Jane Bromely


Personal and Family Information

Jane was born about 1551 in England, the daughter of John Bromely but her mother is unknown.

She had two marriages/partners. Her first husband was George Bromely. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their only known child was Bromely (c1569-?).

Her second husband was William Hotchkiss, who she married in ABT 1582 in Shropshire, England. Their ten known children were Thomas (c1583-1603), Elizabeth (c1586-c1606), Tomsin (c1587-?), Anne (c1589-?), Luce (c1590-?), Ellen (c1591-?), Hester (c1592-?), Richard (c1595-c1645), Phoebe (c1595-?) and Danyell (c1597-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jane Bromely


John Bromely



BirthABT 1551
Place: England


Note 1

!Souce: Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society [Great Britain]. Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society [Kindle Locations 3427-3428]. Shrewsbury [etc.]

William Hotchkiss of Hawkeswood [before 1600] married Jane, daughter of John Northwood of Northwood, and had a son Richard Hotchkiss of Hawkeswood, who died about 1645.


Is Jane Bromely, widow of Sir George Bromely, knight and chief justice of Chester, and daughter and heir of John Wannerton,

esq, of Wannerton, lady of the manner of Hockeswood in 1594 in fact Jane Northwood?


Thomas Bromely, Esc, of Bridgenorth, Jane Bromely's grandson, died in 1609.


Thomas Bromely's sister Jane married William Davenport, Esc., of

Chorley, co of Cest.Their descendant William Yelverton Davenport, Esq. eventually became lord of the manor.


Thomas Bromeley's widow, Dame Eleanor Egerton was lady of the manor in 1630. She was also widowed a third time ot Sir Richard Edgerton.