William Sharp


Personal and Family Information

William was born on 4 OCT 1878 in Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland, the son of William Sharp and Agnes Turnbull.

He died in 1970 in Greymouth, New Zealand.

His wife was Jane Brunton, who he married on 29 JUN 1900 in Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Their four known children were Helen Watson (1902-?), William (1910-?), Agnes Turnbull (1913-?) and John Brunton (1917-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


William Sharp


William Sharp


Daniel Sharp


Daniel Sharp


Margaret Anderson


Mary Grierson


William Grierson


Lilias Baird


Agnes Turnbull


William Laird Turnbull


Henry Turnbull


Janet Laird


Rowena Easton


Alexander Easton


Agnes Borrowman



Birth4 OCT 1878
Place: Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Place: Greymouth, New Zealand


Note 1

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