Henry Burghardt


Personal and Family Information

Henry was born about 1846 in Germany, the son of Adam Burghardt and Margaret.

He died in Iowa. The date is not known.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Henry Burghardt


Adam Burghardt





BirthABT 1846
Place: Germany
Place: Iowa


Note 1

!Source: Phyllis Grissom's sources: 1. A HISTORY OF THE GREBER/GRAEBER/ GRABER FAMILY 1680 - 1980, Kathleen Neumann Graber, A HISTORY OF THE GREBER/GRAEBER/ GRABER FAMILY 1680 - 1980 [privately published]. Cit. Date: 7 Dec 2001 2. Cecil Grissom Private Library, kathleen Neumann Graber, A HISTORY OF THE GREBER/GRAEBER/GREBER FAMILY 1680 -1980 [1981 privately published Oshkosh, Wisc]. Cit. Date: 7 Dec 2001. The book containd the John Norman Family of Mineral Point. Katherine Kemmerling the wife of John Norman was the daughter of Katherine Burghardt and William Kemmerling.

!Note: A picture taken shortly before Kathering Burghardt Kemmerling died, shows she with gentleman identified as "Uncle Henry from Iowa" [this picture is reproduced elsewhere in this record] It would appear that this son of Wilhelm and Kathering was named Henry B[urghardt] in honor of this brother.[pgn]