Hugh Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Hugh was born on 1 FEB 1855 in Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland, the son of Thomas Hotchkiss / Hodgecase and Janet Nimmo.

He died on 9 AUG 1855 in Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Hugh Hotchkiss


Thomas Hotchkiss / Hodgecase


Richard Hotchkiss / Hodgecase


Cornelius Hotchkiss / Hodgecase


Janet Stewart


Jean McDougal


John McDougal


Jean McLuckie


Janet Nimmo


George Nimmo


Janet Binney



Birth1 FEB 1855
Place: Bothkennar, Carronshore, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Death9 AUG 1855
Place: Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland
BurialAUG 1855
Place: BothkennarChYard, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland


Note 1

!Source: Gravestone photo provided by Elaine Williamson - HUGH WHO DIED 10TH AUGUST 1855, AGED 6 MONTHS.

!Source: Statutory Birth Records Records - Name [if given], and whether Informant present or not, Baptismal Name [if different], or Name given without Baptism after Registration; and Date of insertion thereof: Hotchkiss, Hugh, not present - Sex: Male - When born. Year, Day of Month, Hour: 1855 February First 12 ho. 3 min PM - Where born. If in Lodgings, so stated: Carronshore, Bothkennar - Fathers Name;Rank, Profession, or Occupation;Age;Birthplace: Thomas Hotchkiss, Engine driver, 33 years, Bothkennar. - When and where married;Issue, living and deceased: 1845, Polmont [2 Boys & 3 Girls all living - Mothers Name; Maiden Name; Age; Birthplace: Janet Hotchkis Maden name, Nimmo, Her 5th child - 34 years, Falkirk - Informant. Signature of Father or Mother or Informant, and Residence, if out of the House in which the Birth occured: Tho Hotchkiss Father - When and where registered, and Signature of Registrar: 1855 January 17th at Bothkennar Alexander Linn Registrar.

!Source: Death Records Records 1855 Deaths in the Parish of Dunipace, County of Stirling Registered by James Cochran. Death Record: Name, Rannk, Profession, or Occupation: Hotchkiss Hugh - Sex: Male - Age: 6 mo. - Where live, and how long in this place: Bothkennar 5 months in Dunipace - Parents' Names and Ranks, Profession, or Occupation: Thomas Hotchkiss Engineman - Janet Hotchkiss Maiden Name Nimmo - If deceased was married, to whom: --- - Issue, In order of Birth, their names and ages. --- - When died. Year, Day of Month, Hour. 1855 August Ninth 10 h PM - Where died. Stirling Row, Dunipace - Cause of Death, and how long desease continued. Medical Attendant by whom certified, and who last saw the deceased. Inflamation of the Bowels as certified by J. B. Craig, Surgeon. Denny, who last saw Dec. 8th August 14 days. - Burial Place. Undertaker by whom certified. Bothkennar Church Yard as certified by John Watt - Signature of Informant. Thomas Hothckiss Father - When and where registered, and Signature of Registrar. 1855 10th August at Dunipace James Cochran Register