Richard Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Richard was born about 1560 in England, the son of Richard Hotchkiss and Elyzabeth Smythe.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was UNNAMED. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their four known children were Agnes (c1580-?), Margret (c1587-?), John (c1589-<1590) and Johannes (c1590-?).

His second wife was Elizabeth Simons, who he married on 22 MAY 1598 in Newport, Shropshire, England. Their four known children were Ellen (c1599-?), Henry (c1603-?), John (c1602-?) and Johanna (c1606-?).

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Richard Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


William Hotchkiss




Elyzabeth Smythe



BirthABT 1560
Place: England
Christening1 AUG 1560
Place: Berrington, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England


Note 1

!Source: IGI Individual Record British Isles


Christening: 01 AUG 1560 Berrington, Shropshire, England

!Source: Record Transcription: Shropshire burials Transcription [baptism - bad transcription]

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First name[s] Richard

Last name Hotchkis

Birth year -

Death year 1560

Death date ? ? 1560

Burial year 1560

Burial date 01 Aug 1560 <<< baptism

Burial place Berrington

Denomination Anglican

County Shropshire

Archive refererence P28/A/1/1

Page 1

Register type Composite

Register date range 1559-1727

Record set Shropshire Burials

Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records

Subcategory Parish Burials

Collections from Great Britain, England

!Note: Turned in correction. Was baptism record.

!Source: Record Transcription: England Births & Baptisms 1538-1975

First name[s] Richard

Last name Hotchkis

Gender Male

Birth year -

Birth place -

Baptism year 1560

Baptism date 01 Aug 1560

Place Berrington

County Shropshire

Country England

Father's first name[s] -

Father's last name -

Mother's first name[s] -

Mother's last name -

Record set England Births & Baptisms 1538-1975

Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records

Subcategory Parish Baptisms

Collections from England, Great Britain

!Source: IGI Individual Record British Isles



Marriage: 22 MAY 1598 Newport, Shropshire, England

!Source: Record Transcription: England Marriages 1538-1973

First name[s] Richard

Last name Hodgkis

Name note -

Marriage year 1598

Marriage date 22 May 1598

Marriage place Newport

Spouse's first name[s] Elizabeth

Spouse's last name Simons

County Shropshire

Country England

Record set England Marriages 1538-1973

Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records

Subcategory Parish Marriages

Collections from England, Great Britain




Document Reference: 3614/5/79

System Reference: X3614/5/1/79


Level: File

Date: 26 Oct 1592

Description: John Parkes of Picklescott, yeoman, in performance of an agreement of 20 Oct 34 Elizabeth grants all his messuages and lands in Picklescott to Richard Wildinge of Picklescott and Richard Hotchkis of Patton and their heirs forever.

It is greed that neither this feoffment nor any covenant in it shall be of force in law for the assurance of any other lands of John Parkes to the uses specified, but only those in Picklescott.



X3614/5/1: Shropshire Conveyances

X3614/5/1/79: Grant [26 Oct 1592]




Document Reference: MI2446/1

System Reference: XMI2446/1


Level: Item

Date: 10 Aug 1594

Description: Recording transfer of property from Francis Benbowe, yeoman and his wife Joane of Walton and William Porter, yeoman and his wife Ann of Burton to >>> Richard Hodgkys, yeoman of Patton.<<<

Format: Manuscript

Colour: Black and White

XMI2446: MUCH WENLOCK DEEDS [1594-1686]

XMI2446/1: Quitclaim [10 Aug 1594]


Ralph Deyes vs Richard Hotchkis


Document Reference: WB/F/2/2/3/10/17

System Reference: XWB/F/2/2/3/10/17


Level: Item

Date: 7 Dec 1619

Description: Ralph Deyes, clerk, accuses Richard Hotchkis of Patton, gent, of debt. Case No: 72. 7 Dec, 1619.

XWB: WENLOCK BOROUGH [PRE-1835] [c 1180-1844]

XWB/F: JUDICIAL [1590s-1828]

XWB/F/2: Bailiff's Court [1567-1815]

XWB/F/2/2: Bailiff's Court case files [1567-1762]

XWB/F/2/2/3: Bailiff's Court case files [1620]

XWB/F/2/2/3/10: Bailiff's Court case file 10 October 1620 [10 October 1620]

XWB/F/2/2/3/10/17: Ralph Deyes vs Richard Hotchkis [7 Dec 1619]


Patton is a hamlet in Shropshire, England.

It is located in the civil parish of Stanton Long, on the B4378 road between Bourton and Brockton. It lies on the eastern hillside of the upper Corve valley at an elevation of around 205 metres [673 ft] above sea level. The market town of Much Wenlock is 3.5 miles [5.6 km] distant.[1]