Jane Catchmead


Personal and Family Information

Jane was born about 1497 in England, the daughter of unknown parents.

Her husband was Thomas Hoskins. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their three known children were Charles (c1522-1597), George (c1525-?) and Joane (c1528-?).


BirthABT 1497
Place: England


Note 1

!Source: http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/hh4bz/hoskyns02.php Hoskyns02'Index

Families covered: Hoskins of North Perrott, Hoskins [Hoskyns] of Oxted [Oxsted]

Thomas Hoskins or Hoskyns of Monmouthshire

m. Jane Catchmay or Catchmead of Bixmore, Gloucestershire <<<

1. Charles Hoskins of London & Oxsted , Surrey

m. Ann Engler of Lingfield)

A. Sir Thomas Hoskins of Oxsted )

m. Dorothy Aldersey

i. Charles Hoskins of Oxted

m. Anne Hale Hale of Kings Walden)

a. Sir William Hoskins of Oxted

Le Neve shows Sir William as father of William, Charles, Anne & Mary. Manning & Bray show Sir William as father of William & Charles and another William as father of Mary, Anne and another Charles & William. The following assumes that there was only 1 William in this generation.

m. Anne Tonge , alderman of London)

William Hoskins of Oxted

m. Martha Hoskins @@@@ below

William Hoskins of Oxted

m. Martha or Mary Gresham

Charles Hoskins

m. Susannah Chicheley Plowden

Susannah Chicheley Hoskins

m. Richard Gorges, later Fettiplace

Martha Hoskins

Catharine Hoskins

m. Leigh Master of Newhall

Anne Hoskins

m. Sir Marmaduke Gresham

+ other issue - Charles , Judith , Mary Anne

Charles Hoskins of Croydon & Oxted

m1. Hannah Rouse


This unnamed daughter is sometimes shown as the wife of John Warde of Squerries but the Warde records suggest that that was her half-sister, Kitty Anne.

m2. Rachel Daye

Kitty Anne Hoskins

m. John Warde of Squerries

Anne Hoskins

m. William Finch

Mary Hoskins

m. _ Moor of Egham

b. John Hoskins 'of Reigate', of Red Lyon Square

m. Catherine Hale

John Hoskins

Catherine Hoskins

m. William Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Devonshire

c. Charles Hoskins of Oxted

Elizabeth Hoskins

Martha Hoskins

m. William Hoskins of Oxted @@@@ above

d. Elizabeth Hoskins

m. G. Bond of Auborne

e.+ other issue - Thomas , Edmund, Mary , Anne , Dorothy

ii. Sir Edmund Hoskins of Oxsted & Carshalton

m. Elizabeth Harby of Aldenham, sister/coheir of Sir Erasmus)

a.+ issue - Thomas , Job , Nathaniell , William , 8 others

iii. Dorothy Hoskins

m. Richard Bulkley

iv.+ other issue - Thomas , John , Thomas , Robert , John

B. Charles Hoskins of Oxted

m. Margaret Aldersey

i. Charles Hoskins or Oxted

m. Elizabeth

a. Elizabeth Hoskins

m. _ Philips

b.+ other issue - Charles , Martha , Mary

ii. Mary Hoskins

m. John Towseor Tonge of London

iii.+ other issue - John , Thomas , Charles , Anne , Margaret , Rebecca , Dorothy , Elizabeth , Anne

C. Anne Hoskins

m1. Richard North

m2. William Moulton

m3. ??

D. Mary Hoskins

m. Robert Cox

2. George Hoskins

3. Joane Hoskins

m1. John Apowen

m2. William Jenkins

m3. John Knighton