Anne Hart


Personal and Family Information

Anne was born on 22 JUN 1800 in Madras, India, the daughter of Thomas Hart and Anne Montgomery.

She died on 3 MAR 1879 in Llanstephan H'se, Glanstephen, Radnor, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

She had two marriages/partners. Her first husband was John Hotchkiss, who she married on 25 DEC 1832 in St. Mungo,Dumfries,Scotland. Their only known child was John (1840-1917).

Her second husband was Pierce. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Anne Hart


Thomas Hart


Anne Montgomery


James Montgomery


William Montgomery


Barbara Rutherford


Margaret Scott


Robert Scott



Birth22 JUN 1800
Place: Madras, India
Death3 MAR 1879
Place: Llanstephan H'se, Glanstephen, Radnor, Carmarthenshire, Wales




Note 1

!Source: Pedegree chart says “Miss Pierce no issue 2 Anne Dr of Thomas Hart Esq“, but shows a son John. I’m taking that as saying her previous marriage to Mr. Pierce had no issue.

!Source: Scotland, Select Marriages, 1561-1910

Name: Anne Hart

Gender: Female

Marriage Date: 25 Dec 1832

Marriage Place: St Mungo,Dumfries,Scotland

Father: Thomas Hart

Spouse: John Hotchkis

FHL Film Number: 1067970

Name: John Hotchkis

Gender: Male

Marriage Date: 25 Dec 1832

Marriage Place: St Mungo,Dumfries,Scotland

Father: James Hotchkis

Spouse: Anne Hart

FHL Film Number: 1067970

!Source: OPR Banns & Marriages

36 25/12/1832 HOTCHKIS JOHN ANNE HART/FR541 [FR541] M ST MUNGO /DUMFRIES 847/00 0020 0116

!Source: 1851 Wales Census

John Hotchkis 84, Head, abt 1767, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ann Hotchkis 50, Wife, abt 1801, E Indies, Madras <<<

John Hotchkis 11, Son, abt 1840, Llangattock, Breconshire, Wales

Jane Hotchkis 12, Niece, abt 1839, Dumfrieshire, Scotland [possibly Jane Hart Hotchkiss]

George Hotchkis 79, Brother, abt 1772, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ellen Steward Kuby 45, abt 1806, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary Ingles 56, Housekeeper, abt 1795, Bersukshire, Scotland

Elizabeth Williams 37, Cook, abt 1814, Brilley, Herefordshire, England

Ann Watkins 29, Servant, abt 1822, Cwmdu, Breconshire, Wales

Mary Williams 21, Servant, abt 1830, Cwmdu, Breconshire, Wales

Jane Davies 23, Servant, abt 1828, Crickhowell, Breconshire, Wales

Ann James 18, Servant, abt 1833, Crickhowell, Breconshire, Wales

David Rumsey 55, Servant. abt 1796. Llangattock, Breconshire, Wales

Walter Watkins 27, Servant, abt 1824, Breconshire, Wales

William Cook 14, Servant, abt 1837, Monmouthshire, Wales

Wm Thomas 45, Brother, abt 1806, Pembrokeshire, Wales

George Abbots 26, Under Brother, abt 1825, Oxfordshire, England

Henry Segrot 27, Green, abt 1824, Cambridgeshire, England

William Greenharf 38, Grandson, abt 1813, Breconshire, Wales

William Watts 26, Coachman, abt 1825, Gloucestershire, England

Matthew Whiold 32, Servant, abt 1819, Sussex, England

William Loy 32, Coachman, abt 1819, Oxfordshire, England

William Hoar 42, Gardiner, abt 1809, Dorset, England

Ann Pye 54, Servant, abt 1797, Herefordshire, England

Elizabeth Davies 27, Servant, abt 1824, Herefordshire, England

Sarah Rogers 25, Servant, abt 1826, Montgomeryshire, Wales

Jane Beaumount 27, Servant, abt 1824, Westminster

Hanech Tarcaut 26, Servant, abt 1825, Hampshire, England

Margaret Williams 44, Servant, abt 1807, Breconshire, Wales

Ellen Watkins 37, Servant, abt 1814, Radnorshire, Wales

Jane Jones 30, Servant, abt 1821, Glamorgan, Wales

Hanan Messer 21, Servant, abt 1830, Herefordshire, England

!Source: dcazalet family tree.