James Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

James was born on 4 APR 1837 in St. Mungo, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, the son of James Hotchkiss and Margaret Hart.

He has died but the date and place are unknown.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


James Hotchkiss


James Hotchkiss


Thomas Hotchkiss


James Hotchkiss


Elizabeth Cleghorn


Anna Richardson


William Richardson


Margaret Hart


Thomas Hart


Anne Montgomery







Birth4 APR 1837
Place: St. Mungo, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


Note 1

!Source: http://subscribers.scotlandspeople.gov.uk Old Parish Records. 4 4 Apr 1837 HOTCHKIS JAMES JAMES HOTCHKIS/MARGARET HART FR511 M ST MUNGO 847/00 0002 No Image

!Source: Margaret Hotchkiss nee Hart's will. Traveled in South America. Borrowed 200 pounds from his brother, which Margaret willed that her estate pay back if he hadn't by the time of her death.

!Source: Will of Mary Hotchkiss, date 4 May 1900. Had brother James in New South Wales, Australia (20 pound annuity).