William Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

William was born about 1380 in England, the son of William Hotchkiss but his mother is unknown.

His wife is not known. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their two known children were John (c1400-?) and William (c1405->1471).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


William Hotchkiss


William Hotchkiss


John Hotchkiss


Roger Hotchkiss



BirthABT 1380
Place: England
Place: Holdgate, Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England


Note 1

Name: William Hocheskys [Hotchkiss] of Holgot [castle].

!Note: Apparent Hawkeswood line.

Note: William Jr did a land deal in 1424, so i’ll guess he was at least 19 [born 1405]. So giving a median age for a parent having a child of 25, we will place William Sr born about 1380.

We now have a Hotchkiss in the third oldest Marcher Lord castle.

!Source: http://search.shropshirehistory.org.uk/collections/getrecord/CCA_XMO_1037_3_91/



Document Reference: 1037/3/91

System Reference: XMO/1037/3/91


Level: file

Date: 6 April 1424

Description: Thursday after the feast of St. Ambrose the bishop 2 Henry VI

by >>> William son of William Hocheskys of Holgot <<< to William de Brokton of one acre with appurtenances lying between the water of Corve and the mill of Shipton, to hold of the chief lord for the usual service. Warranty.

Witnesses:- Roger de la More, Richard his brother, Walter le Bailly, Thomas le Krenetour, Thomas Russell

Given at Staunton

Parchment tag, red wax, device of kneeling figure

Docketed. No 4



XMO/1037/3: MUNIMENTS OF TITLE: Larden and Brockton

XMO/1037/3/91: Gift [6 April 1424]


Holdgate Castle

Also known as, or recorded in historical documents as;

Holgate; Helgots; Stanton Holegate; Stanton Long; Castle Holegod; Holgot; Howgate; Castellum Helgod; castrum Helgoti in Scalopescyra

In the civil parish of Abdon.

In the historic county of Shropshire.

Modern Authority of Shropshire.

1974 county of Shropshire.

Medieval County of Shropshire.

OS Map Grid Reference: SO562896

Latitude 52.50314° Longitude -2.64658°

Holdgate Castle has been described as a certain Timber Castle, and also as a certain Masonry Castle.

There are masonry ruins/remnants remains.

This site is a scheduled monument protected by law.

This is a Grade 2 listed building protected by law*.


Holdgate Castle motte and bailey survives well and is a fine example of its class. It has a well documented history which demonstrates an early foundation and longevity of occupation. The substantial motte and bailey earthworks will contain important archaeological evidence concerning their construction and stratified evidence relating to the occupation of the site….

Holdgate takes its name from the Norman landowner Helgot, who is recorded in Domesday as holding the manor, which was then known as Stanton, along with 16 others in the county of Shropshire. Helgot was a sub-tenant of Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury, and is said to have built a castle here as his main residence, one of the three earliest castles to be documented in the county of Shropshire….

INTERIOR: square-framed internal partitions, large open fireplace in hall. Chamfered bridging beams: those in hall with faceted stops, the kitchen has concave stops, the parlour has ogee stops. Fine roof timbers. Arched tower doorway. Tower reputedly attributed to Bishop Robert Burnell, Chancellor of England, who bought the castle in 1284, probably as a replacement for the old castle to the south-west. The castle was fortified in the civil war and besieged and heavily damaged by the Royalists in 1644. [Listed Building Report]

Comments The caput of the holdings of Helgot of Holdgate who held some 40 odd manors across Shropshire and Staffordshire in 1086. Helgot held Holdgate directly of the King and was of baronial status. As Helgot held his lands by the service of proving knights to the king undoubtedly many of his tenants on these manors would have been knights and sergeants; a 'frenchman' and a 'rider' [Radman] are mentioned in the Domesday records for Stantune [Holdgate]. Although some of these knights would have owed their service to the king for expeditions into Wales or elsewhere they may also have been available to provide castle guard and other services at the castle directly to Helgot and his successors.

!Source: http://www.gatehouse-gazetteer.info/Indexs/EngCounty/Shropshire.html

List of the medieval fortified sites of the historic county of Shropshire

!Source: https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/salop/vol10/pp135-147 HOLDGATE

The quiet parish of Holdgate, also called Castle Holdgate, [fn. 1] lies in Corve Dale 12 km. south-west of Much Wenlock and remote from main thoroughfares. It had c. 1,973 a. until 1883 and consisted mainly of Holdgate and Brookhampton townships. It seems to have been formed in the late 11th century by diversion of the tithes from the lord of Holdgate's demesnes, perhaps from a church at Patton [and in Bouldon's case from Diddlebury church], to his new castle church; [fn. 2] the dispersed character of the demesne lands may explain why the parish had several small detachments and two large ones, the Coates and Bouldon. In 1883 seven detachments [38 a.] were absorbed by Stanton Long civil parish; in 1884 the Coates and three remaining detachments [264 a. altogether] passed to Stanton Long, and Bouldon [c. 417 a.] to Diddlebury, [fn. 3] leaving 1,254 a. [507 ha.]. [fn. 4] In 1967 almost all of Holdgate C.P. was absorbed by Tugford C.P., the rest [c. 1 ha.] going to Munslow C.P. [fn. 5] This article deals with the area of the pre-1883 parish except for Bouldon, which has a separate article….

!Source: http://search.shropshirehistory.org.uk/collections/getrecord/CCA_XMO_1037_12_5_1_33/

Grant by Richard Golyn bailiff of Holgot to John Crouther of Hay of all those lands and tenements, rents and services which he has in the vill and fields of Holgot and Thongelond, and Longestannton which he formerly had by gift and feoffment of >>> William Hogkyns of Holgot <<<; to hold by John and his heirs in chief of the lord of the fee; possession by John Crouther warranted by Richard and his heirs against all people.


Document Reference: 1037/12/33

System Reference: XMO/1037/12/5/1/33


Level: file

Date: 19th October 1439

Description: Witnessed. Edmund Leghton, Thomas Legge, John Walle, William Walle, John Wylles and others. of red circular seal. Docketed. Grant temp. H.6

Monday after St.. Luke. 18 Henry 6. 19th October 1439





XMO/1037/12/5/1: Castle Holgate

XMO/1037/12/5/1/33: Grant by Richard Golyn bailiff of Holgot to John Crouther of Hay of all those lands and tenem