Charles Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Charles was born on 28 OCT 1859 in Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland, the son of Cornelius Hotchkiss and Hannah Marshall.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Charles Hotchkiss


Cornelius Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


Cornelius Hotchkiss


Janet Stewart


Jean McDougal


John McDougal


Jean McLuckie


Hannah Marshall


Peter Marshall


Anne Dure



Birth28 OCT 1859
Place: Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland


Note 1

!Source: Statutory registers Births 485/ 178

Hotchkis, Charles

1859 October Tewntyeith 6h. AM Carronshore, Parish of Larbert

Father: Cornelius Hotchkis, Wright

Mother:Hannah Hotchkis M.S. Marshall