Rachel Benshoam


Personal and Family Information

Rachel was born about 1835 in Turkey, the daughter of Benshoam and Reyna.

Her husband was Popachado. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their seven known children were Simha (c1855-?), Jacob (c1864-?), David (c1868-?), Sarah (c1871-?), Esther (c1876-<1882), Mazattot (c1881-?) and Esther (1882-1958).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Rachel Benshoam







BirthABT 1835
Place: Turkey


Note 1

!Source: ancestry.com 1881 England Census

Joseph Benshoam 32, head, abt 1812, Turkey

Perla Benshoam 27, wife, abt 1854, Greece

Rosina Benshoam 6, daughter, abt 1875, Turkey

Rachel Papachado 46, sister, abt 1835, Turkey <<<

Simha Papachado 26, Niece, abt 1855, Turkey

Reyna Papachado 69, mother, abt 1812, Turkey

Jacob Papachado 17, nephew, abt 1864, Turkey

David Papachado 13, nephew, abt 1868, Turkey

Sarah Papachado 10, niece, abt 1871, Turkey

Esther Papachado 5, niece, abt 1876, Turkey

Mazattot Papachado 0, niece, abt 1881, Turkey

Abraham Levi 23, Lodger, abt 1858, Corfu Island, Ionian Islands, Greece

Saul Dayan 40, Lodger, abt 1841, Turkey