George Robb Baxter


Personal and Family Information

George was born on 26 MAY 1929 in Scotland, the son of Michael Baxter and Alice Jane Semple.

His wife was Doreen Hutton Sinclair Kidd, who he married on 10 OCT 1960 in North Merchiston Church,Edinburgh, Scotland. Their four known children were Michael Ramsey (Private) (1961-?), Jill Harkes (Private) (1963-?), Ruth Semple (Private) (1964-?) and Gavin James (Private) (1968-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


George Robb Baxter


Michael Baxter


Henry Chanley Baxter


Michael Hodgcase Baxter


Agnes Chanley


Margaret Nisbet


Alice Jane Semple



Birth26 MAY 1929
Place: Scotland


Note 1

!Source: Doreen Baxter's post at: BAXTER-L Archives.

!Source: Doreen Baxter email.