Thomas Taylor


Personal and Family Information

Thomas was the son of Robert Alexander Taylor and Margaret Watson. The date and place of his birth have not been found.

He has died but the date and place are unknown.

His wife was Isabel Graham, who he married in ABT 1826. The place has not been found. Their eight known children were Jeanie Forsyth (c1827-?), Margaret (c1829-?), Elizabeth Forsyth (1832-?), Catherine (c1834-?), Margaret (c1836-?), Catherine (c1838-?), Robert (c1841-?) and Susan (c1848-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Thomas Taylor


Robert Alexander Taylor


Alexander Taylor


Jean Boag


Margaret Watson


John Watson


Jean Higgins



Christening4 AUG 1804
Place: Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland


OccupationEngine Keeper


Note 1

!Notes: Recorded in James A Hotchkiss's notes as Cornelius Taylor. In these same family notes, their children were listed as Robert, Isabella, Jeanie Forsyth, Peter, Cornelius, and Elizabeth Forsyth. Of those, records have been found for Robert, Jean, and Elizabeth, among those others recorded here.

!Source: Old Parish Birth Records From his children's christening records.

!Source: Old Parish Birth Records 11 4 Aug 1805 TAYLOR THOMAS ROBERT TAYLOR/MARGARET WATSON FR204 U LARBERT 485/00 0001 No Image