Epaphroditus T Burns


Personal and Family Information

Epaphroditus was born on 22 APR 1829 in Halifax, Virginia, the son of Richard Burns and Sara Essex.

He died on 1 MAR 1900. The place is not known.

His wife was Martha J Gwinn, who he married on 10 NOV 1851 in Carroll county tennessee. Their nine known children were Elizabeth Harris (1852-1931), John Alexander (1854-1928), Martha Louise (1857-1894), William T (1859-?), Alice P (1863-?), Mary E (1865-?), James C (1867-?), Rowan L (1869-?) and Sarah Loveina (1869-1946).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Epaphroditus T Burns


Richard Burns


Sara Essex


Edward Essex


Elizabeth Moore





Birth22 APR 1829
Place: Halifax, Virginia
Death1 MAR 1900
Place: Weakley, Tenn.


Note 1

!Source: Ester Thomas Burns Jr., Patrick Winckler’s grandfather

Firsr name is probably Homer. A Homer Burns & J A Burns had personal Knowledge that David Lafayette Cabe [johns father in law] served in the confedert army 1862 to1865. Widow's application for pensiom. Homer Eric Burns Was not born untill 1890. posiable father E. T. Burns weakley county tenn