759-?), John (1760-c1761), Thomas (1761-1818), Helen (1763-c1770), Sophia (1764-c1794), John (1766-?), Elizabeth (1768-c1829), Mary (1769-?), Helen (1770-?) and George (1772-?).

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James Hotchkiss


Thomas Hotchkiss


John Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


Cecile Littleton



BirthABT 1715
Place: Shropshire, England
DeathABT DEC 1786
Place: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Burial7 DEC 1786
Place: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Occupationmerchant and brewer


Note 1

!Notes: Of North Ockenden and of Hawkeswood. He married Elizabeth Cleghorn of Edinburgh, Scotland. This James sold the Hawkeswood or Sudbury estate, and moved to Scotland. The "Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses and Guild Brethren, 1761-1841" from the Scottish Record Society, shows that on 27 June 1769, he was a merchant and brewer, a burgess of Edinburgh and Gild Brother in or by right of his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Cleghorn, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh and Gild Brother. James Hotchkiss' sons John and Thomas also carried on this profession.


He was said to have had a large family in Scotland.


James Hotchkiss was listed as owning land in Edinburgh in 1770.

!Source: http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk. Will of James Hotchkis Brewer in Edinburgh, 25 Apr 1787. Mentioned widow Elizabeth Cleghorn. Mentioned fourth son then alive life, Richard Hotchkies writer in Edinburgh. Mentioned Richard Pearce of the parish of St John the Evangelist Westminster in the County of Midlesen Brewer, and David Cleghorn of Haulie Sope, and William Tytler writer to the signet. Estate 12000 pounds Scotts money of Stocks plus lands and buildings. Trust to care for his wife and children. Estate to be divided equally between children on reaching majority.

!Source:Wording of Marriage record as provided by James Ronald Morrison

"James Hotchkis in King's Stables late citizen of London and Elizabeth Cleghorn eldest lawful daughter of Thomas Cleghorn merchant/brewer King's Stables in Edinburgh".

!Source: http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/ OPR Banns & Marriages


!Source: http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/ Old Parish Deaths Deaths & Burials

1 07/12/1786 HOCHKES JAMES ----- M ST CUTHBERT'S EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 685/02 0250 0239 age 71

!Source: Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society [Great Britain]. Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society [Kindle Locations 3430-3432]. Shrewsbury [etc.]

..., Thomas Hotchkis, of North Ockenden, was father of James Hotchkis of North Ockenden and of Hawkeswood, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Cleghorn of Edinburgh, and had a large family. This James sold the Hawkeswood estate, and moved to Scotland, where his descendants are still living.