Margaret Grieve


Personal and Family Information

Margaret was born about 1880, the daughter of unknown parents. The place is not known.

She died on 1 JUN 1955. The place is not known.

Her husband was Thomas Young Penman, who she married on 5 DEC 1905. The place has not been found. Their four known children were Thomas Young (1906-1954), Margaret Grieve (1906-?), Annetta Dunn (1908-1993) and Elizabeth McLaren (1913-1985).


BirthABT 1880
Death1 JUN 1955


Note 1

!Source: Mary P Odam's website at Mary says: "Most of our information about the Penmans was bequeathed to us when my father in law died. A gentleman called Eric Edwards [another Penman descendant] had done most of the hard work, presumably, like you, poring over registers." She has verified most of it with