Richard Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Richard was born about 1517 in England, the son of Roger Hotchkiss and Elizabeth.

He died about JAN 1587 in England.

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Richard Hotchkiss


Roger Hotchkiss


John Hotchkiss


William Hotchkiss


Margaret Heynes


Thomas Heynes





BirthABT 1517
Place: England
DeathABT JAN 1587
Place: England
Burial8 JAN 1587
Place: Norbury, Shropshire, England


Occupationclergy: Vicar


Note 1

!Source: Parish Transcript Burials

Name: Richard Hotchkiss, Vicar

County: Shropshire... Parish: Norbury... Full Date: 8th January 1587... Year: 1587...

Parish Records Burials

!Note: The actual record says burial, but there are two transcriptions and one says baptism while the other says burial.

!Note: It appears that Vicars were able to marry starting in 1547 when Richard would have been 30 years old. It is unclear whether he did.


Under King Henry VIII, the 6 Articles prohibited the marriage of clergy and this continued until the Articles were repealed by Edward VI in 1547, thus opening the way for Anglican priests to marry for the first time.


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A vicar is a priest in charge of a parish in the Anglican Church. In the Anglican tradition, priests are encouraged to marry. The spouse is not an obstacle, but often another different pair of hands and a different kind of listening ear. Also, in the Anglican tradition, priests do not have to be male.


In the American portion of the Anglican Communion, we are called the Episcopal Church. Some priests are also gay, and in my experience, they have been superb priests. The person is generally in a monogamous committed relationship or, today gays are able in many areas to marry.


The theory of celibate priests was that they had no distractions from their work with their congregation, but the experience has been that married pastors are better able to relate to problems in married life because they also experience it.