Ronda Gay Coleman


Personal and Family Information

Ronda was born about 1940 in Ohio, USA, the daughter of unknown parents.

Her husband was Charles David Irwin. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their two known children were Michael (Private) (1966-?) and Misty Dawn (1968-2014).


BirthABT 1940
Place: Ohio, USA


Note 1

!Source: current website: by Pat Chadwick 169 N. Lakeview Dr. Lake Helen, FL 32744

Listed as Debbie

!Source: Ohio, Birth Index, 1908-1998

Name: Misty Dawn Irwin

Birth Date : 5 Nov 1968

Birth Place: Ohio, USA

Birth Registration Date : 10 Dec 1968

Certificate Number: 1968154650

Father: Charles David Irwin

Mother : Ronda Gay Irwin <<<

Name: Ronda Gay Irwin

Maiden Name: COLEMAN

Birth Place: Ohio, USA

Certificate Number: 1968154650

Spouse: Charles David Irwin

Child : Misty Dawn Irwin