Joseph Norman Aspinall


Personal and Family Information

Joseph was born on 2 MAY 1910 in Bolton, Lancashire, England, the son of Emmanuel [Maurice] Aspinall and Catherine Wier.

He died on 24 JAN 1991 in Blackpool, Liverpool, England.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Joseph Norman Aspinall


Emmanuel [Maurice] Aspinall


William Aspinall


Martha Grundy


John Grundy




Catherine Wier



Birth2 MAY 1910
Place: Bolton, Lancashire, England
Death24 JAN 1991
Place: Blackpool, Liverpool, England


Note 1

!Source: 1911 England Census

Emmanuel Aspinall 34, head, abt 1877, Kanumouth, Lancashire, England

Cathrine Aspinall 34, female, abt 1877, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Theresa Aspinall 14, female, abt 1897, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Minnie Mary Aspinall 12, female, abt 1899, Bolton, Lancashire, England

John Willie Aspinall 10, male, abt 1901, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Emmanuel Aspinall 6, male, abt 1905, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Thomas Aspinall 4, male, abt 1907, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Norman Aspinall 1, male, abt 1910, Bolton, Lancashire, England <<<

!Note: The 1911 Census of England and Wales was taken on the night of Sunday, 2 April 1911.

!Source: British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920

Name: Emanuel Aspinall

Family Members:

Name Relation to Soldier

Emanuel Aspinall Self [Head]

Catherine Wier Spouse

Emanuel Aspinall Child 7 Mar 1905

Thomas Aspinall Child 17 Oct 1907

Joseph Norman Aspinall Child 2 May 1910 <<<

Wilfred Aspinall Child 31 Oct 1912

Jane Aspinall Child 15 Nov 1915

!Source: 1939 England and Wales Register

Emmanuel Aspinall 29 Sep 1876

Catherine Aspinall 26 Jun 1876

Wilfred Aspinall 31 Oct 1912

Norman Aspinall 10 May 1910 <<<

!Source: 1939 England and Wales Register

Name: Norman Aspinall

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Birth Date: 10 May 1910

Residence Year: 1939

Address: 166 Black Horse St.

Residence Place: Bolton, Lancashire, England

Occupation: Fitter Labourer

Schedule Number: 58

Sub Schedule Number: 4

Enumeration District: NDAN

Registration district: [12] 461/1

Household Members:


This record is officially closed.

Norman Aspinall

!Source: England & Wales, National Probate Calendar [Index of Wills and Administrations], 1858-1966, 1973-1995

Name: Joseph Norman Aspinall

Death Date: 24 Jan 1991

Death Place: Blackpool

Probate Date: 1 May 1991

Registry: Liverpool

!Source: British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920

Name: Emmanuel Aspinall

Gender: Male

Birth Date: abt 1883

Marriage Date: 23 May 1893

Marriage Place: St Patricks Church Bolton

Age: 32

Document Year: 1915

Residence Place: 26 Ormrod St., Bolton

Regimental Number: 19613

Regiment Name: Prince of Wales's Volunteers [South Lancashire] Regiment

Form Title: Short Service Attestation

Number of Images: 11

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Family Members:

Name Relation to Soldier

Emmanuel Aspinall Self [Head]

Catherine Wier Spouse

John Willie Aspinall Child, 27 Nov 1901, Bolton W Venfied From Certificates

Emmanuel Aspinall Child, 7 Mar 1905, Bolton W Venfied From Certificates

Thomas Aspinall Child, 17 Oct 1907, Bolton W Venfied From Certificates

Joseph Norman Aspinall Child, 2 May 1910, Bolton W Venfied From Certificates <<<

Wilfred Aspinall Child, 31 Oct 1912, Bolton W Venfied From Certificates