Mary Cranston


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born on 24 APR 1828 in England, the daughter of James Cranston and Jennie Moffit.

She died on 22 MAR 1908. The place is not known.

Her husband was Joseph Hotchkiss, who she married on 18 AUG 1850 in Old Monkland, Scotland. Their seven known children were Janet (1854-1933), Edward (1857-1918), Jean (1859-?), John (1860-1918), James Cranston (1862-1929), Joseph (1864-1917) and Michael (1867-1941).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Cranston


James Cranston


Jennie Moffit


James Moffit



Birth24 APR 1828
Place: England
Death22 MAR 1908


Note 1

!Source: IGI & Dan Huffman's website,, which took it from: The Huffman Family taken from page 667 of some Beaver County, PA book. This source is quote below:

!Quote: [second] Mary Cranston, born in England, April 24, 1828, died March 22, 1908, daughter of James and Jennie [Moffit] Cranston, both natives of Scotland, who afterwards moved to England. Jennie Moffit was a daughter of James Moffit, a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Children of James and Jennie [Moffit] Cranston:

!Source: -- OPR Banns & Marriages

No Date Surname Forename Spouse Name/Frame No Sex Parish GROS Data


!Source: 1851 Scotland Census

Joseph Hodchkiss 34 Where born: Falkirk, Stirling abt 1817

Mary Hodchkiss 24 Where born: Sanguhart, Dumfries abt 1827 <<<

Wm Hodchkiss 10 Where born: O Monkland, Lanark abt 1841

James Hodchkiss 8 Where born: O Monkland, Lanark abt 1843

John Hodchkiss 6 Where born: O Monkland, Lanark abt 1845

!Source: 1861 Scotland Census

Joseph Hotckies 47, head, abt 1814, Stirling

Mary Hotckies 34, wife, abt 1827, England <<<

Wm Hotckies 21, son, abt 1840, Old Monkland, Lanark

Janet Hotckies 9, daughter, abt 1852, Old Monkland, Lanark

Edward Hotckies 7, son, abt 1854, Old Monkland, Lanark

Jane Hotckies 2, daughter, abt 1859, Old Monkland, Lanark

John Hotckies 7 Mo, son, abt aug 1860, Old Monkland, Lanark

The 1861 Census for Scotland was taken on the night of 7/8 April 1861.

!Source: 1880 United States Federal Census

Name: Joseph Hotchkiss

Age: 14

Estimated birth year: <1866>

Birthplace: Scotland

Occupation: At School

Relationship to head-of-household: Son

Home in 1880: Darlington, Beaver, Pennsylvania

Marital status: Single

Race: White

Gender: Male

Father's birthplace: Scotland

Mother's name: Mary Hotchkiss

Mother's birthplace: Scotland


Hotchkiss, Mary, age 53, keeping house <<<

-, William, age 35, step-son, coal miner

-,Jane, age 21, daughter, At home

-,John, age 19, son, coal miner

-,James, age 19, son, coal miner

-,Joseph, age 14, son, at school

-,Michael, age 10, son, at school

-,Edward, age 2, son