Hannah Burroughs


Personal and Family Information

Hannah was born on 14 AUG 1678 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York, the daughter of Edward Burroughs and Mary Higby.

She died on 25 AUG 1777 in North Stratford, Fariford County, Connecticut.

Her husband was Edward Hinman, who she married in ABT 1698. The place has not been found. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Hannah Burroughs


Edward Burroughs


Mary Higby



Birth14 AUG 1678
Place: Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Death25 AUG 1777
Place: North Stratford, Fariford County, Connecticut
Place: Unity Burial Ground, Trumbull, Connecticut


Note 1

!Source: http://www.hinmanfamily.com/ The Hinman Family Association.

!Notes: Burial location is probable, not definite.

!Notes: [From above source] The following is a newspaper article published at the time of her death:

"North Stratford, Aug. 28, 1777. On the 25th instant died in this place, Mrs. Hannah Henman, aged 99 years. She was a person of good understanding, strict religion, solid piety, and maintained a firm and unshaken hope in the merits of Christ to the end. And what is remarkable concerning her exit out of the world, she died the very day on which she was 99 years of age, of which she had a premonition some 20 years before her death, in a dream or vision; a venerable comely person which she afterwards used to call her guardian angel, and whom she had seen once before, appeared to her, and asked her age; she told him---upon which he replied, You will not live to an hundred years, but almost; you will live to be 99 and then die. She often mentioned this to her friends and neighbors, and was so confidently persuaded of the truth of it that she would frequently count upon it how many years she had to live. And there are scores of persons now living in the parish who have often heard her say that she should die at 99 on her birthday, old stile. About a fortnight before her decease, she enquired of her son, landlord John Henman, at whose house she died, the day of the month; and again repeated to the family that she had just so many days to live, which accordingly happened on her very birth day, as it is called.

The great age this person arrived to, together with those circumstances respecting the time of her death, are so very extraordinary, that it was thought proper to communicate them to the public."

The Connecticut Journal, No. 517

New Haven: Wednesday, Sept. 10, 1777.