Jane Campbell


Personal and Family Information

Jane was born on 5 NOV 1870 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland, the daughter of George Campbell and Margaret Reid.

She died in 1934 in 7 Wellsgreen Place, The Rosie, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland.

Her husband was William Ferrie, who she married on 25 MAY 1894 in 23 Wellsgreen Place, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland. Their nine known children were Robert (1895-1938), George Campbell (1896-1898), Margaret Reid (1899-1986), William (1900-?), Alexander (1902-?), Agnes (1904-?), Ebenezer Campbell (1907-?), Jane (1910-1968) and Elizabeth (c1912-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jane Campbell


George Campbell


Alexander Campbell


Jean Easton


Alexander Easton


Agnes Borrowman


Margaret Reid


Ebenezer Reid


John Reid


Euphemia Hastings


Margaret Wrangham


George Wrangham


Janet Fisher



Birth5 NOV 1870
Place: Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland
Place: 7 Wellsgreen Place, The Rosie, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland


Note 1

!Source: David Ferrie from http://www.genesreunited.com/.