Marian Padden


Personal and Family Information

Marian was born on 9 JAN 1865 in Frankville, Winneshiek, Iowa, the daughter of William M. Padden and Belinda Smith.

She died on 26 JAN 1921 in Spokane Valley, Lincoln, Washington.

Her husband was Thomas Hotchkiss. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their ten known children were Grace E (1886-1944), Ann Janet (1889-?), Mary Helen "Bee" (1890-1980), Nora (1891-?), Cora [Coralie] Alice (1893-?), Marshall "Bud" Thomas (1895-1954), Ruth Viola (1897-1975), Lillian (1902-1904), Blanche Irene (1905-1978) and Jack M (1910-1996).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Marian Padden


William M. Padden


Belinda Smith



Birth9 JAN 1865
Place: Frankville, Winneshiek, Iowa
Death26 JAN 1921
Place: Spokane Valley, Lincoln, Washington


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Tree: From Norway and Scotland to USA

!Source: 1900 United States Federal Census

Thomas Hotchkiss 43, head, May 1857, England

Marian Hotchkiss 35, wife, Jul 1864, Iowa <<<

Grace Hotchkiss 14, daughter, Mar 1886, South Dakota

Annie Hotchkiss 11, daughter, Apr 1889, South Dakota

Nora Hotchkiss 9, daughter, Mar 1891, South Dakota

Cora Hotchkiss 6, daughter, Jun 1893, South Dakota

Marshall Hotchkiss 5, son, Jan 1895, South Dakota

Ruth Hotchkiss 2, daughter, Nov 1897, South Dakota

William Badden 71, Father in Law, Dec 1828, New York [William Padden]