Jonas Andersson


Personal and Family Information

Jonas was born on 4 JUL 1788 in Tomterna, Fyrunga, Sweden, the son of Anders Jacobsson and Catherina Andersdotter.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Anna Mansdotter, who he married in BEF 1813. The place has not been found. Their seven known children were Anders (1813-?), Maja Lena (1816-1897), Mathes (1819-<1825), Anna Cajsa (1821-<1828), Johanna (1823-1823), Mathes (1825-1827) and Anna Cajsa (1828-?).

His second wife was Cajsa Mansdotter, who he married in 1847. The place has not been found. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jonas Andersson


Anders Jacobsson


Catherina Andersdotter



Birth4 JUL 1788
Place: Tomterna, Fyrunga, Sweden


Note 1

!Source: Birth records of Fyrunga Parish, and Household Examination Records of Fyrunga Parish as researched by Anna-Lena Hultman.

!Notes: Occupation farmer. Lived with parents, in a cottage Tomterna, Fyrunga Parish until 1811, when moved to Stommen. Moved back to Tomterna in 1826. After his wife died and he married Cajsa Mansdotter in 1847 he moved to Norra Vanga Parish.