William Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

William was born about 1347 in England, the son of John Hotchkiss but his mother is unknown.

His wife is not known. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their only known child was William (c1380-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


William Hotchkiss


John Hotchkiss


Roger Hotchkiss


Hugh Hotchkiss



BirthABT 1347
Place: England
Place: Bishops Castle, Shropshire, England


Note 1

!StyleName: William Hykys [Hotchkiss].

!Note: Apparent Hawkeswood line.

!Note: In 1372 propertys and allegiance of a group gentry are passed from Hugh Purcel and Margaret his wife to William Purcel and Alesia his wife. This group includes William Hykis. Hykis appears to be another variant of Hotchkiss. Y was often used instead of I and all forms of Hi*kis* seem to only occur occasionally and not enough to anything more than a variant spelling of the name. In writing before 1500 the last I in a word is almost always given as a Y. If we cn find n image of the original, there is also a god chance that the Y is actually a CH, as the H of the time especially with a T and or C in from of it was the origin of the word “ye” which is actually “the”.

!Source: http://www.medievalgenealogy.org.uk/fines/abstracts/CP_25_1_195_16.shtml

CP 25/1/195/16, number 12.

Link: Image of document at AALT

County: Shropshire.

Place: Westminster.

Date: The day after St. John the Baptist, 45 Edward III [25 June 1371]. And afterwards one week from Holy Trinity, 46 Edward III [30 May 1372].

Parties: William Purcel and Alesia, his wife, querents, and Hugh Purcel and Margaret, his wife, deforciants.

Property: 24 messuages, 1 mill, 400 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood and 46 shillings of rent in Northbury, Whitecote, Adeston', Heordewyk' and Wantenore.

Action: Plea of covenant.

Agreement: Hugh and Margaret have granted to William and Alesia 18 messuages, the mill, 280 acres of land, the meadow, the pasture and the wood and have rendered them to them in the court, and have granted to William and Alesia the rent, together with the homages and all services of Richard Warde, Isabel Brese, Isabel Troyt, >>> William Hykis <<<, Andrew de Hope, Reynold Knyght' and Wymarca Jakkes and their heirs, in respect of all the tenements which they held before of Hugh and Margaret in the aforesaid vills, to hold to William Purcel and Alesia and the heirs of their bodies, of Hugh and Margaret and the heirs of Hugh for ever, rendering yearly 1 rose at the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, and doing to the chief lords all other services. And besides Hugh and Margaret granted for themselves and the heirs of Hugh that 2 messuages and 30 acres of land in the aforesaid vills - which Walter de Adeston' and Isabel, his wife, held for their lives - and that 1 messuage and 30 acres of land in the same vills - which William Ithel and Christian, his wife, and Alice, daughter of the same William and Christian, held for their lives - and that 2 messuages and 30 acres of land in the aforesaid vills - which Madoc de Astramton' and Sibel, his wife, held for their lives - and also that 1 messuage and 30 acres of land in the aforesaid vills - which Richard Adams and Sibel, his wife, and Margaret, daughter of the same Richard and Sibel, held for their lives - of the inheritance of Hugh on the day the agreement was made, and which after the decease of Walter and Isabel, William Ithel and Christian and Alice, Madoc and Sibel and Richard and Sibel and Margaret, daughter of Richard and Sibel, ought to revert to Hugh and Margaret, his wife, and the heirs of Hugh - after the decease of [the same persons] shall remain to William Purcel and Alesia and their aforesaid heirs, to hold together with the aforesaid tenements of Hugh and Margaret, his wife, and the heirs of Hugh by the aforesaid services for ever. In default of such heirs, the tenements shall revert to Hugh and Margaret, his wife, and the heirs of Hugh, quit of the other heirs of William Purcel and Alesia, to hold of the chief lords for ever.

Warranty: Warranty.

For this: William Purcel and Alesia have given them 200 marks of silver.


Standardised forms of names. [These are tentative suggestions, intended only as a finding aid.]

Persons: William Purcell, Alesia Purcell, Hugh Purcell, Margaret Purcell, Richard Ward, Isabel Breeze, Isabel Troyte, William Hicks, Andrew de Hope, Reynold Knight, Wymarca Jacks, Walter de Adston, Isabel de Adston, William Ithell, Christian Ithell, Alice Ithell, Madoc de Asterton, Sibel de Asterton, Richard Adams, Sibel Adams, Margaret Adams

Places: Norbury, Whitcott [in Norbury], Adston [in Wentnor], Hardwick [in Norbury], Wentnor