Gary Bowlin


Personal and Family Information

Gary was born on 14 APR 1939, the son of Melvin Bowlin and Mable Estelle Samuels. The place is not known.

His wife was Nancy. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their two known children were Terese (Private) (1965-?) and Sandra Elaine (Private) (1967-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Gary Bowlin


Melvin Bowlin


Charles Bowlin


Mary Ann


Mable Estelle Samuels


Gilford Douglas Samuels


Carrie Myrhl Deshong



Birth14 APR 1939


Note 1

!Notes: Couldn't tell from James A. Hotchkiss notes whether his name is Cary or Gary. More often looked like Gary.

!Notes: Grew up from 1939 to 1941 in Osage City, Kansas, and then in Fall River, Kansas.

!Adress: 408 Ellinwood, Osage City, Kansas.

!Phone: [913]528-3263.