Kenneth John Beatty


Personal and Family Information

Kenneth was born on 3 OCT 1937 in Pennsylvania, USA, the son of Samuel John Beatty and Bertha Jean Wilson.

He died on 6 FEB 2009. The place is not known.

His wife was Martha Ann Zeh, who he married on 19 JUN 1959. The place has not been found. Their three known children were John Wayne (Private) (1961-?), Paul Joseph (Private) (1963-?) and Pamela Jean (Private) (1969-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Kenneth John Beatty


Samuel John Beatty


John Eugene Beatty


James E. Beatty


M. J. Richardson


Lillian May Golly


W. H. Golly


Jennie Perry


Bertha Jean Wilson


Joseph Hemphill Wilson


Thomas D. Wilson


Christina Mehard


Nancy Hazel Davis


Francis Marion Davis


Alice Arazina Matheny



Birth3 OCT 1937
Place: Pennsylvania, USA
Death6 FEB 2009
Place: New Bedford, Pulaski, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA
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Note 1

!Source: Daniel Shawn Huffman.

Note 2