Thomas Edward Hammack


Personal and Family Information

Thomas was born on 29 MAR 1864 in Lawerence County, Ark, the son of William Hammack and Mary Bush.

He died on 16 OCT 1953 in Norman, OK.

His wife was Loueza Ann Anglin, who he married on 29 JAN 1885. The place has not been found. Their eight known children were Mary Sharlott (1886-1936), Harrieitte (1888-1888), William Brooksher (1889-1903), Lucy Florence (1892-1974), Barney Monroe (1894-1960), Ralph Benjaman (1900-1979), Elvy Price (1905-1929) and Archie Wilson (1912-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Thomas Edward Hammack


William Hammack


Mary Bush



Birth29 MAR 1864
Place: Lawerence County, Ark
Death16 OCT 1953
Place: Norman, OK
Place: Tecumseh, Ok


Note 1

!Source: Ester Thomas Burns Jr., Patrick Winckler’s grandfather