Anne Camilla Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Anne was born on 14 JAN 1891 in California, the daughter of Finlay Montgomerie Hotchkiss and Flora Cornelia Preston.

She died on 31 MAR 1961 in Los Angeles,Los Angeles County, California.

Her husband was Sherman Anderson. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their three known children were Sherman Finlay (1921-2001), Kenneth (c1923-?) and Irving (c1927-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Anne Camilla Hotchkiss


Finlay Montgomerie Hotchkiss


James Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


Isabella Gardiner


Margaret Hart


Thomas Hart


Anne Montgomery


Flora Cornelia Preston


Jasper Newton Preston


Samuel Preston


Rebecca Noble Sprague


Jannett Jennie Johnston



Birth14 JAN 1891
Place: California
Death31 MAR 1961
Place: Los Angeles,Los Angeles County, California




Note 1

!Source: Tree of the Family of Hotchkiss of Hoxwood in the County of Salop copied from Heralds College.

Abstracted from the Records in the College of Arms, London, Septermber 29th 1800. C35 fo 59.

Pim Salop, Signed Francis Townsend, Windosor Herald, Francis Martin Blue Mantle.

Later part added by Richard James Hotchkis, son of James Hotchkis 1904, singed Richard Ja Hotchkis

Anna C Preston Born 1894. This date doesn’t match census any of the other records, which are consistant, so going with other records.

!Source: 1900 United States Federal Census

Finlay Hotchkiss 51, head, Apr 1849, Scotland

Flora Hotchkiss 39, wife, Nov 1860, Michigan

Annie E Hotchkiss 9, daughter, Jan 1891, California <<<

Preston J Hotchkiss 6, son, Jun 1893, California

!Source: 1910 United States Federal Census

Flora C Hotchkis 47, head, abt 1863, Michigan

Anne C. Hotchkis 19, daughter, abt 1891, California <<<

J O [Jo] Preston Hotchkis 16, son, abt 1894, California

Caroline Soderstrom 57, roomer, abt 1853, Illinois

Elenor Blijde 27, roomer, abt 1883, Illinois

!Source: 1910 United States Federal Census

Sherman Anderson 37, head, abt 1893, Idaho

Anne C Anderson 39, wife, abt 1891, California <<<<

Sherman Anderson 9, son, abt 1921, California

Kenneth Anderson 7, son, abt 1923, California

Irving Anderson 2, son, abt 1928 [abt 1927] , California

Edna Barker 51, maid, abt 1879, Missouri

!Source: U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

Name: Anne C Hotchkiss

Gender: Female

Spouse: Sherman Anderson

Child: Sherman Finlay Anderson

!Source: California, Death Index, 1940-1997

Name: Camilla H Anderson

Gender: Female

Birth Date: 14 Jan 1891

Birth Place: California

Death Date: 31 Mar 1961

Death Place: Los Angeles

Mother's Maiden Name: Preston