William Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

William was born about 1245 in England, the son of John Hotchkiss but his mother is unknown.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


William Hotchkiss


John Hotchkiss


Nicholas Hotchkiss



BirthABT 1245
Place: England


Note 1

!StyleName: William [Hotchkiss] de Hokeswod.

!Notes: Summary early Sidbury and Hokeswod records. Hawkswood House is about 1 mile southwest of Sidbury, so no they aren’t the same thing. That is more or less toward Chorley.

Before 1066 - Under Wiga, a franklin, Sudbury’s Saxon lord, it had been worth 20s. annually, afterwards it was waste.

1086 - Sudbury was held by Ralph de Mortimer under-Earl Roger de Montgomery as one hide. There were two ox-teams in demesne, and six serfs, six villeins, and three bordars with two teams, and there was land for two teams more. In I086 was worth 18s

1200 - A Sir Hugh de Sudberi occurs, who probably took his name from Sidbury.

Before 1240 Sidbury became the property of Ralph d’Arraz.

1255 - Ralph d’Arraz held Sidbury as a hide and half of land. He also held Neenton as half a hide.

1280 - mention of Hokeswod along with Sidbury and Fulesworth in an assize of mort d'ancestor where Henry son of Henry le Clerk, of Sudbury attempts to reclaim his inherited land in feudal tenure from Joan late wife of Radulph de Araz who had taken possession after the death of his [Henry’s] father Henry le Clerk.

1303 - John fitz [son of] Nicholas of Northwod sells land to Hugh le Mou of Hokswood witness William de Hokeswod [grant of land at Chorley]. One source mentions Gregory and William de Hokeswode, but can’t find original reference.

1310 - Richard son of Hugh le Mou of Hokswood sells to John de Baskerville of Northwude, land which John de Hoxwode gave to Hugh, Richard’s Father in the vill and fields of Northwude. I’m not sure if this includes the land given as near Sidbury, but this is not Hokeswode as Hokeswode was already given as belonging to William and Hugh prior to the 1303 purchase.

1316 - Ralph d’Arraz is given as lord of Sidbury, but Neenton is not mentioned.

1328 - Hugh, son of Warin de Neenton. acknowledges he had gifted tenements to Thomas, the parson of the church of Neenton, who grants to Hugh, son of Warin and Joan his wife and their heirs the same tenaments at Neenton. John fil Rogi Hochkys & his heirs are listed as the 4th of the successors if Hugh and Joan had not living descendants.

So from the above, we have:

Nicholas of Northwod

John of Northwod and de Hoxwode, son of Nicholas 1303 Sells land to son Hugh, Richard’s father - William of Hokeswode is witness

Hugh le Mou of Hokswod, son of John 1310 possibly dead as son Richard is selling some land from his father to John de Baskerville of Northwude. Richard’s grandfather would be too old to be John.

Richard, son of Hugh of Hokswod 1310 adult, born before 1290, maybe 1285.

So we have Richard son of Hugh, and Roger as contemporaries, possibly brothers.

William is also likely to be related to both Hugh and John. I’m going to guess for now as Hugh’s brother, which would leave John as father to all 3.

Note: Detailed source information is under Roger.